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100 thoughts on “Eshwar., Jayashree கடும் வாக்குவாதம் – கத்தி கதறும் JAYSHREE Audio..! | Mahalakshmi | Viral | HD

  1. பரபரப்பு ஆதாரங்களை வெளியிட்ட Jayashree –

  2. It's you fcking family problem and I dont know why u want to discuss these things in public forum. What is that ur going to achieve by giving interview to channels. Not a penny benefit. And in the audio released its u who have triggered eashwar and ur in laws. Eashwar answering you but u ask how maha mom connecting u (Kootikudukkuraa)?
    And of course Eashwar is also a big ….. but ur no way less on leveraging weighs. U have spoken too many shits where ur acting as if u let eashwar to do whatever he wants but he tortured you. Ok I have 3 questions 4 u.?
    1. How come ur able to have proof of audio or Video or chat logs? If one or 2 it would have happened in circumstances which inturned as proof.
    2. In one of the Audio ur talking with eashwar and his parents. Hope ur talking in person? Why and how come u recorded those discussions? Anyone who wants to sort out will never do these things but if u have done this then it means u have already planned what should be recorded and u executed it 100% Successfully.
    3. If u really wanted to live together with him or if u want him to give divorce this is not the way of processing. On any circumstances discussing ur personal details to person whom u have never seen or heard of then u cannot be good daughter, good spouse, good mother or good guru.
    For ur child sake, stop releasing these worthless interviews and proofs. Try to forget all things and start to live a happy life.

    Either forgive or forget else your end up screwing ur own life. Because it's just a topic for all of us but for you it's family.

  3. Pls eshwar sir please edu kudumba prachana antha mahalakshmiya vitrunga marapom mannipomnu ninachi eallathaum maranthuttu jayashree kooda santhosama irunga please anna

  4. Please stop upload like this kind of family issues. Let leave some time to compromise Please kindly don't interfere on their anybody's​ personal issues.

  5. Please eashwar and jayashree meet directly and talk openly each other. no evidences​ need for to live in family together. If you want separate please submit your side whatever evidence you have would be in court because it only needs evidence for every senario

  6. Eshawr ku kantipa maha lakshmi ota affair iruku..oru thatava kuta.. Maha lakshmi good girl avlota life spoil pnatha thappa pesa nu evan solave ila pathiya… Athu mattum ilama…. Avan jeyshree kita msg.. Slu amt pota sli…. Antha msg collect pni ready pni… Avan.. Diverse.. Apo.. Eva amt ketu torture pna nu proof… Ready tha… Ipati… Msg la… Amt pota sli sluran…. Such.. A.. Fraud guy..

  7. நிறுத்துங்க.. வாக்குவாதம் செய்த Eshwar..!

  8. It may look like ishwar is torturing her but the truth is i think she has well planned what she wanted in that audio and she orchestred a situation and created a proof… he was just a victim in this… . I can understand why he felt stressed and wannted divorce… it is difficult to live with people who dominate like her…

  9. In audio only her voice is clear and she not allowing others to talk l think both of them r wrong and in middle the child is suffering…

  10. i dun like the fact that she is so dependent on him financially. She sound educated. Why cant she support herself? So what if he is the husband.. she is an adult..she is like a leech torturing him for cash. Where is her self respect? If a man doesnt want u anymore..jus pack and walk out and start working ur ass out to earn money. No savings to buy pad or even petrol? Wha nonsense. This women is manipulative and lazy to work . He is better off without her.

  11. We have noticed so many celebrities have got divorced in the industry.but didn't any lady bringing their personal family disputes to light and disgracing the spouse whom lived so happily one time.

  12. Jeyashree super acting.. semmaiya script ethuthi pesi record pannirukka! Eshwar pavam tha! Eshwar answer sollrathu mattum cut panni eduthuda.. I think Eshwar good guy..

  13. Fraud evalo adi achitu na adikave elana solura.. kandipa oru nal anubavipa da…. pavam her and kid cha.. cha mamiyar ne yelam oru pombalaya di… athana adi adikura yelam nadipunu solura.. oru pona pidikalana entha pechila ketu than aganum

  14. வீட்டுச் சண்டை தெருவுக்கு வரக்கூடாது,அதிலும் குறிப்பாக மீடியாவுக்கு வரவேகூடாது.

  15. Iswar affair irukaradhu unmainu thonudhu. At the same time, jayashree ivalav kattharadhu real Mari therila.. Kolandhai paesna odanae paesadhanu thadukaronga. Husband ku affair nu therinja yaralayum poruka mudiyadhu dhan. But ivalav sound pota daily Epdi saendhu irukamudiyum. Kaetkaila namakae badhikudhu andha kolandhaiku rmba badhikum.

  16. Jayshere is fake, have you ever recorded your wife talking to you or husband talking to you! As mother in law says she is recording and acting! He is transparent see she is acting and she is talking like that since she is recording! I don’t like to talk bad about any one! We don’t know the truth so don’t talk bad about anyone

  17. This is 100% proof tht ishwary is lied infront of the media…He said he never beat her at all…When jayashree talking abt affair.. he never refused at all..This is clearly see tht he is the one culprit!

  18. Theivu senju antha kuzhathaikaga avan kuda vazhatheenga ovorunalum bayama erukum ungaluku thiraima eruku so neenga unga papave parunga ulgathile yareyum nambatheenga eniyavathum

  19. Ishwar 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👡👡👡👡👢👢👟👟⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️💣💣💣💣 stupid

  20. Neenga munnadi orale nambi ponanaletha epadi eniyavathum yareyume nambatheenga selvu senju kids munnadi entha sanda podatheenga paavam antha kuzhathai

  21. mahalakshmi munda ne lan nallave irukamatta un purushan nallavan de endi emathirunga che nelan ponna ennoru life spoil pandriye sathiyama soldran unakulan savu nichaiyam Che Thu…poe sethudu ithukulan..

  22. எல்லா குடிகாரன் வீட்லேயும் இதே கதைதான். நன்கு படித்த பிராமணர் வீட்டிலியேயே இதுதான் கதை. சேரியில் வாழ்கிற எங்கள் வீட்டு பெண்கள் இதைவிட 100 மடங்கு கஷ்டம் அனுபவிக்காரர்கள். பெண்கள் பொருளாதார சுதந்திரம் அடையானும். வேலைக்கு போகணும். திமிர் பண்ற புருஷனை அடக்கணும். கல்லானாலும் கணவன் புல்லானாலும் புருஷன் என்கிறதாலெல்லாம் பழைய கதை. ஒத்து வராட்டி கழட்டி விடு என்பது புது கதை.

  23. jayshree that kid is using " how bloody that…" she will learn all bad words from you guys.. she is such an adorable kid.. you both pl give her good environment.. unga pakkam evlo nyayam irundhalum u need to stop using unparliamentary words infront of kids and elders.

  24. Jai,Sri is depressed. This is not the way handle this way Jai Sri. Talk to the court and let know your best friends

  25. She is shouting like hell and always including his parents in their talk which definitely make him more angry. Both are wrong in handling things.

  26. It's very unfortunate that they are bringing their caste into this……as of my understanding the parent's behavior is not representative of "orthodox Brahmin" behavior and is a huge disgrace

  27. Do not just believe by the sounds made in audio's, nowadays female's are ulaga nayagigal. That too when a girl records the audio, obviously there is additional dubbings too. I do not blame all the girls, there are girls who are really suffering because of useless male's. But do not come to a conclusion based on the audio. I am telling this on a personal experience. Nowadays girls are acting a lot.

  28. I just saw anil press meet He is not talking about iswar or jayashree badly. But as a women jayashree is pulling mahalakshmi name in all interviews very bad. Should have gone to court silently. Why jayashree is giving this much interviews. If a husband is abusing her own child how she is willing to live with him again. Really any women will never tolerate if her daughter is suffering. Please anyone without knowing the real reasons don't blame anyone. God only knows who is fake.

  29. I just saw anil press meet He is not talking about iswar or jayashree badly. But as a women jayashree is pulling mahalakshmi name in all interviews very bad. Should have gone to court silently. Why jayashree is giving this much interviews. If a husband is abusing her own child how she is willing to live with him again. Really any women will never tolerate if her daughter is suffering. Please anyone without knowing the real reasons don't blame anyone. God only knows who is fake.

  30. She is mentally ill . She shouts like hell .She recorded all of it and she provokes him for audio .That payan should have spoken with the previous husband's, why did she get a divorce clearly.Marry properly or date until you get comfortable enough(like live in), this is for both . Ewwwwww my ears !!! Who the hell shouts like hell this way . In amidst of all this the kid's life is destroyed now . This women made her public which is gonna haunt her in school,college,love and work until her death. I would say this woman is in fault just becoz she took her kid public just for that one reason.

  31. Jayashree is wrong… kozhandha vishayatha elaarum maraika dhan nenapaanga…. Publicity panradhu correct kedaiyadhu… Recordings la eshwar neraiya pesala… Only she talks

  32. Before marriage eh avan ladies kuda relationship vachi irundurka, alcohol addict etc knowing it all you married… now y want to fight n project in media for public to view… go to police and court file complaint n legally solve your house problems quickly n quietly. Public can't do anything but only comment on characters n make things worse !

  33. Eswar pota thuma paiya😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠evala sethutalam

  34. What is this.. Seriously feeling sad for the child she had to witness all this.. please sort out the issues decently

  35. Esvar👡👡👡👡👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👡👡👡👡👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠

  36. Eppo intha video easwar mati vida release panna mari theriyala..Jayashree avana frame panra mari theriyuthu..eva epdi ella situtation leyum record panra..un purushan unna adicha ipdi than record panitu irupangala??..iva than nee pannanu othuko recording la confirm panna vekara mari theriyuthu..ithu ellam courtla onnum nikathu..tats y she has released to Media rather than going to court….i am not supporting anyone and i do not support Iswar either..but i see so much support of Jayashree just because she is a women and the benefit of doubt is for her..unfair..

  37. She is recording that she knows and very badly abusing elder and she is not allowing to talk anyone.. She is acting.. Celebrity behaving cheap..

  38. Iswar you are having the name of God. So live in honesty with your wife and kid. What you do will come back to you in hundredfold with your affairs…

  39. enna ellathukkum avaga record vaichi dha panni irukaaga idhulaiye theriyudu…..she is fake…..avaga plan panni dha record pandraga…..ivaga pesuradha vidham yaara irudhalu koova pada vaikum apadi oru petchu….

  40. Antha mamanar nallavarnu nenaikran!! Btw antha mamiyar saniyan than pullaiku. Support pannitu thiriyura!! Intha maari Managetta naainga pandra asingathukulam intha maari thodapakatta ammanga koda pudikrathala than ivanunga thagiriyama aaditu irukanunga.. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  41. Eeshwar dhan thappu andha kolandha clear ah solra yu were speaking to some lady that me and amma ll.go out of this house nu..andha lady yarum illa adhu oru prostitute mahalakshmi dhan adhu

  42. Eanthe ponnairunthalum kopam varum.aduthe ponnu kuda pesidu iruthaa.but yanthe kelvi keddalum jayasree nee 2 d marriage avan sollidu poiduvan. So.unna than thaapa pesuvanga yan nee asaingaa paduraa.unoda life neeyaa keduthukidaa.evana vidu pesama po..last kevalamaa panam thufuuu panam than life illaaa love maeruu solli …pavam anthe ponnu kulanthe…2 saniyangalaum poiii tholanigaa..

  43. Jeyashri Oru money minded stupid , konjam amaitiya peysuna problem solve agum , silence a irunthaley pathi problem varathu , ivangaluku ithu second marriage and veetu problem atha veetla peysi mudichurukalam , this what Happened in nithiya Balaji case

  44. Sad life .. sincere prayers goes to you! Good people go through hell , I'm not surprised.. but God will always be on our side n ending will be good . While evil people burns in hell at the end

  45. இவ கடைசியா…ஈசுவர்கிட்ட பணம் வாங்கிட்டா….கம்முன்னு ஆகிடுவா…..அவன் இப்படி போறான்னா….அது சரி தான்…பொம்பளயா இவ…….ராட்ச்சசி…..

  46. Che niruthungha bada comments potta ellaraiyum soldrean, kuripa jayasree ya thappa pesunavanelaam aanadhikkam puduchavanungha, andha pombhala position la irundhu paarungha, ella jwellsaiyum kuduthuttu, ella savingsaiyum kuduthuttu nadu theruvula nikka soldreenghala, appavey eh solla la, appavey eh solla la, soldreenghaley silla aambhala jenmanghala, ava position la thaan naanum nikurean, eh purusha enna luv panni kalyaanam pannikittu, 15 varusham kudumbham nadathittu ippo evalukaaghavo enna vesi pattam kattitu poitaan, naa innum eh maamiyaar kooda thaan irukean, avan vittutu poi 1yr, aaghudhu, eh maamiyaar kitta ippadi ungha pulla aniyaayam pandraaney idhelaam thati kekka maateengalaannu ketta, poru ma, porumai thaan oru ponnukku mukiyam, poruthaar bhoomi aalvaar appadinnu mayiraandi kadha pesuraangha, neenghalaam ungha ishtathukku kalyaanam pannuveengha pidikalainna eppadi da ippa engha vaazhkaiyoda velaiyaadureenfha idhula mediyavula jayasree unnakku vu ponnu vazhka mukiyama illana ishwar kaasu mukiyamaannu kandadhellam pesudhu, idhenna cinema nnu nenacheenghala, purushan asinghama panna naangha ooooo oru thendral puyalaghi varudhey nnu paatu paadikitey veliya poradhukku, enghalukkagha indha samughathula naangha thaanda poraduvom, ippa irukkura trendukku etha maadhiri meediyavula poradurom, naangha indha trenda engha vaazhkai poraatathukku payan paduthurom, ishwar maadhiri eh purushan maadhiri aalungha indha trenda vera oruthanoda ponndaayiya dash podrathukku payanpaduthureengha thu, venkam kettavanunghala,

  47. Neraiya per kekureengha jayasree nee ivlo kathuna avan eppadi un kuda vaazhuvaan, ungha ellarukkum sollikureean pombhala aadhangham thaanghaama konthalippa da aana ava manasula yaarum azhunchu ponnumnu ennam irukaadhu, pls ladies support dis poor lady, jayasree mam, neengha nadu rotla poraadeenaalum, pls ennakku theriya paduthungha ungh poraatuthula naa kalandhukureean, silla per soldraangha jayasree nee en ellathaiyum record panninannu yov purushan nadavadikai sari illannu endha pombhalaikku sandheghm varudho avalaala ennaiya pannamudiyum, barathiyaar solli thirundhaadha jenmangha naa sollita thirundha poghungha

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