Eric Weinstein: Struggle Mightily but Give Yourself a Break | AI Podcast Clips

Eric Weinstein: Struggle Mightily but Give Yourself a Break | AI Podcast Clips

– I struggle with social media and I struggle with just
how much pain people are in. And if there’s one message I
would like to push out there, you’re responsible, everybody, all of us, myself included, with struggling. Struggle mightily because
it’s nobody else’s job to do your struggle for you. Now with that said, if you’re struggling and you’re trying and
you’re trying to figure out how to better yourself
and where you failed, where you’ve let down
your family, your friends, your workers, all this kind of stuff, give yourself a break. If it’s not working out, I
have a life-long relationship with failure and success. There’s been no period
of my life where both haven’t been present
in one form or another. And I do wish to say that
a lot of times people think this is glamorous. I’m about to go do a show with Sam Harris. People are gonna listen in
two guys having a conversation onstage, it’s completely crazy. I’m always trying to
figure how to make sure that those people get maximum value and that’s why I’m doing this podcast. Just give yourself a break. You owe us your struggle. You don’t owe your
family or your co-workers or your lovers or your
family members success. As long as you’re in there and
you’re picking yourself up, recognize that this new
situation with the economy that doesn’t have the juice
to sustain our intuitions has caused the people
who have risen to the top of those institutions to
get quite brutal and cruel. Everybody’s lying at the moment. Nobody’s really a truth-teller. Try to keep your humanity about you. Try to recognize that if you’re failing, if things aren’t where you want them to be and you’re struggling and
you’re trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong,
what you could do, it’s not necessarily all your fault. We are in a global situation. I have not met the people who are honest, kind, good, successful. Nobody that I’ve met is
checking all the boxes. Nobody’s getting all 10s. So, I just think that’s
an important message that doesn’t get pushed out enough. Either people wanna
hold society responsible for their failures,
which is not reasonable, you have to struggle, you have to try, or they wanna say you’re 100%
responsible for your failures which is total nonsense.

18 thoughts on “Eric Weinstein: Struggle Mightily but Give Yourself a Break | AI Podcast Clips

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  2. I had way more respect for Weinstein before his podcast. he makes himself sound like such a nutcase on his podcast

  3. "If the only significant history of human thought were to be written, it would have to be the history of its successive regrets and its impotences". (The myth of Sisyphus)

  4. This was sincere and refreshing. I hope everyone is having a restful weekend and not being hard on themselves. 😌 this is a wonderful clip, thank you!

  5. All my friends and family let me down and aren't capable of fixing themselves so I'm just struggling to find a good batch of homeless people to become friends and family with so I can just chill with them under a tree with a 40 and some weed.

  6. Isn't this guy a millionaire that grew up with a privileged background and attended Harvard? This guy doesn't even have the right to talk about struggles. Then he goes on to say at the 2 minute mark that nobody is truly honest and he seems to think this is okay. Uh sorry buddy, I'm a completely honest person and I don't make excuses for other peoples lack of honesty. Why doesn't he take a stance against those people instead of allowing it.

    Maybe he doesn't realize that people's struggles and grievances are with people like himself who are at the top and proceed to do nothing other than talk and promote his fame.

  7. Sound nuanced approach to success and its components. It doesn’t let the individual off the hook nor blame everything on the environment.

  8. Good points, however, focus on working your ass off, but not to the point of diminishing returns- be holistic, find ways of prioritizing physical and mental health, while trying your damn best to smash goals. I am finally learning this, in my mid 30s.

  9. Oh boy a new type of click-bait that worked on me right now, guess I'll be re-watching the full podcast.
    Will keep in mind the duration of the upload next time before clicking 😛

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