Episode 39: The Selfish Brain Theory – The StrongFit Podcast

Episode 39: The Selfish Brain Theory – The StrongFit Podcast

okay we’re back I’m a hot hot Dutch day
it’s not yesterday yeah yesterday was a bit gnarly but yeah actually I think we
made it through the whole day yesterday without complaining about it for the
most part that’s cause I stayed in my room and evolution entire day like yeah
I wanted to to go outside and I was like honey you literally picked the hottest
day ever go walk around high so they managed to show up exactly as we start
so hot yeah and we have the dog where everybody’s
awesome so yeah yesterday was actually the hottest in Holland ever yeah and so
we have the fan going so you’re a little fan noise it’s gonna happen if you hear
the weird sound is most likely the dog walking on the hardwood floor and he
sleeps a lot he slides a lot so he eats shit about every day and the funniest
thing about this is he scares himself there is only hit shit every day’s cause
he hears the noise scares himself which makes him go faster which of course
makes him slide and then he ended up hitting something or just full-blown
falling so which kills him even more want to start the whole thing escalates
Econ eat out of the bowl sometimes because he pushes the ball he makes
noise and scales him so he eats and then he jumps back then you approaches and
yeah that’s the same dog that can’t get from under the blanket by the way yes
the one you can hear in the background problem-solve it’s not quite no it’s not
anything so this week what do we got this week so so last time we talked
about the software versus hardware yeah so I want to go a little bit more into
this I want to go into the selfish brain theory because it opens a specific door
that I found very interesting that we can link to well the melanocortin axis
and back to the importance of the sympathetic nervous system for weight
loss yeah right that make sense yep I one of the main thing that I would like
people to understand what we do the protocol and everything is that most
people see weight gain and weight loss as a calorie in versus calories out
energy deficit means weight loss energy what’s your positively first loss
surplus means gain and that’s not the way it is so more and more with that’s
an oversimplification always drive me insane because that’s looking at the
body just as a set of you know as I said of creamy as a chemistry set is just
about plumbing that comes in now yeah and then
you just but it’s like you know like you still see some people saying 15 calories
is 1500 calories no matter what yeah it’s like so you’re telling me your body
will react the same whether it’s 1500 calories of steak or 1,500 calories of
ice cream yeah and they say yes or for weight gain or weight loss I just find
that the the moves all like what your body stupid I think coping with their
any given moment but like an ice cream and steak be the same yeah I don’t know
like I see that sometime in the finish industry and the guys are adamant
because they’ll all well that’s what the number will say but it’s not a game of
number I don’t say people understand about calories are do you think that
heart a lot of that hard line comes from though there’s a part of me that kind of
gets where they’re coming from because I use here and it always made sense but
only because in dealing with the general population it’s like you have to help
them sort through so much shit excuse everybody uses every time it’s like so
what we’re gonna lie to people to make it easier yeah that is such a poor
excuse this is the same excuse people use for school well you know not also
all kids out as smart as the top ones and so you know like we’re gonna
basically detail your shit in physics that I’m not true but you know because
we don’t want to confuse you yeah alright that I get I disagree entirely
add that argument by the way with some people at HQ about learning to press
with the PVC or stuff like that it was like well you people are not capable of
that like then we need to be to do a better job but indicating them that was
one of the first things we had talked about even when you were first on my
podcast a couple years ago now but toy was that first mentor was coming up and
I was in my head us it’s such a new concept to me I’m like Jesus where would
I start with this and and that was what you said then he’s like so you are you
just supposed to teach people wrong yeah and then you gotta undo that later so
that does make a little sense okay but imagine as a group of people if we agree
with that maybe as an individual you know cases basis if you want but imagine
as a group where do we go from there nowhere that you never push anything
anywhere it’s like are we content with the way things are by the way we’re not
winning know what BCD is going up that’s what I see with
with with any of these things as you know people being very hard and fast
about all that I’m like it’s working exactly like you know look at the race
anxiety depression obesity like we’re not winning no and yet they all go like
well that’s the way we’ve been you’ve always been doing it I’m like exactly
yeah like we’re not but imagine if we had
said that again after Isaac Newton mm-hmm then we will not have computers
like the only reason we evolution we move forward it’s it’s like having a
business there’s no status quo in business or in evolution if you stay the
same you die Yeah right so that idea that like yeah well we’ve
been doing it like a chess and we’ve been losing like that like how many
diets survived past 12 weeks very low right and so that’s why in the protocol
we say look it’s not that kind of a diet he requires you to do the work otherwise
you’ll never sustain if I tell you what to eat it will work six to eight weeks
yeah then you’ll crush and because it’s not that it’s just software that matters
and more than the hardware and so much of what we’re gonna get into their self
brain theory is about that modern life but like the way life and why yes
exactly and then in some and I think that this this piece here is a really
interesting as like a key or a cornerstone at least on why maybe we are
losing because we aren’t thinking of it exactly and that’s a very important part
is why are we losing to most people they’re gonna see fatty you eat too much
right the reason of obesity is usually getting too much carbs you’re just
eating too much well our yeah exactly by the way we’re having exact same argument
with drugs we’re having the same argument with depression every time it’s
like fatty suck it up or we see suck it up or druggies suck it up and we’re not
understanding the why it’s happening again going back to the last podcast to
most people it’s either chemistry or willpower and that’s that’s one or the
other right it’s those two what we discover now there’s a third which is
the intent student number system and all that stuff so the big what we see with
obesity is so back to that Einstein quote right we have to understand the
history of humanity and the philosophy behind for example weight gain versus
weight loss to truly understand what’s happening with obesity to most people
because the the cell pros versus deficit they go
like yeah just eating too much stop shoving food in your mouth they and they
it’s not entirely wrong but it’s not entirely true either the
problem is it’s far more complex and subtle than this right for example it’s
more human than that also be exactly the reason that this person can isn’t just
figuring out how to eat less it but again if you look at the hardware
there’s even problem with that when he say cows make you fat well that’s fairly
obvious because I’m you see people on keto diets it’s a losing work right away
and yet we have used carbs on mice which are you know like physiology cliff not
on the software boner how do we our party actually very close to us
physiologically speaking the very very close to us that’s why we use the white
mouse for every every study when we can’t do it on humans right we fed them
like high doses of carbs and the weight gain was not they’re not really like not
not specially right so you go like so Cubs don’t make people fat yes they do
but so now the question is why since it doesn’t seem to be the hard way out
nearly as much as we think because we tested that on mice and we didn’t see
the increase the obesity rate right so it’s not that you feed a lot of Cubs to
myself course I’m gonna get bigger but not to the extent that we see happening
in human society right now so you can calculate the odds right and you
discover the cub don’t seem to be nearly that impactful on weight gain as you see
happening to humans – the question is why and that’s where the software comes
in right and that’s why it’s so important and that’s what this is trying
to explain saying like guys it’s not just the the sort that doesn’t seem to
work like that there’s something else at play so the reason now we’re finally
starting to understand is because now they’re studies made on the BCD because
obesity is such a large problem so now we starting to actually have the funding
toward all that stuff to understand the cause of obesity and it’s not as simple
as people make it out to be so that being said we also have to see that
everything all the work that is done right now is relating to obesity so that
means that for the fitness industry we’re gonna have to take that work
understand what it means so that we can direct it toward what we want which is
fat loss and muscle gain and stuff like that so again the studies are made for
obesity and only for that so the context you have to understand the context of
those of those studies a little bit right but
it’s important to understand that for example the weight gain mechanism is not
nearly as understood as we make it out to be we say like you just can’t know
because these people with a calorie surplus that have lost body fat like I
did mm-hmm right as you say I got a lot
thicker I’m sure you can see it on camera right so I went from about 220 to
230 like I’m at 231 232 is at or at least staying the same so you see that I
did in body scan yeah and I still get shit over number I can’t win no because
I put picture they like well that doesn’t mean every picture of China is
saying like looking the same like you didn’t do a scan I do a scan this scan
doesn’t mean anything oh you motherfuckers like I’m gonna block all
of you that’s gonna be no I mean like that’s that by the way you know I know I
bitch about this a lot but it’s working because did you see the comments on
YouTube every people are so respectful it’s been very nice yeah it was you have
to ask for people to not be the fucking ISOs that out on the internet right now
it’s working I love the you see the conversation on
the strong free community mean yes come on it was a good great those are smart
people yeah and we have actually a conversation yeah
because there’s a because they all from the Midwest no no I mean like it’s
working like people talking normal conversation is great it’s like there’s
a firm no cattiness policy in the group that i we’re not saying no and everybody
knows and guess what now you have adult conversations yeah like what about this
we have said that now we can talk I can share stuff yeah and you know people
send you books studies to read in it is it’s a pleasure saying that it makes me
want to interact with them otherwise I’m like fuck off like I blocked you from
Instagram you won’t see an end from the podcast you ban everything and then you
go figure out the shit I don’t need you sorry
no like that way the whole capita is like we supposed we’re gonna you know
monetize everything we do so how about all of you know I don’t know I don’t I
love you I can tell you that they always say you don’t need you don’t need a
hundred thousand customers you just need a thousand really good one exactly I
want the good ones I want to fix for once the one that I want to learn the
other ones can go exactly yes I am honest I don’t want
yeah exactly so the the nature of this of this theory are called selfish brain
theory yeah right like we have to anim evolution just by the way yeah okay so
this seems to come from I would say basically just prioritization of energy
resources right yeah right so it is about it’s about decision-making
decision-making it’s about processing of information which is literally the
software right that the code reading basically is what determines which way
you go so we’re going back to the melanocortin axis study that we did
podcast on that was telling that it was not about a large energy intake it was
about which side of the nervous system right the vagus nerve assessment coffin
axis nope a sympathetic as a sympathetic that determine whether you were going to
lose fat or gain fat right so that was a very important part and he seems that it
basically happens through the whole software like that so again we’re going
back at hardware versus software like the hardware is what we study so people
say well you have a surplus this happens I’m like yes but why that that’s the
thing is that idea that you have such suppressed you gain sometimes yeah
sometimes no there are another pronoun so that not you particularly but that
your body has fucking options that it has to go through because like that my
green eyes man I like to boil it down to something simple almost more like like
nutrient partitioning where it’s like you know yes you have a surplus of
carbohydrates what are we doing right now yes and what do we what can they
help us for what can we store and that’s gonna be different for each person how
they trained and what they do and and that’s why this it’s it seems very
similar to me in this regard where there’s time when your brain needs this
for this and it’s going to do it yeah and by the way it’s the brain too and
sometimes there’s different parts of the brain so which part of the brain is what
do they all require the same amount of energy no they don’t and so there’s a
lot of stuff so we’re going that’s why I think the last podcast was so important
because you sure that we look at the body like a normal life thing mm-hmm
but you put more stone there’s more stone like you know you put more
charcoal there’s a bigger fire yes is that like collection of parts
mentality often which is but because that’s what physics deals always right
you look out of style and I’ve seen yet because there’s as far as we know the
star is not alive right so then you can understand the physics of it and you
know how to make it move so the key is we want to live in a deterministic
universe where a causes B Y because it’s fucking simple yeah you can sell shit
yeah right that’s why I think the 1500 calories ice-cream or whatever make some
difference because it’s easier to sell a template mm-hmm right it’s it makes it
easier to explain no it gives you less of a job to educate people I think at
the end it’s not about the person being educated because we blame it on them
saying they’re not smart enough to understand no you’re just not good
enough to teach short people are so hard that is like mom by the way I’m not
denying that fine we and we get into like with we do exactly we do that with
the nutrition and the training groups right now where we’re trying to do
things as we see them right meaning like we don’t want to just put things I guess
go do it and if you did if you did it if it didn’t work for you then it’s just
because you suck like we have to be a part of right so it is hobb but look at
the results we get for sure they’re worth it protocol 90% plus the training
we’ve seen some breakthroughs so it’s not that people up to them is just
you’re not good enough to teach them yeah and I think and I think that if
somebody has a template and runs with it and understands it and it works
certainly that can work for them the problem is
chances are you wrote in those that aren’t yeah if it doesn’t work for then
what do we do with them do we just limit on them and by the way and most of the
time they want to have a template to make it work they have humongous intake
into what’s being written there they’ll rot in themselves or talk to their coach
the coach knows them so there’s actually a lot of a back and forth I’ve yet to
see people outside of the first six weeks cause let’s be honest first of all
is you do anything for six to ten weeks he’ll work mm-hmm right you have been
trained in six months you start training you’re gonna be so are shit but it’s
gonna work right yeah I give I give bad advice for people in their first
territory okay exactly like if it’s of Taylor Jungmann system and also I’m like
I’m like listen and if you’re small just eat more I don’t care what it is that
this will sort the rest out later but it’s you know you have right now like
six to eight months of just it’ll make everyone jealous like let’s
just do big guys let’s be honest those are two big guys but still anyways
so so so this here the well let’s do we want to go at this you said a Verizon
soft right evolution Phil so that’s a background
for that like because we have to understand that they are different
evolution means that we don’t start from scratch every million euro every 500,000
years we build up on top of each other so sometimes the systems interact with
each other sometimes they fight each other so we have to understand a little
bit how the whole thing works because it don’t tell you where we are right now as
a society and what we’re losing the war on obesity okay so first of all we talk
about the state what is called the phylogenetic ER key right that’s
something we we made podcasts about and a lots of talk quite the idea was by the
way it’s not my turn phylogenetic just means the evolution of the nervous
system if so if we go back all the way to the first nervous system that’s a
flatworm right that’s about five six hundred million years and then with
basically that’s where the states came in evolution is peaking though you can
see that from a unicellular creature amoebas or whatever all web to hear
there’s been defense systems in place yeah right so the first defense system
that ever was in place is not fight that’s what people think it’s actually
not that it’s replication and playing dead those are actually the two ways
that the unicellular or cell like you see amoebas you attack them they go in
to assist that’s playing that and then they they wait and then they start to
duplicate right that’s actually the first that’s immortality from because
they replicate themselves they can do yes I said right that’s how it starts
and then you go through evolution and eventually we get to reptilian we get to
that stop so if we take a human being what do we see we see that the earliest
nervous system that we have whether playing dead mechanism and we are
temporary and stuff like that right then you start to see evolution you go to
well the fight mechanism fat of fight or flight that’s sympathetic that’s
although yeah right and then eventually you get absolute that’s your short term
your yeah really survive don’t think just fucking exactly right survival
mentality deceit all that stuff lives in there right and then you see the lateral
part of evolution well we go back to the efferent part of
the vagus nerve which is control of the mind over the body in a way which means
for example and that’s the polyvagal theory from dr. approaches expression of
emotion right I can control the so the expression of emotion on my face to
control of this by here so that I can communicate friendliness versus
aggressiveness if you get to somebody always like this you know I’m a super
nice guy for whatever reason I must not control my face very well and so while
you come and you’re relaxed then you know I don’t imply danger okay so that
is a lone skill I can decide to show aggressiveness or not right that’s the
latest part of our evolution right we have control of this that’s through the
ventral part of the vagus no that’s not so why is it important because you see
the same thing with the brain you have three stages of brain right you have the
let’s go with easy terms you have the oldest one then you have the limbic
brain which is where emotion so you have reptilian brain first you have limbic
brain which is where all the emotions leave decision-making us all that stuff
actually and then from there you go to other higher brain function the
neocortex I got created that’s when worlds come in all that stuff so all the
stuff that allows the way we say is thinking rationally right which allow us
to communicate and start to be more active in that sense like the older part
of the brain is actually not expensive at all to run emotions or life that’s
what you can have such high emotion all the time because it doesn’t use that
much energy to run so we used to move a lot and think little that’s reptilian
right and then after that you go to limbic so that’s more emotion but it’s
still not expensive the neocortex store is extremely expensive so it’s a lot of
thinking for very little movement its job is not as much movement as it is
figuring out shit in society how to interact the tribal mentality aspect
weight all that stuff comes from there so not the survival instinct that goes
back to reptilian but the capacity to solve problem in society so that we get
stronger as we go so what’s interesting about that is if you look at the earlier
part sympathetic all that stuff is mostly afferent is mostly your body
telling that part of your brain what’s happening so that means it’s very much
react to the environment yeah so to activate
the sympathetic and all that stuff emotions
I need the environment to tell me to tell that to me which means you need to
move and experience exactly and if you want something motion you’re gonna have
to go get it right and stuff like that right so it’s the environment affecting
you the leather is part of the evolution is actually the other way like the
higher brain function actually the goal is that this will tell that what to do
instead of the other way so you’re more active proactive and reactive yes that’s
the letter spot of able evolution speaking all the order stuff is mostly
reactive all the new stuff is mostly proactive that’s why we see that on the
vagus nerve the dorsal part so the body telling the brain is about 80% of the
vagus now only 20% is the ventral part and that’s what we’ve been developing
evolution is picking the last million year is that capacity for us to go to
for the mind to tell the body what to do though if there’s a downside it means
it’s very very energy expensive it uses a lot of energy to do that and because
that’s what the phylogeny Chiaki tells us is that whenever there’s a problem we
start with the most evolved part of the neural stem first that means whenever
there’s an issue the higher brain function kicking first okay and they are
also the most expensive so that means most of the energy goes to the higher
brain function first that’s very important because that’s gonna lead to
what the what we’re starting to think is a cause of action at least the main
cause of obesity okay and so this isn’t about people choosing to think more or
anything like this I think I think I think what this is about is that our
life is our lives are just a void of a lot of absolute survival moments but
because that’s what society is so in order to get smarter we need to have
more and more energy toward getting smarter or less than list of our moving
so the only way to get smarter is to be safer yeah so literally the goal of
society which is evolution right is to get us to a place where we are smarter
so society keeps growing and growing and getting better as it goes more and
better to do that he has to be safer because the safer it
is the less energy I have to spend fighting surviving the more energy I can
spend thinking yeah so it is when we say we all soft now in today’s world yeah
because otherwise it wouldn’t be a smart so smart and soft in a way they kind of
got together that’s why you know doc the jocks versus the Nerds as a group this
doesn’t mean you can’t do both don’t get me wrong the Greeks knew that you had to
be smart and fit but why because they live in an environment where war happen
all the time so they try to think but they knew that you have to be fit enough
because their hands were out the gate yeah that’s for wrong but anyway yeah I
mean so but that means also that as a society it’s only gonna get worse in
that sense can we go through I wanna I want you to just Mike yeah whatever my
name is right let’s go through now what how this is going to affect him Mike has
a regular job Mike doesn’t train much or at all yeah exactly
so is this affect his what happens to the calories that he yes so the problem
with Mike is he lives in a society that is designed to become safer and safer
and safer which is good right because then Mike can get smarter or what he
does do we can create more shit we can go to the moon and all that we buy
procreate exactly everything is fine so when you and by the way we see more and
more autism because of an evolutionary trait where you can spend more and more
of that energy toward one thing and get awesome at it
autistic people are the worst they require longer to to raise far more
energy so less kids in a family that there are less capable of defending
themselves specially in the early age and then they leave the home later
so from in unsafe in my environment autism means you’re dead yeah cuz stop
making the fucking thing perfect go fucking kill the bear you know it’s not
ready yeah no I come to speak on the doctor but I mean like so you can see
that into this society will need to naturally see a rise of autism not
autism spectrum disorder oh by the way this is where people get confused but
you could see how autism is able to show a trait moving forward in the society
but to for that the society has to be safe
right so safe means what safe means a weakening of the sympathetic nervous
system right the problem with that is with the weakening of the sympathetic
nervous system that’s what the melanocortin axis study comes in talking
fair game exactly yeah right regardless is a very difficult time losing fat no
remember that what that study says is that regardless of energy intake the
second is ablation of the innervation of the sympathetic we see fat mass games so
I’m using transit on the second you have weakening of the same you cut the nerve
so weakening complete weakening of nervous system we saw the mice getting
fat regardless of how much they were eating they ate exactly the same amount
of food as the other test group of mice it’s not the gaining fat when the order
of dinners the only difference is one had the sympathetic system ready the
other one did okay so Mike is gradually just deadening his sympathetic system
right Boyd exactly I remember the sympathetic nervous end is much older he
reacts to environment the environment we are creating is safe
so therefore the sympathetic gets weaker you cannot access the sympathetic just
with your state of mind that’s work like the whole mindset stuff to a degree but
you have to understand that over long periods of time you will fail you will
not maintain the sympathetic reaction because it can not be triggered as
you’re trying to think your way into something that is not that is not design
like that it’s designed to deal with the environment so if the other match is
soft you always gonna have a weaker response that doesn’t mean week
responding weak response at some point the sympathic that you generate with
this will come to a glass ceiling yeah so you can do it to a certain level but
then you’re gonna hit the glass ceiling the only way forward is to create the
environment necessary for the sympathetic to take over and that is not
something and create mentally by definition like you
evolution is taking does not basically says the exact opposite here so how does
one do that how does one we mention like you have to we have to create an
environment it’s the air force and I’m assuming you’re getting at something for
your training okay so now we need to create a sympathetic environment so that
means a dangerous one yeah right so what does that mean dangerous this is where
we can trick the system a little bit right you could be
but that’s basically that’s what you see anyway look at the best gyms in the
world it’s not because of their system okay let’s talk about Westside yeah
is the reason Westside does so well is because of their paralyzation the
conjugant system no no the conjugate system is has been tried by almost
everybody it doesn’t work everyone in there will fucking eat you alive and
this we submitted no taxing fuck off yeah the second you don’t go his way if
you don’t get on your way to a record you’re out yeah yeah yet so the
environment of the gym it’s hostile it’s very hostile so what does I create
a fight-or-flight response if you’re not capable of handing it your out to stay
in you’re gonna have to basically get into fight mode the second you walk in
the door that will create the environment necessary for you to grow
muscle lose fat get stronger and I think there’s a there’s a good balance –
there’s a line somewhere in there between having a a good socially
supportive environment to train in but also you need an environment where
everybody is there to fucking kill exactly there has to be some of that
yeah yeah by the way if everybody’s are not solar doesn’t work either know
what’s right no right so he requires two things he requires the environment to be
hostile but you wanting to be them so that’s
what we Simmons comes in because is a mentor and a father figure to all his
lifters they go yes Louie so they want to be coached by the guy so he created a
hostile environment where everybody wants to be there and that’s the hardest
thing and here’s the deal of it there’s a documentary out there that I highly
recommend Westside versus the world the guys the guy who made that movie the
amount of bullshit he had to go through to make that movie isn’t he he did like
a Kickstarter GoFundMe thing raised a ton of money actually lots of money had
a business partner who basically took all that money and disappeared in some
sort of drug scheme just evolved okay and he’s left holding the bag and so he
then has to do another round of fundraising to lay everybody make the
movie still get the movie out years delayed
that’s what’s so long – forever because I already disappeared the money was
there disputed start over of course I learn about it a long time ago talk what
happened yeah I felt terrible for the guy so and so but anyway in that so I
highly recommend you get it on iTunes but that’s when you
want to talk a hostel training environment every single person world
champion or not it’s been through there we’ll go through there that environment
will bring you to the top of your potential or break you on the way but
then right then you’re done yet none of these people like like those people they
all leave given all the greats is eventually there’s at the moment like
this where they’re out the door again because that that hostile is great to
the point where you don’t want to be there anymore don’t want to be that
anymore you have to run out to go and that environment has produced some of
the strongest human beings in history in that sport which long supply power
correct crap in that NS poor but not in robot but which does mean that you are
at the fringes of human potential so I don’t I wouldn’t recommend that your gym
and we some help on top of it yeah yeah no I’m just using an example do not do
my side for sure but but but I think that there is there is value in that in
and what that environment produces that is an elite environment but ok so an
elite level of talk about the gym for actually what he was the best at which
is was not a powerlifting because to me they just played the rules and the multi
primal legend what people don’t know so much is how many NFL guys football
players the amount and Jeff Lee amount of MMA fighters like so that’s what
actually I think the gym did the best and that’s what you don’t see because
the most of the argumentation is because of the powerlifting does they use
multiply and then squat you start your mine is quite high and they do yeah okay
so there’s a lot of valid criticism avail but what most people don’t see is
the amount of people that are not relating to powerlifting that come into
that gym to be trained with Lou or Jacinta environment and who thrive in
there and still to this day you wouldn’t believe the number of the amount of
College strength and conditioning coaches top division one coaches who
have their their program or at the very least have Louie as a mentor and again
like the people understand how hard it is to create an environment like that
like he takes to Louie Simmons when is it gone they said it’s gone yeah yeah I
don’t think you’ll I mean you can’t give it to somebody else will never be the
same right because yeah that’s pastor podcast
but it’s such it’s such a hard thing for him so I think what he’s done for all
those athletes people won’t even know about that one
but I think that’s the greatest thing about whistles days for sure cause by
the way I’m the one who read the Westside book twice yeah all right I’m
Polly did anyone in the world most people I’m like that’s the thing is
everybody’s like Westside have you read yeah because I have again twice and you
notice the stories the name change but they’re all the same story and whatever
I read it there you go I can do it again so so we need to create an environment
in which that’s one way yeah there’s that also just in how CrossFit yeah
CrossFit you turn the clock on yeah right now Oh after and then there’s a
guy next to me right so they created again you know our style environment
where you want to be so they created a fight mode up to the moment where the
shit accumulates and you don’t want to be here anymore than you’re going to
tracker than your father yeah exactly ever and then with all the problem that
we but that’s why I believe like CrossFit is so successful if you look at
training women CrossFit has changed away which when women for ever no one has had
the success when it comes to making women strong forget fit strong yeah as
CrossFit is that I will absolutely with high volume high intensity training
everything when we are told not to do yeah CrossFit did and you guys are still
unsure yeah but the women are unbelievably strong
look at the women number of women I can snatch 90 kilos yeah the people remember
five six years ago and an Achilles lock oh maybe I was Linda Valenzuela oh my
god which is like a national level she would she would win this year now they
all fucking do it yeah that they all like 105 on the regular basis now I’m
like what shit hurts my feelings kind of upset
myself anyway so but again it was the same idea right so there are different
ways to do that is that the only way no there’s a way to and it’s not a hack but
to get into it because again the problem with all of those is sustainability
yeah right and we talk about this all the time like you do Westside then yeah
but you’re 30 and don’t for life yeah by the way all those guys that come out of
the stress body weight gaining gaining fat yeah all the drugs and the forty
cheese oh my fucking blowing all slide grams of testing we care is like TRT 100
milligrams where are you putting all that oil you
know but that’s what the Gateway that’s the mass is so big because that’s what I
warned the it’s shit I forgot where I was going I’m not really sure I’m
normally pretty good about that but today yeah he’s making fun about the
drug SUIM of balance so that’s one way to do
it is to create an environment but is it sustainable No sustainability is the key
right so you go website but then when you are done they’re usually they’re
basically done lifting yeah like you good you see that with Mark Bell like
he’s doing body rolling now mm-hm but like you can’t push the size the top
and strength forever it’s all like and and you’re famous or training hurt and
all that stuff like that whole toughness stuff will get you but can you sustain
right so it’s not enough to have the top athlete that out three for your career
and then crush forever we also have to think out sustainability so my job is
not just the top athletes it’s also the regular people mike has a desk job right
so if we apply that kind of stuff but in three years from now is in job done and
you’ll never turn again they’ll you just get fat and that’s not working so we
have to understand how to deal with the software in order to help not just a
mark Bell of this world but also the Mike’s of this world right so and that’s
well the neoprene came in because the idea is most of the weight of the
sympathetic system weight I mean like innovation goes over to the skin so a
lot of the way to access the sympathetic nervous time is through the skin when
you say innervation whether clarify you mean the connection from the nerve
exactly all they correlate to muscle skin in fact that so what’s interesting
is the the muscle connect to the fat as well the vagus nerve does not does not
have innovation in to the fact so the very sympathetic systems very least with
the vagus nerve we can say doesn’t appear to be any physical interaction
between with the fact affair not directly right so on the sympathetic
side its connects directly to ways colder weather the white adipose tissue
yeah and so this is the direct correlation
and then we know the sympathetic uses far as fuel so there’s a direct
correlation between the sympathetic and burning fat that even on a hardware
perspective we know and we see it on the software right so my idea was like fine
then Alec says the skin to create an environment that is hostile to the
person but without stressing stressing them mentally yeah like a like
a Westside we do or stuff like that right yeah don’t get me wrong the
neoprene is very stressful mentally that does not what I truly what I mean by
that I watched Julianne I just left the room
today I was at the bench press session saying by the way it’s not even 40
degrees animo know it was like 26 or not even that hot today you feel like he was
45 Julian walks up into the office halfway through opens the refrigerator
and goes where’s the fucking water yeah oh that was like it was hot last night –
the ice cubes like you just survived all the day but you guys liked my work I was
freaking out it seemed that my left topic yeah many just freaked out
really oh it was like this is where I remember the first session you know I
took a week into the US and I’m pretty sure it’s of sugar over there yeah
because it kind of wrecked me honestly so I arrived two days ago but bless you
I don’t feel jet lag because we slept guileless at 11 hours the first night she went out like what is this what am i
this what has happened whereas i honey you slept a lot we were to bed at 9:30
literally she woke up at 8:30 the next day nice the next the last time we met
when my daughter came out here for last month or two when she flew it was three
days of like 12 hours of sleep for her today it’s exactly right for those that
were she’s on an eighth or delayed I sleep well right so I’m recover I’m not
that jet lag but I put the jacket on so yesterday I was doing a deadlift up two
days ago deadlift and I put the check and I was like fuck it I got like I
freaked out I was like whoa so my capacity to end your fight yeah wasn’t
there so I went straight to flight and today I did bench press and everything
with a jacket it’s okay so but like the first day I spend an hour and a half I
will probably know I wanna have fighting the flight mode like every time I I
start freaking out like I would do especially a per left PEC yeah aren’t
you still externally like this right here start to get weird and you’re like
I’m forcing myself to nose breeze because I want to go I’m like I’m
freaking out and the whole time I’m like so I’m talking girl going like I will
not let myself click up but I had to so back to the higher brain function in
order to stop the sympathetic from going too far yeah that’s something I’ll talk
about it’s a hack that I have but who like I’m not capable of generating the
fight that I was when I left there’s no question there I’m a little I’m a bitch
right now like I was like you mobbed-up yeah you little bitch you go back under
that bar and finish the set of izi but I don’t want to I’m kind of freaky I’m not
fuck off go to the anniversary time I’m like stop yeah
oh so I love some capacity for fight that’s just software stuff right because
we sit check you know I don’t want to be here I’m like fuck off yes you do
yeah so I had to you can still do that but you do government was almost too
hostile for me like with the jacket it’s it was too much heat being created
probably because I’m sweating up the sugar honestly I think the sugar fuck me
up God flora autism the whole thing I think
there should be or fucks me up so I have to still get rid of whatever it’s gotta
leave your body it’s gonna do my body right and it probably has to leave my
system as well like in the sense of yes the software got kind of impacted right
maybe they got for us to rebuild whatever the fuck it is but I have to
recurve some new channels oh yeah I’m just putting a jacket two more and doing
you know yeah not that but doing something else cuz I’m like I need to
like I need to get back into the fight mode that I that I had when I left yeah
and I’d right now it’s not there so that’s the software right so the jacket
is too hostile for me make making me want to leave so then turning into
flight mode yeah so the neoprene is one way we can have a force that right as
well so if you had a neoprene in the right
gym environment wanting to be there then you would probably achieve the best
sympathetic response so what does that mean sympathetic with mine so some of
these techniques to have something that works right so you could do some high
intensity training with some of your boys who you want to make sure you kick
their ass a little bit exactly so I would not use the new between not for
that for cardio because I think usually takes you too far but I mean for just
the sympathetic side yeah do a little that make sure you do enough have your
boys do a strongman training with a neoprene with your boys and kick try to
kick everybody’s house you’ll remember the second you don’t want to be there
anymore usually the
your printing will start to make you freak out you’re gonna have to control
that so there’s gonna be that’s where the motion you know flow down pressure
comes in is you’ll need some of that flow to not going to flight yeah
and that’s where I think the progress is so what I do when I train with new
opinion is I look for the panic button the one that gives me a funny fucking
panic attack which I’ve found today which is the left upper PEC and once I
mean and I’m like no and do not go in to panic so I spend an hour going no no no
no no stain it no no and then I with time I’m like no no and I was right on
the edge for like an hour straight yeah oh but I believe that’s where the gains
are yeah because then you like says those those spots that ah and they’re in
freeze or that you don’t want to go too well again left upper PEC for me and I
was like no no I’m getting there but that requires that’s where the the
strong mindset is require accept the strong mindset by itself will not take
you there but if you had a strong mindset where is the correct environment
now we’re going somewhere yeah alright so I think that’s the key and so what
does the sympathetic figure we’ll we’ll show you
that’s the highest that’s at that so it’s serotonin I talked about this in
another podcast but you that’s what the fat-burning will happen okay right
because of the sympathetic innervation the fight mode is what the good stuff
happens that’s why we see dopamine serotonin testosterone production fat
burning all that stuff yeah right so and that’s the important part right so
without the strong sympathetic we can tell that there will be no production of
muscle and also the we’re going to produce the function of exactly and then
so that’s the role of the sympathetic now we’re going to talk about the role
of the path sympathetic in producing fat okay so we say producing fat not body
weight as in muscle because that’s not what the study is gonna show the study
is not made to see if you produce muscle you will but that’s not what is
interesting for that study they’re only doing it on fat why because that studies
designed to study obesity and nothing else so you’re gonna have to extrapolate
a little bit as to how this work and we’ll do that and there may be some
holes that you may have to figure out we’re gonna have to fill up the holes at
the end of the podcast because of that yeah right so I’m gonna so I’m gonna
read the article from Wikipedia codes is very good so I know
there’s a lot of view of their snobs out there they’re gonna go wall is not
Wikipedia is not a medical paper which is very true that’s not what I’m gonna
do that you’re gonna use this right you’re gonna go on Wikipedia get the
selfish brain theory it’s right there and then there are plenty of studies
that you can click on and do all the work for yourself yeah right so it’s not
a real study like before the reason is there’s many many studies that come into
this and I don’t feel like talking about all of them so I’m going to instead go
at the article which I actually I find very good so there we go the selfish
brain theory described the characteristic of the human brain to
cover its own comparably high energy requirements with the utmost of
priorities when regulating energy fluxes in the organism right so basically okay
simple enough the brain behave selfishly in this respect the selfish brain theory
amongst other things provide the possible explanation for the origin of
obesity the severe and pathological form avoid the Lubeck obesity and diabetes
specialist Akeem Peters developed the fundamentals of the theory between 98
and 200 for the internal interdisciplinary selfish brain brain
glucose and metabolic syndrome research group headed by periods and supported by
the German Research Foundation at the University of Lubeck has in the meantime
being able to enforce the basics of the theorists who experimental research so
again this is early right into the research into obesity because we’re
starting to understand that is not as simple as food in versus energy alright
so the brain performs midsection of the for the human organism most our
cognitive nature and concern the regulation of the motor system a previous previously lesser investigated
aspect of brain activity was a regulation of energy metabolism the
selfish my theory sheds new light on this function see so it’s very important
it stays that the brain behave selfishly by controlling energy fluxes in such
weather allocates energy to itself before the needs of other organs are
satisfied so it’s very important because energy goes to the brain first that will
explain a bunch of stuff the internal energy consumption of the brain is very
high although it’s mass constitute only 2% of the entire body weight it consumes
20% of the carbohydrates in stayed over 24 hour period so it’s why
because he corresponds of a hundred grams of glucose a day that’s half the
daily requirement for human being so that means that the brain uses another
half to show more than half the glucose not sugar glucose glucose being produced
in the body so so the scientific community assume that the energy needs
of the brain the muscle and the organs were all met in parallel the patella
missed an area of the membrane sent without to play a central role in
regulating to feedback loops with now limits the leepo static theory
established by Gordon Kennedy in 1953 described the fat deposition feedback
system that the hypothalamus receives signals from circulating metabolic
products or hormones but how much adipose tissue there is in the body as
well as prevailing metabolic status using the signals the hypothalamus can
adapt the absorption nutrients so that the body fats deposit remains constant
that’s call it post asses so what if I was obesity well that we post assists
was a fucked-up stuff so therefore you don’t understand that you have enough
fat and you keep producing it that was one way they thought obesity might be
that that we post a sissies Ciccone ostracism idea right which means you
have enough fat you just constantly feed back from the body on how much you have
in no energy moment when you put on a mystery you have enough fat yeah anyway
thought that you know these people that system that feedback loop is not working
so you just keep producing now which makes them hungry and therefore they eat
more therefore they produce more right the glucose static theory developed in
the semia by John Mayer described the blood glucose feedback system according
to this theory the hypothalamus control the absorption of nutrients the
receptors that measure the glucose level in the blood in this way a certain
glucose concentration is set by adjusting the intake of nutrients may
also include in the brain of his brain is calculation although we consider that
food intake served to safeguard the energy of a hostess’s of the central
nervous system he didn’t imply that the energy flux
from the body to the brain was a passive process but so that that’s basically
frank to the affair basically what it is said that the I post arm is cause we
need more glucose therefore I need more food yeah that will produce some protein
fats protein carbs should be all that stuff yeah that the high post are so any
that’s what they say like you know like the hypothalamus is an issue with obese
people stuff like that right because they think
that obesity is created by a by those two feedback loops either one or both
ocean dysfunction exactly on the basis of this view is a number of
international research groups to position the origin of obesity you know
disorder in one of the two above describe feedback systems however they
are scenarios in weight regulation that cannot be explained in this way for
example upon inanition of the body like during fasting almost all of the organs
such as the heart liver spleen and kidneys dramatically lose weight
approximately 40% and the blood glucose concentration falls during this time
however the brain must hardly changes less than 2% on average so the brain is
not touched by that a further example illustrate the inherent conflict between
these two explanatory approaches although large amounts of the appetite
suppressing hormones leptin are releasing in obese individuals they are
still afflicted with a ravenous hunger once their blood glucose fall even
though basically the appetite suppressing hormone leptin is released
yes but actually we saw that from the millennia coq10 axis when the
sympathetic system is activated it tells the body to not be hungry hunger Hunger
gets shut down during a sympathetic reaction right when you’re on the path
sympathetic side the hungrier shoots up there and so even if when leptin is
released it as a matter of the still hungry big why because it’s not the
hardware stuff is the software stuff right so yeah so the stuff is my theory
assume there is another feedback control system that is super old innate in the
blood glucose and fat feedback control system that matters more than those two
a feedback system is meant here in which the cerebral Hemisphere the integrating
organs for the entire nervous system controlling ATP production and okay we
don’t need to go into that one bla bla bla bla bla right so the brain can cover
less energy needs particularly those of the cerebral hemispheres either by a
location on the trillion in tech that’s whether you get from the body or you
from food the corresponding signal to the subordinate regulated system
originates in the cerebral mission the most flow genetically recent part of the
brain so that’s a higher brain function is characterized by a high plasticity
in a high capacity to loom with this process that’s exactly what we refer to
right that’s what you see filler genetically recently me just
evolutionary pop that’s the lettuce want to be developed start there yeah it’s
going to start there always it is always able to adapt its regulatory processes
by processing responses from the periphery whatever energy procurement by
the brain is complicated by three factors the brain always requires in
your dream whenever it’s needed and does that first it can only store energy in a
very restricted form therefore it’s an energy on-demand system what does that
matter that means whenever the brain needs glucose he needs freedom from the
body or from food usually goes to one and that’s going to play a part
secondly the brain is almost exclusively dependent on glucose as an ATP substrate
lactate and can also be considered as substrates but only under certain
conditions yeah knowing you have to be considerable stress levels of
malnutrition so most of the time it basically requires glucose right and you
cannot store it which means it’s always demanding it from the body or from food
because he cannot store it in the brain so leader brain is separated from the
rest of the body circulation by the blood by blood brain barrier the blood
glucose has to be brought there be a special insulin independent transporter
that means whenever I ask the body to bring glucose it’s actually a very it’s
a fairly restricted way that can can be afflicted by a number of things and
that’s what it’s gonna it’s gonna mario allocation represents the way a healthy
brain secures its energy supply when acutely needed a developed blood glucose
from apparently leads lead zero across the blood-brain barrier that’s basically
to explain you how the stuff read it you’ll see what I mean
the acute supply of energy to the brain from the intake of nutrients present
problems for the organism in the event area emergency emergency food intake is
only activated if a location is insufficient but will be taken as a sign
of disease in this case the require energy cannot be requested from the body
and it can only be taken directly from the environment through food right so in
whenever the body sinks as the disease or whatever I mean he needs food to get
the glucose because his name fat in the body and you’re going to have
to eat more food because that’s what’s gonna shoes and it’s exactly what I seen
the body’s fucked up as far as the brain and so and so he needs food to get these
glucose and that’s what they say obesity is from yeah so this pathology is due to
defects lying within the control centers of the brain such this may be very well
so anytime these tumors injury genetic defects or whatever it’s going to start
to go into that there we go so so I think it’s what’s the really
interesting is the difference between allocating from the body what what the
brain needs and then needing it from food because if you really think about
it we do view at least me at least my understanding of us I viewed what
happens with food it’s like I said earlier this very passive process
exactly then it all gets boiled up and left yeah you know goes in as it as it
says but to assume like like it said the brain needs energy on demand meaning and
doesn’t always have time to eat yeah and and how silly is it in that context then
to say that the brain would have no input on on nutrient partitioning when
you do eat food exactly exactly so but so but if in the case then if if
somebody is in that state often and never in a sympathetic state hardly yeah
that’s one brain that’s why I’m trying to to find a where I’d say that so the
problem where they were showing also is that obese people right they stopped for
the reason we stated with sympathy Technol all that stuff they start
producing fat so every time they eat he goes straight to love the fat because
the body sink his disease it won’t touch that one yeah so that means that every
time is like yeah but I still can get my glucose so he has for more food but then
you with the food you go straight it’ll get enough through the brain at the
moment but they leave the rest or as fat and sort to keep it soft to keep because
and then even if you produce if you were to burn that fat the glucose from that
cannot get to the brain so the brain keep asking for more food more food more
food that’s why they think like no matter like I was watching documentaries
about obese people and there’s a woman who took like
10 years to get to 300 pounds yeah and one year to get a few 50 he actually
speeds up because the fatter you are the more disease in that sense now that your
disease but you know for the brain the more disease you are the less you can
take the glucose from there so therefore he gets it from nutrients more and more
and so you crave food constantly right and so oh there we go the self event 3
can be considered a new way to understand obesity disorder in the
control center Nia whatever the type of description that exists in Intel’s at
the energy procurement from the brain is accomplished less by location more by
the intake of nutrients even though the muscle have no additional energy
requirements if one imagine the energy supply of the human organism as the
supply chain that passes from the outside world to the numerous options of
nutrient via intake the other body to the brain as the end user and control
organ then obesity can be considered as being caused by a buildup in the supply
chain this is characterized by an excessive accumulation of energy into
the adipose adipose tissue or blood an allocation failure is expressed as a
weakening of the sympathetic nervous system the result is that energy
intended for the brain mainly and to Burford storage areas the adipose tissue
and the musculature only a small proportion which is the brain in order
to cover its huge energy demands the brain needs comments individual to
consume more food the accumulation processes calories and the buffer
storage area are constantly filled up and this leads to development of obesity
I mean that’s crazy that’s right but so again we’re going back to illustrate
software versus hardware well not great what a great design a log to that
exactly and then they show you that so the weakening of the sympathetic nervous
system right is as a major role in obesity it will show every time
basically we get to do those stage of obesity it means that’s why it’s so hard
to make them come back yeah because the brain is at a stage where you cannot get
the glucose from elimination from the body so we need ok give me food but the
system that gets the glucose to the brain is fucked up so that means the
more fucked up the more disease the body is
the less the brain is capable of getting is glucose which is what it means all of
that is assuming that at that point you haven’t fucked up your digestion either
and you’re not just having to shove in shit and then the hardware is working
yeah on top of it and yeah yeah because then we’re stressing Lewbert where
exactly and then he keeps on going like that and so that’s why it sings spiral
out of control once they are that stage this seems to be that color stage after
that it’s so hard to come back you start sliding downhill right well yeah and you
can tell what why because from there it starts again the sympathetic only gets
weaker and so that’s probably why they’re in the fog all the time when
they are yeah you know maybe like you that documentary the guy was like 660
you know if you ever seen that so they are I think 12 clinics in the US where
people can enter only they weigh more than 600 pounds hashtag goals Wow so
exactly so do you know how they get into the room because none of them can walk
so the room is yes there the rooms are fitted for the forklift to get him to
put them onto the bed by the way the documentary is about a guy that walks in
the only thing he can do basically is move this song because it’s on the side
he can’t move anymore so the only time is actually is brain wakes up doing
because there is always been like this the only time is when he asks for food
like I want a hamburger and over there and the saddest part is at this stage
one in that clinic they’re like we’re not here to stop them from eating that’s
not what we do that means they they basically they are to die
the saddest part is during the documentary the guy died so you don’t
even see real you know the documentary yeah it’s the saddest thing ever
I couldn’t have dinner for like three days you know I was so sad and so all
the people at have 25-bit they all over 600 pounds cannot walk so they all
basically stay in bed until they die it’s that documentary was so fucked up
that’s when I was like guys we’re not winning this you know amongst many thing
but so the reason I believe we’re not so by the way they talk after that they
talk about experimental evidence so it’s all their therapy the research group and
but there’s a part the basics of the theory the selfish brain that they talk
about also the problem obviously the the psychological issues and there was a
very interesting perm that I confront anymore
so I’m just gonna talk about it so it’s not too long that was referring to
basically like the poem also is like on Anytime you’re stressed, right and you reach for the sugar you weaken your
sympathetic because that’s the sympathetic fix we talk about all the
time. Most of the sympathetic either runs on
adrenaline or cortisol.. And because there’s no action, you get the
sugar right away and you don’t need to run on either. There’s no action being taken,
so you get that feeling of sympathetic but without actually using it because
right away you have a fix to the action that needs to be taken. It almost takes you to the finish line. Exactly. And so that weakens the sympathetic even more because
there’s no adrenaline or cortisol being produced so the system it starts
to weaken. And again going back to the melanocortin axis, when the sympathetic
nervous system gets weakened, fat mass production augments.
So you could also see people that can’t move and you can see how
psychologically fucked up you are when you’re obese and judgment and stuff like
that. You end up going from fight to flight to freeze. You’re in
freeze, you’re on the parasympathetic side and makes you gain more fat. Remember
sympathetic burns it, parasympathetic creates it. That’s why we understand the
trigger of the vagus nerve creates more fat. I think it’s interesting when you talk
about getting into freeze is the amount of time that someone actually can
end up spending in that state is crazy. So Flight or Freeze can take over your life. In Flight you’ll produce, as long as you don’t reach for the food, there’s some action.. That’s what you see stressed-out people
can be lean, because they don’t reach for the sugar. But in the case of
obese people every time they’re in flight they reach for the sugar. That
weakens the sympathetic so that weakens the fight reaction. And that’s where most
of the fat burning is gonna happen is in Fight. So the less you are in Fight, basically
the more you’re going to gain fat. So we see obesity as a sign
of again as a weakening of the sympathetic nervous them, and we live in
a society that will only promote that. So we’re gonna get fatter and
smarter. So the only way out of that is to create an
environment for people to go and to basically regress.
You need to regress into a environment-dependent part of your
nervous system to actually burn the fat and still create the muscle.. If we want to survive this the way we’re building society, we’re gonna have to create an environment for the fight mode
to stay active. If we don’t, we’re going to increase the rates of obesity
and kill ourselves. I always tell, well male clients tend to connect to this better than my female clients, but I always say, “Listen, we do all the
training, we do all this very deliberate stuff, then there’s time of work that’s
heavy, time to do things on purpose; there’s a lot of diversity in how you
train.” and I say, “Do not forget that once or twice a week at least you need to do
some real deal fucking caveman shit.” Go ape-shit.. The weakening
of the sympathetic nervous system, I believe is the biggest threat that we
face. mmm-hmm and I understand guys coming
from culligan everyone is speaking that means on the way out yeah but we are not
capable of taking it up now right now so we will have to create the N and again
it’s not something we can access with this that’s also the problem is people
think oh I get into I’ll get you can’t think your way by definition evolution
speaking it is not made to be entered by thought it’s meant to be in terms to the
environment well I like to think of this as it is based on survival and survival
is a skill yeah you can’t think your way into surviving a hundred times out of
100 yeah future is a skill the chest is free
and you have to learn and you got to be able to get there and as you say it
requires training it’s like yeah but once I’m angry no it’s like people think
oh if I get angry I’ll win the fight no you want all that skill that we have to
develop right so what I found interesting about these two if you look
at the diffusion cheeky ocular they will show you stuff that means that because
you do that with neoprene well you train you get yourself into that fight mode
and then you feel fucked up for three hours that means that there’s a way out
of it which means whenever you go into the sympathetic right accessing the
higher brain function will allow you to stop staying in sympathetic while you
get so stressed out because they maturely you end up in
yet you finish the neoprene workouts you’re like this and then you can be
like hot and kind of messed up in your head for three hours you can’t do that
and go to work and be productive now and like I came yesterday after train and
went to gym that had air conditioning yeah Kayla went to and didn’t have my
level of conditioning was better than yes so it was fairly cool I still
believe I was the only person sweating and that you accept her but everybody
else if I don’t know they’re maybe they’re used to it or maybe they don’t
work they don’t push but I don’t but I didn’t even do anything that exceptional
yesterday was just kind of some work and and I get back here you were here I was
just like in shock yeah exactly I was just like yeah it was
just all-consuming right so now you’re in full flight mode yeah
so the way out isn’t is not to go through freeze and go like whatever the
what you can’t you can’t just sit there no you can’t say oh you’re gonna have to
go in a dark room with our conditioning and basically fall asleep so going to
freeze you know and then get yourself back after that and once you reset the
whole thing or you can through the higher brain function you can bring
yourself back to past empathic where the healing will take place and all that
stuff so we’re not going to use food we use that’s when basically gonna spend
five minutes going to either find joy or a problem solving the Rubik’s Cube X
cube do think go figure of quantum mechanics do start with us what I do
after training special on my bicycle exactly some all that stuff you need to
bring yourself back to well the biggest now that requires higher brain function
socialization or something type of problem solving here’s a really simple
analog that we see in all of our coaches or now do you see all of our
CrossFit people is you have a class for the people hopefully they did push hard
in this work out instead of pasted and they are fucking dead on the floor and
they have to go to work and they gotta go to work yeah and and still that
there’s a part of me that sometimes feels like so much you walk out of gym
and you’re like what the fuck happened to me you’re like at the very least that
you feel like I did exactly but the problem is that state that you’re in is
costly is a and and so so in that case group a fitness class everybody’s laying
around like a bomb just went off and they’re just thousand-yard stare
what do they need to do socialization a socialization social is it yeah that’s
why I don’t kick people up Yeah right away wonder though on the contrary you
want them to spend the next 15-20 minute talking and everything quest what they
are doing is they’re bringing himself back from the sympathetic into
socializing mood because they do have to go work so they need to be back to well
the the past empathic sight where healing will occur will it be able to
recover from the work out if people’s the longer they spending too sympathetic
after the workout the less they can train the next day yeah like we can go
after soreness and all that stuff which are not knots on itself but the feeling
of pain the next day being better by the workout you will see that the longer you
spend in sympathetic in flight after you work out the worst you feel the next day
and then the less willing you are to get into that fight again again exactly
whereas if you can come back from it right away through the higher brain
function you will find that you’re less tired the next day that you’re better
recover that could you are and you’ll be able to push harder and I think that
said I think it’s safe to say that your body would understand now that doing
that wasn’t so costly because you’re not yourself like right away no future
exactly and now we can be prepared to do this secure that’s what I grow that’s
what I talk about neural flexibility is that it’s the capacity to get to one to
the other so one in two sympathetic you can’t think your way into it but the way
back that’s a skill people are gonna have to learn is get yourself to a max
sympathetic and then teach yourself to come back and to come back you need the
socialization the higher brain function all that stuff so socialize it’s very
interesting I remember in rushing competitions like strong complications I
get very much enjoy the crowd all the things I like strongman
it’s like w/e yes there’s an aspect of that yeah if you do it right it better
feel like that yes if it feels like powerlifting mate you’re doing it well
yeah meaning you should be high five and kids and ripping your shirt off and tie
the fun stuff alright and so I guess wrong I am yeah so but I would remember
that you get a big crowd you know we had a couple bigger shows or a thousand
fifteen other people and you get there and it’s like but and now it’s like I
have to see you have to stick this so you’re not gonna win yeah there’s a lot
of shit there and crowds getting along getting any gift no
it’s fucking hard you have to die yeah right and so I could feel when that gets
out in front of me a little bit I would have to fully bring it back to zero
because you’re going to fight you’re getting to that you know when all right
get to or I would get to this max fight that I know and he’s gonna fuck how I
perform in Albanian flight intensity exactly that’s too far and so and so I
would always have to pull back and for me it was as easy as as I would just
have to stand there couple breaths eyes closed like on the thing well thank you
a couple breaths deep breaths eyes closed and I could just
fortunately life’s been very fortunate in it for me so I can I think it’s like
I’m here it’s good second trip that’s what I think all of these things
everything that I have and have built makes this capable and easy and now I
just have to go fucking kill everything so now you can so now that’s August now
here we go and look at it and then now I can start taking the quiz the
environment is there like the competition the crowd they be there so
all you have to do is come back a little bit through the way and the vagus nerve
and let yourself so you basically control your states that way yeah
because I’ve had it in in other sports where maybe the skill skill level the
fine motor skill levels little higher like basketball whereas if you get too
far out you fucked full sympathetic the problem with the full fight mode is that
your coordination will be affected yeah because that leaves into the vagus nerve
and all that stuff so that’s what the low waste exercises are better there
that’s why you’ll you’ll achieve a much stronger fight mode caveman style in
strongmen and Olympic weightlifting yes this search an amount of coordination
Olympic weightlifting that he won’t let you go fucking nuts working that is you
know a quick powerlifting sidemen stuff like that like that that carrier over
and it like like I still remember I think the heaviest snatch I ever did was
still it was the way I do other lifts so it was just like fucking just Lamb of
God cranked up I do a muscle a to of you know what I mean I was like and then I
went to I remember going so I don’t do a weight lift
at the Arnold and it’s like watching fucking golf yeah well it’s like yeah
exact eyes that’s why but that’s why there’s some 16 year old Asian kids
snatching over the pack yeah the meets ah it’s so funny to see
the crowd at a strongman event versus a powerlifting game investors are epic
well evening event that’s why it’s like Oh an epic weightlifting is like
watching a chess tournament yes that’s why that’s why I still believe that John
North’s say what you will about him is a goddamn American treasure because it
goes through a weightlifting mean it’s just slamming bars and being belligerent
and obnoxious and so much fun because the sport needs a goddamn somebody was
interesting and I think that’s and he brought that for sure so daddy did right
in there well I think we got about everything we need okay cool yeah good I
do have one thing I want to challenge anyone who’s watching this to do it’s a
fun little project that I get to do almost every week but YouTube makes
auto-captions automatically generates English captions which I never check
anyways and most of you probably ever once in a while
missed something from Julian’s French accents u20 well YouTube like just
fucking makes shit up it’s so crazy but specially with my
accent right yes you think I don’t speak English is that what you just said I
just got this I have you on camera at this signature so you know we have what
you mean even if you speak English I’m offended so when I now you love me when
I put our clips on Instagram what I do is I actually build them in YouTube
because it automatically generates and then I just go through and change them
for this segments the timing and all of it so it’s easy for me to do but I will
tell you this what an underutilized hilarious thing that people can see
because as of right now there’s probably 40 episodes so not what he means about
my is my French accent this is the essence youtuber I guess what I want is
that what I want screenshots if you’re watching the episode just throw there
you got a new game I want the occasional screen shot Julian guesses recusant
no sense that something there’s some of them that I just have to start taking
because they repetitive things like Schrodinger Carl
friskin g1x adds up that and and I love it so YouTube watch the watch the
captions it’s fucking great hey really is great so yeah the second
time you watch a podcast because you’re supposed to listen to my yeah the second
time the second time then you’re taking notes yes
actually really want to do as a favor you can just edit all those and make
them right we have that turned on so you can do that yeah exactly
just don’t fuck with it make it really obvious we keep yeah yeah yeah are you
saying you want to give him a conscious crowd-sourced all of our caption oh my
god well okay it works for we keep it yep please don’t fuck this up I don’t
make it wheel yeah it’s at least one or two of them fuck girls not gonna do that
but okay just slide side something weird yeah yes hahaha
then you’re gonna take a screenshot and make fun of me on Instagram bag Julian’s
like don’t ever fucking say other podcasts whenever they stop doing crazy
shit I’ll blame you for it because I go through and I fuck with like three
minutes of it at a time or so which is time-consuming but still there is
moments where I about fall out of my chair laughing oh I didn’t know it’s
like they’re not even 12 where’s that yeah oh I think I’m really evolved
because I intended exactly but that’s got us all wrapped up for today Julian’s
brand-new iPad that is broken now case you missed that not Kahless I didn’t see
what you also have I’m still pissed about it like I had a very good case on
the other iPad and you never broke this one that fucking Apple case I went
whoops it felt like not even a foot yeah poom now I gotta go change it cost me
money too yes yeah cuz you can’t blame that one of them really it’s like I will
I’ll try anywhere but yeah well that’s got us wrapped up for days strong fit
calm seminars and stuff for there we also have I think there’s still gonna be
time when you hear this performance seminar and nutrition seminar and yeah
but all those gonna be at the insane September end of September
yep yeah then we have because we have them print apprenticeship for another
month Jesus September gets busy yeah and
almost yet but time you’re hearing this that I should probably is yeah it’s
fully September so my bracelet too yeah so we have strong and have the tattoo on
my leg by then are you that’s the 30th of August
so strong food equipment calm strong foot equipment ie you nailed that one
strong foot one on Instagram Manta Fitness in Australia and Luke a32 and
Tyler effing stone and their journey Jennings scroll Merlin’s corner comm is
up and running yep so check it out just talked about it long enough now it’s out
there so I think that’s got everything I’ll post the link to this to this of
course even the link to the Wikipedia but do we keep videos but it’s actually
a great theory yeah then study the guy because he’s been
wrong for quite a while but it fits very well with the software of us is hard
work it was interesting when we first did the peer review of the melanocortin
axis I had just a few people were like that’s a lot of deep subject matter for
one thing because it was so deep right but I and the what I said is well hang
on because we get into application or more background here we are three four
episodes later and I think we don’t connect they all connect to each other
but that’s why I think it’s so important to go at least like this because we’ll
go at it from one button you’ll see relates to usually when you’re right
about a principally relates to 12 if you were on I like to look at it like this
put a flag here to walk over here you see what it looks like from over here
yeah you get over here and you see what it looks like from over here and then
and and yeah and then I think eventually you can get a sequence they all relate
to each other and again it goes down to the core which is software and hardware
and and understanding the difference even the image fields of the brain seems
to be like we’re talking mother with Skylar like if you look at neurological
disorders it shows you that perception creates its own reality that’s not a
hardware thing no it’s a software thing yeah it’s a tremendous important part of
neuroscience and I think science in general where is going is that
understanding of information now I actually think that’s the future of
mankind Yeah right and we need the faster we apply the better we do yeah
and I think that application is the thing that we’ve been holding it on
quite a bit lately cycle next we linked the odds bear sweet mind yep planning
playing the odds better yes alright see you next week you

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  1. "with some help" 😀
    More like with A LOT of help. Louie is on steroids for more than 20 years non-stop. Undeniably one of the greatest though.
    Great podcast again guys

  2. Julien we know you are a JRE fan so can you comment on the debate that happened on JRE #1267 between Gary Taubes and Stephan Guyenet?
    Gary was blaming carbs/insulin while Stephan was blaming lifestyle choices and excess eating (calories matter the most if I understand it correctly).
    It makes sense that not all food give you the same results but Stephen was presenting a lot of studies that (kind of) supported his point.

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