Episode 37: Women On Coaching Women – StrongFit Podcast 037

Episode 37: Women On Coaching Women – StrongFit Podcast 037

alright guys welcome back strong trip
pod we’re back again so uh we are joined by
I mean you know 20 this no no this is like 30 30 no no no like 35 37 I think I
was think we were filmed up to 32 33 recall like five six seven year rule and
then we really said yes we do one with it so the first one is a wheel because
we haven’t gone into singing likes we’re not sure we still know each other we get
feedback in gear on then Dennis Christopher will go we’ll go like a
month where we’re only communicating via like yeah text messages text messages
yeah so you’re like can we still do this let’s maybe start with that so Lou and
Chantel Lou and Chantel from camp 17 out of but you guys are actually here in Lou
Trek for the apprenticeship month the first month long intensive yeah that’s
like it would say it’s the deepest diving from the strong universe you
could ask for I suppose yeah yeah because I get yeah I get to see if else
and so more than a few days so that actually makes a huge difference
yeah yeah I was really happy yeah it’s been awesome yeah that’s another month
so it’s yeah it’s the other promote everybody here for 32 days you get to
see the blind spots better yeah so you guys run a program where you guys coach
exclusively women mmm correct and it’s a little more than I would say just a
fitness fitness thing how did that stop it you always aim to address women are
you just I think yeah it just it kind of we we
based it on a lot of experience that we had you know with obviously fitness but
then also with just who we would work with and we saw where things were and we
obviously have authority because we’re women and so we’re like okay that’s so
if you Yoko know right away it’s like that’s what I want to do oh yeah I mean
and as a woman too and having seen the struggles of women and you know your own
struggles to be able to as we talk about the whole person going and doing this
with a bunch of dudes would probably be so different because I don’t know what
they want you’ve seen that yeah I know even on the mentor program a lot of the
answers has to be dude what do you want yeah yes that’s a good question you see
how long it takes for people to fund their career and actually truly know
where they want to push even if it’s obvious it doesn’t mean you’re like dude
come on that’s it so it’s yeah that’s always good that you we immediately knew
so people because probably people I don’t know you you had one of the
earliest CrossFit gyms in the world yeah 2006 so the second in Oregon and it’s
still open my friends I don’t even you can’t tell any more now because the you
know where the list is there’s also me that have gone out of business that
you’re like I’m getting closer and closer yeah might be one of the oldest
yeah you got out of that one yeah he got to you a bit in 2012 what was it to
mentally um it was fur for me I needed to I wanted to be better for people but
I had to be better for myself and there was that moment of looking in the mirror
and saying there’s a woman inside of me and she’s dying to get out but I have no
idea who she is and how could you and what that even looks like and trying
to help people while I was trying to learn about myself this is about ten or
eleven years ago that was it was just too much and it got to yeah it just got
to be a lot it’s like I think people understand for example like being an
athlete and a coach like man it’s a different mindset yeah it’s not that
easy to switch it’s actually almost impossible that’s good so you get out
across week and then you get you the two of you start chem 17 women 2015 yeah
yeah so it’s been four and a half years we became best friends like
instantaneously I tried to tackle her after I found out she was a six degree
black belt and like how long would it take for her to tap me out I know
nothing about anything and I surprised her after really horrible workout yeah
and I knew it’d probably be 10 20 seconds it was about 20 seconds and I
had this move in mind and I had no idea how to execute it and it’s really
hilarious and we’ve been best friends ever since so it was hilarious and in
her world she would tell you like people don’t do that no the last 20 minutes it was funny I wasn’t like oh like I
yeah yes yeah it was funny so really good yeah we started after that we saw
from the beginning women right now yeah you talk about it though just did you
like had a power in a meeting and you go like we’re gonna what he was just like
this is naturally where this is taking us okay cool I think it was it was just
a natural natural yeah yeah and like it just with with starting in a CrossFit
gym having class with men and women so did you okay so then do you go like
we’re gonna do a women-only class in the gym or is just that women just showed up
did you know we made it we made it women only oh yeah so it’s not that there’s a
class for the camp um I just as a cancer chance is six weeks
oh it’s it’s twice a week Kemp women only and speaking to the heart of a
woman because we’re not just talking about you what was it four to six
weekend it was talk about your heart and your mind reconnecting you to your body
and understanding that you’re no longer separated by the end of the you know
more about yourself by the end of the six weeks yes
way more aware of who you are you can do hard things
yeah yeah was a topic the problem of being in the inner gym because that’s
male-driven right he goes fly high there’s a lot of testosterone in gym did
you have to you know in a women-only group I’m curious did you’d ever
brochure aspects ager ladies let me explain to you how to survive in a gym
wanna be the heads over there they have no fucking clue let me explain to you
how you move around those fucking eight over there do not listen to the loudest
yeah there’s some good ones too there’s just
not as loud as it like I think any woman like especially when we kissed we
weren’t like advertising to like women just that that were fit I think it was
every woman and so we would have moms or people who were overweight never been in
a gym before they were like we’re scared to commit me yeah yeah totally
I’m not comfortable in the bushes yeah so they they just said you know is there
gonna be other people in the room is there gonna be people doing Crossfit and
so we were we had the class time where there was no other people in there and
then we had another class where they did it at the same time and that was
definitely something that we had to talk about they were like they’re looking
they’re looking at me it’s like yeah we need to talk
that’s where okay all right yeah so most of them were like those guys are looking
at us while we try mm-hmm looking down on us like that we’re not come on when
you’re eight years old like there’s nothing going soon I mean literally I
got the head butted you know in the nuts going to get my daughter at school
and one of the boys so no fucking are you giving us way too much but they
don’t go I go I call look at a forward yeah
when your oh yeah good I think that there’s like even just culture I think
that’s one have been one of the coolest things that we’ve been doing witness it
you know women they get introduced to themselves their weaknesses their
insecurities even their projection on other people like where he’s looking at
me cause that’s the main thing right yes or even women oh she’s judging me she’s
coming or she’s doing more work when you’re in a CrossFit gym when they’re
doing pull-ups and the ladies are like I’ll probably never be able to do that
and you’re like that’s already a problem yeah how do you approach it gosh I mean
we we really did like okay let’s this shift like we talked about like why
they’re they’re not let’s talk about why you were there and why it’s not why
you’re not there or why why you weren’t you haven’t been here for the last 20
years or why you know what what you feel like is going to go wrong or let’s stop
talking about what’s going on on the outside and let’s actually talk about
what’s going on with you and this is why what you’re in the same places in your
life is because you choose not to go to the gym because of all these reasons you
choose not to do this because usually it’s gonna be yeah on other stuff as
well right Italy starts to look down on themselves like that that mean totally
into everywhere else and and being able to to help them realize oh if I’m
actually paying attention to what I’m doing I cannot worry about what other
people are doing either and then people are like oh my gosh that’s why I’m so
distracted because I’m looking around or what everybody else is doing and so I
have no clue so able to help them just see well if you
want to be able to do this for yourself you actually have to pay attention to
yourself and so bringing awareness to awareness and then those things start to
fall away but also being able to create a safe enough space that because for
some women it’s not necessarily only it’s not just the men for a lot of women
most women are scared to come into groups of women because women can be
catty bitches so day one we basically say look this is a safe space we’ve
created please respect it if you’re not safe you create less of a safe space and
so let’s just all realize that if you want to be a caddy bitch this place is
probably not gonna work from you for you we won’t ask you to leave but just so
cold in here you all know you want to be safe anyways did you enforce it sorry
like from a male perspective this is so fun I need to it did you enforce it we
didn’t have to my job I don’t myself as being an enforcer of what it could be
like are you gonna do that I’m fucking destroy you for 20 minutes yeah that’s
just the way work so what do you mean you didn’t have to enforce it so how do
you get to that point you’re just going to tell me that all you say is like we
should have a safe place no no we didn’t say yeah like it’s actually it’s really
interesting cuz you look at it and so they start we start the group starts we
say that this is where we’re going we are looking at ourselves we’re looking
at our behavior our ourselves we’re being introduced to what we like about
ourselves what we don’t know about ourselves and maybe what we just we want
for ourselves like we’re gonna experience the whole thing but also just
addressing that like when someone is mean and unkind most of the time it has
nothing to do with you it has every yes and so then all of a sudden so I’m
gonna way typically bitches in the room they’re like well shit like when I when
I am when I’m kind like they’re gonna know something is going on inside of me
you know so immediately there’s like this response because we have 40 women
sitting in a room all together and the majority you have at least a handful
that are known to be yeah and then so then when you when you look at that then
they actually they’re like wow so might be and some of them are oblivious some
they’ll still be you know loud and sharp or they’ll be like huh and you’ll just
you just people just end up so you okay but you don’t enforce it you let it go
and then you wait for the group to basically fix itself
oh well address it as a group we’ll be like okay so this just happened it’s
just happened I started to happen we’re like what what’s going on don’t
you just say it cuz they know yeah they know or somebody’s like oh like I beat
so-and-so and then will like stop everything will say like okay what’s
going on like what’s what’s what’s happening and they’re all like whoa and
it’s not me so you only make sure immediately
immediately right away but I think one of the coolest things we’ve been
obviously we’ve been doing this for four and a half years and we’ve been in the
mentorship for strong code for a year and a half and so there was a lot of
things that we were doing that worked really well but we didn’t necessarily
understand why they were all working really well and so I think one of the
coolest things we’ve been able to address in this moment that’s very
simple even talking about because we’ll talk about the polyvagal theory in our
conversation about belonging and finding a place where we know our people like we
use it there but at the beginning we’ll just be able to say look here here’s
what actually happens in you when you don’t feel safe you’re either gonna get
very aggressive or you’re gonna withdraw and so some of you walked into a room
into the room and you were like making up all the
very unkind stories in your head or some of you were standing on the outsides of
the room making up stories as to why other people weren’t talking to you and
so then you all are not talking to each other so then what is happening and
everybody’s like nothing and so then you you’re able to present it in a way that
you’re you just you actually don’t feel safe and in you not feeling safe or
comfortable and or secure in your own skin this is how you act and then they
can stop and go oh I was totally the one on the outside of the room making up the
stories and oh my gosh I was totally the one that was you know putting down that
that lady over there who shouldn’t be wearing those pants you know
because you didn’t see your cellulite and and so you just get to sort of give
them with women because we can say that out loud right if we were to do this for
men like it wouldn’t work as well as if you you doing this with men right yeah
and you can’t yeah it’s totally dad well I think I think that’s an interesting
thing is that for the way you guys get by in if you will or what sort of
cooperation isn’t the word I’m looking for but that’s kind of what it means
yeah we offer an invitation all in line this entire podcast is a landmine you
guys take a very educational approach and straight forward it’s
straightforward it’s it’s right away in a way actually with which I don’t know
that I could maybe I it’s just that I couldn’t I don’t know that I could teach
a group of men for you know fitness capacity even in the way that you guys
conclude and you spell all of them a lot but but that goes back to the you know
the thing you had said a lot maybe a year or two ago about even the just
fundamentally about teaching women first those measures that women always need to
know the why and the reasoning behind everything and and and I think that’s
the thing that you guys do is it’s not just a reason behind this exercise
you’re gonna feel the way and here is all of the reasoning I
think men need to be men needed after yes may need to fuck up first and then
you can tell them why they fuckin you may need to know before they fuck up
just module and I respect men you have to let them fuck up first otherwise
demolition like if they don’t by the way I still think the best way for men to
Iran is to make mistakes women you can tell them before they actually listen
men yes yeah but that for many reasons we are now going to see but I think that
amount of background it like just like you said where you have a basic
situation which like hey don’t be shitty to these people in here but instead what
you do is if you don’t feel safe this is how you’re going to respond so this is
why you might feel inclined to be shitty yes someone in here so now that you know
yeah fucking don’t do it that seems to dismiss it much better and it’s it’s
much less heavy-handed than my approach yeah sometimes it certain it gets
difficult because you’ll have someone who like immediately like we can see
like past the behavior you know we’ll see pass it will see like you were
saying something about them yes yeah yeah so they’ll be have you outside of
the gym to know they must go like wait wait a minute yeah how dare you because
what we will say is we’ll watch you train and see how you do the rest of
your life and then you can see everybody go happy but I don’t see a half that
shit and I know other one down says we like you’re judging me but there’s so
many women that are there because they want to grow they want to learn some are
there and they have no idea why they actually what they signed up for did
those two yeah okay so well their friend told them but their friend didn’t tell
them everything because they knew they wouldn’t come right it’s just I will
must be awesome yeah yeah it’s really edible but then we’ll
also say like this is something that we’ve said from the very beginning
because I think it’s really important and I I think it’s really important
having come from like I’m I was the type of athlete that I will I will kill
myself for every one and then get back up and bleed and then get good I’ll just
keep doing this no matter what but so often I learned that it was out of the
fear of just being humiliated and so coming and finding a finding a softer
part of my own heart as a coach we can now present to them and I can say to
them my my goal is not to humiliate you here and everybody’s like okay good
right because so many women PE was humiliating the rope climb was
humiliating the arm hang was humiliating the Mile Run was humiliating and you can
look back yes but for most of them 22 you said oh you know men need to learn
only or even just the simple like I I got picked last in PE so since I got
picked last I’m not athletic so why would I do fitness like even one of the
ladies yesterday over in Hardenberg she’s a very creative woman and she said
I always got picked last in PE so I’ve never thought of myself as athletic and
so I never did exercise she’s like I walked my dog and you’re like and I said
yeah but it never challenged you said no and that was defined by the fact that so
she is because yes because she was right like the dumb kid that doesn’t do well
in the school system is the dumb kid and you’re like no the dumb that dumb kid is
an inventor of so many things that didn’t work like that so then you don’t
fit into PE and you couldn’t do the rope climb and the flexed arm hang and run a
mile and do a lot of sit-ups in or touch your toes exactly because you never aim
for exactly you’re so good so then but that is the as children that is your
defined as and as an athlete or a fitness person or not so yeah so as a as
a male coach how does one avoid make when you’re making when you need
more from somebody or you need better for some you need to make corrections
and what they’re doing or the way they’re simply moving or even behaving
how does one do that without reactivating that thing right how is
that possible and how can that be done as a male coach as well because I think
you guys do have a an uncanny knack of just getting trust from women
specifically guys don’t in a way that Julien and I probably are not going to
get at least upon a first impression yeah so how can how can can a male coach
in coaching females be cognizant of that of that trap that I may be making a
correction to someone who now it’s like well now I just don’t fit in anywhere
no there’s can’t do this I can’t do that well do we fix you guys expect less out
of us so we can get away with more I think there’s something that that we we
also address is that you know when we look at or when even when men look at
our program or even other women look at our program and they see it and they say
this is a this is a women’s empowerment movement or this is something where it’s
like women women for women and this and there’s there is where I think it’s important to and and
even on the male side of it is that to really look at like as women like we
need men and as men you need women and so it’s when you feel like a man is not
trying to make you behave or act like him or look like you like a man so would
you expect would you trust a male cultures that seems to know a little bit
more about women in general like if she seems to understand how women work then
I will create a greater trust yeah so and that has nothing to do with
power cleans and shit like that yeah is your gonna want to know that he can
behave with the women a certain way and then II understand a woman’s psyche more
than just like my goal is not humiliate you and my goal is not to hurt you right
I think that’s two very important things that you need to I think as any coach I
think you need to find a way to put that out there right away I think if you can
if you can get them to believe those two things then you can have a lot of space
to work because you can always pull back to that then you know in training and
coaching things are going to get weird if you’re doing it right you know yeah
because you can always say listen I I promise I’m not here to humiliate you
that’s the important part because God knows I’ve said that it’s like look I am
here to humiliate you I’m here so that you on the ground there and I’ll take a
selfie and put it on Facebook and online there’s a certain I mean there’s a
they’re like I’ll make it 20 sites website testosterone is a it’s a
different thing like it’s so different and so the way that you speak to that as
a man is different like even us as women trying to you know yell at some guy to
go faster it doesn’t even it feels weird yeah you know like he looks aggressive
they talk about this attack the way women coachmen is also wrong cuz you
don’t understand it’s like yeah yeah Marsha try stocks she’s so bad at trash
talk yeah a lot of women are so bad at it there’s
a few good ones most of the time you guys just come off so aggressive like
when you trash talk though you can do it just make it funny though yeah you have
to be fucking funny yes you’re gonna have to be twice as funny with your
women I’m not saying it’s me I just like you
gotta be fucking funny because otherwise it comes out so I know that is not how
you do it like she Julie they are tell you a story
like when we are in scale and then these that on a peak well if he’s basically doing that great yeah you’re facing
we need I appreciate that what I think it’s funny – no – is that
as as men like aggression and confrontation is actually a pretty
constructive tool and how we communicate and solve problems you know what I mean
Julien and I can be working on something in it it’ll get there and sweet no no no
and we already don’t exactly think we addressed already so maybe that’s what
male cultures have to understand is you have to establish trust a lot more
terrorists we think trust comes as results arrive
mm-hmm for many stats look we make it work good so you trust me not good and
I’m Yangon so there’s a degree area where we like good suck it up yeah
monkey only knows yeah and it is hard wait so he seems to be very different
but we’d like you can’t you you really can’t walk in and earn somebody’s trust
by saying those words either I do think the trust is a step that someone has to
choose to take when they’re ready to take it yeah I’ve always taught at a
young age that I had a coach who said this he said I mean they don’t say Trust
isn’t earned yeah anyone who says that’s fucking line mistrust is earned
Trust is a step that’s about it’s just given you have to be vulnerable to trust
somebody and then if they fuck it they fuck up then then you have every reason
to not trust them but but um you guys seem like a do a very good job getting
people to take that first step in trust well and Chantel always says this is she
always tells people trust as an investment of yourself mm-hmm right and
so if I’m if I’m investing myself in you that’s different then I’m here to get
your money make sure you get through the program you keep coming to class you
know but just like simply I want you to get better I want you to grow you know
which sounds like you know that they don’t it doesn’t have to be all those
statements they sound like daily calendar say yes yeah but can you create
an app can you Greek can you create a gym a facility a space where when people
come in they feel seen known on the level that they want to be seen and
known on because some people don’t want to be really seen and really know but
this is right exactly thank you yeah yeah and I I’m I’m
creating a space where I don’t want you to feel like you have to hide because
hiding feel safer than ubc media showing is the biggest thing because I think
mill coaches have no clue that’s what goes so when I heard and watch his
training yeah am I gonna be humiliated yeah everyone that goes back to the
social setting of women and everything guys have most coaches I’ve seen have no
clue yeah because the worst you look towards the best you did yeah yeah
especially when we consider what training to be as this yeah this long
long road of mistakes and corrections and figuring things out a lot of a lot
of like female clients that I’ve coached don’t
the mistakes are chromatic yes any mistakes just just simply doing
something incorrectly and as is is like more damning it seems yeah that’s it
that’s actually they’re wrong they didn’t do something wrong they’re
whole it’s like so how do you guys deal with that because women seem to take it
a lot after like yeah like making a mistakes underneath yeah is them as a
person yes so which I mean it’s gonna go back through the world and I missing me
so this is that what you establish from the beginning yes that it’s okay to make
mistakes it’s not you you just fucked up that’s all right you’re not humiliated
it’s all good it’s the conversations questions you like ask ask them
questions not in a way of like of trying to get them to where you want them to go
but really like ask them questions when something happens because even the
question is okay I want to know and so like if I’m struggling I
I like it and it’s and you can find like the cycles of the ones that are like
like if I ask too many questions or if I you know then then it’s just gonna end
up being like this one-on-one session when I’m coaching the class and there’s
can’t happen but you know to to really like to let them know that you see that
something’s going on is really important okay cause if ask a women how do you
feel the answer I get usually what are you saying yeah leisurely ask Allah do
you want to go outside why do you think I need to talk to you
yeah that do you think something is wrong with me is that are you saying
something it’s like is that like we need to can we chat the first thing like hey
could we talk later today my first thing is oh what did I do wrong
yeah I know you know what I thought it’s like no it’s not about you I want a
drink go back on your high horse and then I’ll
meet you over there high horse we go get something to eat but under
being able to understand and see women who do function like that and be that
have the realization to to see that again to be able to see people and see
where they’re at instead of it just being about the clean or about the jerk
or about the polite whatever don’t flinch as a minute I heard callous and
many times I’m much more they’ll see you be sure than right yeah and so that
seems to be like guys will not understand that like don’t flinch yeah
like once you say why you saying something don’t start to go like this
because then she’s gonna believe she got you don’t flinch be sure you’re not to
be right just be sure yeah it works better and welcome to having experience
yeah but that’s okay but those are the stuff only female countries need to know
because they facing situation you know when you start to go like this like is
here in a headlight and they stop to back up I’m not good let me help you and
for women coaching men don’t just tell them what they’re doing wrong all the
time that doesn’t know okay so he’s the other way
you’re gonna have to let men fuck up yeah okay so you’re like man there goes
that that’s the walk up we go all the guys right they’re not even here
because they’re already gone cuz they didn’t say what Meg don’t even know
where the walk on is they’re already warming up and probably putting too much
weight and they already getting tired and fucking things up anyway
yeah then you go talk to them women are like you didn’t say what the workout was
didn’t explain it properly and guys are like it’s push-ups and pull-ups yes but
how will I do no shop and guys are like oh why don’t
you just fucking do push the dragon yeah we’re gonna talk about it right yeah
yeah so but but women is the opposite so yeah that’s okay so for people I don’t
know I was making I was explain the difference between men and women in a
seminar and I used the dragon story like so the dry you know the night comes
kills the dragon to get the girls most guys are like okay I like it’s a to be
to see this causality you kill a dragon you get the girl everybody’s happy at
the and women our like wait what color is a
dragon first of all is it a male or female so the dragon was the under and
women grew up in the tower so does that mean she knows the dragon by the way who
who fed the dragon to see the sheep and know this guy that fed the dragon
because maybe there was a lobster with them so but then when the guy shows up
what the fuck is that guy exactly anyway right now she’s just fucking kill the
dragon they’re pulling with that so exactly so there’s a different different
women easy you get in and it’s gonna be push-ups and pull-ups and here comes the
20 minutes em you know about how to do a push-up and guys are like they’re
already gone in our mind they are so fast so now they start to go like this
they’re not rolling you the eyes at you this is gone yeah they left 15 minutes
ago so they go this way too many instructions this is all gone by this
and of course it I call it they don’t listen to me
they only send to anybody yeah they’re men they’re already doing the workout
they need to warm up let them fuck up then was a fuckup agenda cool I told you I do think that as as men we are wired
because the way that we progress in anything there’s a risk of catastrophic
failure in everything that we do it kind of weeds us out you know what I mean we
go through everything and at some point you might just die you know what I mean
that’s kind of the way life goes and we’re okay you know like any if you
go 10% I’ll make it 90% I want you go like 10% chance I make it if you ever
look at this I ever look at the statistics of like jetski fatalities
that’s always dudes stupid that rapid s you go neon internet is visually cuz I
arose to use that on YouTube like the stupidest date ever
I’ve yet to see a woman on it at least she was with a guy yeah who made her do
some stupid shit and then she yeah that’s why it’s your bid because
there is like why would you go is a guy yeah you know what is fucking stupid so
I think but I but I think there is a there is a fear of failure or of even
being perceived as failing yeah in amongst other people with women that is
just not the case with most men yeah he’s fucking on yeah we love it it’s
like did you see how much of fucked up junk dude you’re supposed to go forward
I mean you had the chance in hell is the best thing you can tell to amend you’re
almost had it guys women are like hi they’re like leaving class early because
they’re like I hope nobody saw me myself and that’s what she’s thinking about
girls gray Zac but how many women are not comfortable inside of their own skin
so they don’t even trust themselves yeah so we we want to constantly bring it
back to you’re not a brain in a jar you’re not a body that has a brain
you’re not a heart that sort of is there that the body kind of works in the mind
works but bringing it all together and saying if you are struggling to connect
with people you probably don’t feel comfortable inside of your own body so
then when you don’t feel comfortable inside your own body you walk into a
room you don’t feel comfortable even inside yourself so why would you feel
comfortable in a room to other people so then if we can give women the
opportunity to start trusting themselves to reconnect with their body in a way
that for some men would be like it’s you know it’s like what we were talking
about on a call and Ray gets on the thing and he’s like okay we got to get a
call you got to tell me how I tell my girl that she had she has to do the
oblique opener because this is what and I’m like that that’s not as simple as
that is well the problem is it also is that simple to it to us as men they
fucking gosh it thing you did me perfect well then
and so many steps it’s a it’s it’s funny that that’s a that’s a really sensible
angle to get to this is not how this works
yes and in that specifically that’s not just with you we found the same trap all
the time I just don’t get it I’m like why would you do it yeah oh not do it
like stop trying to fix it it’s not working just move on the most important
things though too when we look at this is it’s not really about as a woman
coaching you just to get you to do what I want you to do drugs or you as a man
coaching me just so that you get me to do what you want me I just want to I
don’t want just get you through a 60 I I feel like the most powerful thing that
men can do for women and then also vice versa that women can do for men, is for
me to encourage you to be a man; and for you to encourage
me to be a woman. Not to encourage me to fit into some box as some
crazy athlete or something. But I’m gonna be comfortable with you
for grunting like an ape and like screaming like when you mess up or
throwing shit around. I’m okay I’m not gonna try to be like “Tyler can you calm down?” It has to be that way… That doesn’t work well. And I can’t say, “Why are you crying AGAIN?” Or for me to say, “Tyler why are you getting so angry?” and you’d be like “WHAT?!… Why are you asking me these questions right now?” But just to allow you to express the way
that you express and but then also to provide guidance. But in order
to do that I feel like I have to value you as a man, just men in
general. And you value me as a woman and to know that like men are gonna do
things unlike women do. And women are gonna be freaking complicated sometimes.
Some of the time they’re gonna be really hard to understand.. But I feel like that’s the beautiful part of humanity. from something maybe you just described
as as what is we’re gonna perceive across the aisle is problematic right
mm-hmm how do you take that from something that’s problematic and then
and move that forward in a way you can use it or workaround that real
convenient for Megan angry women cry yeah if you can understand that as the
same idea then as a coach she becomes a lot easier because I ended up coaching
so many women understood that one at a certain stage where the guys would get
pissed women cry once I was down okay are you don’t crying yes good let’s go
back yeah and they were fine as long as I just give them two 30 seconds to
express it crying am i cool no you go back yeah but then men stop there
because force is like oh that’s it she went down no you didn’t break down like
you just expressing your frustration yes it’s hard to I think is in an
environment that’s maybe not safe situation does happen like that you have
a female athlete who just bad day whatever is crying then they’re in a
room full of people and then it seems like those whole battles situation
escalates and I think your guys is the the program that you have at least it
does a good enough job to allow those things to happen and have it not be a
very critical situation or like a judgmental nobody because you take this
stigma out of crime totally right if we could just if we could take it away from
it being crying being a weakness or crying like minutes it’s weak it’s
because even like that’s a it’s a hard thing for women as well like I grew up a
kid that I would try to cry I couldn’t cry and then I felt ashamed that I
couldn’t cry and then when I turned 27 or 28 I cried for like a month in a row
and no idea wrong right so even with what
we’ve been doing and moving forward I started looking at the physiology of
tears what happens when you do cry and saying oh my gosh when you cry here’s
actually what’s happening in your body and hate PS your body releases a natural
painkiller when you’ve cried the tears out of your eyes and people are like
wait are we what I’m sorry why so basically is taking the stigma of it
saying it’s a function okay you know being human yes so it’s not ashamed yeah
so we go back to emulation and being shamed yeah yeah that’s the one thing I
would yeah is make sure they don’t feel shame but again the the common thread I
keep hearing is you go through these is more information yeah you know it’s
really helpful tools like hey you might not be a really bad person that sucks at
making friends you might have things that happen to you in your life that
here’s what’s happening in your nervous system and so you don’t know how to
connect with people because you just don’t feel safe and people then stop and
go I’m not so broken I might I’m I’m wounded but I don’t I’m not gonna be
broken forever right and so then and then we would love
to help you connect with your body then if I can help you do that
you can become more aware of your body and then you become aware of I just
walked into a room I feel like I want to go to the outside of the room what’s
going on oh I don’t feel safe wait don’t I sit right and then being able to help
people even have their own dialogue with what’s actually going on inside of them
but as women we’re so disconnected from our bodies because there’s so much
pressure for to look a certain way or then you get stretch marks and you have
cellulite and you get all those things that are not what the magazine says or
what you know all that oh I know people still have to talk about it yes say we
went from the pretty and shut up to be strong and show
we said now is be strong and free and then shut up it’s insane like we it just
has negative now as it was before there’s always stuff like this I find
the movement to be if not more success than it was before like women our
pigeonhole now into boxes what now my biggest problem is it is now you have to
be strong yeah oh that’s a bad one because then
you can’t show emotion you come then we main crime is being weakened oh you’re
gonna get pigeonhole into some shit that touch men all the time except we are
naturally better a quick Freud who’s at least we can smoke it the women are
still disconnected from their bodies even though the goal you know even just
get stronger yeah even though it’s works yeah because now you can’t even stay
work out words out it’s like all across the earth it’s always smiling always
thing I’m so happy nobody’s happy to do more you telling me you twin 4 times 2
then you all happy every day your makeup is perfect you of your hair and you’re
like Oh bullshit yeah guys at least have the right now to
say for that sort but you’re a woman now if you can’t even say that because you
have to be strong I was like oh that is even worse than before yeah yeah that’s
now you have to be pretty and you can’t express that it’s at yeah yeah good luck
on that one and that’s what’s interesting is as a person who coached
female athletes you we always one of the things that we notice is okay well my
female athletes seem to be more to what I’m say if you will you know what I mean
but the problem is they really aren’t because they can’t show it it’s yes it’s
they have to well that’s the way that they’re naturally inclined to be a
little bit they can’t express it you have to actually be vulnerable in public
as a female image of men because women think men act a certain way and we don’t
like there is that idea what’s wrong what you guys think strong is for us is
not what we things from these are all so you have that image of what strong means
that isn’t true anyway and then you try to fit that yeah oh that’s not gonna go
well I can tell you that right now that’s why I like the whole strong women
stuff I’m like that’s not what we do yeah
it’s like you know like a tower of job it’s like yeah you’re not working no no
one does like you know the guy doing it well we no one wants to work they want
the money yes but no one wants to work 80 hours a week so if you think they’re
enjoying it you have a really hard decision once you get ready you’re gonna
go at this sucks I was like yeah except now you can’t say this sucks because you
think we don’t say it all the time yeah so that’s that’s a pigeon hole that I
found so dangerous for women who’s now basically what they think strong is it’s
like smiling and never showing pain doing we work out or never saying a
workout is hard everything I’m like are you fucking insane
yeah good you’re not gonna push and then you see women yeah all the time because
they can’t go there oh they have to yeah they have to borrow everything inside
and the level of anxiety is through the roof but they can’t show that either why
because it’s it’s weakness caused mental having xiety which is you seek me no not
this mafia like you know the body issues that like I won’t I’m still yeah but I
want to be strong yeah but how do I get to 235 in keep my
abs I think from the outside a perception of strength is that it’s like
just an absence of vulnerability and so so that’s where it pushes which fucking
stands in your own way the whole time no we don’t feel really that will go like
fuck it I’ll come back next time it’s it so fucking mad and blame it on something
else blaming other guys it’s wait yeah that’s what the guy says fuck you you
were like yeah and then it’s over if you start with you add the field variation
to that oh and then that you will end up with women I will never talk about it
yeah yeah they have anxiety that’s killing them
inside and on the surface no I’m fine that’s what I get that fix Molly’s not
working not working you know when was the snow is almost a year ago now you
had I had you guys come to to my gym the middle of every in South Dakota
August August to do a condensed version of what you guys do
but it was very interesting in small town conservative Midwest America where
I’ll be dead honest not a single person in my life that I know of have been
friends with or related to in that area has ever said out loud that they go to a
therapist yeah if you will yeah so the idea of of anything happening they were
being taught that is about personal development is one of those things so it
was actually a really really interesting question experiment in in trying to want
trying to sell it for one yes okay that’s a hard sell yeah but it took a
lot of work to get the right people in the right place but you get the right
people there and you can create a good a good thing and that’s what it did but
was interesting as you guys hung around for about four days after and did a
couple long sessions they were just almost just a class that was a little
more than a class like a 90 minute thing but what I could see it’s like the the
selling cold selling blindly trying to sell that is hard in a place like yeah
but once any of them had really experienced the opportunity to be to be
open and to do the work and to actually think about these things the way that
you guys teach them all of a sudden everybody was talking and by the end the
10 or 15 people that we had over the weekend turned into practically 40
throughout the the end of the week and they wanted to do an online and now they
have and now they’ve got our abilities and
they’ve kind of got their own thing going which is which is great but that
the experience almost has to come first cuz it’s hard to describe so shows you
that no matter what it’s about humans yes no matter how much we trying to make
it into his system and you just have to do the workout and everything in every
ways that yeah well you’ve been stepping into we got invited to into CrossFit
Hardenberg yesterday and we’re kind of you know him and and haw and around okay
Dutch culture two miles from two miles from Germany and so we’re kind of
thinking oh boy okay nobody even smile okay try that yeah yeah so we went there
yesterday you know the ladies come in they’re so nervous they have again no
idea what they’re what they’re doing other than their friends said you should
and you should do them that don’t really speak great English and their fill like
oh these girls are here from America we should you know let’s do it but and so
for us even culturally we’re going okay so cuz you had said well this is how my
town works and then so then we come in here we’re thinking okay been here for a
month kind of seen how culture works is this what we do is this gonna be too
much will it be are we gonna have to like try to be something that we’re not
we show up Chantelle starts talking and within 30 seconds of her talking three
women’s eyes are welling up with tears within ten minutes one lady has got
Kleenex and she’s because we’re talking about being more human because we all
have the same human experience using even what you were saying with you know
reflecting even like thinking back on like okay we had those women come in
they all sat down they were a stellar group of women and we started talking
and you could tell that there was like a hesitation of like actually accepting
the invitation to like really just be real with like what’s going on in your
life what’s going on in your marriage and not like it’s not not a bitch
session you know not like Oh like you know this is what’s happening in my
marriage oh this is my husband to you and say that all like the stuff that is
typical whereas like no that’s actually talked about like why like the sadness
let’s talk about like your worries let’s talk about your fears for your children
for your husband you talk about it let’s talk about like what happened when you
disconnected from your mom when you were younger or when your parents used to
fight like what happened in your heart and how does that affect your marriage
and like but people don’t talk about that because there’s like this this fear
of like if I start talking about really what’s real then you are gonna think of
me differently but it’s or you’re gonna expose me yeah could you use to be that
yeah tribes there used to be this there used to be Shannon’s they used to be LDS
they used to be a place for this to happen because nobody was out of the
understanding that they had to let people believe that life for marriage or
raising kids or everything was easy yeah you know what I mean you know it’s used
now that shit’s supposed to be easy for you or else it’s not work at least yeah
you just like you just pee hard you’re like oh my god you don’t enjoy having
kids all the time what’s wrong with you everybody loves ya
and you get women in a room and somebody says something cuz they’re the the most
courageous one in the room that’s like I’m gonna say this and then they do and
then everybody else goes oh me too you know what women need to say I don’t like
my kids you’ll be surprised we really we have a really intense conversation in
camp which I usually preface with you’re gonna look at us and be like well you
don’t have kids so you don’t know we’re talking about except for we’ve had 800
women come through in the last four and a half years all struggling
way about the the nobility I mean and it could be everywhere but in America of
what it is to be Haggard tired give every part of yourself away because
that’s the best thing you could ever do deal to you about it that way yeah and
so being able to give women permission by the way care of themselves you said
that they don’t like the kids on everything you don’t understand time I
see that see me now I have because those fucking things up he’ll half the time
yeah they’d fucking like their brain don’t work yeah the brain that that’s a
fact way and I’m the time you can enjoy like if I could smoke you right now I
would but these witnesses so I won’t do it but you are you saying that you give
them permission to actually be like okay and to see it you know I laugh started
because I say it all the time it’s the same thing like when we’re in a room and
when we talk about things in our life even as women or things that we’ve heard
or seen and we tell stories where we’re like this is actually like how I feel
and they’re like holy shit I feel the same way we do yeah yeah likes it
because then she knows I’m happy to be with her cuz when I’m not I tell her
yeah it’s like stop being a fucking moron that’s so mean is that yep okay so
clean up your actions I don’t say it like that yeah so can you steal more on its technical
technically as medical condition anyway but because you know that when I’m mad
that means I don’t agree with something that means the rest of the time mm-hmm
I’m cool with her if you never show if you always like this how would you know
the difference it’s okay or communication in relationship like you
have relationship with your children you’re not obligated just like kids
aren’t obligated to love their parents or necessarily it’s always I’m and so
it’s like what do you do because we don’t let the kids especially girls
expressing anger mm-hmm you’re never allowed to do that yeah I was like yeah
yeah you don’t have to agree with me you start to do the shit I tell you to do
yeah so instead of you have to agree with me shut up yes so you can’t feel
any that’s the exactly that’s the problem
I was like no of course you’re not gonna agree but you’re still not gonna wear
that blouse yeah yeah that’s good yeah so that’s a that’s a huge problem that
if she stop blocking this like yeah but okay so and guys are like that but I run
a CrossFit class yeah but you’re going back to you creating a safe place yeah
well they don’t have to be someone they’re not yeah right and the fear of
humiliation women I think that has to be robbed for world far more fun with male
coaches because I don’t think they get that one you know I know why I think a
nice and I think the daughter of so I get it better but otherwise and I think
that piece is the one piece that I think can be universally applied yeah because
I think when we talk about say all the background educating that you guys do I
don’t know how it would integrate that fully into my CrossFit ya know because
there what do you do you’re not you guys not gonna do what they do okay so so
what I think is important to know is that there you have to just be aware of
these processes and that you can’t just replicate what you guys do you know
because you guys are attached we’ve talked about this a lot that the the way
your system works is it so much of it is attached to you guys yes and the
things that you do thank you it is you so but that’s why it’s affected because
that’s where trust comes you should be I mean if I prop somebody up in a camp 17
shirt and they start saying the words it’s just not gonna work but it’s like
with strong fit it’s just there’s principles that we are helping women by
and they take the rest of that into their life but I want to come back to
something just the this conversation about humiliation because this actually
was a really big it was a few years ago and I was talking to a friend of mine
and she said so basically you’ve lived your life performing out of the fear of
humiliation and I was like oh oh just what a lot of hours well and so yeah so
then what happens is if we want to talk about why people are struggling with
outcome and needing outcome needing ask or needing to know what they did needing
to know where they are on the board is because they are performing out of the
fear of because their value their worth who they are as a woman who they are as
a man who they are as a human when we spend enough time basing our worth and
value on a score on what happened on the board where you stand in their gym where
it’s it’s the same thing of I’m gonna cheat my reps because I’m afraid of not
being the best one because if I’m not the best one then I myself as a human
and not as as worthy yet was valuable yeah and so my value and my worth as a
as a human as a man as a woman in the world it’s not about the gym it’s about
but that’s why you see them losing their shit on the open doing the open cheating
the workouts or putting fake schools and everything cuz that’s how they engage
themselves is the number in the world that is hurt you you’re safe come in
here and you are you are loved and you are worth it and you are valued in here
all the time as a member of a community you know like based on the CrossFit
workout that was always my podium with a white bowl yeah that’s an issue with
like the scorekeeping with me like we talk about exploration versus
exploitation it’s like you’re just testing yourself all the time but not
for your own sake you sighs you’re testing yourself like
against the humiliation of everybody else in the Romanian sticker all the
time or how many people are coming from Orangetheory being so stressed out that
they didn’t burn as many calories as their friend next to them or they
weren’t in in their range enough it’s still that like oh this is what happened
this is what happened this is what happened and that’s the coach is out
there like yeah that’s my client yeah yeah but that he didn’t do 500 like
that’s the shit milk oh shit no know how to deal with yeah like they truly they
have people doing that but I’m not at family calories and they don’t know how
to answer because they don’t know where it comes from
they have to they have to understand that it comes out of a place of if I
don’t get the 500 I’m worth nothing yeah that that is in that see that’s the
shit like that that yo coaches need to know cuz you don’t understand the
behavior like I’m looking at someone looking at calories I’m like take the
two seconds that you just spent on looking at your watch and do another
fucking rabbit without your bag whacking people going it’s not what I said
because I don’t understand that if it’s not reaching 500 now I just want to walk
by and say you’re enough I swear to God any of our men male coaches out there – I think you’re better off whispering that stuff
Dynamis drive women fucking insane though right because you’ll never win oh
yeah cause it’s Photoshop it’s it’s all that stuff like we are introducing like
you want like the one part too is CrossFit that worried me was that was
the darkness I saw a darkness rising in the behavior of women against women
within CrossFit in coach they look they look so beautiful in CrossFit but that’s
what always surprised me that’s why I think CrossFit has changed away we will
join women forever because yeah change the way we may look at themselves like
I’m at the CrossFit Games and months before I’m at the LA Convention
Center you know the fitness dimensions and takis have the strongman competition
then and a lot of my friends are competing so I go in and you you see
those fitness models a lot you don’t very pretty with mostly orange kind of
skinny fat you know like the skinny super loose yeah so you go back home
that’s we’re like the muscles are not around not fully pretty but they you you
feel like if you every we’re not in a good way and then you go to choose the
CrossFit Games and I’m like first of all I’ve never seen so many six-packs in my
life I’m gonna keep my shirt off look a lot better than the fitness model that I
saw months before right and so I was like okay so it’s working is great and
everything and then I started to see from training a lot of cosmic gems
athletes and all the women in the back darkness rising of that constant need to
look beautiful and strong I’m like okay but you’re gonna have to explain to me
what the measurement is and what so that’s the quantum mechanics yeah yeah
what you call measurement and what strong and beautiful means because
you’re gorgeous anyway but now it’s not enough you have to be not showing pain
that’s a strong part and you have to be like always put in always smiling what
kills me the most is those women smiling all the time on Instagram
I’m not bullshit you can see guys smiling all the time honest to god they
always grunting and dying and that’s what we like yeah if you had a beggar
you like I’m like you do another but when I see that guy going on the
you’re going like this I’m not fuck you put a hundred more pants on that that
face is going to look ugly in the next few seconds unless you look like you
about your eyes are going to fall off and you have to pick them back up and
put them back here you’re not doing it your carry yeah
but yet we men are being held to a different standard by themselves for
that oh yeah or I don’t want to look no intense yeah in trying though that’s
crazy to me the fear of actual this is the problem is I see a fear of actually
getting strong you can’t stand it’s about that commits about the impression
that other people are going to get it’s like well if I put another plate on
that’s more than any of these other ladies have on and now am I gonna be the
brute so what’s the whole fear was like I can’t look too intense because I see
that all the time where is that coming from
well you look at culture and you know if a woman’s too bossy she’s bitchy right I
mean if she knows where she’s going and what she’s doing she’s bitchy if she’s
too intense she’s bitchy if she’s an intense look on there is like ah I’m so
angry and yeah I know that’s to other women
yeah but do you know how many okay so here’s a here’s the thing guys and as
some women will say this to you so this might just be coming from me but the
amount of people in my life they’re like oh you’re such a beast I usually want to
crawl under the table because no woman wants to be okay I’m not again I’m not
saying oh because some of them are like I would love to be called a beast I was I was the girl in school that like
the kids would make fun of me because I had like a calf muscle and a shoulder
and they’d be like come back to you you come back to you what you were you told
as a child right like oh you’re so intense and then yeah like yeah oh but
that word makes me want to crawl under it’s able to because I’ve heard it
forever I’m like I don’t want to be intense I want to be beautiful I want to
be silly I want to be fun but we don’t say that shit yeah but I I but that
wasn’t one yeah there’s not a lot there’s there’s there’s these like
there’s certain ones like there’s some women that want to be called a beast
like don’t call them at all no don’t call them yeah right so watch body tight
to look at their body type see where they want to go and then speak to that
right but therein lies the complication or the confusion or is and by the 67th
but it is it is it is funny because you mentioned that and it’s like those are
words that wouldn’t even consider I wouldn’t even consider to be just just
conversationally yeah oh she said the fucking beast it was yeah it’s a
compliment normally and it doesn’t mean anything
but but those are the traps that Yale coaches or men in general
always are like at risk of just walking right into and having no fucking idea
that we are saying something that maybe packs a greater punch than words now you
see why men have ability will they look on your face all the time cuz they just
talk to a woman yeah that’s why Hindi go what’s your
what the fuck just happened that’s why we look like that all the time I mean
cuz we’ve been conditioned as to what yeah and now he’s going well he’s
burning Zach what just happened and that difference used to actually get really
be really maddening to me I view the extremes on both sides as socially
disrespectful yeah as in you’re paying someone to coach you and okay I’m gonna
explain to you for about three minutes what the next 45 minutes is going to be
that’s it boom boom boom and the men are often just like Julian says not paying
attention doing it all wrong and I’m like you and so then when I when they’re
doing it wrong afterwards I’m like remember those things that I fuckin said
that you didn’t listen to it would piss me off yeah whereas then words then the
women would watch and intently pay attention to every single word and catch
oh yes there’d be a line of about three of them they would want me to before it
started to just explain the same exact thing ya know you get it and this was me
explaining it to you and and that also a might I’m like you just I just did and
there’s nothing I hate more than doing something twice but if I gonna do it
better be a reason and that to me is I’m just like this is a fun energy that is
just I’m never gonna get back and fucking should be like and but after you
say it after you came out with like the the dragon yeah analogy I was like I was
like oh okay so I just don’t had to stop viewing it as something that was
happening to me yeah if you will or around me and view
it as just the way that things are yeah and so when you accept that you have
understand okay you’re gonna say she’s a piece and she’s not gonna like it
it doesn’t matter she’s not irrational it’s just the way things but I’m saying that just me know
whatever loves but that’s exactly right like if you say to me then you maybe
aren’t to really think about it I can’t be like fuckin what’s your fucking
problem yeah you know so as because it means a good thing that’s what I said it
was a compliment you get to the point to where then like you know with people
when you build a relationship and you build trust where then if if you have
the same three women that are lighting up every class to say the same thing but
yet there’s the relationship or ask you to repeat the same thing the
relationship is built to where then there’s a certain point where you’re
like hey I don’t understand what you’re doing I understand this is okay like we
don’t need to keep doing this but and that you don’t have the authority but
they’re not gonna listen to you if you say that the very first time no if it
may listen to it and then they come up to you and they’re like Kate you’re like
I already said it look at the board you were looking at the eyes no I don’t
trust you because while you were explaining it like you don’t like in the
mind of even a man or a woman the might but the mind of a man is like how much
weight am I gonna do in the woman’s like oh my gosh can I do this watch it there
ya are where can I be in the gym like I got to get my spot so nobody sees me I
have to have my back because I’m wearing those tight pants and I’m like some some
women are like that but then if it’s like okay Tyler Tyler spent like two
classes three classes with like repeating it to me then I become
comfortable and then I give him the authority to be like okay Chantelle
so then the next time is where we said listen I understand what you’re doing if
you want more attention with this thing that’s fun but I can’t give it to you
with every workout yeah meaning if there’s something you want to work on we
can work on that so right now I’m just used wasting judges you know find your
spot and I’ll come to you and explain that’s not a bad idea listen once the
clocks run and I’ll come by and get you up to speed
yeah just like us even like if we were to coach or like give you make sure that
you’re doing this make sure that you’re doing this like you guys are just saying
like let them mess up yeah but then when it comes back and they’ve like they’ve
hurt themselves over and over again you’re like hey no you need to listen to
what’s going on if you don’t you’re gonna hurt yourself like you did the
last five times you were here men we love that okay yeah okay love that yeah
cuz you’re like yeah you’re right sorry we didn’t let you mess up at me you
wouldn’t listen to us – you listening to me honey the walls are built
it’s you’re not going to know right now you or anybody else is just let them
fuck up and then maybe by this sixth time you can say something because if
you walk up to a man who hasn’t experienced basically both sides of the
thing that you’re trying to tell him to do and tell him something he’s gonna be
like okay but until I tried this way that I might think is better and find
out that I’m wrong yeah I’m not gonna believe you Oh smack down what I do
basis it’s like dude fuck off unless you’re least like you don’t leave
the group go somewhere else oh sorry I’m not yeah you’re not gonna
talk to me like this so this is not its work this is my place in the drug okay
but it’s a there of that or they have to fuck up yeah and women come to option is
so I would let them fuck up yeah yeah men need to be armed with with
experience positive or negative before you can coach them they you know have
gone through it and then you can explain it after all they blindly follow but
it’s one or the other it’s any of the army oh you let them fuck up mm-hmm yeah
but if you see army that means you have to smoke the anonymous you have to carry
a fucking big stick we are we are at overtime today so no no yeah jeez yes
together guys so but we do have to get going here pretty soon so how can people
get a camp 17 is camp 17 on Instagram yes camp 17 online
our website is camp – 17 calm there’s some old lack of continuity they have
their own thing so so yeah all of our all of our stuff Sarah Facebook we’re
doing our first two weeks after we get home from this trip we’re doing our
first six weeks of camp 17 in one week at our place so basically you’re able to
open ourselves up to the world people can come here so people are actually
allowed so they don’t have to do the six weeks they’re just week seven days 24
that’s like 40 hours maybe 40 hours of us maybe take like the next week it’s so
often we get moms that come to camp and then they go have to go they go right
home to the kids to dinner so doing the rest of the day so we were like well if
we could get one week of ladies that can go and just come and absorb and be there
for for themselves this could be really really cool so we have the first one
scheduled in July and then while we were here a bunch of girls were like blah
blah we’re like September 29th rolls over v we have another good time of year
July will be a real hot but September and October will be beautiful awesome
okay well that’s where they’re at Julian’s at strong fit one on Instagram
Julian’s going up at Julian’s corner comm we got strong fit calm get
equipment calm strong field equipment EU Tyler’s running out of things to say man
– Fitness in Australia what else what else Kayla did I get it all 42 e
Franciscus three food threat 30 no way okay but don’t say I need to form
a company otherwise we have to pay the taxes on it there is something like if
you send me something or us you have to mail it to me okay he’s looking at us so don’t order it on a website damaged
by it and then mail it to yes 21% on its good and look in that drawer behind us
this is people know that I will be drinking it the other day kayla has her
decaf coffee out here so the grinder is only like single doses in at a time but
there was a little in there and like what is this there’s like it’s decaf and
I’m like fuck I’m looking there’s no other regular coffees like oh you can
use mine I’m like not according to that fucking door yeah it all over like my
around the amount of times I’ve been accused of stealing things that right
that is that means to me Tyler rightfully so don’t steal don’t you see
what happened I had literally specialty coffee yeah right that was during the
when was it we had better nervous system workshop yeah another thing we saw in
terms there and and I come back and I had not touched one and everything is
gone plug it and put too much water in it and the fucking is place to is that
big and I’m like and use my coffee for that oh please that’s when the fucking
spill de beers downstairs oh yes seminar yep seminar I was like you’re gonna pay
for it so now it’s my coffee that’s right yeah so so he was wondering why I
didn’t just one grab the one side that’s why that’s why I’m alone okay okay
alright I’m do it thanks for listening everybody
thanks you

2 thoughts on “Episode 37: Women On Coaching Women – StrongFit Podcast 037

  1. "Women need to know why they (Might) f*ck before they f*ck up" therefore I'm a woman.
    When I'm pissed, I cry therefore I'm a woman (It was one of my takes from the StrongFit Seminar).
    But, according to my ID and genitals, I'm a man… Whose friends or the people he/I like to train with are mostly women. This might explain why?
    Personally, I think – As Julian acknowledges around @29:30 – that it's more about your background, the social setting that was/is yours than it's about women vs. men.
    I'm a short and skinny dude who was picked last in PE. I'm a man who chose not to "man up"… And, in the end, I think it made me tough and "stronger" than many apes 😉 in the gym.
    Anyway and as always, interesting tĂȘte Ă  tĂȘte #FoodForThought

  2. I really liked this one. With earlier guests, it felt like they weren't given enough space to fully share their insight. Not the case with this one. Great job!

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