Episode 157: How Hunting Makes You a Better Man with Adam Greentree

Episode 157: How Hunting Makes You a Better Man with Adam Greentree

I went on my first hunt just last year
and I can tell you that it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever
had I have another trip planned in a couple of weeks and I already know it’s
going to push me and it’s going to expand me in new ways as a man although
I wouldn’t call myself a hunter just yet I am learning and inspired by men like
my friend and guest today Adam Greentree he’s been hunting in Australia for most of his life and I really wanted to get
his perspective because it’s one we just don’t hear a lot of today we talk about
why adventure is so important in the lives of men developing an open mind to
new ideas and experiences knowing what battles to fight and when to make a
stand and how hunting can make you a better man you’re a man of action you
live life to the fullest embrace your fears and boldly charge your own path
when life knocks you down you get back up one more time every time you are not
easily deterred defeated rugged resilient strong this is your life this
is who you are this is who you will become at the end of the day and after
all is said and done you can call yourself a man gentleman what is going
on today my name is Ryan Michler and I am the host and founder of this podcast
the order of man I want to welcome you to the show whether you’re just tuning
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all the things that we’ve been talking about for years and when I get messages
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movement and it is a movement guys millions and millions of men across the
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fight we need more men who understand what it means to actually be a man we
need more men who want to bestow that masculinity upon our boys and quite
honestly we as men and our boys the youth are
just not getting the message that we need and we’re not getting the
experience that we need and that’s what this movement is all about so with that
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slash iron council now outside of that I just got to give you a couple of quick
disclaimers here I did title this how hunting makes you a better man all right
now please understand me because I know I’m gonna get some pushback on this I
don’t believe that every single man out there needs to be a hunter in order to
call himself a quote-unquote man that’s not what I’m saying but what I am saying
is there’s some skills and there’s some tools and there’s some experiences
inside the practice of hunting that will enhance your ability to protect provide
and preside now whether you do it or not that’s entirely up to you but I ask that
you go into this conversation with an open mind and think about how this
experience might help you perform a little bit better as a man whether you
decide to take that information and apply it that’s entirely up to you the
other thing I want to make mention of the audio is a little off on this one
all right you got to give me a break though because Adam is in Australia I’m
here in the United States we’re across the planet from each other but the audio
is a little rough it’s okay hang in there because there’s some valuable
valuable information in here and on that note I’m just gonna jump right into
introducing my friend Adam Greentree for those of you who don’t know and I
know a lot of you guys follow him he’s an avid bow hunter he’s in Australia I
just mentioned that he’s the host of the bow hunters life podcast and is somebody
that I really admire and respect for a lot of reasons but specifically his
dedication to his craft and his quest for mastery when it comes to all things
bow hunting I’ve learned so much from this guy in a very short period of time
and he’s inspired me to live a life of more adventure and to pick up a bow a
lot of you guys have seen my my progression with that and see what the
fuss is all about for myself I’m also again blown away with his hunting
schedule I mean the amount of hunts this guy participates in is unreal we talked
about that a little bit in the podcast and how he does it and the adventures he
takes part in will definitely definitely inspire you to tap back into your primal
roots so sit back enjoy take some notes and enjoy this conversation with me and
Adam Adam will to a brother I am glad that
you are joining us on the show today it’s so awesome to be on a Duke we have
been trying to do this for it must be eight months now well you’re a busy man
you’re always traveling around the world so yeah I know it’s crazy it’s just
hectic but I’m stoked to finally be sitting here in front of this pretty
stupid computer screen and talking to you well and it was good to be able to
meet up too and put a face with the name when we met up in Salt Lake what a
couple of weeks ago for the Western Expo is really cool my boys I told you my
boys had a great time loved meeting you love meeting cam all
the guys it was it was a cool experience for them
yes I mean he did it was just awesome to see you guys I think we must the first
seen each other at the 5k run campaigns is 5k run yeah and I was stoked to see
you guys rock up there and participate in the run and everything like that so
it’s cool and just meeting your boys you know I’m a family man as well so those
are some of the meet you kids as well it was rough on that 5k cuz my oldest
son he started off really good and he did really well at first I’m like oh
this is gonna go good my second son really struggled to begin with like he
didn’t want to do it he was complaining I’m like come on dude and had to push
him along and we got about halfway through that thing and my oldest burned
out so yeah he started dragging in my second caught a second wind and started
to take off so trying to like balance between the two boys was was a challenge
but it was still fun it was tough man Kim went in the run and
like we leave at sea level dude we got there and I felt like I had like half of
lung but I was just really proud of for what she did for the whole thing so I
was just stoked to see her do that but now you can see her there I didn’t know
she was there with you yeah yeah Kimmy did it she did the whole run she’d had a
couple of late nights and everything like that and plus we’re just trying to
adjust to the timeline difference but um no it was cool we got it done and it was
just it was just the ball and like I was saying just before the podcast started
like so many like-minded people you know all the one spot it was just the unreal
atmosphere do not look that yeah yeah very cool so does Kim does she hunt with
you does she go everywhere you going up with you yeah I think the first 15 or 16
years together she just listened to all my romantic boning stories and it’s fine
I wore off on her and she started hunting a couple of years ago and she
got a first buck last year during the rut oh yeah it’s been really good she’s
had a really good experience and she’s come a long way in the last couple of
years and our ruts actually just about to kick in for a fellow deer in our red
stag so she’s getting all chewed up and wanting to go out so no because that’s
awesome what have you learned in sharing with her how to hunt and and teaching
her that the skill set that you’ve developed how long have you been hunting
have you been hunting your whole life yeah with a bow
I don’t sort of call my the years with the rifle hunting because it was more
like boom and control here in Australia there’s obviously a lot of introduced
pest species that are really bad for the ecosystem and you know it was more just
culling than hunting but when I’ve got a bow when I was 17 years old drastically
changed into hunting you know spotting and stalking and just a whole bunch of
romance that comes behind that and passion as well rather than just going
out with a gun and you know pretty much bombing up on these feral introduced
species so what am i I think I’m 37 or 38 now so I’ve had a good 20 years bow
hunting so yeah it’s been been an awesome journey and I’m still learning
today do it that’s what I keep telling people like I thought I still haven’t
mastered at 20 years of just being a hardcore bow honor and I still get
surprised by the way do you react or what they do so it’s been been pretty
crazy is that the most rewarding part for you just the fact that there’s more
to it I imagine you know once you learn all that’s needed to be learned about a
particular skill it could get boring and tiresome in a way but I can’t see that
with bow hunting there’s a couple of things that in the past that I’ve done
that I could say that I’ve mastered and it’s like once you master something it
actually gets bull you know because it becomes easy it becomes like second
nature and I know some guys that are in their 60s and 70s buy one is here in
Australia that say the same thing they’re still getting a lot of enjoyment
out of it because you never really master it there’s just so much to it you
know there’s just it’s ridiculous you know I think it was only two or three
weeks ago and I got in on this really big Barca I put some photos up on
Instagram and this beautiful big the colors called mean all fellow bark and
they’re like spotty and stuff like that and I got riding on him like 14 yards
away and I’m anali or dude no I already had this thing in the first you know I’m
like this thing is dead anyway I’m at draw on this bark and usually I shoot
low because a fellow deer react really fast like like access deer you know
anyone that’s ever hunted access deer they they use the Tigers chasers and
they just drop so I usually aim for the heart and they drop every time I usually
hit him about double lungs aiming for the heart
anyway this thing’s really relaxed and its heads down in the grass and you know
like I said I’m at full draw and everything’s calm and I’m like yeah this
thing’s dead and then a buck behind him notices me and just a slight reaction
but every deer reads that reaction even though he’s got his head down and feed
and every deer knows the sound of that right and so he was now fully alert and
I rushed the shot off thinking you know I’ve got him and this thing dropped
straight under that the arrow dude and oh hi I’m like heartbroken it’s like how
can they do that it’s like full matrix you know and that’s what I mean then
there’s that you know I just stuffed one up I just missed it and as bad as that
feels that’s what keeps being hawk because you know then comes a passion
that far out I just want one so bad you know like I just screwed that up how
could I do that you know so it’s like that down of boning that bit that pushes
you down and just tells you you know better than the dirt you know now
nothing’s are given and that’s what I really love about boning nothing’s a
given it’s not the hate on rifle hunters at all but that’s something that I got
out of rifle shooting it seems like the Hunts over a lot quicker then still
happen to get right in the range with a bow and make the absolute perfect shot
and drop that animal you know and that’s why I think I’m very addicted to Bonnie
what would you have done differently in that scenario looking back on it now if
I aim for the heart if I had those couple of seconds longer that aim for
the heart then I would have probably hit him double lungs all through the top of
the lungs and you know and dropped in but if we went in if we killed that
thing every it just wouldn’t be the same thing I
think I hate failing but I love failing in something because it keeps me going
at it and that’s what boning is in a nutshell for me it’s it’s a tough
journey that’s got a reward at the end of it if you keep putting the effort in
how has it changed since you started teaching other people I mean you’re
you’re teaching your wife or the last couple of years
obviously there’s hundreds of thousands of people that are learning from you has
has it changed for you since then not really I’m just doing what I do it
doesn’t matter what it is if it’s boning or woodwork or just anything in general
but I like pass and knowledge on especially to my loved ones but to
anyone that wants to give me the time of day to learn you know I just love
putting that knowledge on and I used to always say I hate the thought of people
not realizing what’s out there I worked on a massive construction site when I
was 18 or 19 years old I wasn’t I worked on this big construction site and I was
one of the youngest guys on the site most always promote by wanting you know
just back then I used to take the hunting magazines into the lunch rooms
and stuff like that and I’ve got a couple of guys in the
bowling at that point that were in their late 40s early 50s and they’d never even
knew it existed you know it’s a very different thing here in Australia you
know it’s just not really promoted like that but these guys didn’t even know it
existed and I always say I wish I got in the boning at an early age and I got
into it at 17 and I’ve got regret that I didn’t discover it earlier well these
guys were just like like we never knew this existed I just wish that we knew
about hunting with a bow and arrow earlier you know everything that flows
on like that like getting meat you know providing for your own family you know
and you know it’s fresh you know you know it’s very fresh and organic meat
the adventure that goes with it like these guys weren’t really regular
campers or hikers or anything like that well all that goes in with boning
because as you know if you’re spot and stalk you need to cover a lot of country
you need to get into the backcountry where you probably have to camp so all
those experiences came with it you know and I just hate the idea that there’s a
bunch of people out there that don’t know how good that experience is you
know yeah and I think the world’s a little bit lost they’re not knowing
that’s how there well I think there’s definitely a
connection there and obviously our ability to connect with nature is huge
and we’ve got away from it as we’ve built these mega cities and we’ve got
technology and nothing against those things all of that stuff’s wonderful but
it’s isolated us from from nature and from adventure and in following you for
I don’t know the last year or so I’ve seen from your perspective that’s
something that you really enjoy is that adventurous side of things can you talk
about that yeah it’s just that’s an absolute beautiful thing you know so
I’ve seen Kim Kim’s a very city girl I’ve seen her go from being that very
city girl to real we call it a bushy hair but like a real country girl the
appreciation that she’s got out of that for nature and for all the good little
things that we’ve got in life in modern technology and stuff like that I see
that she appreciates that a lot more it’s so easy to overlook you know how
amazing that is when you just don’t realize it says and that’s what the city
does and like what a nine-to-five job does it it’s pulled you away from that
and I don’t know it’s just like out of sight out of mind for a lot of people
and so everything that I do I don’t think anything that I do special at all
I just it is what it is and I get all these crazy messages from people saying
that’s amazing that you just go out and camp under the stars like that and no
that’s just normal we’ll all doing that at one stage you know this this is
nothing out of the ordinary it’s just that the city has taken that away yeah
it really has is there a hunt in particular and I’m sure he put on
hundreds if not thousands of hunts but is there a hunt in particular that you
thought man this is this one is like like tops the list for being the most
adventurous not really like everyone always freaks out about the solo hunts
and stuff that I do and so that’s usually where like the backcountry in
Montana comes into play but they’re up in Australia it’s really wild country
like you’re walking around out there and it’s and you’ve got that feeling that
no-one’s even ever walked this same path that you’re taking you know like that’s
it’s just so remote like dude you could die out there and no one would find you
that’s the sort of remote as it is you know like it’s crazy to think
Indigenous Australians have walked it forever the truth is you’re not the
first person to walk of indigenous australians have walk all over it but
now if a lot of indigenous australians also living in cities and towns and
communities you walk through there and at that point you sort of are the
only guy you know any person that’s walk in that country so I’d have to say
Arnhem Land Australia it’s just the place is full of dinosaurs dude there’s
massive big saltwater crocs swimming in the water holes up there and just just
big Buffalo yeah I’ve seen some of the stuff you’ve posted yeah it’s absolutely
crazy what is your level of preparation look like you know I’ve talked with John
Dudley he talks a lot about the way he shot a cam obviously in the way that he
shots and he’s out every day and and we all see what he does in the gym what
does that look like for you so the beauty of Australia is virtually no
hunting seasons like all my hunting is open all year round
there’s no tags or anything like that because as I said they’re like they’re
all introduced species you know they’re only invasive species so I can literally
hunt all year round and I pretty much do and I I don’t really find a gap there
where I’m like ah I need to hit in the gym or I need to do a bit of cardio and
stuff like that because like before I come to Montana or the backcountry
they’re in the in North America I’ve already done a bunch of hunts leading up
to it that I sort of get there and I’m sort of like trotting up the mountain
dude you know with a big backpack on I’m like the only thing that really affects
me is the elevation because you know everywhere in Australia they altitude so
I’m everywhere here in Durham is pretty close to sea level and I’ve just got a
training last year that under um sent me over and I usually do a little bit of
running in that before I get to the high elevation but it’s funny if I had the
gap I definitely would because I never want to struggle on the mountain or on a
hunt you know I definitely would but my preparation is literally just the hunt
beforehand you know and it’s the same as shooting like I’m at the cabin or if I’m
in camp I’m I’m literally practicing shooting why I’m at the destination that
I want to be because we just take a Targa but in the
camp or whatnot have a bunch of shots make sure the bow shooting will make
sure nothing’s been bumped or anything like that and and I don’t change
anything – I like I shoot the same arrow set up from a rabbit to a massive water
buffalo I don’t change anything can people think like that’s crazy like it’s
overkill it’s like 600 grains of arrow but I don’t have to ever change me
sights there’s nothing that can go wrong they’re like oh shit I’ll shooting the
wrong grain brought it you know that’s why I’m arrows off it’s just the same
setup for everything go oh shoot yeah it sounds like it’s just simplified the
process right and then you don’t have to worry about all these little little
nuances that could and potentially will go wrong yeah that’s right yeah so I was
talking to the guys at Hoyt and the president avoid there he’s about to go
on a cape buffalo hunt and he was talking about the sort of setup that I
use for my Buffalo and I’m just like you just you can’t go wrong with this setup
like it’s a good solid setup like I’ll literally shoot Buffalo and like their
Buffalo are like two times wider than a 29 inch shaft dude and that arrow will
completely pass through and leave the Buffalo you’ll be on the other side of
where you shot the Buffalo looking for your arrow you know so yeah any I also
tell the story about the big red deer that I shot this stag I called him up
off the he come running down to like nine yards and he was like half shying
away he didn’t quite know what I was and I was looking for the right angle and I
thought I could get the shaft in this pocket here in a soft spot and up bends
in the chest and probably through the top of the heart and as I shot like I
just react so fast if slightly aware he sort of dropped rolled and come down
like that and it was a horrible shot I was using that solid arrow setup that I
was talking about with a solid tube blade brought it and it’s just like one
piece of steel this broad it see machine through one piece of steel and I went
that went for the heart and just dropped this big stag on the spot and right then
and there I said to myself I’m never gonna change that setup because that
could have been a fatally wounded animal that I may never have found or I would
have broken the arm on this side and he would have just been worded and you know
had to live I don’t know how many years with a wounded
leg like that so I thought I’m not gonna change that setup for anything and I
know I’ve shot it the whole time has been a couple of times where
I swear I’m just like if I shot anything else a three blade expandable and
mechanical that broader just would have damaged I would be a nice situation to
be thinking about or friendly with so yeah I’ve stuck with that setup for
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now let’s finish up this conversation with that I’m always amazed just from
being new and in the hunting world I’m amazed at the ethical standards of
hunters I mean you’re talking about it right now you’re talking about wounding
an animal and that living with you and and I think there’s this really
interesting perspective from the outside world who’s never been hunting that you
know your beady eyed killers right and and you’re just enjoying the kill itself
and it’s not like that at all I mean how do you how do you address this pushback
in this negativity that I’m sure that you just get in in droves yeah so one
thing is Dana Hunt has actually made me more passionate about animals and more
passionate about humane and more aware of where your meat
comes from and the process that it goes through and there’s been a couple
animals that I’ve killed now that I’ve actually shed a tear over dude because I
am so passionate about wildlife no I haven’t shed a tear because I’m like
this is the wrong thing to do I shed a tear knowing that this week comes from
it’s okay to do this but it’s still an animal’s life and I still feel and I’m
very passionate about it where the argument comes from and where most of my
hate mail comes from is just ignorance someone that’s eating a burger at
McDonalds or feeding their cat a tin of whatever animal product but they want to
have a go at me because the meats not sitting in a packet like a pretty packet
like this with some fluffy animal picture on it and it just says the
weight of the meat and how much it is that’s fine but me being with the animal
and show on the animal respect and people don’t like it it’s so weird that
they like that most of them I just ignore like I pick my battles I see
someone that just doesn’t understand and I see someone that’s just pure ignorant
and they’re never ever gonna understand and they just want to talk some shit
online you know but in saying that I actually haven’t been getting a ton of
hate mail its has actually been so much positive messages from vegans or ex
vegans or animal rights people in it X animal rights people it’s like there’s
definitely a movement there’s been a change now with particularly the way
that like Joe Rogan’s pushed it across the board and like guys like you talked
about like Cameron Haynes and there’s just a ton of awesome ambassadors out
there at the moment that are pushing what the majority of real hunters are
like you know and that’s that what we’re talking about just people that are very
respectful over the animals that they hunt you know and just I really want to
be humane and it’s it’s almost selfish because I don’t want to feel like what
we’ll say and just then I don’t want to feel that guilt and bad for wounding an
animal so I make sure I go to every effort as possible to make sure my setup
is perfect to make sure I get within my effective range to make sure I know the
vitals of an you know to make sure it’s just a quick
clean kill and the animals that I shoot with a bow I can’t hurt I’m hurt I’m
hurt they’re not running they’re just running out of that’s their instinct to
run you know most of these animals actually don’t feel pain they just run
out of instinct like what was that and then I’ve even had them did they run
out so far they’re really relaxed and they’re like looking back like what was
that and then they fall over dead you know like that’s perfect that’s
beautiful and that’s what we strive for as a hunters I do believe that there is
kind of this new resurgence or awakening if you will to people and the hunting
industry in general I think about like conservation efforts and that’s one
thing that I think is really misunderstood that some of these animals
frankly they’re going to die anyways or that are going to create other problems
you talk about for example some of these species being introduced and and them
causing problems and I really think that there is that like the biggest
conservationists seem to be hunters from my perspective would you agree yeah yeah
definitely there’s a reason why it’s legal there’s a reason why there’s a tag
for those animal in the American systems there’s not a tag there so we can wipe
them out there’s a tag there because there’s a great enough number of them
that to keep them healthy and populated and for money to go into conservation
they tag and then you can legally go out and hunt that animal in Australia
there’s a reason why it’s legal to hunt those animals because they’re invasive
and they’re wiping out other species so they’re wiping out fauna and flora so we
need to decrease these animals we’re never going to get rid of them in
Australia it’s too late for that they’re everywhere they’re spread everywhere but
now we need to work as hard as we can to control the population and it’s proven
that hunting is a massive factor in decreasing those populations a hell of a
lot more that goes with that like we can just say conservation like that’s
already big enough that’s already greater sort of pretty a good enough
reason to do it but it also supports all these little towns where hunting is base
so people drive in there and get an accommodation food fuel there’s jobs
that come out of it there’s just it’s never-ending it’s just huge you
know the benefits of hunting are just huge I know there’s towns that if they
didn’t have a duck season those towns would not exist though sure there would
not be jobs there for people you know so there’s a lot to it and this is sort of
backpedaling a little bit like I say I shoot a pig a wild pig in Australia and
someone wants to give me shit about that like you know why can’t you just let the
animals live but those pigs are wiping animals off the planet like they’ve
already done it they’ve pushed ground nesting birds a bunch of ground nesting
birds frogs and lizards and all sorts of creatures already to extinction they’re
never coming back we’re never gonna see those animals again but people don’t
have a problem with the pig being there and and wiping our animals and killing
animals but they’ve got an issue if hunters go and hunt the pigs it’s so
weird like I just yeah okay sometimes I’m just like is it just my mind that’s
that free that I can see its I’m saying it because I’m a hunter I’m saying it
cuz I’ve got an open mind I hunt because I’ve got an open mind and I hunt just
because I’m a hunter and I don’t justify things cuz I’m a hunter I’m just not
that sort of person if something wouldn’t be correct to hunt or right to
hunt I just wouldn’t hunt it I well I think
you bring up a really good point I think it does have to do with being
open-minded and being closed-minded like some people genuinely they only want to
see one side and so they’ll never take the time or the energy to go in and
explore what’s actually happening why hunters are so involved how hunters
actually behave and will almost what’s sad about that is these people with
these closed minds sometimes it seems like they tend to be the loudest people
too right so when somebody doesn’t know they’re automatically assuming that
these people have closed minds are accurate and this is correct and I think
that’s kind of the travesty yeah I’ll still look at an animal and go look
there’s a tag for it it’s legal to hunt but I’ll still do my research especially
when I’m travelling overseas and I don’t have the whole picture I’ll still do my
research to make sure that that’s the right thing to do it’s funny man can
talk about it a bit you’ll still be 200 positive comments and you’ll read
through them and appreciate them like I appreciate them but there’s that
that one negative comment and it is the loudest you know which is weird but and
it’s the one like I tend to respond to that one as opposed the other 100 that
are good yeah I’ve tried to stop that because I’m not I’m like we can we’ll be
nice whereas I’ll tell them to go fuck off
you know yeah then and not get worked up that’s just how I talk but um yeah it is
funny that that always seems to be the loudest one you know like it’s also
funny I’ve never felt the need to go on to any forum or anyone else’s Instagram
if anything there’s plenty of things that I don’t agree with I’ve never felt
the need to go on write that to that person like it’s just like don’t you
have better things to do when you’re day like please no one’s gonna quit hunting
because of you won’t your one negative that’s never read in the history of
mankind someone has ever been you know what I’m not gonna hunt anymore they’re
right you know they’re a that’s never happened well there’s this really
interesting button that’s new I guess that people haven’t seen it’s called the
unfollow button that’s right so like if you are following someone that you don’t
agree with just click that little button and then you don’t have to see any of
their stuff in oh it’s amazing it’ll be better for them they’ll have a better
day a happier day and so will negatively comment into what are some of these
species that have been introduced into Australia that you’re talking about
so there’s 2,700 bull species here in Australia and every single one of those
is introduced the biggest ones would be like water buffalo they came from Asia
there’s a below islands off Australia that I’ve got Marion turkeys on them so
they’ve been introduced then you’ve foxes rabbits jack rabbits
pigs goats six species of deers of but fellow deer red deer
we got rusa deer Cheadle deer or you guys usually call them access deer
sambar deer and hog deer there’s camels as donkeys there’s some
real weird ones that as feral really they like the house though overrun and
wild here in Australia that I think it’s single-handedly killed off more species
like sent into extinction more species of wildlife than any other animal did
you say cats it cut out right when you said that yeah cats yeah so like your
domestic cat has gone wild and feral in the bush so Australia
had no predators dude so the birds would nest on the ground you know there’s no
instincts building right nothing’s hunting exactly
so all these ground nesting birds are just obliviated and frogs and lizards
and it’s just stuff that’s not used to it and and cats are killing to eat you
know like they do that as well but cats and like foxes and our wild dog
population they thrill kill so they’ll go ruin just you know they they just
kill move on the next one kill move on the next one and the other thing is when
there’s an abundance of wildlife that they can get to there’ll be really
selective eaters one of the landowners and this is talking about domesticated
animals now but one of the landowners that I know they’re lamb population kept
dropping down the first year I think they noticed a drop and they only had
like 70 percent of their lambs for the year and then the next year they dropped
and they only had like forty percent like a massive drop then last year dude
they got zero lamps no Lambs and it was this wild dog population and the wild
dogs were just going around and killing all the lambs during lambing season now
becoming really selective eaters at that time and are literally just eating a
little bit of chest cavity out of the lambs and eating the organs and moving
on to the next lamb and they wife their holding young attitude is just insane
imagine that’s just what they’re monitoring is their lambs because that’s
what they make money out of these wild dogs are also going around and killing
Wallabies and wombats and echidnas and all of Australia’s natives that they can
get to they also killing them then I post a photo of a wild dog and like
everyone loses their fucking mind it’s like are you kidding me the that’s an
innocent wild dog yeah that innocent wild dog is killing innocent animals it
needs to be controlled it doesn’t belong here
it’s not good we’ve done our research and it’s not good for our ecosystem that
these wild dogs are running around uncontrolled
it’s the same with with bears and Canada’s new initiative where
with hunting and bears wolves are very much the same way we we have coyotes
around here they’re not a huge problem but they’ve killed one of our turkeys
they’ve got into our chickens so yeah I mean this is a this is a legitimate
problem for sure and it’s only gonna get worse unless we control unless we keep
coming around it’s only gonna get worse and what makes it worse is cities are
getting bigger people are getting more closed off to what actually happens out
there in the wild a part of me just says just do what you do and stop worrying
about battle and the masses and defending it and stuff like that but
another part of me says no just keep trying to educate this year’s actually
been that big battle where I’m just like I’m sick of defending the sport I’ve
been doing it for 20 years like ever since I started boning I started writing
articles and if I could get a word in on newspapers and stuff when something
negative was coming out about boning or hunting I try and do it you know social
media is perfect because it’s a media you know you can put the word out there
immediately and you know try and educate through that as well but at the same
time I’m just fighting the same battle I have been for like 20 years and I don’t
give up on anything but a little bit of it just says just do your thing
enjoy it stop trying to defend it I do believe there is an obligation to your
point that I mean for the next generation of hunters or whether it’s
hunting or another battle that you’re choosing like I do believe we have an
obligation to fight for those things that are important to us so other people
can enjoy that as well yeah definitely I think a big part of it is just that I
understand it so much that it’s just like this is normal like everyone helps
understand it but right you know like I said you go into one of these big cities
and stuff like that and I sort of lived the two lives as well you know like I’m
in the city a bit and I’m then right out in the wild you know and you can see how
people can be closed off from this all a lot of people all they know is that city
their city in their life and that’s how it’s supposed to be yeah I just you just
got to keep an open mind yeah definitely I wanted to ask you about photography
because in your Instagram profile obviously photography is something
that’s important to you I mean you can tell on the quality of the pictures and
the work that you’re putting out there did that just come of necessity and
being out there and wanting to take pictures and share what you’re doing or
is this been a hobby you’ve had for a long time it’s sort of been a hobby that
I’ve had for a long time like I remember just going out camping and fishing or
it’s hard for me to remember a lot of things and you’re always busy and I
found if I had a photo of whatever the experience was whatever that was to look
back on that photo it was like the memory straightaway like oh yeah that’s
right you know we were down there camping or you know yeah that was a
beautiful night or or whatever it was and that was just pretty average photos
that I used to take for a lot of years because it was just about capturing that
memory for myself and my close friends in a way it was about promoting the
outdoors and what I do and a photo could do so much better all that and me
telling like like you can have a big article that I wrote you know and it was
like glorious and it’s nice to get all the facts well then you could just show
someone a photo and let their own mind run wild that photo and then once I got
into writing the articles and the quality of photos had to be a lot better
I think it just was a natural progression you know that’s how it went
along and then to the point now where it is I want the photo to just represent
what I’m looking at myself and sometimes a photo never does that to it doesn’t
matter how good you are I’ll look back on the photo I’m like man that day was
so much better than that photo what the image that I was seeing with my eyes was
so much better you know and then an even film doesn’t really capture that a lot
of the times and the film would be glorious they look unreal I’m like who
was feel better than that you know some things you’ve got to live for yourself
yeah that’s so true I mean I think about that you know you take a picture of a
cool sunset or you see the moon and it’s huge in the sky and then you take a
picture you’re like wait that’s not what it actually looks like and so I like
that point that you made of like some things you’ve just got to experience for
yourself well Adam we’re winding down on time man
this has been a great conversation and I’ve been looking forward to just having
this conversation obviously I respect you appreciate what you do and I think
you’re a great advocate for hunting in general which is something admittedly
I’m just getting into but I’m really really enjoying it as we wind down I do
want to ask you a couple additional questions the first one is
doesn’t mean to be a man but maybe a man and I know it’s called order a man but
you know I just think human dude to be a human it’s just about being good you
know and thinking about like how you feel so how would others feel and love
and appreciation for everything we’ve got because some people will never have
the things that just mean you got dude family dude some people will never have
kids so you know love and appreciate that I just love people smiling and
being happier around me dude if everyone around me is happy and smile and then
I’m like happy and smiling you know so I just think just being a good person and
going all out to like you don’t know what tomorrow brings I don’t know what
tomorrow brings I could be dead tomorrow miles will be good today you know miles
will have people happy around me today so that’s what it means to be a man a
human yeah a human yeah very cool I like it man well how do we connect with you
what’s the best way to to link up with what you’re doing
probably I put most of me time and effort in the Instagram these days so
it’s just Adam doc green tree on Instagram and if you don’t like the hunt
and side of things and hunt night for everyone you know I can respect that
then first dot man dot image is just my photography page usually everywhere I go
I just sort of take take stuff that’s not so much hunting related that’s just
the outdoors or the Stars or a cabin or my wife whatever it is you know sir yeah
it’s cool awesome we’ll link it all up well I wanted to tell you my boys and
you know what I’ve found is that kids are a really good indicator of another
human being because they’re they’re raw right they’ll tell you exactly what they
see exactly what they feel and my boys were so excited to meet you they’re like
I really like Adam the only hang up my oldest son had and I was gonna tell you
this is he said dad he said damn because I guess what you said is you’re like
these are damn fine-looking kids or something like that when you and Adam
and that was his only hang-up but man other than that and he’s like that but
other than that man they loved meeting you and I can tell that if the boys have
a good time around you and certainly they were smiling and having a good time
then that speaks highly of you but in the limited interaction that we’ve had
man I’ve enjoyed getting to know you a little bit better I’m enjoying hopefully
did get to know you a little bit more than that
but man I appreciate you coming on I appreciate you partying some of your
wisdom with us and looking forward to doing this again man
no listen dude I love it and it’s been a pleasure to be on I’m glad we finally
hooked up gentlemen there you go my conversation with mr. Adam Greentree
again I know the audio was a little bit off but there was so much value in this
episode if you took that information and you really tried to understand what he
was sharing the life of adventure conservation efforts all of the things
the skills the mastery that goes into the process of being a successful bow
hunter and I really enjoyed the show I hope you did as well guys if you would
make sure that you connect with him he spends a lot of time on Instagram I’m
there as well Facebook Twitter I mean you name it you can track us down you
can find us but give us a shout-out let us know what you liked about the show
let us know what you’re going to implement if you’re going on any hunts
anytime soon please let me know I’ve got one coming up in two to three weeks like
I mentioned earlier so you guys will be seeing some pictures on that from me but
a really great conversation again I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did now the
couple of quick announcements as we wind things down again just a reminder on the
uprising 5 more spots left so if you’re on the fence you’re thinking about it
you don’t really know if it’s for you whatever it may be go check it out order of
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course we don’t get too much into the specifics because that element of
surprise is very very important in the process itself but feel free to shoot me
an email let me know what questions you have again five spots left so get on
that quick with that guys I am going to check out for today I appreciate you
being on this journey to reclaiming masculinity with me you’re gonna hear
from us tomorrow specifically Bubba downs on in the trenches and then you’ll
hear from me on Friday for Friday field notes but until then take action and
become the man you are meant to be thank you for listening
the order of man Podcast you’re ready to take charge of your life to be more of
the man you were meant to be we invite you to join the order at order of man dot com

6 thoughts on “Episode 157: How Hunting Makes You a Better Man with Adam Greentree

  1. I am all for hunting, but his justification for hunting predators is just another excuse to meddle with nature! Just like the arrogant global warming alarmist, he doesn't sound too different.

  2. Hunting animals for us is completley unecessary. It doesn't make you a better man, it only makes you cruel.

  3. Hunting makes you a better person. For those that say it's cruel, do you eat meat? Do your animals eat meat? We were created as omnivores. Hunting for clean organic meat is not cruel. God created us with dominion over all creatures, and if your an atheist there is no denying that the teeth inside your head are for grinding AND tearing flesh. Protein is essential for our lives. Hunting is not just for subsistence, it's good for the mind and body. I could go on….. Great channel man! Keep up the great work.

  4. We are all descendants of hunters… I really want to hunt myself but cant due to time and financial issues…. Is there another activity that could teach values the same as hunting…

  5. Great lesson and great intro. All hail the man who does not want to cut ties with his true primal self, which has existed millennia before strip malls and a service industry…

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