Episode 10 Adelaide Real Estate Podcast – Our guest is Kayla Mcsporrran from Fruitful Homes

– G’day it’s Paul McWilliam
here from Team McWilliam and this is the Adelaide
Real Estate Podcast and I’m really excited to be joined
today by Kayla Mcsporran. Now Kayla, if you don’t know
who Kayla is, she is the owner, founder, director–
– Yep. – The whole shebang of Fruitful Homes. Now, Fruitful Homes, and I will let Kayla go into more detail about it,
but she’s there to help you. If you are considering
renovating your property Kayla is there as a sounding
board, give you some advice, help you with planning, put
together a whole package for you if you really want.
– Yep. – So it goes from doing a little to a lot. – Yeah, yep. – Yeah, so I thought it
would be great to have a chat to Kayla because not everyone
is an old hand at renovating and we need help. – Exactly. – And that is what you’re there for. – I am. – So welcome to the podcast. – Thank you very much,
it’s nice to be here. – No worries. So where
can people find you? Before we get started
into the nitty-gritty, where can they find you, on social and all that sort of thing? – Yep I am on social media
on Facebook and Instagram both under Fruitful Homes Adelaide. – Fruitful Homes, yep. – I have a website which is
www.fruitfulhomes.com.au. – Okay, cool, yeah. – Yep. – Actually I’ve seen your
website, it’s a lovely website. – Thank you, thank you. – You have some examples on
there of some of the work that you’ve done as well. – Yeah, there’s a few
example projects on there, and my Instagram feed also
plays into my website. – Okay. – So yeah, if you’re not into Instagram you’ll see it on the website anyway. – Perfect industry for Instagram though, with all those lovely photos. – It is yeah, yeah, it’s pretty important. – It is, it really is. And it’s amazing how if I were
to come when I first started in real estate, crikey,
we get the old camera, we go and take photos, down
to the Chemist and if we really got lashed out we’d
get the one-hour processing, put it in the window, and then wait for people to drive past. – Yeah, yeah. And then this high-fangled
internet thing came along. – Oh, it’s amazing. – “It’ll never last,” they said. – And it’s funny, that’s actually how– – It’s unreal. – We were introduced to each
other through Instagram. – Through Instagram. So it’s
small, it is making the world a lot smaller. – It is. – And for people that are
looking for ideas to renovate it’s a great tool but can be
really confusing too I guess because there is so much
information out there. – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah, and it can really be hard I guess if you’re a bit like me and you’re wishy-washy and you think, “Oh, that’s fantastic,
that’s a lovely shiny thing. and “Oh there’s another
lovely shiny thing” to try and narrow down
and plan and work out– – Yep, yep. – What’s good for your house. So in a nutshell, what do you do? What is a renovation consultancy business? – Yeah, I’ve spend a lot of time trying to nut out exactly how to explain what it is I do. I’ll start by saying I
have 15 years of experience renovating houses, so that’s
really where my passion came from. – Wasn’t just the one house,
was it, took you 15 years? – No, no, it wasn’t, there
was quite a few in there too. That would be a bit sad. – Yeah, it would be. – Yeah, so I just developed
a passion for real estate and for renovating and I
realised I have quite a knack for picking colours and
finishes and really accentuating the original features of
particularly older homes. – So you have an eye for
design and that sort of thing. – Yeah, yeah. I just really love restoring something, taking it from old and
dated into the 21st century. – Well, you’re in the
perfect city for that. – Yeah, yeah, it’s amazing. I drive through the streets
and think “Oh, I would love to “get my hands on that one.”
– “Get my hands on that,” Yeah, absolutely. – Yeah, so basically I put
together renovation plans, like you said before it
can be as little or as much as you want but generally I
like to work on a whole house renovation plan, from front
to back, and I mean, you don’t need to do all the renovations
at once, I understand that people have budgets and
it might be a 10 year plan but it’s really important
to look at the whole picture from the beginning so that you– – So you’re tying it all together. – Yeah, it’s a nice, cohesive finish. Even if it takes 10 years
it looks like the front and the back get done at the same time. – So you don’t end up with
like an Egyptian theme in your bathroom–
– Correct. – And something else over here. – That’s right, yeah. – So there is some continuity there. – Yep. – So you’re really looking
and working with people that have bought a home,
need some renovation, but not necessarily they’re
doing a full-on extension or building work as such,
it’s more the interior design and how the house works? – Yeah, I guess so, a little
bit of building design as far as, I mean if you wanted to create a more open-plan living, a lot of older houses are kinda
boxy so maybe suggesting– – Suggest remove some walls. – Yeah, and suggesting, it’s
usually a structural wall which is a little bit annoying, but. – Yeah, that’s when they feel
you coming to their beams, and extra thousands of
dollars on the quote. – That’s right, yeah, but it
can make a massive difference and look it can be as little
as painting your house. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do. – And it’s amazing also,
with all the products they’ve got now, different
windows and doors, being able to open up an
old sliding-door area with some lovely big bi-folds,
and there’s some really tricky stuff out there now. – Definitely, yeah. – That just changes the whole
feel of places, doesn’t it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – That whole indoor-outdoor
living is obviously on trend and has been for a long time. – Definitely. – And you can still do that
without having to build on a big box on the back of your house. – You can, yeah, I’m pretty
passionate about helping people to realise that you don’t
need to knock down that old 1960’s cream brick home
that is out of date. You can bring it into the now. You can make it modern. You can make it exactly what
you want by adding things like those doors, removing some walls– – It’s amazing what you can do. – Yeah, it is. – Because fundamentally there
were very well-built homes– – Oh, amazingly. – And you know, we looked at
one up in Panorama recently that the people, they opened
up the whole lounge-kitchen area, pretty much felt like it doubled the whole living space. – Yeah. – Because you lost hallway
space, which is dead space in a lot of those homes– – Yeah. – And you know, as I said big
cafe doors out to a deck area. – Beautiful. – So it fundamentally
just doubled the whole living size of the house. – Yeah. – And it wasn’t a massive expanse, it wasn’t like they went
and put on another 100, 150 square metres in the back. – Yeah, well this is the thing,
and I guess another passion is I speak to a lot of people
in their early-to-mid 20s who really want to get into the market. They really want to get
a foot into the door. – Yeah. It’s getting harder. – It’s getting really hard,
and really, they feel like their only option is a
house and land package. I just want to kind of
give people another option. – Yeah. – You can buy that oldest
house on the best street, you can renovate, and it doesn’t
have to cost a fortune. It can be within whatever
budget you choose, you can– – Can do it. – Yeah. – I guess part of that,
and I’ve seen this you know in my 21 years in the
industry, it’s gone from people being a bit more content with
something that’s a bit rough to wanting to walk into the 4 bed, 2 bath, – Yes. – Butler’s kitchen.The whole thing. Unfortunately sometimes I
just have to cut their cloth you know what the saying is,
but what they can afford. – Stepping stone, yeah. – Stepping stone. But you’re right, there’s,
though the areas where we work in the south there’s a
lot of character homes. – Yeah. – But there’s also a lot of
these 1940’s, 1950’s and 60’s properties and as we said
earlier, really well-built, generally have reasonable sized rooms, they’ve got timber floors,
they’ve got high ceilings. There’s a lot you can do
with those properties. – Which is really what people want. People want timber floors. – They do. – That’s the trend at moment
and yeah that’s an original feature that’s already there,
you don’t have to pay to put– – No, that’s right. – Floating floors all through the house– – On top of your slab
or anything like that, you just know it’s there. So, if someone contacted you
and they see your information online wherever, on social,
what it the process? What do you do? – Generally I like to
start with a consultation, even if people are a little
bit further along the line and they’re ready to renovate
I’ll start with a consultation and just sit down and have a
chat about what they’re trying to achieve, a little bit about
what their budget is like because that’s hugely important. – Not get you coming back
with all these grand ideas. – Exactly, yeah. And also, the
other really important thing is to determine what
you’re renovating for. If you’re renovating for
it to be your forever home, it’s going to be a very different
renovation to what it is if it’s investment property
or you’re renovating to sell. – Yes, yeah. – Establishing that first up, and– – Some people don’t know why, do they? Sometimes they say “we
just have to renovate” or “our friends have renovated
so we need to do something.” It’s looking a bit tired. – That’s right. – So a bit of guidance there is probably very helpful for them. – Yeah, definitely. – Yeah, so generally just
sit down, I take some photos on the first consultation as
well so I can take them away and have a bit more of a think about– – Work it out. – Things, and also– – And you can do floor plans
and all that sort of stuff too can’t you? – Yes. – So you can do all that. – And I also like to get
an idea of people’s style at that point as well. Everybody likes different
things, my personal opinion does not necessarily
mean that that’s what you should do to your house. – Absolutely. – A lot of people have Pinterest boards that they share with me. – Great. – Or, we just sit down and
scroll through the internet and find some pictures online. – And that’s such a good,
you don’t have to come in with a big stack of magazines or– – No. – Design books like you
would have used to have done. – The internet is a glorious thing. – An iPad and away you go. – Yep. – Yeah. – Yeah. – And then you, once
you’ve put that together, you would then sit down with them and say “Look, here is
a concept, this is what “we’re proposing,” based
on all that information you gathered from them.
– Yeah, so from, as part of the consultation
I do put a concept together. I call it a “style guide”. And that basically gives
them an idea of the kind of direction I would be going
in for their renovation. If they’re happy to
proceed from that point, I create a full renovation
plan which has everything you need, trade
recommendations, tile choices, cabinetry choices, colours. – So really you’re putting
the rubber to the road and sourcing a lot of that stuff for them. – That’s right. – Where they can go.
– Yeah. – And I guess you’ve picked
up some good contacts over the years? – I have, yes, yeah. And I only recommend trades
that I’ve personally used in the past. There’s no kickback for
me, I don’t get anything out of recommending them. It’s purely that I trust
them and I know they’ll do a good job. – Peace of mind. – At a reasonable price as well. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because that is a challenge, and it’s a challenge that
everyone has across a lot of services, finding people
that you can trust, you know you’re going to get a good job, so personal recommendation is fantastic. – Definitely, yeah. – And also, the fact
that this is what you do, you know, I know when
we’ve done renovations, you think you might be
getting a good deal, you think you might be
buying at a good price. – Yeah. – But you don’t really know. – No, I know, it’s hard. – It is. So you’d be out there trying
to find obviously the best deal in terms of costings and
that sort of stuff for them. – Yeah, yeah. Again, it depends on the
reason for renovating. I mean, if you’re not going to
go put an IKEA cabinet into a house that is–
– Forever home. – Your forever home. So yeah, it completely depends
on budget and my choices will be based on that. So, but yeah, I definitely
try to find the best deals, I say I’m pretty good at that. – You like shopping. – Pretty good at scouring
the internet, yeah yeah. – And that’s what people
need because we all live our in little insular lives
don’t we, and we don’t know, what only you’ve ever gone to Bunnings? – That’s right, yeah. – You haven’t considered anywhere else. – It’s a big world. – It is. – And people also people are
quite nervous about buying from certain websites so to have somebody, I mean all the websites that
I recommend I’ve personally shopped at. – Purchased there. – Yeah. – So you know– – Either for the client or myself. – The photo matches what
you actually receive. – Yes, yeah. And I know that you’re going
to get what you ordered, and I know it’s going to be
shipped at a reasonable time and all that kind of stuff. – We’ve all seen those
pictures of the prom dress that somehow hasn’t quite turned
out the way that it was portrayed on the internet. – Yeah, yeah. – So no, that’s good,
that’s an extra set of, really, you’re an extra set
of eyes and ears out there in the marketplace– – Yeah, that’s right. – Helping with that. So you’ve put together a plan
and I’ve seen one of your plans and they’re extremely detailed. – There’s a lot of detail in there. – There’s a lot of detail– – All the pages. – But it is great, it’s
really good because that’s what you want, you know, you want someone, and it doesn’t mean
they have to exactly do what you’re suggesting. – No, not by any means. It’ just a guide. – But it gives them a foundation
and a framework I suppose. – Yeah. – This is the direction we’re going in– – That’s right. – And then if they decide
that, “Okay, once it all come “together, maybe that’s, we
need to turn left a little bit.” – Yeah. – You can help them with that as well. – Yeah. I say when I put
a renovation plan together for somebody, I’ll stay in
contact for the next 5 or 6 years or however long their project is. But if it’s a long-term
project I’ll stay together, stay in contact with
them for that whole time for the duration of the project. And then if they have any
questions, if they want to change something– – You’re available. – I’m there to help. – You’re not gonna be here and
then ghost them for the rest of the time. – Yeah, that’s right, yeah. I don’t just create it and move on. – Just “see you later”, yeah. – And personally, I like to
see the finished product. – Absolutely. – It’s amazing for me to see a
plan that I’ve put into place come to fruition. – Very gratifying, I’d say, yeah. – Oh, it’s amazing, yeah. – I’ve seen a few of the
photos and they look fantastic. – Yeah, yeah. And the
clients are always stoked, they love it. So yeah. – Well, that’s what you want. – That’s right. – You don’t want them
saying, “I hate this house.” – “I wish we didn’t do that.” – No, it all looked nice. So that’s fantastic. I put you on the spot a bit
earlier before we started the interview asking you,
“What are 2 or 3 tips you’d “give people, if they were
considering doing a reno.” Now some people are old
hands and they’ve done it and you know, people watch the TV
shows and they watch the block and all this sort of stuff
and I know in our industry selling homes, it’s not as
easy as they make it look. – No, it’s not. – And you can talk to
that. There’s 2 or 3 things that you’d say, these are
the things you really need to consider, or these are the
things that you, rooms or whatever you recommend attacking
first if you’re undergoing a renovation. – Yeah. I guess as far
as a cost-saving measure, one of the things I would
suggest if you have time is to enlist your own trades. Don’t just go to any building
company and get them to manage the whole thing. Unless you need to, but
if you’ve got some time and you can manage some
trades yourself, really all you need to know is the order in which the trades need to be. – To be there. – Need to be there. – Because they will add
a percentage, won’t they. If they’re overseeing the whole thing. – Oh, 100%. – So they are going to,
there’s an extra cost there. Now to some people that’s
great because it’s a bit of an insurance policy for them. – Yeah, there’s a place for everything. – Absolutely. – There definitely is. But if you’re on a restricted
budget, that is definitely a place you can save money. – Save some money pretty
much straight off the top doing that. – Yeah. – Without sacrificing the workmanship– – That’s right, yeah. – Of what you’re getting. – Yeah. – Yeah, okay. And look, YouTube and doing
a podcast and doing videos, and a lot of this stuff it’s
maybe not the best quality but it’s all we’ve learned on YouTube. – Yep. – And YouTube is a great
source of information. – It’s amazing, yeah. – So you can look up, you
know, how to do stuff. – Well this is actually another tip. I was going to– – Sorry, I still had–
– Say. No, no, you kind of alluded to
the next one so that’s good. Nice segue. Don’t be afraid to do
things yourself I guess is another tip. Obviously you can’t do
electrical and plumbing and all– – Yeah, yeah. – Those types of things, but have a go. Have a go at painting,
have a go at particularly demo projects. If you’re putting in a new kitchen, don’t pay someone to
take the old one out– – To pull out the old one. – Pull it out yourself. There’s no point in paying
a trades person to do general labour in my opinion. – Yeah, yeah. – And if you’re able and
willing and you want to save some dollars that is definitely
a way to do it as well. – That’s a good way to do it. Because it’s really easy, you
know, you order a mini-skip, it’s just getting, rolling up the sleeves and getting into it, basically. – Yeah. – Something that, look you
obviously need if there’s any suspicion there’s asbestos
and stuff like that– – Of course, yeah. – Do all your due diligence. But yeah, that’s a really good
way of saving money again. – Yeah – But it also, what I
found, we put up ceilings, and we had someone come in
and flush them but we actually put up the plaster ourselves. You get a real sense of accomplishment. – Oh, and forever–
– Part of it– – Yeah, exactly. – Yeah. “Look what I did.” – Yep, yep. – And I guess that helps with some pride in the property too. – Definitely. And I think
people are a bit scared and they think “Oh, the
trade isn’t going to want me “to be involved.” But to be honest, the trades
love it if somebody wants to do the demo work for them. That’s something that they
don’t have to do then. – They love walking into a
kitchen space that is ready just for them to– – Yes. – Start on the measuring
up or just installing. – Yeah, yeah. And ask questions. When they come to quote the
job, ask as many questions as you can possibly think to ask. – Yeah, yeah. – Because they are more than
willing to give you that information if you seem interested
in, they’ll talk forever. – Yeah.
– So, yeah. – The good ones, because they
love what they do, don’t they? – Yeah, exactly, yeah. – They really do. And they’ve obviously been
through it so they can see the pitfalls as well. They can hopefully steer
you in the right direction. – That’s right, yeah. – So there’s a couple of
really good tips so I won’t put you on the spot too
much more after that. If someone wanted to get in
touch with you, the process would be just hit you up either by social, through your website. – Yep. – And we’ll put links to
all that on the video. – Thank you. – And in the podcast notes. And then it’s basically
just having a consultation, getting just eyeball on the property? – That’s right. – And then talk about what they
want, what their needs are. – Yep. – And away you go. – Yep. And quite often
as well on that subject, people are wanting to renovate
a property they haven’t yet moved into, they’ve purchased
it but settlement hasn’t gone through or whatever. I’m more than happy to,
if the agent wants to– – If you can get access. – Open it, yeah, I am more
than happy to just do a quick walkthrough before you move
in just to get an idea, or even just look at
images on the internet. – Yeah. – Gives me a bit of
something to start with. – And would you do that if
someone is looking at purchasing a property they haven’t
actually purchased, is that something, a role you could do– – For sure, yeah. – Something, that you go
and say “Well look, I think “this has got some really good bones.” – Yep. I’ve done that a
couple of times actually. Unfortunately they didn’t–
– They didn’t get it? – They didn’t get the property
but yeah, it is a good idea. I mean, if you’re really
stuck, just having a second set of eyes on the property that
you’re thinking of buying is– – Yeah, yeah. And it’s amazing where, and
you know we do it all the time as well, and we talk to
people, and you look at, “How did you do that?” And it’s, “Oh okay, we just
moved this door, and we moved, “and,” that just changed
the house so much– – Exactly, yeah. – Something that we may have not seen, and then vice-versa we
can give people ideas on that as well. – Yeah. – So I think that extra set
of eyes, because we all drive to work the same way and we
go to the same supermarket so sometimes we have a bit of
a closed mind about things. – Yeah. – And it’s really good
to have someone come in and just help you look at that stuff. – Definitely, yeah. – So I think what you’re
doing is fantastic. – Thank you. – As I said we’ll link
to everything again, just quickly again you’re
on Instagram, Facebook. – Instagram, Facebook under
Fruitful Homes Adelaide and my– – You’ve got YouTube soon
when this video goes up. – Yep, YouTube. And my website is
www.fruitfulhomes.com.au. – .au. And you’ve won some awards I hear. – Yeah, the Eastside Business
Awards ran, I think it was the third time last year? And I won the “Best
Emerging Startup Business”. (clapping) Thank you. – Well done. That’s good. – Thanks, yeah, it was really good. – Yeah. And then all those things
I guess from a client’s point of view, they help
with confidence that you know what you’re doing. – Yeah. – Which is great. – Yeah. – But it’s a good little
boost of confidence as well. – Oh, it is, and it’s a great
initiative by the council and Newscorp, they put the
awards together, so yeah. – Because you’re basically
a startup, you’re out there doing this yourself. – Yep. – You know, there’s not a
team of 50 people behind you. – No, it’s just me. – So that’s a great award to have won. So thank you for joining
us on the podcast today– – No problems, thanks for having me. – You know I hope I pressed
record on the camera– – Yep, fingers crossed. – And the recording
equipment and it will work. So thanks, Kayla. Thanks for joining us. – Excellent, thanks very much. – Well done. (upbeat music)

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