EP 132 | #MondayMotivation | Down but Not Out

EP 132 | #MondayMotivation | Down but Not Out

Welcome to the speak your success podcast What’s going on Successors welcome to Monday Motivation that’s right. It is another Monday in the books and it’s time for us to get up. It’s time for us to kick it in gear It’s time for us to get it going friends. Welcome to this episode of the speak your success podcast I’m your host tedx speaker and best-selling author Jonathan Jones and today I’m just curious. I’m gonna open up with a question. I’m curious how many of you have ever tried popcorn with like hot sauce before? Really popcorn with hot sauce because I had I think it’s called axe. I had to act popcorn and the butter lovers of course that had got to get the butter livers and then I just tossed in some hot sauce and I was like I don’t know where I saw it. I don’t know where I thought of it. I’ll know where I heard of it I was like man, this is actually a little bit good because I’m provisioning from Baton Rouge. So I like a little spice With everything like everything doesn’t matter everything. I want some spice on it. So let me get that anyway Today’s topic. I want to talk about being down But not out It’s what the second the third week of 2019 and I know sometimes we get attacked with some stuff and we feel that it’s just too much already it’s like nah, but I wake up but Today’s heavy on me already and I’m I don’t feel like I don’t feel like it at the bed some people might be going through some form of mental illness might be like man this depression is This this depression is really kicking Brown. I just gonna roll back over and go back to sleep. I just Feel so much better But but I came to realize because sometimes when I think when we get down We get caught up in our feelings when we get down This is that moment and into that time where we’re getting attacked by our thoughts Versus us taking the time to counter those thoughts with our actions because today I got home and I was like, man I don’t feel like doing You can fill in that whatever you haven’t felt like doing but you knew you need to do it and then ultimately you push through and then you’re like You know what? I want to lay it out. I want to take this nap, but let me go and get this reading in I Want to go ahead and just get on Facebook get on Instagram start scrolling But I know I got to finish this assignment foot for work Like we can’t we can’t allow ourselves to get bogged down by our feelings We can’t allow ourselves to get bogged down by just what we think at times We have to begin to shift that perspective in our mind And if we never shift the perspective in our mind that we will always be a slave to our thoughts That’s right I said a slave to our thoughts that would be new-school slavery and slavery of the mind is us imprisoning ourselves based on how we feel but when we get to the point of when we’re able to move to decide those feelings and when we’re Able to stand up get up and do what we still need to do and accomplish. Ultimately what we need to accomplish by us just willing it like I’m talking about just taking that wheel from inside of you because some of us You know, we don’t have the phenomenal skill. Some of us aren’t just natural naturally gifted athlete Some of us aren’t naturally gifted readers. Some of us aren’t naturally gifted writers some of us aren’t naturally gifted teachers, but when we began to put in that diligence for me Clym example I’m trying to tell you a couple weeks ago I started reading again and like I told you before at one point It was to the place where I’d read for 15 minutes a day. I read for Tim I said I don’t want to I Don’t want to read that but now I’ve planned it in my schedule and I read when I don’t want to read Because I know I’m gonna learn something I need to learn and then ultimately I’ll be able to apply it by adding value to this podcast by adding value when I go speak by adding value to the different groups that are partnering with Because we have to get to the place and understand that our feelings are trying to take us out because it’s something greater that understands well if if you get this information Then you’ll be able to change the trajectory of your family lineage If you get this information If you do what you don’t feel like doing then you’re gonna ultimately birth something and open the door For the next generation coming behind you. Imagine imagine That’s why sometimes it feels like it’s so heavy when you don’t want to do some things Because you’ve got a generation riding on your back There’s people that you haven’t even seen people you have not even connected with people that if you close your eyes then you can begin to envision Some of the faces you can begin to envision. There’s young ladies that you’re leading into a new tomorrow You can begin to envision those young men that you’re coaching Those young men that you’re teaching those young men that will eventually be somebody’s husband That’ll eventually be somebody’s father that eventually be somebody’s grandparents we need you right now to get out of your feelings and Know just because you’re down you’re not out if you allow yourself to stay down when you’re down Who else is gonna stay down if you allow yourself to stay down stay beat stay batters stay bruised? then the other Generation coming behind they’re gonna say, oh, well, he just gave up. So I’ll give up. Well not wish he/she gave up So let me let me go ahead and give up too. We have to understand that the picture is bigger than us It’s about more than us. It’s about more than our feelings. I feel let’s get hurt on a daily basis My feelings will get hurt on a daily basis, but then I began to realize like wait a minute. Wait, wait a minute Wait a minute. Wait a minute Boy, it’s not about you. Don’t don’t nobody care. It’s not about you. You got made you better You better though. You better come with that beef up. Throw it on the grill Let it simmer a little bit and you better tighten up and get it together because people are counting on you all right friends didn’t want to come at you too strong, but actually I did because we have to understand that we’re the successors and That means that we’re positioning ourselves to be great So that others can come behind us and they can be great as well if you have not had opportunity I just want to encourage you to go on the Apple store go into the iTunes Store or the App Store for Apple or the Android Google Play market and go ahead and download the speed your success podcast app If you haven’t then I mean you get straight access to it. It’s a pretty cool platform You can contact me through the platform all that good stuff as well if you have not taken the opportunity, I would encourage you to Go ahead. Leave us a helpful apple review If you enjoy the content you enjoy the Monday motivation you enjoy the feature Fridays then let us know Let us know who you want to hear from next What industry professional you want to hear from? Next because I’m asking you all because I don’t want to just pull random guests I want to pull people that I know would speak directly to you and help you Instantly be impacted right and lastly. I would encourage you if you’d like to find out more information on me Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur. Maybe you’re an individual who thinks you have an idea for business? Go ahead a book a consult with me. I just rolled this out on my website You can go to Jonathan John speaks com forward slash services You can book me for a 30-minute condo 60-minute consult. We can talk to your idea I can help you with some clarity and that’s just what I’m here for because like we talked about emotions and feelings. I’m Not emotionally attached to whatever your idea is playing his dream is but I want to help you get clarity with that All right friends. This is Ted X speaker. Best-selling author Jonathan Jones reminding you to Speak your success believe In your greatness and continue to create the life and business of your dreams Why would you want to live any? other You

18 thoughts on “EP 132 | #MondayMotivation | Down but Not Out

  1. Powerful message my friend ✨ Each one teach one, I really appreciate you sharing this. Much needed πŸ‘πŸ½

  2. That’s very true dear, sometimes you don’t feel like you have the strength to carry on but God will give us the strength to carry on and become victorious. GET OUT OF YOUT FEELING AND DONT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE DOWN

  3. I tried pop corn with hot sauce I love spicy food . Being down but not out. I heard something like this yesterday. our speaking and thinking will dictate our future. Either we are going to think negative and act negative or we are going to speak postivity and live a positive life.

  4. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ Popcorn with hot sauce, yeah buddy!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
    You are such an inspiration!!! I look up to you when composing my videos and messages! Always powerful πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Slave to our thought, Great metaphor to put things into perspective!!
    "Crumble that beef up and throw it on the grill" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

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