Entrepreneur Podcast Network Launch | eFM

Entrepreneur Podcast Network Launch | eFM

ah what a crazy night guys I got in
super late to KL and get to the hotel what in awesome hotels like these little
metal teardrop buildings that I’m staying and they also have some
containers the interior design it’s just really awesome EFM put me they really
picked the place that matches my style I love it this is much more my style than
the ritz-carlton where I was staying at and China really dig a book and I ate
really late when I got in last night and as a result I didn’t feel so good I
think I ate something that didn’t agree with me get a little bit of a late start
I got a pack up and I’m gonna head over to the venue for the DFM launch in about
40 minutes so that’s what I’m doing this morning but I think the launch is gonna
be dope this team the EFM team is awesome they took care of me this hotel
is free now it’s just time to on to the next thing get ready for the lock just
the reason I’m here the big event so you see and have a lot of pins so
this pins are the people we already plays around the world we already have
our present in each one of the cities but most importantly we do have someone
that’s yeah I was already so back in Bangkok from KL at the EFM launch I’ve
got to say that it went incredibly well I couldn’t have asked for it to go
better the launch was huge I get to spend time with you and I get to see – I
met javi the producer you know everything was great I have to say that
it’s gonna be an awesome Network the podcast is gonna be great the team
supporting it’s gonna be awesome you guys have to check it out we’ll be
launching in early January with some of the shows so stay tuned
EF MDOT live I will be hosting the southeast asia business podcast check it
out I’m going to bed I’ll talk to you guys later

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  1. I found you on s reddit in r/Entrepreneur I've started watching your videos on business plan. They are helping me!

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