[Eng Subs] Pentagon Japanese broadcast with Shinwon, Kino, Wooseok, Yuto and E’dawn

[Eng Subs] Pentagon Japanese broadcast with Shinwon, Kino, Wooseok, Yuto and E’dawn

So (broadcast) has started ~ Shall we?
[Fansubs by farah] Yes!~ E: Ke-san!
K: It’s Kei. Please introduce yourself Kino: It’s Kei.
E: Starting from Kei-san.
K: Hello, my name is Kei. The reason why…because my Y: KE-I san
K: It’s KE-I! It’s not Ke K: That one is Hui-san
S: Please show Hui hyung Hello ~ Because my Korean name is Kang Hyunggu Kang Hyunggu’s Kei… The meaning of Hyunggu’s chinese character in Kang Hyunggu is Kei. Kei. So, that’s why So, my Japanese nickname is called Kei. Y:What about Wooseok?
W:I’m Satoshi. K: Satoshi?
W: Why? I don’t know why too. What is the meaning of your chinese character’s name? [t/n: shinwon used omae which is informal/kinda rude] Do you guys know Pocket Monster? (Pokemon) I know Pocket Monster. Y: Pokemon’s main character’s name is Satoshi.
K: Oh really? (…. didn’t catch what they say bc they mumbled) Dream- It’s my dream name. What about Dawn-san? S: You (Omae)
S: You (omae)
Y: Not omae. (Yuto implied not to address him omae which can be rude/informal)
K: Not omae lol My Japanese name is Akira. Akira? The reason is, my Korean name- My real name is Kim Hyojong. It’s Kim Hyojong But the hyo means … Bright (akarui) K: ahh no, what was it again?
S: Akira, akira (sorry I don’t translate KR parts, I only know JP) Our Japanese teacher, Our Japanese teacher? Yes. S/he makes it (made up the name) Yes! E: S/he made it up ~
S: I, S: I am Kei.
E: What? Kino already said it before though. Because my name is Ko therefore Kei. W: Lie, lie.
E: Ahh Ko Shinwon! K: Liar, liar.
Y: But that Kino’s
E: Kei-san (Shinwon) and Ke-san (Kino) I am Kei I don’t wanna do that. This person said s/he went to same high school. S: With me?
Y: With me?
S: Ah, with you. What’s their name? What’s your name? E: Same?
Y: We went to the same school E: (Was school) fun?
Y: Do watch us ~ Yes, shall we proceed? It’s already winter in Korea. The temperature drops down to -7 celcius at midnight so it’s really cold. Which season do you guys like? S: For me, it’s winter.
Y: Winter? Why? Not winter, If it’s not winter, If it’s not winter, I like them all. You like all of them. Y: You don’t like it cold.
S: I hate winter. Y: You hate it. Why?
S: Because it’s so cold. It’s cold? I don’t want to talk and I don’t want to do anything. You don’t want to do anything? Wake up (okiru)… I am angry (okoru/okotta). So angry Winter…during, During winter, S: I am always angry.
Y: Angry?
S: I get angry Y: What about Dawn-san?
S: I am angry right now too. For me, My most favorite season is spring. Spring! (W: /sings/)
E: The reason is E: Shut up!
W: I’m sorry. S: I’m sorry Can I speak now? Yes, go on. Please attention. Y: Please pay attention. Because, during spring Among four seasons, I don’t really see it You don’t see it? Because it’s a short season? So, it’s kinda … Yes, it’s precious. It’s precious. Y: There’s sakura too
E: I love sakura. What about snow? Y: Last year, in March, we did saw it when we went to Japan, right? Did you? Yes, I saw it. In Japan? In March.. E: In Japan In front of hotel In Japan, (The place) that is most known for its sakura the place? Where? Where? If it’s Tokyo, I don’t know. (leaving out korean parts sorry) The name is? I don’t know. Tell me. Do you guys know? Famous place to see sakura in Tokyo. In front of hotel. Not in Kyoto..? Nakameguro? Ueno? Not in Ueno? What about Wooseok?
What season do you like? For me, Winter. Winter? Right now? W: Right now / Y: Right now? / W: Yes. I, Born? Because I was born during winter, I love it. W-warm..? rather than (warm) I like cold more. Unlike Shinwon hyung, (S: We’re opposite)
you’re the opposite. Worst! You’re the worst! You guys were born in January…
those who were born in winter, Winter for you too? You’re right. Weren’t you born in December? It’s your birthday this month. Let’s do party. In January.. So you like winter? Sapporo? What about Kino? K: Actually, I love all seasons. / Y: Oh really? All of them. There are things I hate,
there are also many things I like. But what I remember now, during summer,
I want to do swimming. Swimming? Right now, it’s so much cold. It’s too cold. I want to swimming. (Swimming somewhere) in a warm place. But, we did in Sapporo. Ah, you’re right. When we went to Sapporo, there were hot spring and swimming pool. K: That’s right.
Y: We played at the pool with everyone. That was nice ~ [didn’t catch what E’dawn said but probably he said he didn’t went to swim] The reason? Why why? Y: Because it’s cool (to do that).
K: Because it’d be cool? S: Dangerous / K: Why? Why?
E: I’m a dangerous person. I’m pretty sure you know why. E: It’s dangerous.
K: There are reasons behind that. Too bad. It’s fine. Let’s go play together next time. You can do it. K: Today, so many Japanese viewers…
Y: Japanese viewers! They’re so good in Japanese, right?
Our members. Ah! Wait. What about Yuto? Probably summer. As expected. If it’s Nagano, it had to be summer. Summer Wars! Summer Wars! I acknowledge it! A story with Nagano as its setting. I was born in winter, but I can’t handle cold very well. I can’t do anything outside because it’s too cold. I would go to Han River and eat ramen. I really want to go to Nagano. You want to go to Nagano? If going-If I … go to Nagano, what to do? Skiing, I suppose? We were talking about summer just now… Ski, ski, right? If we go now, (it’d be best to ski) If we go to Nagano, you can learn how to make soba noodles. E: Delicious? It is! So delicious.. (Sitting) on tatami mat Wah ~ Bonito flakes! Bonito flakes Bonito flakes!! Miso soup! Cool ~ [t/n: yabai has many meanings, do look it up] How do you know such vocabulary? Vocabulary? Not really sure at this part sorry. If I suddenly (ikinari. I suppose he wants to say
“iku nara” which means If I go) to Nagano, I want to have person room. Personal room? Personal room? If you go there, you want a personal room? In personal room, Are you a loner? A personal meal for me. Ahh! In Japan.. It’s a Japanese culture, right? A Japanese culture. We’ll release a mini album in Japan on January. We have schedule there. Do you know where we’re going to go? Nagoya? Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka. Chicken wings. Chicken wings! When we went to Nagoya, we had chicken wings. Y: In Osaka, on way back we had okonomiyaki nearby the bullet train station.
(W: Bullet train!) What did we had in Tokyo? It had to be shopping right? Places like Don Quijote, we buy clothes too. What about this time? This time? Y: What do you want to do this time?
S: Ippudo (Ramen restaurant) Vintage shop. For me, it’s Ichiran (ramen restaurant) Omotesando. Y: What Wooseok wants to do?
W: Ichiran. Ehh? Rival. For oniisan (equivalence of hyung), it had to be Ippudo, right? E: I like Ichiran.
K: You’re team Ichiran? Me too, actually.
W: It had to be! What about you? Everyone has their preferences. Yesterday, Yesterday, we had fansign at Hongdae. K: So many Japanese fans came.
Y: That was amazing. I was surprised. Of 100, around 59 were Japanese. Our members were surprised. Shocked! During yesterday’s fansign. Then, yesterday, rather than Korean..
more Japanese. Using..I used (more Japanese than Korean). Japanese fans came all the way to Korea. I learned a lot yesterday.
I practiced Japanese a lot. Ahh, that’s good. We don’t have time to study (K: no time ~), so sometimes we speak Japanese with each other. I’m surprised at how good they are. I’m surprised too. Amazing, he even knows words like ‘shook’. Run away, run away. Envy. Ah, but I can’t read kanji (chinese character) Kanji is difficult. I learned kanji. “Please do fansign in Japan too.” There is fansign. There will be fansign. During January schedule, we have a lot of fansign and live, so … Wait up. Please come. Y: Yes?
E: Yes? Yesss. (lol just hyojong being dork) Next, “Kino-kun so freaking cool. I love everyone.” Thank you. Do you guys know Kyoto? I went to Kyoto! Y: Do you know Kyoto?
S: Kenshin! There’s kenshin! Edo period. Ah! Ah! Is it..? Is it this one?
Famous place in Kyoto. I apologize again, I only understand Japanese ๐Ÿ™ Kinkakuji (a temple in Kyoto) Ever been there? (seen it) in anime? Your Lie in April (he said yongatsu instead of
shigatsu – there are two ways to say four) It also has movie. Really? I saw it. (Was it) fun? Yamazaki Kento-san and .. I, Have you guys seen Your Lie in April? Right now, Japanese … broadcast..
um not broadcast. W: Are you ok?
K: I’m fine. Ah, I remember that one. Your… “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” The other day, they show Japanese famous movie in Korea. And then, I see it. Yuto see it too. To me, that movie made me feel moved. I cried a lot. Me too. S: I didn’t watch it.
Y: You didn’t? Why? Sad story..(I don’t like it) at all. Isn’t sad story shinwon hyung-shinwon oniisan’s style? I, my favourite movie is, of course, Rurouni Kenshin. He likes it a lot. He even checks out the manga, and mimics it. Dawn-san,, Makoto-san and …? (Akira.) Akira! Akira-san, Makoto-san and Satoshi-san really love Japanese anime and manga. W: I like dramas. Me too. You like dramas? But you love manga the most, don’t you? I like Hunter x Hunter. He always steals it from me. E: It’s my favorite manga.
K: Really? Hunter x Hunter? Hunter x Hunter is Jinho oniisan’s favorite manga, right? Death Note. They probably watch it more than Japanese people. They (viewers) said they didn’t know about it. About the anime called Hunter x Hunter. Please explain. Hunter x Hunter is, there is a job called Hunter.. Is it difficult? The father, he throws away his son. But, the reason is, the father, towards his son, he really.. Believes? Believes in son. So, the father really really loves this hunter job. E: And then, the son..the son’s name is Gon.
Y: Gon-san. Gon-san’s personality is very honest. Your Japanese is so good. And then, Gon’s thought is “My father..” ??? For how long? Just how much he loves the job, (that he) threw
me away. Then, Gon-san becomes hunter… Y: In order to be In order to be a hunter Practice? He went to travel? A story about travelling? His Japanese is so good right? As you can see, these are members who can speak Japanese well. It’s about time, so we have to move on to another schedule. I have one last thing to say. In January, Pentagon’s 2nd Japanese mini album Violet will be released, so please anticipate a lot. Let’s meet during our January schedule. We’ll go to Japan in January! So, shall we do our greetings? 3,2,1 that was Pentagon! subbed by PTGLOVEBOT. pls subscribe and like if you enjoy it ~

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  7. Who is your bias in Pentagon? And why?

    My bias is Yuto and he has same bday as me and he is very good in Japanese, he is a good dancer and rapper and he is soo handsome and cute ๐Ÿ™‚

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  11. I got really excited in this video. I've been a Japan enthusiast since I was a kid but my nihongo is still bad. Maybe because I haven't attended a Japanese school. I'm so proud of them they're so good especially my faves E'dawn & Kino ๐Ÿ˜Š and I'm really shocked when my ult senpai was mentioned! Yamazaki Kento aaahhh ๐Ÿ˜ I also love the movies they mentioned. (My love for Japan is so cray cray lol!) but seriously, it must be so good to know Japanese & Korean ugh just another dream for me. ใ… ใ… 

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