Energieräuber erkennen – Wie geht das? – Audio-Podcast mit Dieter Häusler

Energieräuber erkennen – Wie geht das? – Audio-Podcast mit Dieter Häusler

what is the difference between someone
who wants to pour out his heart and an energy vampire? In the beginning they sound almost the same. But you’ll find out in no time. All you have to do is ask “I know what might help you. Are you interested?” Bruno Gröning – Circle of friends There are always people
we are confronted with, who feel the need to unload their
negative energy and say bad things. You all know that. And everyone knows, that you don’t
feel good after such conversations. And you can often tell by the number on the phone. On the display. And you’re torn back and forth. Should I answer it? Shouldn´t I? I already didn’t pick up the last two times;
now I have to pick up again. And afterwards: “I knew it. I knew it.” And the bucket and cloth you were about to
use to clean the windows won’t be touched. All the energy is gone. Everything is gone. Your energy has been taken away. These are the so-called energy vampires. Do you know them? They flutter around and afterwards you are sucked dry. It will take you another day
or two to free yourself again, until you’re full of energy again
and then you’re back to yourself again. We know this, right? How do you deal with this? Is this now God’s will? Do we have to, we’re good people, we can’t just let the other one
flutter around in space. We have to be very careful
to whom we give our energy. And personally, I’m way too selfish to say, I’m going to let myself be sucked dry every time now. But how do you distinguish between
someone who wants to pour out his heart and an energy vampire? In the beginning they sound almost the same. But you’ll find out in no time. All you have to do is ask:
I know what might help you. Are you interested? A person seeking help will say: “Yes!” An energy vampire will say: “No. Certainly not help. I want to drain energy, that’s all.” So if you say to this number, “You know what? What you’ve told me now or
what you’re about to tell me now – I already know it – because you have already told me 25 times, I happen to know where there’s help for you. I have discovered something that’s wonderful. Are you interested?” Yeah, you know, I don’t have that much time now. I’m supposed to be leaving right now. Well, then you go away. And that´s how you get rid of the energy vampire. If you offer him real help,
so that he can get himself help, that´s what they don´t want and that’s the difference. But if you have someone who is accepting help he says, “Yes, that’s interesting, tell me.” Then you talk to each other and afterwards
you leave the conversation fulfilled. Time thieves, energy thieves. Don’t do this to yourself. You don’t have to. Lovingly, clearly, take a look at the clock, tell yourself that in
5 minutes the conversation is over and then you do five minutes and that’s it. Close your heart. Because you don’t help someone like that if you listen to him. He’ll suck you dry and when he has hung up,
he’ll flutter to the next one to suck him dry as well. Because evil does not relieve anyone,
but burdens people more and more. And if you see a phone call like that right now, if you could see this stream of energy, the power that flows from one to the other. Dear friends, you would be frightened. This is so interesting. We have now an electric car. A small one. It’s got a display on it. 100% and 0%. This is great. And when you fully charge the car, it’s at 100%. And then you drive off, then you look again after some time. And once you have been driving
for a long while, it goes down even faster. and then at some point you’ll know
you have to be ready to recharge very quickly. Such a display, dear friends,
should be next to the phone. Phone on 100%. Then you call for the first quarter of
an hour, the second quarter of an hour. And sometimes it also goes into the minus numbers, then the pointer won’t go any further. And then you say, now I have to stop, this is no longer possible. If you’re having such conversations, remember this. Look at the pointer how the battery runs out again. And then pay attention. And then think about how long it
will take you to get it back to 100%. Until you’re recharged. Subscribe now Trust and believe,
the divine power helps and heals!

20 thoughts on “Energieräuber erkennen – Wie geht das? – Audio-Podcast mit Dieter Häusler

  1. Gute Zeiten – schlechte Zeiten

    Wir arbeiten täglich wie besessen,
    haben dabei uns selbst vergessen.
    Wir lassen uns von unserem Ego leiten,
    wir lassen uns hinreißen zu Streiten.

    Wir verabsäumen es nachzudenken,
    oder unsere Liebe zu verschenken.
    Viel zu oft fehlt uns Geduld
    und immer sind die anderen Schuld!

    Viel zu viel nimmt man in Kauf,
    bis das Unglück nimmt seinen Lauf.
    Dann ist nichts mehr wie zuvor,
    weil man irgendwann sich selbst verlor.

    Gott sei Dank ist es nie zu spät,
    um umzukehren für mehr Lebensqualität.
    Man kann sich wieder mehr besinnen
    und schlechte Zeiten überwinden.

    Wieder alles in die richtigen Bahnen lenken,
    uns Liebe, Freude und Geborgenheit schenken.
    Unser Schöpfer wird uns stets begleiten,
    dann haben wir wieder gute Zeiten!

  2. Oh ja, das stimmt. Es gibt noch zu viele unverbesserliche Menschen, die es nicht lassen können, andere mit ihren Dreck zu bewerfen. Eine schlechte Angewohnheit. Einer belastet den anderen. Konsequent ablehen solche Gespräche. 😉

  3. Gute Denkanstöße , ich habe mich immer schwer getan Energieräuber zu erkennen, meistens erst wenn ich nicht mehr konnte. Jetzt weiß ich das ich in Zukunft das alles etwas abkürzen kann. Um beider Segen, denn ich denke diese Menschen wissen noch nicht was sie tun. Danke

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