Enabling Instagram Dark Mode CHANGED MY LIFE!

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you actually wanted to watch hello guys welcome back to my channel hey my Steve
Jobs turtleneck on today because you know in the spirit of iPhone and Apple I
feel like I needed to wear my Steve Jobs turtleneck I actually haven’t worn this
shirt in a video since I got this phone and yes I know it’s black his is black
but I like this better when iowa’s 13 came out and dark mode
happened I got so excited and then this morning I woke up I went to Instagram
and it was dark of a sudden and they rolled out dark mode and I got super
pumped so I’m literally filming this today we’re gonna talk all about dark
mode we’re gonna talk about Instagram dark mode and we’re gonna talk about the
pros and cons of it and honestly why I am a huge proponent of dark mode the
things you can do on it and that’s about it which apps have it which apps don’t I
am a firm believer in dark mode and by the time you’re done watching this video
you’ll probably be converted as well okay so if you guys didn’t know which
you obviously knew dark mode just rolled out for iOS 13 on Apple devices and for
Android 10 so if you have Android 10 or iOS 13 you are able to use dark mode now
what is dark mode dark mode basically just means it’s converting everything
you see on your display screen into a darker version of it so instead of the
backgrounds being white and light and bright they are dark and somber and
depressing there are many benefits to dark mode which we will get into but
honestly it is so good for anyone who has bad eyesight or it just improves
low-light vision so if you’re like in a darker room or at nighttime instead of
this bright light like flashing on your eyes it’s a lot calmer it’s a lot better
for your eyes I also want to mention that dark mode actually prolongs your
battery life because dark pixels require less power
then light colored pixels so and actually some systems can operate on
dark pixels with absolutely no power because obviously when your phones like
off you aren’t lighting anything up so that will definitely take care of any
battery issues you’re having I mean I don’t want to say it’s gonna like solve
all the problems but I definitely think it’ll be good let me know in the
comments below if you guys have a film what kind of phone you have and whether
you prefer a dark or light mode I would love to know so how do you enable dark
mode I’m just gonna show you on iOS because that’s what I have so I’m sorry
Android users you can definitely google it but it’s pretty self-explanatory a
lot of the instructions are the same across all so I’m recording this in like
prime rush hour in LA so if you hear any honking that’s why okay so in order to
enable dark mode you are going to go into your settings and then you’re gonna
go down to display and brightness and here’s where you have the option to do
light which is by default or dark so I chose dark that’s how that’s literally
all you do to switch to dark mode now it does give you the option to set your
phone to be light when it’s light outside and dark when it’s dark outside
or you can set a custom time and how you would do that is by just toggling on
this automatic button and then the options are it can be light until sunset
so sunsets a sunrise would mean that when the Sun rises it turns to light
mode when the Sun sets it turns the dark mode or you can do a custom schedule so
you can have it be light at a certain time
dark at a certain time I personally just want to do one or the other it kind of
messes with my mind to go back and forth but I do know some people who do like
that I personally go so I just keep it on dark baby now you can notice right
away some of the things that dark mode has for example the dock is a lot darker
in dark mode the Notification Center is completely dark as well and if you force
touch something that is also dark and if you’re swiping between your apps they’re
all showing up as dark so when this first rolled out I was just pumped
because honestly part of it is just about change I like switching up the way
something looks as you guys know with my menu what’s on my iPhone videos I like
that so I’ve been so used to for years and years and years having this light
bright white background and I just was pumped to have kind of a sleek
sophisticated looking like new way to look at everything I also switched my
macbook to dark mode because that actually came out
before the iOS 13 maybe it was at the same time I don’t know I remember but I
already had started using dark mode on my computer and becoming familiar with
it and so then I immediately started using it on my phone so let’s talk about
apps okay at first the only apps that were compatible with dark mode were
these stock apps and the stock apps are just the ones that come on the iPhone so
any Apple owned app like your calendar photos your camera your maps settings
Bach was already dark nope you know all those ones that you put in a random
folder because you don’t care okay so at first it was only those apps that had
dark mode enabled every other app it’s up to them to make their own user
interface dark but we have some interesting things that have happened
okay first of all YouTube and Twitter already had a dark mode feature and a
lot of people didn’t know that they did so actually back at the beginning of
2018 YouTube and Twitter both rolled out a dark mode feature and if you guys are
interested in enabling this but you don’t have a oh s 13 or Android 10
here’s what you do you go to the YouTube app click on settings and then toggle on
dark theme and that makes everything dark so you can do that even if you
don’t have a iOS 13 same with Twitter if you go to Twitter mine’s already in dark
mode but if you just go to settings and privacy display and sound
you can turn dark mode off if you want I want it on of course so that’s
interesting to know that some of these apps have already had dark mode enabled
and they also did on desktop so I actually never used to this but I saw
people using the dark mode YouTube on their desktop computers before desktops
even had dark mode as a whole so that’s something that’s cool if you want to do
that so which apps have dark mode now because as I mentioned some other apps
have just been rolling out with dark mode and it makes me so excited
Instagram so quietly rolled out dark mode without telling like anyone I just
woke up this morning that was dark and all of a sudden everyone on Twitter and
everyone in person was like oh my god it’s dark so Instagram now has dark mode
let me show you guys so this is what it looks like unfortunately you do have to
have iOS 13 I actually just think the pictures looks so much cooler with a
black background I don’t know why it just really pops out I’m a big fan so I
was super excited about that and how you enable dark mode
on Instagram is that you have to just enable dark mode on your phone and it’ll
automatically enable it on Instagram if you have Android ten you can actually
also enable it through the app itself but not for ice oh it just looks so cool
also on the topic of Instagram I don’t know if you guys noticed but they got
rid of the activity section that has the following part so you can no longer
stalk people and see what pictures they liked which I’m a little bit annoyed
about it’s great for privacy terrible for stalking so here’s a little list of
the outside third-party app that do have a dark mode now Twitter YouTube Facebook
Messenger but not Facebook now this is interesting too and I’m gonna about to
do this apparently to activate dark mode and facebook Messenger you’re supposed
to send someone a crescent emoji so we’re gonna do that
right now I think that is so weird I’m gonna send it to this store because I
don’t want to be weird why do I feel like this is not a real thing just sent
it okay was that a joke or someone messing with me okay I’m stupid I think
someone was messing with me but I read that online you just go to your settings
and toggle on dark mode and there you have it but Facebook itself has not
rolled out dark mode yet so that’s interesting more apps that haven’t read
is twitch Gmail but for some reason gmail isn’t working for me it’s telling
me when I google to go to settings and turn it on it’s not working for me if
it’s not working for you guys yet if any of these aren’t working yet it’s because
they roll these features out which means literally rolling out means that it’s
not all at once it’s like in waves so you will get it
you should get it in a day or two days or three days sometimes a week but you
will get the feature so for Gmail for some reason I don’t have it yet
all my software is up to date and I still don’t have it but that’s okay
whatsapp is another big one that is not available in dark mode yet for iOS but
it is available for Android so it should be rolling out really soon for us iOS
peeps and I know a lot of you guys in the UK or in Australia and other
countries use whatsapp a lot so that’ll be really nice ways has it which is my
favorite navigation app the Kindle app and then most of the Google Apps Google
calendar calculator contacts Google Drive habit after I would like to see
how dark mode chrome so Chrome has it on desktop but does not yet have it on
so that would be kind of nice so to recap in terms of apps all the stock
Apple apps have dark mode available if you have iOS 13 or above well that’s
actually the top one other than that every third-party app itself needs to
roll out a dark mode so Instagram has it Twitter and YouTube have always had it
and all the ones that I just mentioned have it the only thing I will say and I
think these are things that will be improved upon as new software rolls out
Safari for example is in dark mode but when I actually go to type a website it
is then light again so it’s not converting each site to be in a dark
mode which I understand that would probably be a hard thing to do because
each website controls what it looks like but that does kind of bother me because
it you know you kind of want everything you’re looking at to be like dark you
don’t want it to just flash a bunch of bright into your face so hopefully
that’s something they can improve upon as time goes on maybe and then another
thing I’m gonna show you guys it’s dark mode I didn’t realize is if you go to
your settings and then you go to wallpaper they actually have wallpaper
options that are compatible for dark and light mode so if you click on stills
these ones with the little logos in the bottom those I mean that they have both
light and dark mode so if your setting is on the one where it like starts his
like mode and then goes into dark mode and if you have one of these background
set then your background will actually transition over from dark to light till
dark to light whatever which i think is pretty cool
I do wish there were more but I understand that this just rolled out so
I’m assuming they’ll probably add more but that is pretty cool so I’m in dark
mode obviously so this is dark but if I were to be in light mode it’d be like so
all in all I personally love dark mode I first switched it to dark mode and then
kind of switched it back because I think I realized I just wasn’t used to it it
was just very different especially for things like messages and notes I was
just like whoa it’s so dark but then I switched you back to dark and I realized
that is definitely what I want to stick to especially now that some of the apps
are dark as well that was part of it my brain was very thrown off with like oh
my whole phone’s dark and then Instagram is like bright I didn’t love that so I
love dark mode I’m absolutely gonna keep it in dark mode I also have my computer
in dark mode and it’s just been really cool to experience like a new way of
looking at everything thank you so much for watching this video I hope you found
it helpful and insightful and I don’t know what else in
training and I would love to hear your guys’s comments talk amongst yourselves
in the chat I want to know like what do you guys think of it it’s so different
it’s crazy to think back to like my old videos about like iPhone 7 and when
iPhone 7 first came out and now we’re on iPhone 11 I just can’t even believe it
but anyway love you guys so much thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my
next video bye

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