Emoji Charades Challenge ft. JennXPenn

Emoji Charades Challenge ft. JennXPenn

(both) How well will we know these emojis? Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooood Mythical Morning!
– Welcome to the show, vlogger, author, – actress extraordinaire, JennxPenn!
– Hi! What an introduction! (laughs) – Yeah!
– Thanks for coming in! You got anything else you
want me to add to that? Thanks for having me!
Um, no, I think that was pretty great. – Okay, good.
– Okay! Um, now, you’re from what – I like to call “the Emoji Generation.”
– Yes. I am. – Oh yeah? Okay, good, I’m right.
– Yeah. (laughs) – I thought I just made it up!
– (laughs) Have you ever, though, sent a text that was
just emojis? No words, just all emojis. I don’t think so, but also at the
same time, it’s not unlikely that I have. – Okay. Well…
– Question mark, smiley face. – Question mark, smiley face.
– You have a distinct advantage today, if you’ve done that, because that’s what
we’re gonna be doing. It’s time to play… – (all) Emojinary!
– ♪ (cheerful music) ♪ Welcome to Emojinary! I am not your host,
Rhett, I am just the first contestant on Emojinary. We’re all gonna
get some turns in this position. – I am also not your host!
– And neither am I. So right now, you guys are the guessers and
I am the giver, for lack of a better word. – And we will rotate.
– And I am gonna be basically doing charades, but I can only use emojis.
Pretty simple. Chase is gonna come in, he’s gonna give me my prompt, I’m gonna
begin to type that in using emojis, and as soon as you– you can start
guessing as soon as the first one. – Immediately!
– And whoever gets it right first gets – two points!
– Yes! And if you get it right, I also get one
point, because hey, I gave the clue, right? – Good job!
– Let’s do this! (sproing noise) All right, Chase, bring
me my prompt, please. – (Link) Is this touch screen?
– (Jenn) Looks like it. – (Link) Got some more in there.
– No it is not. Okay, here I go. I don’t use emojis
regularly, so please be patient. – (laughs)
– (Link) Smileys and– whoa, look at all – these emojis!
– Where do I start? Oh my… – Blank!
– Nothing. – Old guy using emojis for the first time!
– (Jenn laughs) Oh gosh. I know what I’m looking for.
I do, but I just don’t know where it is! – Animals and nature.
– Food. Activity. – (Rhett) Oh!
– (Jenn) Oh! – (Link) It’s a song.
– Song, okay. – (sings) It’s a song about… a woman!
– Britney Spears. Me! – (Link) It’s a diva. It’s two… it’s a duet!
– I don’t know why I’m nervous. – One, two, me.
– (Link) Is it “Islands in the Stream”? – (Jenn) What?
– This is the perfect clue. – This is– what?
– Girl! – (Jenn) “Girl in Paradise.”
– If we’re on the right track, you can be – like, “Yeah!”
– (crew laughs) All right, is it lyrics or
a song title? A song title? – I can’t say anything! It’s both, man.
– That does make sense. Usually a song – title is in the lyrics.
– Girl! Is there a woman in the song title? – No. Don’t focus on that part yet.
– Jungle. – Oh!
– “Welcome to the Jungle!” – YES!
– Oh! I like– (laughs) – You gave it to me!
– I gave that to you. – See, it’s like, “Welcome!”
– You know what I get? – Two of these. Points.
– (laughs) Isn’t that “welcome?” “Welcome!…
to… the place where the monkeys live!” – The monkey… trees!
– The jungle! Okay, two points for
Link, one point for me! – Zero for me.
– Moving on! (sproing noise) Okay, I have never used an
emoji in a text conversation ever. – Like ever once.
– (Jenn) Really? That’s a lie. – (Rhett) You’re lying.
– I swear to you, I never have. Okay… smiley faces… I know
what I’m looking for… I’m feeling a lot of pressure. (Link) Oh, here we go. Boom! – (Rhett and Lynn) TV show!
– Gagagagagah! Okay, (sings) What else do we have? We
gotta get a little– (normally) Ooh yeah! – (Rhett and Lynn) Love!
– (laughs) – A TV show!
– Uh, no, I gave you another one. – A TV show you love!
– You don’t love it anymore. – Love is lost?
– Heartbreak! – Gilmore Girls. Oh… Gilmore Boys.
– You know what? I took that– – I didn’t mean– there it is again.
– There was a man with a flat top – for a second.
– Is he gone? – I’m tryin’ to– Okay, yeah. There we go.
– (Lynn) Oh! Anonymous. – (Rhett) Oooh. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!
– (Lynn) Dating. – Bachelor!
– Yes! – What?! No!
– (laughs) Yeah! That’s right! – (Link) Man…
– (Lynn) I should’ve gotten that! I don’t know emojis,
but I know The Bachelor, now! (sproing noise) – I was looking for a rose, but you got it.
– Yeah, I don’t need a rose. – Even before that.
– That would’ve helped. – All I need is “heart, broke heart, man.”
– I knew there was a rose. – Bachelor.
– Rose. (laughs) – All right. Here we go, guys.
– (Rhett) Phrase. – (Link) It’s a saying.
– (both laugh) – (crew laughs)
– Okay, ummm… (Link) “Sticks and stones
may break my bones…” – I’ve never seen that emoji.
– You know your emojis! – That’s what I’m looking for.
– Oh, one! – (Link) But it says “cool.”
– Yep. – “It takes one to know one!” Is that it?
– “Once upon a time.” “One right…” – (Rhett) “One point…”
– “One finger…” – “One point bubble.”
– (Lynn) Boom. – Full moon.
– “One point from a bubble… moon.” – (crew laughs)
– “A bubble moon.” – Is that point? Is that a finger?
– No, nope. What about that? – (Rhett) “I’m down with the moon.”
– (crew laughs) – “One down and one…”
– (Link) “One to go!” – “and one bubble to go on the moon!”
– (crew laughs) – No.
– One down? Is it down? – (Lynn) No. No. No. How do I… hmm….
– “One… water moon.” No, no, no. Wrong. Okay, more emoji hints.
So like, just think about what these – things are.
– (both) Symbols! – But like, what are these?
– Signs. – Are they things you see at the airport?
– (Link) Signs… – No.
– (Link) Emojis! – Or that.
– (Link) Those are emojis! – (Link) Blue emojis!
– Blue blue blue blue! Blue moon! – (Link) Blue moon!
– “One blue moon!” – (crew laughs)
– “Once in a blue moon!” YEEEAH! – (Link) “Once in a blue moon!” Yes!
– Yeah! (sproing noise) All right, who would’ve known the guy
with no emoji experience would take – an early lead?
– Bazoom! (laughs) There’s so many options!
It’s overwhelming. – It is.
– It’s like a new world has been – opened up to me.
– (laughs) – Okay. Oh… haha.
– (Link) Ooh! Television show! – (Lynn) TV show!
– Another television show. The Bachelor! – Don’t…
– (Lynn) Grandpa. Old man. Breaking Bad. – Yeaaah! You got it!
– Yes! (laughs) – Yeah!
– (Link) What is that? – What’s up with that?
– (Lynn) I thought that was science, though. – (Rhett) We only need…
– That looks like science? – We only need three emojis!
– (laughs) – Old man… bald man, science. Okay, yeah.
– Breaking Bad. (Link) This is not an
actual chemistry thing. Why do they have an emoji for that?
That’s the real question. For this– for Breaking Bad. “Hey,
watching Breaking Bad, come over.” (Lynn and crew laugh) (sproing noise) All right, are you ready
to get some emoji clues? (crew laughs) All right, all right,
all right, here we go. – (Lynn) Books, it’s a book.
– It’s a series of books. It’s a trilogy. – Book series?
– It’s a trilogy. No, it’s a journal. – Textbook.
– (Rhett) It’s a book. – Okay.
– (Link) And… – (Rhett) Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…
– (Link) No, no, no, no. – Oh, that book about the tigers.
– Lion King. – Oh!
– The Lion King was not a book first. – Yeah, it wasn’t, was it? (laughs)
– (Lynn) Devil. – Where the Wild Things Are?
– No, ah… – (Lynn) Good guess.
– (Rhett) That’s where that’s from, right? – No, this… this…
– Demon lion! My favorite book. – Oh yeah! Here we go. Boop, boop, boop.
– Shirts, pants… lion… – Clothes monster?
– Can I just use letters? – (Lynn laughs)
– (Link) Come on, guys. Come on. – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!
– Oh! – (laughs) Oh yes!
– Oh! – I could’ve said it was a movie too.
– Hold on, but I almost feel like you shouldn’t get a point
for that, because you… – Yeah, the commas.
– You used commas. – It’s a little white emoji.
– I think you forfeited your point. – Fine!
– Jenn, you’re on the same page? – No, no points.
– (crew laughs) – All right.
– So I get two points, but you don’t – get your point.
– Okay, okay. It’s not an emoji. – Okay, all right.
– Two points, zero points, rotate. (sproing noise) Okay, so, first I’m gonna
go back to emojis, not letters. – (laughs)
– Okay. – Yeah, man.
– Touche. – You left the freaking emoji keyboard!
– A comma is not a letter. – It’s its own thing.
– Here we go. I think this’ll be easy. – Let’s see.
– Okay. It’s easy. – Here we go.
– (Rhett) It’s a book. – (Link) It’s a series of books?
– It’s a series of books. – But also…
– (Rhett) It’s a movie! – (Link) It’s a movie book.
– I’m just gonna go ahead and guess – Harry Potter.
– No. (laughs) Wrong. – (Link) Ah… Jack o’Lantern… book-movie.
– (Rhett) Uh, uh, uh, uh… – (Link) Pizza face…
– “The Day the Pizza Died.” (Link) Plus! That’s what I
needed. Where was that?! – (Lynn laughs)
– Oh, it’s also a game! “It’s all fun and games until
somebody chokes on their pizza.” – Oh, true.
– (Rhett) Yeah! (Link) It’s a movie and a book
about video games. Ready Player One. – No, wrong. (laughs)
– Gosh. – (Link) “Eat your pizza.”
– (Rhett) There’s so much information here. – You want… just all of the things.
– (Rhett) It’s sour. Food and games. – (Link) Eat? Eat?
– No. – Hunger Games! (laughs)
– I should’ve got that earlier! – (Lynn and crew laugh)
– I volunteer as… loser. (all laugh) (thunder crashes) Okay, it’s anybody’s game ’cause we’re
moving on to the lightning round, where we will be given a fully-formed clue
that we’ve never seen before, and the first person to guess it gets two points,
and we just keep going until the time is up. – All right.
– (Stevie) Here we go in three, two, one. – (Link and Lynn) Song…
– (Rhett) Sounds like… – Heard it through the grapevine!
– (Stevie) Rhett! – What? “Raining cats and dogs!”
– You got it! – Yes!
– (Lynn) Uh… – (Link) Book about cats… Cat in the Hat!
– Cat in the Hat! – (Stevie) Link!
– (Rhett) Oh. – (Link) Clap off.
– Shake it Off! – (Stevie) Rhett!
– Oh! – (Lynn) Snakes on a Plane!
– (all laugh) – Dang, girl!
– (Lynn) Um… Mad Men! – (Link) Mad… Men. Oh! You got it.
– (Rhett laughs) – (Link) Two gun birds.
– (Rhett) Two gun birds! (Lynn) Oh, I know this one.
What’s it called? – Tell me.
– I don’t– – Two shoot birds. Flip the bird!
– (Jenn) To Kill a Mockingbird! – (Stevie) Jenn!
– Yes! – Oh, gosh!
– (Link) This is a saying… (Jenn) “A picture’s
worth a thousand words!” – (Stevie) Jenn!
– Oh, come on, Jenn! – (laughs)
– (Link) Dead angel. – (Rhett) Dead wedding.
– (Jenn) Dead bridesmaid. Dead bride. – Dead bride. Corpse Bride!
– (Stevie) Rhett! (Link) 100 divided by… fifty…
paints… grey. Fifty Shades of Grey! – (Stevie) Link!
– Wha! – (Link laughs) All right.
– (Rhett) Oh gosh. – Shooting star…
– Pirates of the Caribbean! – (Link) Sleepless in Seattle. Sleep in a…
– I’m happy but I’m sleepy. Mad pirates… – (Jenn) Star Wars.
– (Link) Mad battle. – (Rhett) Star Wars!
– (Jenn) Star Wars… – Star Wars: A New Hope!
– Star Wars: The Force Awakens! – Star Wars: The Force Awakens!
– (Stevie) Jenn! – Yes! (laughs)
– Oh, dangit! – (Rhett) Seeing eye to eye.
– (Stevie) Rhett! – Oh! Dove.
– (Rhett) Peace face. – Russel Crowe in Noah.
– Bird… Birdman! (laughs) – (Stevie) Rhett!
– (laughs) – Peace Face!
– (Link and Jenn) Nose… in… – (Link) Smells Like Teen Spirit!
– (Stevie) Link! – Yeah!
– Oh wow, Link! (Jenn and Rhett) One fish,
two fish, red fish, blue fish! – (Stevie) Jenn!
– Ahh, dangit! Yes! (laughs) – (Jenn) Ah… Walking Dead!
– (Stevie) Yes! – Gosh!
– (Link) I wear my sunglasses at night… – stock market.
– (Jenn) Night. – Cocktail.
– The Big Short. – (crew laughs)
– The Firm! – Um. Wolf of Wall Street.
– (Rhett) Heat of the Night! – (Link) Night Stocks.
– (Rhett) Cool Nights… – (Link) Night Graph.
– (Rhett) Cool Night! – Night is…
– Knight Rider. – Night Stalker. Night Jumper!
– Cool… Runnings. – (crew laughs)
– Is it “cool?” – Night…
– What is shades? – Night climber!
– What are the sunglasses for? – Tell us what shades is.
– (Stevie) Dark. – (all) Dark Knight Rises!
– (Stevie) Rhett! – Did Rhett get it?
– (Stevie) Yup! – Dark. Why shades is dark…
– (Stevie) All right guys, – this is your last one.
– (Rhett) Money… – (Jenn) “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”
– (Stevie) Yeah, Jenn! – (Rhett) Gosh, Jenn!
– Man, did you come back? – I don’t know what just happened. (laughs)
– (Stevie) Link… – Lost. All right, fine.
– (crew laughs) – That means you’re last.
– Who won? – She started with you.
– (Stevie) You have 11 points. (Stevie) Rhett… you have 18 points. – (Stevie) And Jenn, you have 22 points.
– How did that happen? – You came back! How did you do it?
– How did that happen? – Jenn, you win the emoji mask.
– Now I get to wear this fantastic hat. Congratulations! Thanks for
liking, commenting, and subscribing. – Say “You know what time it is.”
– (Jenn) You know what time it is! – I’m Sierra.
– And I’m Shelby. – (both) And we’re from California.
– And today we’re in New York. (both) And it’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality! Thanks to Jenn for joining us and for
winning. Check her out on her YouTube – channel, youtube.com/jennxpenn.
– Click through to Good Mythical More, mobile users click the “i” in order to find
out which one of us broke up with – someone via text.
– (Jenn) Mm-mm. Not me. – Gotta hear that story. Who would do that?
– (Rhett) Link is a grandma who thinks she’s a chipmunk. (laughs)
Okay, that’s really great. – (old lady voice) Well, hello, Grandbaby!
– Hey Grandma! – Hi Grandma!
– I love your hat! – Oh, thanks, Grandma!
– I just wanna give it a little nibble! – (Rhett chuckles)
– Do you wanna wear it? No, I wanna give it
a nibble, you know why? – Why?
– ‘Cause I’m a chimpunk-ma! – And chipmunks eat poop?
– I’m a chipmunk. – Sounds about right.
– Chipmunks eat their own poop, – especially at their grandma’s house!
– That’s not your own poop, that’s… – Feed me!
– That’s somebody else’s poop. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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