100 thoughts on “Emma Walker: Tragically Murdered By Stalker Ex

  1. “Luckily, he did not pass away from this.” He should have, Emma would still be alive and happy if he died.. none of this would have happened

  2. As someone who has been in an abusive relationship, this story hurts my heart. I was lucky to get out alive and that he finally let me move on with my life after 4 miserable years. I feel for this girl's poor family, they did everything they could to get her out of danger and it still wasn't enough. 💔

  3. People only care because she’s pretty. Tons of women are murdered everyday due to domestic violence yet they don’t get the attention a girl like this gets.

  4. It’s crazy because i don’t really like these type of stories because they scare me, but i absolutely love the way Kendall tells the stories. They lure you in. 😬👀🙌🏽

  5. & then at the same time, Riley already knew that he was going to serve life. That’s so unfortunate. Mental health is important guys.

  6. these two kids helping the police where with a MURDER imagine how scary that must have been the thought that they could end up like emma.. rest in peace gorgeous girl 🥀

  7. i'm from the knox area and this story was big. knox has had a few young deaths bc of others selfish acts in the past few years and she was one of those. i'm glad her story got out. she was beautiful and had ambitions, but someone stole everything away. always be careful even if you and the other person love each other unconditionally things can go wrong.

    edit: there was another death this past year in the knox area. everyone has tried to get his story out. it may not be the longest story, but if you could still cover the story it would be appreciated.💙

  8. It seems like a normal highschool life,
    Something out of RIVERDALE before Veronica came Betty, Emma and Archie, Riley were both bestfriends, and Betty
    got a crush on him, then eventually Veronica, or Riley’s possessiveness came and possessed Emma,
    forced her and made her feel trapped, like them breaking up and then going back.
    It’s such a sad story. R.I.P. Emma

  9. I live pretty close to where she did. Last weekend I literally was at the place downtown right near where some of the pictures you showed were taken. Statistically, a decent amount of crime happens here, but you never hear about besides this and a couple that was murdered in 2007. It feels unreal that this literally hits so close to home

  10. My ex bf was controlling and tracked me through find my friends app on iPhone. And claimed I knew about it when I didn’t, I eventually found out when I went through some text messages and see that I was sharing my location with him which I wasn’t okay or agree with. Then when we broke up he kept trying to get me to stay with him, I moved to a different city and cut communications with him.

  11. I was in a very abusive relationship with my childrens dad . I took off with our kids while pregnant witb fourth . He acted like a pyscho and a alcoholic . After I took off he stalked me and still is . Ive had to move around . It's scary very scary feeling . Here in las vegas the police don't do much . At one point he thought his dad would kill me . I still have flashbacks of certain things . I dealt with many unnormal things with him . Horrible four and a half years

  12. I'm confused. 1st they said she didn't have a pulse & thought it was a suicide or OD but later they talk about her being shot! So the mom didn't notice blood or WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE???

  13. There’s a show about true stories about this! And I watched this video on my way to Nashville, and I drove through Knoxville on my way there!!!!

  14. “I want to be so upset, but I can’t because I’m more worried about getting arrested.” Scary that we live in a world with absolutely soulless people like this.

  15. My daughter is 7 and the thought of her dating scares me. Prayers to her family especially her parents. No mother or father should ever have to bury their child 💔

  16. So, so sad. I have a beautiful daughter and I can’t imagine the pain this girl’s parents feel everyday. Rest easy, Emma.

  17. Coming back to this video after watching Dee Dee an Gypsy videos and when Kendall said all of nurses are good i feel bad remember Dee Dee who once a nurse😭

  18. What is with these ridiculous thumbnails? It's so insensitive and unnecessary to even put yourself in a thumbnail alongside an innocent victim, but to make these overdramatic, posed, acted out thumbnails is gross

  19. This shocked the entire community here. I followed this trial and I have to say you did it justice. I was worried things would be left out. Not really related to the video but as some from the Knoxville area, it’s funny to hear someone not from here say Maryville. Around here the “Y” is silent 😂

  20. No one is gonna talk about the reptilian Eye shift at 1:18 Her friend on the right talking about her watch her eyes it’s plain as day!

  21. So they "knocked him out" and THEN "put him in a van?"….. how would he know if he was put in a van if he was knocked out???

  22. Guys i won't lie her mom was my teacher in 5th grade and her mom is such a sweetheart she is very pretty and looks just like Emma and her mom is very chill and her mom and her are full of kindness❤❤❤

  23. Some nurses are actual sadists but most are cool. An evil boy with crappy friends, I’d help my bestie hide the body & say nothing about it to anyone ever… probably until I met the grieving family and/or friends, then I’d crack like an egg & tell them everything

  24. I just don't understand how its possible for someone to be shot without blood or anything that told the parents and first responders as such? How did they mistake for something happening to her in her sleep?

  25. houses in America like for real a bullet can go through a wall from outside?! We have houses of brick there is no way such thing could happen

  26. Those text messages were funny I wouldn’t of went outside lol I would of texted back and said oh well I don’t care!

  27. What a shame Emma's parents didn't pack her up and move across the country & change their names when they first became concerned about Riley. Emma was a gorgeous, wonderful daughter who was obviously treasured by her parents.

  28. How weird… 11:00 I once heard a gunshot, inside my house, while I was alseep and I always remembered it like the sound of pots and pans banging together. hmmmmpf

  29. Give us a link to the actual story. I dont see the point of watching you tell their story? I thought this was like a 48 hours. Not a girl saying what happened?? Uuhh..

  30. Doesn't help how controlling her parents were. I get their concern but that was probably the dumbest way to go about it with a teenager.

  31. I think it's very important to choose the right wording… He wasn't so in love with her that he couldn't live with out her. He was obsessed with her and wanted power over her. It wasn't love at all.

  32. I’ve heard of this story but never realized how close it is to where I live (Johnson City Tennessee) I haven’t seen it on the news or anything this is crazy and so sad:(

  33. Thanks for all the considered thoughtfulness of your vlogs. Your coverage is insightful and most importantly giving, a word of warning regarding potentially avoidable, self determining situations and remaining free from complications, such as this. As many negative people, situations and circumstances of life can with courage belief, support and knowledge can be avoided, overcame and moved past to a free positive life.
    Thus people, circumstances and situations that could destroy your life and future.
    Actions can sometimes speak louder than words. This incredibly important knowledge of the issue of control, abuse,/violence and the need for responsive community awareness. I truly hope vulnerable people, if they reach out, will gain support without judgement and with love. I hope more awareness of how control and violence can occurs, therefore… how to access your options when they are needed… if people truly knew this it, for them it could make the world of difference to the spirit, heart, emotions and mindset… regardless of the suffering. Thus always, if it is a human problem, then it is a human concern. Therefore is something to advise, take stock of and not be silent about domestic violence women, children and men… UpA deeper understanding, knowledge and support from loved ones, can be learnt before experiencing extreme control and/or domestic violence. The sooner the better, as if those who are concerned recognise and understand, then you can get help and get out. Control, violence, isolation and many other techniques used by those capable of abuse and worse. Control, violence and abuse starts somewhere and absolutely control is NOT love. You can NOT love someone enough to mend their hurt and thus in return love you more… NOT possible, life does NOT work out that way. Love makes Love. Hate makes hate and control makes CONTROLLED! Sometimes your life actually can depend on it! To those who even suspect reach out, reach out and keep reaching out. If someone loves you… they will want you to talk freely, they will want you to feel free to be yourself and let you know this through their actions as much as their words. Those who truly care they will feel you can speak openly, give you respect of every side of a story and will understand you sometimes both have differing viewpoints… as every story has two sides. Some who truly loves you will encourage, support and want you to feel utterly supported and loved, as much as you can possibly have and feel. Those who truly love you, will endeavour to and be open to respect, your loved ones family, friends and chosen tribe. As live truly despite world views and whether or not they always agree, with love will still respect, support and be loving in actions and words. Many Blessings 🌟💜💫

  34. What do you mean luckily he didn't successfully commit suicide?! It would have been better than him being alive and being able to murder her as he did…

  35. When he said “it’s in the Tennessee river nobody will ever find it. 20 years later “Hey guys it’s DMALLYD and I will be exploring the Tennessee river”

  36. This might sound weird cause me and my friend are only ten but my friend has an ex boyfriend and he will literally rip her homework and hold her down if she doesn't do what she wants and he will run after her and tackle her

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