100 thoughts on “Eminem – Walk On Water (Official Video)

  1. This song goes very deep in his feeling this song was wrote from the heart as u can tell.. eminem really cares about what his fans think… I just love eminem..

  2. If you ever feel like you are trying to walk on water and deal with unreal expectations of other or yourself, just know you're not alone. Em himself had to deal with this after so much success and hardships, so you just silence your mind and remember: believe no opinion about you, only your own feelings. You got this. It's gonna be ok, or even better. You don't need to outdo anyone, not even yourself. You are enough.

    Just sending out the love and words that I heard and that saved me back when this song hit a little too much home, just in case someone gets here in need of the same love and words.

  3. Dam he sexier than I remember growing up. I grew up binge listening to his music , against my parents wishes. When I was about 12 which would have been 2003 🙈 thinking I was home alone I had head phones on sitting at our desktop watching one of eminems music videos in my own world ,well I didn't hear my dad come home and he caught me rapping , cussing and all. My dad actually wasn't mad but I turned around and he was laughing at me because I sounded so funny singing it. If you can imagine a skinny ass, white as snow 12 yr old girl with an Alabama accent rapping Eminem thinking no one is home to listen.

  4. Why does a generation, even when they are so far away from each other, almost the same in their hearts……man its 2019 i know, i walked a dark path of my life, dont know if u read this ^^ XD, and i get so much sunshine from my past mate, my ma passed away 3 weeks ago, she is still around me, and im such a dumb fuck, i never realized it that much the last 6 month of her life. We were left by everyone we loved and trusted…..now only me is left, but i keep it up and walk my line 😉 With much love for every human outside there, who wants to be a part of society where we all can live and act TOGETHER as one…..

    High Five to u and what u´ve done to this music szene!! Rock and Roll Mate! Thank u!

    (Dont fk around with my english, im BAVARIAN and german, thats hard enough XD)

  5. Lyrics doesn't fit witht the super cheesy arrangement. Em's a alright rapper, but he haven't made any good SONGS since his first two albums.

  6. EMINEM: Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit ….
    No rhythm..
    Me : WOW that was a great song i love it god dam.n it

  7. все коменты на английском, пишу по русски. нихуя не понятно мне на вашем языке, но звучит пиздато!

  8. October 2019 – still here – an absolutely heart-felt amazing track that stupid people can't appreciate what he is saying here


  10. I think it's crazy how budden trashed considering the fact eminem talking about people don't see the art that he's putting into people want this mumble bullshit and budden repping lyrical shit to so I think he just hating that's all

  11. “Take your beat rhyme, outdo it, now do it a thousand times
    Now let ‘em tell you the world no longer cares or gives a fuck about your rhymes”

    That’s real shit

  12. 2013:I feel like a rap god.
    2017: I am no jesus.
    He envolved a lot, and always keep it real , reflecting his own life.
    And as an em fan,I'm going to stick to him till the end.

  13. Fuck is new at the beginning Sounds like it’s re sung by both but Marshall only re sings parts skylar verse went faster Towards the end he has re sung it. It’s not skylar all the time it’s another voice

  14. Pure poetry as usual em is getting deep that comes with age an knowledge … Ur still killin it main don't worry about what others say help lead your listeners with your powerful words my brother…alot of your songs saved my fiance from a very dark place.

  15. Still the beginning there are different sounds volum changes flipping pages still sounds partly sung new skylar is singing her part differently and so is Marshall

  16. This song is truly amazing the first time I listened to it I actually cried cause I heard some of the pain he went through in this song which is what makes it amazing

  17. I'll always give a fuck about his ryhme .. he's beyond amazing and they all wanna be the same while he's being him .. loved him from the beginning.. we only human

  18. This whole album was wordplay and illeteration galore it is true poetry with depth and complexity love when he goes true eminem from the heart like infinite one of if not his best album

  19. I can't front when I first heard ok skimmed it I thought this was whack AF. However, when I listened thoroughly it's been on steadily repeat. It is now one of my fav eminem tracks of all-time. Such a deep, vulnerable, humanizing track.

  20. I was crying this really hit my heart eminem dosen't deserve any hate he gets becuse this man is a legend and legends never die

  21. Eminem wrote the songs for the album Revival from the heart. I heard some songs from the album and they were all heartfelt. I hate it as well when people say they are good rappers and they trash songs like this! What's wrong with singing songs from the hear? At least Eminem is not afraid to show the other side of himself. Eminem is awesome and he's not afraid to express himself!

  22. I guarantee if revival sounded more upto date with today's hip hop no one would complain.

    I also guarantee if nas or jayz put out revival people would say its a classic .

    Fact is eminem has always had his hater's since day one even when dr dre was producing for him so eminem cant win over the haters regardless of what he does some people are just hard to please and they are just miserable bitter individuals who just show hate towards people they are jealous of,

    Me personally I like revival maybe cause I'm 40 years old and as I got older like different types of music so I appreciate eminem put out an album that satisfies my taste
    I like the poppy rock r&b beats he chose for revival it's what true artists do they experiment,

    And here's another Fact I always thought hip hop was about creativity and showing different emotions in your music
    Based on your feelings at that given time but I guess after 30 years of me being a hip hop fan I guess I'm wrong .

  23. Although I don't care for Beyonce, I think this song is tight. I should have known since it got all the hate from the celebrities. If he censored himself from using fa**ot, it wouldn't be Em, but he brought that on himself by supporting the left.

  24. People shouldn't feed into lost zombies, who worship artists and not themselves or their parents, if they had good parents. Alot of people in this world do not know themselves, too many insecurities, jealousy and hate. Just broken homes man.

  25. tries writing eminem-like song



  26. Bro I'm boutta make a couple million Accounts to get this shit trending y'all are trash for hating on this masterpiece ✊ i stand with you Marshall.

  27. I bought revival and kamikaze on vinyl a few weeks ago. I bought them because they BOTH ARE MASTERPIECE PERFECT ALBUMS and FUCK YOU if you hate them.

  28. Just noticed how the background noise of him crumpling his papers while writing each verse also resemble to the sound of ice cracking.

  29. @eminem #eminem you will always be my idol, you are my all time favorite from when I was 13 til now at 35. I live you!! You are real better than anyone!!! Hope to meet u your on my bucket list!!!

  30. Happy Birthday Eminem 🎉🎊🎁🎂🎉🎊🎁🎂🎉🎊🎁🎂🎉🎊🎁🎂🎉🎊🎍🎂🎂🎊🎁🎂🎂

  31. Revival is overhated. Sure there are songs like Heat that are fucking ass. Possibly even top 10 worse songs of all time. But you also have framed, you have wow, you have offended. Like home. Arose, Castle. Sure these songs arent for everyone. But some are. I would rate revival a high 8, low 9. Also if you could support me on my youtube, SandMPecaoYT that would be awesome. In my featured channels I have a rap channel n a fren channel. You dont gotta but it'd cool. Thanks ya'll

  32. 99% of comments:
    “I can’t believe people are hating on this song it’s so good”

    0.5% of comments:
    “This album is garbage”

    0.5% of comments
    “This comment”

  33. Thanks for the video. Marshal, you are suffering from impostor's syndrome.
    It's OK. All that attempt to follow you must do so in your shadow.
    When one rises so high and so close to sun, it is inevitable that your shadow eclipses all below.
    I give you permission to be non-religious, wise and loving in all your words.
    If you see the immensity of your own shadow as only darkness, then rise higher; become the sun and shine light on all those below.
    Again, thanks for the video. Frank

  34. I don't care what anyone says this album was hot and the only ones that don't get it haven't been paying attention. I have every album one for the car and another of each for the house and phone of all the music ever put out since he came out and even the underground music was released. Would love to get something autographed just to display. This music has gotten me through some rough shit personally

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  36. I'm sorry that you had to triumph through this new young generation of music critics Em , but as a fan of 13 years you're still my idol .

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