Elon Musk: What’s Outside the Simulation? | AI Podcast Clips

Elon Musk: What’s Outside the Simulation? | AI Podcast Clips

– So when maybe you or somebody else creates an AGI system, and you
get to ask her one question, what would that question be? – What’s outside the simulation?

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  2. Funny you should post this at this time, lol I literally just watched the podcast yesterday. I only wish it could have been longer😁

  3. Yo we're not living in a simulation, here is the simulation-argument turned against itself: With each deeper simulation the complexity and/or speed decreases dramatically (and we can assume only the absolute necessities for a specific purpose are simulated), thus there are (a lot) less conscious creatures in each deeper simulation. The chance is far greater that you live in a non-simulated world as one of the many, many conscious creatures there or one of the few in one of the simulated realities. (That is assuming consciousness can be simulated in a von-neumann like computer at all, that what makes conscious things conscious is not a direct result of a physical system interacting with itself but that that system can be simulated and still be conscious.)

  4. whats outside the simulation?…..easy answer….you are outside the simulation……because you created it silly……

  5. The right question would be: What does the "ultimate reality" look like? Since outside the simulation might be just another simulation.

    Also no matter how smart the AI is there's no chance it knows the answer, specially if we cannot interact with the "outside"..

  6. Why would an advanced entity spend resources on creating a simulation of a relatively primitive Universe? This does not compute.

  7. I think we have a HUGE PROBLEM if we live in a simulation. if we reach a technological level where we can simulate the current universe, it will eventually have creatures that can also make a simulation. A simulation in a simulation in a simulation…. This would require infinte computer power = impossible. So if we live in a simulation, the moment we reach the simulation inception, the simulation that we live in would get an ERROR.

  8. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

    ~Genesis 1:27

    Religion – Simulation Theory – Neuralink

    People connected to machine will be powerful gods

    People most avoid suffering, if they can

    Hybrid kids of the future will not experience suffering and pain

    Hence the pain and suffering in this simulation, despite the "almighty god" .. and potentially the purpose of this simulation

    They learn humanity /biological life through our suffering?

  9. "It is clear then that there is neither place, nor void, nor time, outside the heaven. Hence whatever is there, is of such a nature as not to occupy any place, nor does time age it; nor is there any change in any of the things which lie beyond the outermost motion; they continue through their entire duration unalterable and unmodified, living the best and most self sufficient of lives… From [the fulfilment of the whole heaven] derive the being and life which other things, some more or less articulately but other feebly, enjoy."

    — Aristotle, De Caelo

  10. Outside and inside make sense only in the simulation. Space and time and causality are the simulation. Outside inside is asked assuming space, what's before is asked assuming time, what caused it is asked assuming casualty. All of these are valid for objects in the simulation but the question such as what's outside space, or what's before time are asked assuming space or time. The language we use works for objects within the simulation, assuming the three. Any question in language that presumes the three, can't be logically well framed for something beyond. This might take time to sink in. But once you get it, you can begin to have a different perspective, somewhat beyond the objective world, here called as simulation.

  11. look up 'Unacknowldged' 'Sirius' 'UTSUROBUNE 1803 Japan' and 'Poverty' on youtube for a big hint. That's what's outside the simulation. You got lucky with Pay Pal . And learned to ride the wave of fortune. Most normal people don't even have the luxury of spare time to even consider it. As i watch my wife fall asleep after putting in two shifts at the chicken packaging factory. One person might know. that would be Peter Fenwick he's a neuropsychiatrist and expert on near death experiences and death phenomenon.

  12. well I asked the AI at talktotransformer.com (GPT-2 mid size). And got more questions: "Whats outside the simulation? Are there other people? What are their real lives? Will they be aware of the fact that they are not connected to the reality of the simulation? Are different people just confused by the simulation? Is there magic in the simulation? What will it be called? How will it work? What will it look like? Will it be a social network? Is there a central point of control and accountability? Will it use peer-to-peer systems? What is there going to be in it other than the simulated person? What is the content? What are people going to be doing? What might be shared or shared in? The idea here should be to create a situation so far beyond the actual experience that the simulation feels like nothing more than a dream.

    And if it really is just a dream? No one knows. If it doesn't appear to have any real effects at all, it is just another metaphor for the simulation in the real world.

    If a world outside of a simulation is real, then we have real problems in creating it. In fact, we are pretty sure we haven't even begun to solve a problem in creating the world outside of a simulation."

  13. Why would an AGI need to be a her? why not a 'he' or an 'it.' i mean why would an AGI even need a gender identity? or even an identity at all? other than it would be a product for sale and need a product name to respond to. Possibly in an app form on people's cell phones. you realize you will get a bum answer, Elon. There's not enough info on the subject or even physical proof we live in a simulation let alone what's beyond the simulation. Personally, i don't believe in simulation theory. this life is as real as it gets . dog poo stinks. spaghetti tastes great. women who are wet down there are fun, men have done many a stupid thing for it especially while drunk as a skunk. And death is permanent unless you see a past life regression hypnotherapist or read the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
    How does esp work would be what i would ask it though?

  14. What I have never seen with this 'simulation' talk… Is that it literally describes the same scenario of if there is a God, that created everything and us. I believe there is a God. I'm simply not able to view the entire universe and everything that's being learned (also, the more we learn, the more we realize we still don't know) about it and explain it all away as 'a big bang' and 'happy accident that life formed' or 'we're in a simulation' etc etc.

    Even the 'big bang' coexists with the Creation theory. God says 'let there be' and BAMMMMMM triple KABLAMMMMM there goes the universe, from nothing (which we can not truly comprehend what nothing at all even is like, just like we can't fathom in our minds what an infinity is), launching out into 'space'. God as a Creator lines up symmetrically with 'a simulation' yet I've never seen it discussed by anybody with a high profile. It may have been discussed and I missed it.

    But my boiled down point is that some of the greatest minds to ever walk this earth can believe in a simulation, or happenstance, to explain our reality. And that blows my mind. Because when I learn more about the super tiny details of the human body, or the gigantic details of super black holes at the center of other galaxies, it's not possible for me to attribute the amazement that I feel to anything other than 'there must be a God that created all this, and that God is simply amazing'.

  15. I think the reason he's asking "what's outside the simulation" is that it also implicitely asks "are we living in a simulation". So you get more bang for your buck. 😀

  16. The simulation theory is pretty much just "the mind of god", or the skeptical arguement wrapped up in 2019 fashion. Still just as absurd and silly as it was 2000 years ago.

  17. What's outside the simulation? Real Numbers, Infinity, an Uncomputable Platonic Zen World 🙂 #DigitalPhysics

  18. Whenever I make a big sql query and the server takes 10 secs to respond, I like to picture that server having similar facial expressions as Musk when he thinks…

  19. aha, but what would be needed for a simulation itself to run the simulation (and do we see those restrictions in place (yes we do))

  20. Outside of the simulation is way beyond our capability of understanding. What it you some from the simulation to find your body to be nothing but a blob of liqid. No sense of anything in a stage of evolving into something. What if we are plugged in because we have no abilities to care for ourselves. Like just being a brain in a jar. Some super race has grown us to use as an insignificant component to power some contraption that they have already replaced..that's a bit negative but it's just hard to put words to something that could be inconceivable to us. We could all just be numbers. Zero 's and one's. A computer program designed to simulate real world situations or created to answer questions about things by gathering information. The human race has one goal and that is knowledge.why are we gathering knowledge like we would food? Our Survival depends on information for some reason.Why?

  21. Why would an AI that originated from within the Simulation be able to know anything that is outside of the Simulation? No matter how godlike the AI might be, it would still be subject to the limits placed upon it by virtue of being 'inside' – unless the Simulation is escapable.

  22. I really like these clips Lex. You have a lot of good interviews that can be divided into short informational content.

    This interview inspired me to create a t-shirt: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QQTX43Y

  23. Mush asked that question because he's 100% confident that this world is a simulation.
    And if we, mankind, don't laugh at him too quick, I believe he can show proof.

  24. Here's my answer. Tell me what you guys think.

    The results of quantum mechanics suggest that the universe functions as a "self-excited circuit" in that it requires observer participation to resolve otherwise ambiguous quantum states. In other words, the universe requires a conscious observer, for otherwise everything is indeterminate. This leads me to think that the universe can be viewed as similar to a videogame/simulation, as the areas which are not observed are "rendered" at a lower "resolution" in order to conserve the universe's "computing power". All conscious observers will then believe that they live in base reality, when this is not actually the case. I think that the simulation theory does not prove or disprove God, but it seems to require a higher intelligence which would create such a simulation. Perhaps this intelligence would be the ultimate reality.

    Einstein was not a fan of the concept of God, neither was he a fan of quantum theory. He is quoted to have described quantum entanglement as a "spooky action at a distance". Nikola Tesla believed in a God, and was not a fan of Relativity (it obviously has its use, but has limitations {galactic orbits etc.}, leading us to factor in arbitrary cosmological constants based on dark matter/energy). I am beginning to think that outside the simulation (the ultimate reality), is the divine intelligence of God. An intelligence independent of change, and therefore not bound by time, for time is simply a mechanism to document change. This intelligence would truly be the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end…

  25. Granted I have yet to watch the podcast, BUT isn't Elon a little nuts for being so fatalist? AGI is basically sci fi at this point, in a way that quantum computing, AR/VR, Sustainable energy and dumb AI are not. Seriously, we cannot even map thr brain of a paramecium. It will take centuries worth of breakthroughs until we can map the human brain or host one digitally. It could very well be physically impossible. Granted that is how things are right now, what makes Musk so sure and fatalist about AGI. He always seems to think AGI will be a god, when in reality its existence is entirely theoretical if not just basically sci-fi. To my mind, that makes him seem a little nuts. Idk

  26. Outside the simulation is a world where the dominant life form looks like an inferior version of us humans.
    Because when we design our own CG simulations, we make them males look like super heroes and females unrealistically hot 😀

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