Elon Musk: It’s Game, Set, Match – Tesla is Vastly Ahead of Everyone | AI Podcast Clips

Elon Musk: It’s Game, Set, Match – Tesla is Vastly Ahead of Everyone | AI Podcast Clips

– It’s amazing how people can’t
differentiate between say, the narrow AI that allows a car to figure out what a lane line is and navigate streets versus
general intelligence. These are just very different things. Like your toaster and your
computer are both machines, but one is much more
sophisticated than another. – You’re confident with
Tesla you can create the world’s best toaster? – The world’s best toaster, yes. The world’s best self-driving… Yes, to me, right now
this seems game, set, match. I don’t wanna be complacent
or over confident but that is just literally
how it appears right now. I could be wrong but it
appears to be the case that Tesla is vastly ahead of everyone.

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  2. Elon seems to want Tesla to succeed so badly that he overpromises very significantly. Even if Tesla was the only player, they would still be over a decade away from actual autonomy at current trajectory. As they are. And they are not leading over Waymo. Just much more aggressive in what they sell for consumer use. You can make a note of this and see I was right.

  3. Lex, the problem with Tesla isn't in the AI, it's the batteries. Did you see the crash in Moscow that someone posted on the internet? No system is 100% fail-safe. No matter, that was a horrific way to go. Those are the things grabbing the headlines. No one is paying attention to the fact that AI would prevent 99% of present day automobile fatalities. Many of them would skew the data by never even resulting in an accident. I used to be a hard case naysayer and you converted me. Put your guitar down long enough to get your Lincoln prototype commercially viable.

  4. What utter BS. Tesla is not ahead of anybody because this race cannot be won using deep learning, which is what everyone is using. Deep learning has a fatal flaw. Unlike the brain, it cannot perceive an object or pattern that it has not been trained to recognize. This is why self-driving car companies have to drive their cars millions of miles in the vain hope of capturing all possible situations a car might encounter on the road. Even a lay person can tell that this is silly. Musk is either deluded or lying. He should fire his AI director for being a BSer.

  5. why don't you make "greatest moments" type of total podcast clips every week, same day, these notifications are distracting.

  6. Nice, title update from the one in the notification. 😉
    Anyone else notice that youtube polluted #darkmode to #graymode?
    God I hope I'm in some twisted A-B test right now. If it's for everyone, send them feedback in protest at the bottom of your profile icon menu.

  7. Someone capable of keeping up or even surpassing me in a fast, fluid conversation, when I am firing on all cylinders. Rare to perceive. I see it in Elon.

  8. To me it was never a question that tesla is significantly ahead of the competition.
    and they are being so open about all the cool stuff they are building,
    like the custom made computer that gives 10x performance with less power usage
    they described it in such detail that competitor could just use that and do the work…
    While they could as well just keep silent…

  9. Of course it is Game, Set, Match, There’s only one person alive with the cognitive abilities of Elon Musk.

  10. Nobody outside of Tesla knows what they have brewing in their engineering department. They might be really close to FSD.

  11. This is a dated video and with no apparent merit in being republished. Is it just to mock Musk for his boastful comments?
    As Tesla struggles with basic drivers aids (AEB, pedestrian, cross-traffic already in other production vehicles) and it's FSD and "advanced" summon are limited beta field test systems with no regulatory testing programs, no public comment process, if anything, Tesla is clearly years away from its FSD goal and behind systems from GM Cruise and Google's Waymo.
    Note that Mercedes EQC now does lane-change, so it's equivalent to Tesla's distance-keep, lane-keep, lane-change in a production vehicle.

  12. Tesla IS clearly ahead of everyone no doubt but still the final marginal problem to Level 5 is a much bigger problem than delivering Model 3 at $35K without subsidy..

  13. use multiple cameras on the sides of the car and image recognition trained on multiple lane line types. to calculate the distance with the triangulation from the right. the width of a lane in the US is about 2 horses' width. so when you wonder what horse's rear end these specifications cameafrom your probably right. it came from horse slavery of buggy pulling days. you want to be able to count the lane lines and triangulate distance with multiple cameras both for safety. Road conditions vary and weather conditions aren't always sunny like Sunnyvale. i hate that place yesterday was sunny, today is sunny, tomorrow will be too. Also use image recognition trained on multiple types of lane lines to count the lines and to calulate distance of the lane lines from the side of the road.
    What about speed limits? and traffic conditions. when there's no traffic people just zoom along at about speed limit+10 miles per hour. in traffic conditions it can slow to a crawl. i've been pulled over for going the speed limit once on highway 17 cause i was in the fast lane and taking a college girl to the San Jose airport, i saw the police behind me and naturally slowed down. There wasn't space for me to change lanes either until his siren went on. i pull over, he comes to the side driver's side 'DO YOU KNOW HOW FAST YOU WERE GOING? ' yells the police officer rather rudely. i was like 'Yes. i was going exactly 55 miles an hour. The speed limit is 55 miles per hour.' i calmy said. Upon noticing the pretty red haired woman in the car. The officer calmed down. She was my girl friend's roommate at UC Santa Cruz. AI weren't really a thing back in the late mid 1990's but everyone gives in to magic of the red heads charm. and the officer was cool and understanding about it, he let me go with just a warning to match the speed of traffic and Lorrin caught her flight back to L.A. and we all lived separate lives and happily ever after. What does an AI car do if there's there's a roadside anonmalies like if there's a roadside accident. and can you take the wheel and pull over to help them out if you are the first one there on the scene or does it automatically notify the proper authorities? check out Local Area 58's channel for what looks like an alien alien abduction. How would the AI car handle this situation?
    Here it is.
    How Bizarre?!

  14. Lex, I’m curious have you been able to interview any African-Americans working in AI? I’d like to hear their perspective and ideas.

  15. So Tesla Autopilot + M3 = Unbeatable in terms of performance safety and price. Bjorn eloquently drops the bomb here https://youtu.be/f2ArIq0QRX4 . No one can touch Tesla. They'll continue progress while the competition is 3 – 5 years behind.

  16. The world biggest car companies have very big pockets they will catch up. Remember how wordperfect and netscape were king but then Microsoft threw a lot of money at the problem. To stay ahead Tesla needs to keep investing huge amounts of money in R&D. But can they?

  17. So was the 3000GT VR4 back in 1991. And they do not even make them anymore. So to your statement I say so what things always change.
    Just because they are today does not mean they will stay there. Musk always has an excuse ready when he fails to make good on a promise by date. That is the path of failure not continued success. And there is still a lot not to like about a Tesla. A Tesla today is like a 56k baud modem when they came out. Ahead of its time and everyone wanted one. But then soon after broadband came out, and everything changed again.
    The EV cars still have not reached the broad band era. When they do, that is when things will change drastically. Tesla may/may not be the leader when that happens. Time will tell. Early tech adopters financed the broad band modem era and spent a lot of money trying to keep up with the newest tech. Good luck with that. I for one can wait until they meet my expectations.

  18. He indeed make a more sophisticated toaster! Look at all those toaster that catches on fire that tesla made! 😂😂

  19. Can Musk do something about Toilet Paper after reinventing the toaster…There have been no technological innovation in Toilet Paper Indusrty in a Century –

  20. Maybe, but Tesla still can’t manage to build an even average quality car.. nor provide proper spares support for them..

  21. After he takes on the Pickup truck and Motorcycle market, THEN he'll be vastly ahead of everyone. Until then it won't matter how ahead he is for at least 50% of the US population.

  22. lol when Elon gets done fleecing the rich green snowflakes he’s going to fly off in his rocket 🚀 . Vastly ahead of everyone.

  23. Seems pretty clear it's game, set, match to me as well. However, go to virtually any Seeking Alpha "analysis" of Tesla to hear a bunch of contemptuous chuckleheads predicting imminent demise. Classic Dunning-Kruger effect (and they have charts and graphs!).

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