Ellen Shares Her Favorite Podcasts

Ellen Shares Her Favorite Podcasts

If you want to listen to any of
those songs they were speaking, you can check them
out on Spotify. Not only does it
have great music, Spotify also has
podcasts for everyone, including sports, news, murder
mysteries, and comedies. They even have my podcast,
“Ellen on the Go.” I listen at home. I listen in my car
on the way to work. My favorites are
“SuperSoul Sunday,” “Dirty John,” and
“Armchair Expert” if you haven’t listened to those. Actually, I should– I’ll play a little bit for you. Hey Alexa, play “Dirty
John” on Spotify. OK, Ellen. Calling Dirty John. No, Alexa. I didn’t say call, I said
play “Dirty John” on Spotify. Too late. Calling Dirty John. Well, there’s no one named
Dirty John in my contacts. Sure, Ellen, I’ll go along with
that in front of the audience. All right, let’s try
something different. Alexa, play “Armchair
Expert” on Spotify. No, I want to talk
to Dirty John. All right. Alexa doesn’t seem
to be cooperating, and I couldn’t even hear her. But all of you will
be able to listen to your favorite
podcasts, so you’re getting two years supply
of Spotify Premium is what you’re getting. [APPLAUSE] We’ll be back. [MUSIC PLAYING]

38 thoughts on “Ellen Shares Her Favorite Podcasts

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  3. Ellen! Listen hear i need your cutout doll pleassss. Iffin i had one i wouldn't need my tv ne more. I could just prop you up infront of the tv.☺️ Please

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  6. You get Spotify Premium, You get Spotify Premium, You get Spotify Premium, You all get Spotify Premium

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