Ellen Announces Her New Podcast, ‘Ellen on the Go’!

Ellen Announces Her New Podcast, ‘Ellen on the Go’!

Have you ever wondered what
goes on behind the scenes here at the Ellen Show. Yes! Yes, me too. Because as soon as this
thing wraps, I’m out of here. So now you get to get a
peek behind the drapes. I’m excited to
announce our shows new podcast is called
Ellen on the Go. And it’s hosted by my
executive producers. They’re going to
tell you everything that happens behind
the scenes and things that you can’t
hear anywhere else, like in the first episode,
Andy talks about his sex life. So– [LAUGHTER] Uh-oh, three people
just unsubscribed. [LAUGHTER] The first episode
is available now. And there’s a new episode
every Tuesday and Thursday on Apple podcast,
Wondery, or wherever podcasts are available. For more information,
go to our app.

20 thoughts on “Ellen Announces Her New Podcast, ‘Ellen on the Go’!

  1. Loove u ellen 😍. You always make me smile with your jokes. I recently got fired it was my first time getting fired I was so sad it was a sad day because I didn't know what I did. Just when you think everything is fine this is exactly when it's not cuz something like this will come out of nowhere they don't care how many years or how you did your best and all your time in the job and how much you love your job.

  2. Of all the guests Ellen had on the show today she disabled the chat on the Seth Owen Story. This makes me sad because I know there are plenty of positive messages that would have come in for Seth. Seth's family disowned him but Seth said they still talk. Cher Bono also disowned her daughter when she came out but they are alright now. It takes time for some parents to come around. Have the conversation. Don't shut it down.

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