EDIUS.NET Podcast – Offline activation

EDIUS.NET Podcast – Offline activation

EDIUS Pro 8 requires an Internet connection every 60 days. If you cannot connect or are not allowed to access the internet you should use the EDIUS 8 Workgroup version. This version allows you to use EDIUS without an internet connection and can be activated offline. Here we will show you how to perform an offline activation. First install EDIUS Workgroup 8. Then by right-clicking the GV license manager in the Windows taskbar choose offline activation create ID file. Type in the serial number of your workgroup eight and confirm with OK. Specify a file location for the activation ID for example the desktop. Confirm your choice. An activation folder will be created. Copy the folder to a USB stick. Plug the USB stick into a computer which is connected to the internet. Open the GV activation file and run it. A response file will be placed in the activation folder. Now insert the USB stick into your offline computer. Right-click the GV license manager and click offline activation – register activation file. Choose the file response.key from the activation folder and click open. Workgroup 8 has now been activated and you can run EDIUS.

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  1. today my edius 8.5 pro (education version) showing (failed to connect to the server. network has any problem, or the server is in maintenance and )error code is 2F78 . what i do and which antivirus is best for edius (windows pc) pls suggest me

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