Eating 600 Cheeseballs

Eating 600 Cheeseballs

Today we celebrate
our 600th episode by eating 600 cheese balls. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Today is cause for celebration. Why is that? ‘Cause it’s our 600th episode.
Who’d have thunk it, man? – 600.
– Well, I thought it. – Just think for a second.
– I’m going to 6,000. – And then I’m dying.
– Wow. At least you, at least I know
when it’s gonna hit ya. (laughter) I’ve given you fair warning. Well, fine, I’m gonna go to 6,001,
and then I’m gonna retire. – But I’m not going to die.
– Okay, good. You don’t have to die. Are people doing math right now
to see how long – it’s gonna take us to go…
– That’s a good long time from now. ..5,431 episodes from now? The same people who watch the show now, they will have moved on
to other forms of entertainment by time we get to episode 6,000. So it’s like I’m talking to people
from the future who aren’t even watching this. It’s a mind trip, people.
And how should we celebrate? By asking you to tell us
how to celebrate on Facebook. I’m knockin’ stuff over. Well, Grace Watson said,
“Fist bump 600 times.” Grace, that’s such a bad idea. Well, we did give five 500 times,
so why not fist bump? I’m ready. – You’re ready?
– My knuckles are ready. – Boy, this is–
– 600 times, Link. (chuckles) – Which hand you wanna use?
– I’ve never even counted to 600, much less fist bumped while counting. All right, let’s do it. (both) One, two, three, four… (audio fast forwards) Pause, pause. – You’re doing it too hard.
– That’s 38. You’re doing it too hard!
Don’t get mad. – I mean, these knuckles–
– I’m sorry, I’m mad that we’re doing this. These knuckles gotta make to 600,
and not you going, “(gruffly) I’m just gonna
fist bump harder!” (normally) It’s gonna hurt your knuckles
just as much as it hurts my knuckles. – You’re right.
– We’re on 38. We should go gentle. 39, 40… (whispering) 41, 42… (audio speeds up) (rapid bumping) (voice squeaks) (voice squeaks) – 100!
– And 100. Okay, 101. How you feel? – 1/6th of the way.
– Let’s switch up. – Switch up.
– Okay. Rings.
Take the ring off? – No. No, no.
– Keep the ring on. – (whispering) One, two–
– Nope, uh, three, four, five, (whispers) seven, eight, nine… (audio speeds up) (voice squeaks) Ow! Let’s take the rings off. – That’s 29.
– It’s really hurtin’. – Okay.
– Hmm. 129. Don’t lose that!
Now, that’s important. That’s not symbolic of anything. Okay, 30… (counting quietly) Your left hand’s a lot bonier
than your right hand, or maybe my left hand
is a lot bonier than my right hand. Fine, we’ll just go back. – Thirty…?
– Five? Six, seven, eight, nine. 40. (whispering)
One, two, three, four, five… (audio fast forwards) (voices squeak) (squeaky giggle) (normal laughter) If we both go like this,
that’s not a fist bump. – That’s a fist bro.
– We gotta be– We can’t be in sync.
We have to be the exact opposite. Right, it’s like a sine and cosine. So what number are we on? 193? (counting silently) – 200?
– (chuckles) – All right, let’s speed this up.
– Let’s double up. – We gotta speed this up.
– These count for twos. – All right.
– These count for twosies, so if we go– – If we count by tens–
– We’ll get to 400. Right, here we go. (whispers) One, two, three,
four, five, six…. (audio speeds up) (voice squeaks) Ow! Look at that!
Look how red that is. Look how big my knuckles are.
I crack ’em all the time. – (mocking) I crack ’em all the time!
– (laughs) – (normally) What is that?
– I don’t know! – 40, 40, 40, 40.
– If we could keep going! Just don’t get harder.
Get more in sync and softer. (whispering) One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven… (audio speeds up) (voice squeaks) (squeaky conversation) (shrill giggle) (normal laughter) – Man, that’s your fault, man!
– (laughs) No! ‘Cause you started–I just started
coming when I’m going. Okay, 84? (rapid bumping) – Okay, that’s 400.
– 400 plus 200 is 600. – Can we move to a different part?
– We’re done. No, that’s 400 total.
All right, here we go. Okay, now we gotta go to 100 again
and that’ll be 600. This last 100 and we’re done. (exhales) (rapid bumping) (voice squeaks) (voices get squeakier) (yelling loudly) 600! (both groan) I put on my symbol
of ever-lasting love to my wife again. Ooh, I didn’t want it to get damaged. Oh, the redness.
I don’t know if that translates– Oh, the redness! But, um, wow. Let’s just move on from that. Ethan Telfer asks, “Why don’t you make
a montage of all of Link’s gagging – and dry heaving?”
– Okay. ♪ (dub step) ♪ (gagging) (gagging remixed) (laughter) (retches) Nothing came up. (shrieking) Oh! (gagging) Here it comes. That’s gross. (retching in slow motion) – We’re gonna–
– Yeah, yeah, yeah! (gags) I’m not gonna retch in this episode,
’cause that ain’t me anymore. (gags) (dual gagging) (retches) (screams) Ugh! (coughs) (retches) Oh boy. (both gag) (retches) Does it make you feel better
watching that, like you purged yourself? No, I never actually purged anything. My body said it wanted
to, many times. – Well, I hope–
– It’s a form of exercise. I hope you’ve cleaned
out your insides, proverbially. Prover-Proverbially? Pro-ver-bya-lee.
Pre-ver-ba-lee. Because Joey Pedro says,
“Eat 600 cheese balls.” Dang, you’re throwing
all the fun at us. – Okay, I got–
– He actually asked us to eat 600 each, but we thought
that would be irresponsible, so we’re eating 600 together
’cause this is a team thing! We just fist-bumped each other 600 times, – let’s eat 600 cheese balls together.
– This is what 300 cheese balls look like. And I’ve got my own little system here. (Rhett) Got a glass bowl. Now, I’ve got an idea. (munching) I’m gonna crush these down… (cheese balls crinkle) (Rhett) They’re very dry. (Link) It’s not working
as well as I thought. Now… ‘Cause my thinking is if I can eat these
with a spoon, then I’m gonna be able to catch up. (muffled) That’s why I’m using my teeth. I’m crushing ’em with my teeth. (Link) Now, I hope this bowl
doesn’t totally start cracking because it is made of glass,
and I am putting a lot of pressure here. Just let me start eating
some of these in the middle here and see what happens. – (Link) Wait, what was–
– (Rhett) [inaudible] the same technique. (munching) I think it’s gonna be pretty dry. – Oh wow, that’s a lot of powder.
– (Rhett) Yeah. – I do like cheese balls, though.
– (Link) It’s good. (fast forwarding) (cheese balls crinkle) Oh, going back to your bowl
crushing technique, huh? – I think this is working.
– No. (fast forwarding) Oh man, I can’t even chew anymore. (Link) I literally can’t part my mouth.
There’s so much cheese dust in there. I saw that coming. (silence) We can drink water
while we’re doing this, right? – No!
– What? – Yeah.
– Yeah. (slurps) This is not a food challenge.
This is just a celebration. Can’t you tell? (silence) What’s the serving size on the container? One ball. Mmm-mmm. Like 11 balls. I dropped one.
Is that okay? – No.
– I’ll get it. (silence) How cheesy are my lips? How cheesy is my mouth? (Rhett) Oh, gross! (silence) Got about a dozen left. (munching loudly) – You’re gonna do it, man.
– (laughs) – You’re really gonna do it.
– So now it’s becoming about me? You’re doing pretty good. (munching) The final four. Oh my goodness. (thumping) Wow, Rhett. – I’m done.
– That’s amazing. – You still like cheese balls?
– Yeah. – (belches)
– (Rhett) You want me to help you – with those?
– I just burped up a lot of cheese powder. I have to re-eat those.
That sucks. Look at how much is on my hand.
That’s a record. (silence) (groaning) You’re not good like that. You don’t get the full experience. You getting sick over there? (Link) All right, let’s just double down
and knock ’em out, okay? You talking to me? (chuckles) – I’m talkin’ to myself and you.
– Oh. Help me out.
Let’s do this. (silence) You know… They don’t do this on any other show,
like a newscast– – (laughs)
– Or a– (seriously) Ladies and gentlemen,
and welcome to our 600th broadcast of the nightly news.
I’m gonna eat 600 cheese balls. There’s probably a reason
why they don’t do it. Brian Williams can do it. That’s ’cause he’s cool. Brian Williams, we challenge you
to a cheese ball off. Or we’ll just invite you
to our Cheese Ball. He’s the King of the Cheese Ball. – Brian Williams–
– (mocking) Brian Williams. (laughter) – If you–
– Brian Will-ya! If you ever wanna step foot
in my county– If you come to the Cheese Ball,
you will be the Cheese King. Brian Williams,
and what’s his daughter’s name? – Peter Pan.
– (off screen) Allison. Allison Williams, you have
officially been invited – to the Cheese Ball!
– Whoooooo! – We did it, Rhett!
– Yeah, we did it. Thank you for your help.
Let’s fist bump. – One time.
– One. – Oh, wow.
– Oh my goodness, people. I’m afraid to touch anything. (groans) I will never eat
another cheese ball this week. – As fun as that was–
– (groans) I thought, how about we learn something? – How about it?
– How about it. So we looked up what happened
in the year 600. Well, it turns out, Link,
the Perges–The Persians– – began to use windmills for irrigation.
– In the year 600? Approximately. – A.D.?
– Yeah. – Okay.
– Well, that brings us to the Rhett and Link Theater. (Link sings) In the year 600 A.D. (laughter) – Barry!
– (Link) Yes? – Is that you, Kyle?
– Yes! – Hello.
– How are you? I’m great.
Can’t you tell that I’ve got a new accoutrement. Yes, it’s quite a necklace. (Link) It’s a medallion of sorts.
I got it at a shop – in the downtown area.
– Yes, I’ve been there. It’s great.
Oh, do you feel that breeze? – Whoo!
– Whoo! Wonder what that’ll
do to your medallion? (Link) Oh! – Ladies and gentlemen–
– Look at that! Did you know it did that? No, I had no clue! Well, that’s quite a discovery. – Hey, what’re you–
– (Link) You really gotta steer it. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. – Listen up.
– Yes? Have you heard about irrigation? Oh, of course, irrigation.
That’s how you get water to the crops, but there’s no effective way
to do that by harnessing the wind. Do you think that your medallion
can help with irrigation? Shazzam, Kyle. – Let’s put it up on your home.
– Yeah, let’s try. – The large tower.
– (Link) Yeah, over here. (Link) Okay, hammer please? – (tools rustle)
– (Link) Chisel! – (sawing)
– (Rhett) Okay. (Link) Okay, that’s good work.
Oh, I’m losing my dress here. Let’s sit back and admire.
Look at it irrigate. (Link) Wow, it’s really working well.
I’m surprised it’s fully functional. What-what-what year is it? (both) 600. ♪ (music) ♪ You learn something new everyday. Yeah, like not to fist bump 600 times
or eat 600 cheese balls! Thanks for liking and commenting. You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Angelica.
This is my little “Mythical Beast”. We’re from Italy and it’s time
to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. Hey, lookie there!
We got a Good Mythical Morning hoodie. Look, pssh!
There’s the hood. Pssh! There’s not-the-hood. Available at…
store…store! Get you some.
Click through Good Mythical More, where we eat some malic acid powder
and astronaut cheese pizza! (Rhett) Shout out to Sir Walter Raleigh. Shout out to you, Sir Walter Raleigh. You explored the Eastern Seaboard
from North Carolina down to Florida,
and named it all Virginia. (Rhett) You got arrested five times,
but you were released ’cause you’re slippery. (Link) The capitol of our home state,
Raleigh, North Carolina, is named after you and that’s boss! (Rhett) And, finally, you were
beheaded in 1618, but you took it like a champ,
your last words being, “Strike, man! Strike!” – Sir Walter Raleigh.
– Shout out to you. [captioned by Sara:
GMM Captioning Team]

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