Eat noodles without making a stain! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.02.23]

Eat noodles without making a stain! [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.02.23]

By the way, we accomplished the mission. I’m so glad. – What will we eat? / – Abalones? This is the Abalone Street. I want to eat grilled abalones in butter. I just want abalones. That’s all I want. Abalone and rice? I want marinated abalones. I’m hungry. – This is the place. / – What? – Seafood jjamppong. / – Seafood jjamppong (Will their next mission take place) (at the seafood jjamppong restaurant?) Gosh, jjamppong with abalones? Amazing. This is crazy! Hey, I won’t let it slide if you mess it up here. That means we can criticize each other, right? – Criticism is allowed for this one. / – Well, okay. We have to eat this no matter what. – I can’t wait. / – I really wanted to eat this. All right. The mission at the restaurant is called, Keep Your White Shirt Clean But Gobble Your Jjamppong. Gobble Your Jjamppong? You will eat a bowl of jjamppong with a white shirt on. You must eat it without splashing the soup on your shirt. At least the three of you must accomplish this mission. You can only eat your food with chopsticks. Lifting the bowl will be considered cheating. I don’t care. I’m just going to gobble it up. – I’m hungry. / – What’s wrong with you? You’re not starring on this show by yourself. By the way, you need to be careful. If you eat carelessly, the person next to you might get splashed. I want to avoid sitting next to Jongmin. What is that? (A mysterious object is brought in.) We have to put this on? – Why? / – Not to bend your back too much. (Make sure to eat with your back straight.) If we eat with that on, it will splash everywhere. But will that fit Seyoon? There’s a sticker on Seyoon’s. You’re right. They complained how they had to make mine separately for this. I think you can dock his pay a bit. It costs a lot to keep him on the show. Hey, keep your mouth shut. I can’t breathe. Hey, can someone lower my shirt? (Wobbling) If this was the mission, everyone would’ve failed. Wait, I can’t sit down. It’s so uncomfortable to sit down. I figured out why this mission has only two stars. – Why? / – We can complete this mission… – if we stop being greedy. / – Right. But if you get greedy about food and try to eat a lot, you’ll splash the soup. – We must choose. / – We can’t splash it at all. Actually, if we really want to complete this mission, three people shouldn’t just eat. (The sacrifice is planned.) If three people don’t eat for three minutes, we’ll succeed. Hey, that’s a great idea. All right. Bring in our dear jjamppong. – Come on in. / – Welcome, jjamppong. What is it? There are no abalones? (It grabs his attention.) Gosh, this is crazy. (Gosh, this is crazy.) Gosh, there are scallops. (He can’t keep his composure.) – I see abalones. / – This is amazing. – Mine has abalones. / – Mine doesn’t have abalones. – No, you have them too. / – No, I don’t. Look. It’s right here. Fine. Eat some of mine. I’ll give it to you. Gosh, look at the scallop. How can I not drink the soup? They put abalones in jjamppong? – This is amazing. / – Abalones! Hold on. Wait! Keep your composure. Calm down. Look at the scallops. Oh, my gosh. – There are abalones in jjamppong? / – How much is it? If we complete this mission, will we get a separate lunchtime? – No. You get three minutes. / – So this is our lunch? – Yes. / – Seyoon. Don’t forget we might sleep outside if we fail this lunch mission. – Given the weather, I think I can. / – No. If I have to sleep outside again, it’s my third consecutive week. That’s your problem. – One of us should get a pass. / – Yes. – 1 of us should eat comfortably. / – Just 1. – Don’t criticize even if he fails. / – Right. He can lift the bowl and just drink. But that person must be careful. – Don’t splash people next to him. / – His neighbors. – Okay. / – All right. Raise your hands if you want to do this mission the best you can and want to bow out from this chance. (Raise your hands if you want to withdraw.) – Okay, you’re out. / – No. – You’re out. / – Listen. – That’s not what I meant. / – You don’t have to play. – That’s not it. / – You can do the mission later. (Laughing) – Seyoon. / – Let’s play rock-paper-scissors. What are you doing with your hands? – Rock-paper-scissors. / – You misunderstood me. – I’m playing rock. / – You misunderstood me. Rock, paper, scissors. – Scissors! / – Junghoon lost. Rock, paper, scissors! Nice, Seonho. Rock, paper… What are you going to play? (I intensely want to win.) – What are you going to play? / – Paper. Try psychological warfare. If you’re playing paper, he’s going to play scissors. Then if you pretend to play rock, and then play paper… (Jongmin’s advice isn’t that reliable.) Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! (Scissors, rock) (Seonho wins.) (Too bad.) Thank you for the meal. (Happy) – Thank you for the meal. / – Just don’t get it on me. Right. Set, go. Thank you for the meal. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Enjoy your meal. / – I feel cold. (Drinking the soup first) (Impressed) – Hey, don’t get it on me. / – Goodness. It’s not spicy at all. It’s less spicy than you thought, right? It’s so good. – The soup is… / – What do you think? The smell of the seafood in the soup is… It’s good, isn’t it? (Blowing) (Eating as much as he likes) I’m going to eat the abalone first. I’m eating the noodles first. I should let the soup drop first. Don’t slurp the noodles. Cut them with your teeth. But that’s difficult for you. It’s very tough trying to eat in a sophisticated way. (Cutting with his front tooth carefully) (Being careful while eating the abalone) The abalone is so good! You guys are stupid for talking when you only have three minutes. (If you think three minutes is short…) We only have one minute left. (You’re only making excuses.) – Do we have one minute? / – Yes. Then do you take it away? (I want the soup.) The soup. (If you have the will to eat,) (nothing’s impossible.) (This human mosquito never gives up.) (Putting his face as close to the bowl as possible) (Calculating the angle and volume) I’m eating it at one go. (Jongmin boldly slurps the noodles.) (Gagging) (Gagging) You’re not throwing up, are you? Stop being funny. Let’s take them away. That was a good meal. (Hurrying) We’ll now take away your food. I gave up on the abalone in case I waste my time. I should have eaten his. I’ll judge now. (Time for judgment) It’s splashed on Seyoon’s clothes. – What? / – Where? It’s so big. – Let me see. / – You can see it from far away. Okay, Seyoon is getting hit. (Reserved for punishment) Jongmin. (What about Jongmin who boldly slurped the noodles?) You have soup on you. Where? – I don’t see it. / – You have too much on you. I don’t have soup on me. (Clean) Junghoon, will you please stand up? (They win the mission) (if two of the remaining three members pass.) I’ll judge now. You have… (Second mission) Succeeded. (Second mission, success) Come out, Seyoon. No way. – You too, Jongmin. / – Come out. Come out, Seyoon. – What? / – Come out. (You’re getting a hit from everyone if you fail.) (Okay.) (The two reap) (what they saw.) – I’ll take care of one guy. / – Hurry up. Come on, Jongmin. (You have failed to guard your white clothes.) We’ll be back after punishment. Can I hit you hard? Sure. It’s the rules. (Gosh) (Goodness) Why is DinDin in pain? Why is DinDin in pain? (What happened in the punishment room?) (Little DinDin’s punch) (He guarded it by putting his belly forward.) (DinDin’s punch bounced off of the guard.) I punched him, and it hurt. (Laughing) We’ll give you the hint. – What? / – Is it a Chinese character again? There’s a drawing of a cow. (Second hint card) Let’s put them together. (Let’s put it together with the one we got earlier.) (When you put the two hint cards together…) (Cow, comfortable) – “So An”? / – There’s something about soil. A house for a cow? It’s “Wu” for cow. “An Wu”? “An So”? “So An”? Maybe we’re not supposed to put them together. But this one is transparent and this one is white paper. I think this is right considering the positions. Please move to your next destination. Where would you go? We have to go to the tower. It’s right next to us. Don’t we have to go to the tower since it’s close by? – We’ll go to the Tower. / – Let’s go to the Tower. Are we really leaving without eating? – Yes. / – Can we have the pickled radish? (I’m still hungry.) It’s so sad that we’re walking out of here while watching them. Not me. I ate all the noodles. At least I had the abalone and the scallop. – Did you? / – Yes. I’m so sad. It was so delicious. (They depart for Wando Tower at 11:20 a.m.)

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  1. is seyoon leaving? please make do send encouragement for him to stay..
    already enjoying seeing them together, and the chemistry of their teamwork now is rising..
    hope all the members stay for long.. ☺️

  2. When JongMin gagged, I felt that in my soul. Slurping noodles and accidentally choking yourself is the same as choking on your own saliva, only you don’t want to be gross spit the food back and sometimes your nose shoots snot as a reflex from not being able to open your mouth. 💀

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