100 thoughts on “Easter Egg Roulette (GAME)

  1. LTAT: Special muffins. Special. Very very special…
    Me: Is.. is this a 4/20 joke? Are they really gonna…? No. No way…
    LTAT: Grass. There's grass in them.
    Me: I thought not 😂

  2. Can we get some sort of doctor on here to slowly figure out what wrong with Link's senses,or what's causing it. Or does everything he does on GMM explain his loss of smell?

  3. Chase. I am 26, and my birthday is the 9th of this month 😎 so I’m slightly more wise. I spent my birthday in Nashville, watching Rhett and link at the Ryman! Those pews were brutal.

  4. nobody: —

    me: i wouldn't be mad if there was an LTAT 3 times a week

    link: bister

  5. Rhett wanted to laugh at the herpes egg but struggled trying to keep it in because he knows Link doesn’t like when it’s mentioned, but it was really funny 😂😂

  6. I really appreciated the editing on “special” 😂 it makes this look more like a compilation vid and I actually love that aesthetic

  7. To be fair Link was right about the whole bandanna thing 😆 thanks for speaking out! Love you and your salty attitude this episode rofl

  8. How can Rhett invite someone to "his" office. Rhett and Link shares an office… Or did that recently change?

  9. For anyone wondering, the only technically 'legal' reason to deconstruct an American Flag is for a retirement ceremony for said flag. When they are deconstructed, they are cut into 13 stripes and burned individually in a fire (unless I am forgetting something)

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