Dwyane Wade Joins Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles | The Players’ Tribune

Dwyane Wade Joins Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles | The Players’ Tribune

– A’ight, the first question we always ask all our guests is when you
first got to the league, who’s the first person to bust your ass? Like you was like, man, I’m in the league! – (laughs) Something like that. – I got all them points right there. I feel like he gave all that to me. – B.D., B.D.
– Baron Davis, Boom Dizzle. – B.D. used to tear me up, bro. He was so nice. His handle, he had a crazy handle. – [Quentin] (chuckles) The Ditty Bop. – The Ditty Bop. He had a trey ball. – Strong.
– Strong, athletic. And he was a dog, you
know what I’m saying? Like you know another dog when you sense one, when you see one. I rolled up to him and saw he a dog. B.D. was the first one and then, bro, it was crazy ’cause I
remember like my rookie year. We wound up making the playoffs
like last minute, right? Like we was going into the last game. We was like we gotta win
this game to get eighth seed. But somebody else won, somebody else lost, somebody else lost and whatever. We ended up getting fourth seed. So we in the locker room
celebrating like, yeah, baby! We getting that extra money,
fourth seed, we got home court. And like, who we playing? Charlotte. I had to go into a dark place. I’m like, I gotta guard B.D.? You know what I’m saying, seven games? – Well, you say you went to a dark place. – I went into a dark place, dog. I’m a rookie, you know what I’m saying? I’m like, all right, this
is my playoff experience, I gotta go against the person
I hate guarding the most. So B.D. used to tear me down. And also I didn’t like guarding
Ray Allen and those guys, Like Ray and Rip, ’cause I
didn’t know to chase screens. – [Darius] Chase screens. – You know what I’m saying? Like I didn’t know to get on the outside– – Outside shoulder.
– Outside shoulder. Even though I went, I knew
’cause Coach Green taught us, but you know. – You just don’t stay disciplined. – I didn’t stay disciplined. – You can’t stay disciplined.
– They be tearing you up on them screens, boy. – At least you got a taught, bro. (laughing) I came from zone defense, bro. – Oh, yeah. – I was out there lost. And didn’t you know, I
was playing a forward, then went from the forward– – To the two.
– To the two. – And had to deal with Reggie, Ray. – [Dwayne] That’s what
I’m saying, Reggie was– – Scratching the call–
– Yup, I got Reggie. – And throwing, you stopping and going. – Rip had them nails, bro. – I used to hate Rip. For real.
– Ugh. – Like he was the coolest dude, so you really couldn’t
really wanna fight him, but like you wanted to ’cause you left the game scarred.
– Yeah, put them nails on you. Yeah, bro. – Always acting like he
ain’t do nothing wrong. Like it’s him over there.
– ‘Cause he was so nice, too! You know what I’m saying?
– Was the coolest dude ever. – He was so cool. You know what other people
didn’t like guarding, or guarding me per se, was
the little guys in the league. So like I’m not the tallest guy, but anybody shorter than
me like Damon Stoudamire. Like those little– – Mighty Mouse. – Bro, I hate guarding him ’cause I, you know what I’m saying,
he was quick fast, and then at the same time,
I’m playing a new position. I’m playing point guard.
– Oh, you were playing with the point, that’s right. – Man, I got ripped so fast, bro. We was in Portland, dog. I’m bringing the ball up,
about trying to call a play. (blows air) Go on, so I’m
like, cool, cool, get it again. (blows air) I threw that mud to L.O. next. I was like, here you
go, L.O, take that up. (everyone laughing) Little dude was like,
I couldn’t stand them little dudes.
– Damon Stoudamire was cool. I loved playing with him. That was my favorite
point guard to play with when I was in the league. (dramatic hip hop music) Never stop, never settle. But what made you decide the high school you went to in Chicago? – Well, so I wanted to go to
Whitney Young, right, ’cause– – [Darius] You wanted
to go to Whitney Young? – I wanted, yeah, ’cause–
– Why you thinking Whitney Young?
– Whitney, it was poppin’. He said, “I’m not getting into it.” – We was crackin’. – Q. Rich, and xxx, and D.K., they had Whitney Young
poppin’ in the city, you know what I’m saying? – I remember that. – It was the Bulls– – [Dwayne and Darius] and Whitney Young. – You know what I’m saying?
– Yo, yo, yeah. – So I’m like, Pops, I
wanna go to Whitney Young. And my dad used to work Downtown. You know me, so it was
like my dad was all for it. But my older brother,
Demetrius, he went to Richards, and he was like the man over there, like doing his own brand,
like his own thing over there, so I’m in between.
– He’s sitting there, talking that noise, for real. – Yeah, he was doing a little something.
– That was cold. (everyone laughing) That’s alright. – Oh, Meet gonna let you know. – Big Meet was doing us up. – You gave me a choice–
– Yeah, that was cold. – And I used to be nice. (chuckles) – Yeah, like, not what you see now. (Darius and Quentin laughing) So I was in between, I’m like,
man, I wanna go down there, but, legacy, my old guy got love. We got a little name, a
little legacy over here. So I just followed the path of my brother, you know what I mean? Then I found out, I think Whitney Young had an entrance test. You had to take a test to get
in, I was like, nah, I’m cool. I’m cool. (chuckling) – Not on that level. (everyone laughing)
– No, I’m not. I don’t know, I don’t know
what that might be like. – And that test was hard too. – That’s what I’m saying. – Like a three-hour joint
or something, like what? To get in school? – Yeah, then they was like, my dad’s like, you have to ride with me
every morning, get dropped, I was like, you know what,
I’m just gonna go to Richards. I know everybody here,
you know what I’m saying? ‘Cause we play, our
backyard when I grew up, our backyard was the spot. You know what I’m saying? That was like the Garden. Everybody from the neighborhood
come hoop in our backyard, so I knew everybody already. I knew all the– – All the hoopers.
– All the hoopers, I knew all the older
classmens, I knew everybody, so I was like, you know what? I’m just gonna go on
here and go over here. – When you got to Richards,
he got to meet the legend. (Dwayne chuckling) My grade, I’m serious. My grade school coach, Mr. Gary Adams. Legendary in my neighborhood. I’m talking about in the Cooper Park. My grade school, Whistler, he coached for I don’t
even know how many years, but the whole Cooper Park area
know Mr. Adams is a legend. They respect. Old white dude got respect
and love in the hood. Love this man. To this day, know who Mr. Adams is. So just talk about the
impact he had on you at Richards as your, he
was an assistant coach. – He was assistant coach, yeah. He was assistant coach
when I was Richards. So I used to, when I was younger, with my brother, I used
to go to they practices, you know what I mean? ‘Cause my brother kinda
was like babysitting, I guess, right? So I had to go to they
practice and I just be sitting on the side just watching them. Then after practice he
always grab me and be like, yo, Dwayne, come out here, let’s get some shots in or whatever. So he started building that in me early, so when I got to school,
like it was just like, (snaps fingers) automatic. Like, hey, D, come on,
let’s get some work in. So he kinda built that work habit in me that I didn’t even know that you needed, you know what I mean, to
get to the next level. And then from there he was like, he started doing little things,
like, hey, find a player. Whatever, whoever’s your favorite player, watch what they do and
then let’s work on it. So then Q. Rich my favorite
player, you know what I mean? ‘Cause it was somebody size-wise,
I’m like, you know what? We’re about the same size. And he had a relationship
with Q so it became easy for me to be like, I’ma follow Q. So with him, what he did to me, like he took me to the ball
games, you know what I mean? He took me to kinda watch and see it. And also so then, and then we
worked on whatever we seen. Like I remember Q was
an amazing rebounder, so I was like, yo, I
wanna be a good rebounder. So we started working
on certain ways of how, like the tricks of the trades,
like what you need to do. He had me so cold, bro. He had me doing stuff that I, I ain’t even know that even existed. – What’s funny is he the one who got me started rebounding like that. My grade school team, we had a dope team, you know what I’m saying? So he used to be like,
we had two good guards, we had Michael Timberlake,
he was a center. He was like 6’4″, 6’5″ in
height in grade school. We had my cousin Nate. And we had a cool squad, so it was like was a lot
of dudes that could get it, and he used to be like,
everybody can’t get the ball. He like, which one of you, like you know how he used to talk, too, you gonna be a big dope
or you gonna be smart? You know, like he would say like– – Keep it real with you. – He like, look, what are you doing? Like go get a rebound. He was like, nobody–
– He was talking about how. How, right?
– Yeah, how, my cousin Nate. So it’ll be like, we had a crew, though, but it used to be like
everybody can’t shoot. He was like, which one of you fools is gonna be smart and just
say, I don’t need the ball. He was like, somebody, you don’t need anybody to give you this. Nobody can take this from you. You the one that control that. So I was like, man, you know what, that’s pretty smart right there. Let me just kind of figure out a way to camp out understand this glass and I’m just trying to get tip in here, and it’s like, you know what I’m saying? So then I started figuring that out and he was like, see, he figured it out. He was like, the rest of y’all
just wanna shoot the ball. He like, he right next to the basket, that’s the easiest place to score. And you know from there,
it just like you said, he would just give you
little tidbits and just, you know what I’m
saying, leaves you alone. Like he was cold, man. – He told me one summer, he was like, it was the summer going
into my junior year. So no one knew who I was at all, right? You know what I’m saying? So I’m coming in. I played sophomore two years in a row because of my brother and them had a great varsity team that year and I couldn’t get a lot of time. So I actually played sophomore
level two years in a row. So coming to my junior year, he sits me down, and
he showed me this list. It was list of like all the top players, you know what I’m saying? It was like, he was like, who
name don’t you see on there? So I’m going down the list and everything. And I’m like, I don’t know. And he like, your name! He’s like, you ain’t know. He’s like, you’re not on anyone’s radar. He’s like, so if you wanna get here, if you wanna get to this level, he was like, we gonna put
some work in this summer. He was like, but I be at
your house at eight o’clock. I’m gonna hit the horn
one time, that’s it. If you don’t come out, you don’t want it. – [Darius] (chuckles) That’s fair. – Know what I’m saying? And I was always up ready, but it was one time
where I was oversleeping. We no alarm clocks, we had nothing. It was one time, and I had to chase him all the way down the street, he was gone. I had to chase him all the way down the street.
– He seen you too. Right, he probably (chuckles). You know he seen you too. – I catch him at a light. – In the gray Buick. – Oh, yup. (everyone laughing) – And then he upgraded to a gray Saturn. – Oh, yeah, the Saturn! (everyone laughing)
– Ay, look. Ay, brah, didn’t I say, he was just like you said, like, brah, he used to take us to the tournaments when we was in grade school. Used to go to all the
Brother Rice tournament for seventh to eighth grade teams. The Saint Ignatius, St. Rita. Pick us up in the little gray Buick. After the game, we win the tournament, he stop and we get McDonald. Boy, it was like Christmas. I’m telling you, man, Mr.
Adams was that dude, brah. – I used to always wonder
that ’cause I was like, I didn’t play ninth grade. I started playing high
school ball in 10th grade and we was playing with Butler. And you just came out of
nowhere and you was like good. Like I remember me and
Butler was mad, like, man, nah, D. Wade supposed to be in the Nike Camp.
– Oh, man, the Nike, oh, man. – We was like, how he ain’t Nike camp, he killin’ every tournament. We weren’t winning the tournament, but we was kicking ass in them. (Darius laughing)
– Listen, bro. Listen, I’m gonna keep it real with you. I’m still hot about that. (Darius and Quentin laughing) I’m pretty, look, I’m
pretty sure I was in later, I’m still hot about that, bro. Look, let me tell you something now. Now D. Miles, he’s our guy. He’s the dude, you know what I’m saying? But I don’t feel like
nobody else on the team was like that much better than
me, you know what I’m saying? Outside of D. Miles, you
know what I’m saying? – Nobody was.
– T.J. was cool. – T.J. was cool.
– T.J. Cummings was cool, like you know what I’m saying?
– He was the black hole but he was cool.
– He was the black hole. He get that muck. T.J. go into his box.
– We wouldn’t– – [Quentin] I’m was about
to say, he was– (chuckles) – [Darius] We wouldn’t even give bro the ball in the pros.
– Bro, if you gave it to him, let’s go back, let’s go back.
– They even wasn’t gonna give it back no more. – You know what I’m saying, though? We had some good players, though. But I’m like, but the fact
that we had seven dudes off our team to go to the Nike Camp. And you know didn’t go? – That’s crazy.
– Me, but I’m gonna tell you, I don’t even know if
you know this, though. Larry told me I was going,
Butler told me I was going. – [Darius] Mm-mm! – Yeah, so I had the coach
cancel all the little summer, I mean, some of the
tournaments that you playing. ‘Cause I’m like, Coach,
I’m going to Nike Camp. So to the day, Butler was
suppose to come pick me up. I’m at the crib waiting,
you know what I’m saying? I got my bags, I’m looking,
I’m like, aight, aight, he about an hour late,
about two hours late. Man, the van eventually showed up, and when I walked out the house, I’m like, alright, y’all, I’m gone. And I see Butler, he got his
head down walking towards me. And he’s like, man, D, man,
I tried everything, bro, but you ain’t get in. Bro, I was heartbroken, dog. – I didn’t know that, I didn’t know that. – I was heartbroken. I don’t even know, you all know now– – I just know we was fighting, like, man, I’m in there like, man, bro, D. Wade better than all
these dudes right here. Like how he ain’t– – Ay.
– In Nike Camp? – Bro.
– And we was killin’ folks. – [Dwayne] Killin’, bro. – (chuckles) We used to
murder folks. (laughing) – Bro, they did me so wrong, dog. – [Darius] Yeah, they did, bro. – But after that, though, I came with it. – But what are you, like
that’s what I’m saying, like– – ‘Cause even as a senior
he average like 31. Like his numbers was outta, I’m telling you.
– He came out of nowhere. I’m talking about
– Late bloomer. – out of nowhere.
– I was a late bloomer. – It was like, when I came,
I didn’t play ninth grade, so I didn’t think nobody knew me. I only played two teams. Like we played six games, eight games. We played two at they place, and two at our place.
(everyone laughing) I didn’t think nobody even knew who I was. I went to the spotlight with Butler, and next thing you know,
my ranking just went up. Just went sky high. And now I’m playing in tournaments. The first tournament I went
to was the Purdue tournament. I went there and I met,
that’s when I met Q and them. So now I’m playing like the lower level, I’m playing like the lower level and I’m playing like the
higher level with Q and them. I’m playing tournaments with Q and them, I’m playing the lower level. But you weren’t on that team. – No, I wasn’t, nah, uh-uh. – It was Jerrance Howard and them, and–
– Taps. – And all them look like–
– Taps! (chuckles) – Yup, J, yup. – It was all them on the team, right?
– Taps. – So then the next year
I went and did U.S.A. But I was hearing a little bit about you, but I didn’t see yourself perform. So then when I came back
and played the next summer, we played together. – Yeah, we played together, yeah. – And then it was just like
me and mom was coming around, and all she used to be like,
D. Wade this, and D. Wade that. Like, y’all be killin’,
just you and D. Wade. – Yo, bro, it’s crazy,
so like once we met, ’cause I remember them telling me like, yo, we got this dude from East St. Louis, whatever, he nice. I’m like, alright, alright,
cool, you know what I’m saying? I’m new to this, first year
playing AAU, never played. And then, you know what I’m saying, we got a chance to be around each other, and from that we linked up. It was me and D. Miles. – [Darius] We family, what. – We family, like they have
somebody else in your room, he’s like, nah, homie, trade,
me and D in the same room. Then Marlon Miles will come
and give us that wake up. But Miles would come and wake
us up, we’ll go back to sleep. (Dwayne and Darius laughing) Come back in, wake it up! – I’m like, chop shop y’all head, I’m gonna get up (laughs)
– I’m gonna get all y’all. – But we was rolllin’, and then too, like listen man, we was broke. I didn’t have no money,
you know what I’m saying? Like I had to–
– Oh, he’s our broke thug. – You know what I’m saying, we all broke, so you know some of them AAU tournaments I’m out there with nothing in my pocket. – You know how it is, we all
got the same thing, brah. – Bro.
(everyone laughing) – I’m out there like, D. Miles,
you got a little (chuckles), you got a little something. – Do you remember the long
layover in Chicago we had where we had to stay
in the messed up hotel. It was so hot in the room
that we just sitting outside, had the door open, and
we just sitting there for like five hours just talking. – Yeah, bro.
– All messed up. Them AAU tournaments
used to be beyond, man. – I was doing it, dog. – And then seeing the good players. – What’s crazy is like me
being out on that circuit. I never played at the level before. Even though I had confidence in myself that I was good enough, but I had never played against like the Omar Cooks. I mean, I didn’t even like, them kind of dudes didn’t
exist in the conference that I played in, you
know what I’m saying? But when I got there, I held my own, but I did see a different level– – You did, dog.
– You know what I’m saying? Like then what I was
playing with at Richards, so I’m like, oh! So that made me even go back more and say, yo, I got a lot of work to do. But I was coming, I was making waves, but I’m like, I got a lot of work to do, ’cause these dudes out here. Was it Andre Barrett? – Yeah, Andre Barrett. – And these dudes was nice.
– Eddie Griffin. – Eddie, Eddie Griffin. – Jahlil Wallace. – I remember the Eddie
Griffin, D. Miles showdown. – Yeah, boy. (laughs) – Aww! (laughing) – In New York.
– Oh, my God, oh, yes. – In New York, I had like 50 or 60. – Yeah, that’s how he won it. (Quentin laughing) – Went crazy on that, bro. – I was a fan, I was at the game watching. – That was his one, I remember that. If it was them two,
– Well, I’ll be Eddie Griffin. – it was always tit for tat
– I’ll play the good one, bro. – when they was coming through. – I seen the price on his head, man. He was the number one player. – Ugh, he dunked on him, dog. – He was the number one player, I seen the price on his head, I just had to just go at him hard. – It was disrespectful,
bro, it was disrespectful, but it was great to watch. (Dwayne and Darius laughing) He done did it to Miles, dog. – But I remember these stories, though, like, man, we ain’t talked
about these stories, like, man, it’s probably
been over 20 years we talked about these stories and talked about just them days
when my momma coming in and driving the van, and
you know what I’m saying? And just all them days we have. Like I say, you came out of nowhere and you was like,
outside of me, of course, you know what I’m saying? (Dwayne laughing)
You was the best player on the team, like we needed you. It would have been a tougher summer for us if we didn’t have you. And ’cause you didn’t
come up in the circuit, all the rest of the guys, I done seen them for the last three years. I was playing down and I was playing high. So they was catching up to me, and once they caught up to me
from playing with Q and them, ’cause that’s the first
group I played with, and like Q now showed
me a whole nother level of Illinois’ basketball. I heard about the K.G.’s, the
Ronnie Fields, the Benjis. All the great ones, the Tim Hardaways, the Antoine Walkers, all
the great ones from Chicago. But then when now I’m on, I’m in the high school
level and I just come from playing two teams to
see how Q know to roll. Q look like a superhero to me. ‘Cause he was the leader of they crew. We the best AAU team in the world and four of they players
go to the same school. – We was like, (group
laughing drowns out voice). – They started (group
laughing drowns out voice) all Whitney Young, and I’m like. Then my school is on strike
the first two months. Like the whole August,
the whole September, my school on strike. So they like, yeah, you might
as well come to Whitney Young. You’re gonna win a championship ’cause we winning a
championship this year. You know what I’m saying?
– And we thought we had it, bro, we thought we had it.
– So I was about to go ’cause we weren’t even going to school. I went to a tournament with them. We weren’t going to school,
and shit, I was about to go and not trying to change my mind and stay. I was spooked. – He said, “I was spooked.” – He scared to move the crib.
– I didn’t wanna move, Chicago, big city, you know. – [Dwayne] Yo. – (laughs) There’s too many buildings. It ain’t like that down south Illinois.
– He said too many buildings. – Down south Illinois ain’t like that, (laughs) you know what I’m saying? – And so tell me about you choosing, you know what I’m saying, the process with you choosing Marquette, and when you that first with
you sitting out, how was that? – Yeah, so just the process of choosing Marquette–
– And of course, and of course when you got to meet,
unfortunately, Cordell. Cordell Henry waiting up for him. – That too, ’cause you had Andre Brown and xxx going to DePaul. – Yeah, they did, yeah, that’s right. – You chose Marquette. – Well, Marquette chose me. So, as you know, obviously
I, you being my guy, you knew I was good, but
the rest of the world still didn’t see how good I was. So I only had really
three scholarship offers, you know what I’m saying? I got an offer from Illinois State. I got an offer from Bradley. I got an offer from Marquette. And DePaul was kinda like,
I wouldn’t even count them as a full offer because Q.
Rich coach came to my house talking about some, yeah,
you’re not gonna play until your junior year. I took the visit ’cause
my guy was at DePaul. I knew I wasn’t going there. I’m like, my junior year?
– It sounded like he said, – I plan on being
– Q. Rich coach? – in the league! – That’s the same exact
reason I took the visit. Just ’cause Smooth was up there. – ‘Cause my guy was over there, I’m like, aight, I’m gonna go and take this visit. And then I get there and they give you the sheet of what you gonna do, and I see my host ain’t Q. Rich. I’m like, what is going on? Why am I here? (laughing) Q. Rich when I was there was
like, yo, are you here, bro? I’m like, yeah, I’m here. (everyone laughing) He’s like, yo, I’m coming to get you. So I had only three
scholarship offers pretty much, and for me it was like Coach Crean was so, like when he came into my
house, man, he was so like, like his passion for
turning that program around, his passion for making me,
helping me grow into a man. Like his passion for graduation, like all these things he had for me that no one never has
really told me before, you know what I’m saying? I seen in his eyes that he
wanted something for me, and that maybe I didn’t even
know I could have myself. And I was like, for me,
it was a no-brainer. I knew that, forget the school, I knew the coach and
the man that I wanted, you know what I’m saying,
to be around and to be with. So I committed to Marquette, but I committed to Tom Crean first. You know what I’m saying? So from there it was a no-brainer, but Marquette was actually the first college game that I ever went to. Me and Coach Adams went to a Marquette, Wisconsin college game. We drove up. And I never heard of Marquette before. He was like, you wanna go to the game? I’m like, yeah. He’s like we’re gonna go to
this Marquette, Wisconsin game. I’m like, Mar-who? And we drove up, went to the game. And I seen xxx and them, they sucked too. They got like 15 points at halftime. They was, ooh, and they was terrible. But I was there like, I’ve never seen it. So to be able to see a college game, to be able to like, you
know what I’m saying, being exposed to a different
college that I didn’t even know was right up
the street from the crib, and so when they start
recruiting me, like I started, I was looking even more. We was on the circuit,
I see Marquette look. You know the little polos, and
I see them at all my games, I’m like, okay. – [Quentin] I didn’t know that
that was the first college game that you ever went to.
– It was the first college game I ever went to. – That’s the first college
I ever went to, too. Like my auntie’s best
friend’s son got a scholarship to Marquette, and he played for Marquette. And the first college game I went to was Marquette and Saint Louis U. – Oh yeah, yeah. So the same college. – So I seen them.
– Check that out, yeah. – That’s the first college game I seen. – Same college.
– Was the Marquette game. – So that was my process there man. It was like once I got
there and then before that, so I committed, me and Odartey Blankson. – Odartey
– Right, you know Odartey he played with us. So Odartey, me and him
committed together to Marquette, you know what I’m saying,
because me and Odart, actually me and Odart played
together when was in like, sixth grade. Like we played in this little local thing in Blue Island, right. And he was that dude and I
wasn’t getting off the bench. – Odartey was nice.
– [Dwayne] Yeah he was nice. – He was just too cool though. – Yeah he was so cool, he was so cool. But I remember like
being like a little kid, I’m on the bench, watching Odartey, he was
like the man on the team. And then as we go to high school, like we competing against each other. He go to Hillcrest, I go to Richards so we playing against each other. Every time we play against
each other, both of us, getting 30’s whatever. He still was better than me,
you know what I’m saying, in the eyes of everybody. He was taller, he go shoot, he could do different stuff
that I couldn’t do at the time. So then we played Larry Butler together, we played with Illinois Warriors together, and so like we got this bond, we like bro like what you
thinking, what you thinking. He was like man Marquette one of my teams, I’m like bro mine too, lets go there. So we committed to Marquette
together at the same time. – Straight up. – And around that time
too like I remember, I was trying to pass my ACT. Man I took the ACT test about five times. I did have all kind of
study halls, everything bro, I could not pass it for nothing man, so. – Me either. (all laugh) – So Coach Crean was like,
Coach Crean was like, yo no matter what we still
want you to come to here, we still want you to be a
part of this or whatever. So that meant so much to me dawg, so it was a no brainer dawg that I just, I was like ma I’m going to Marquette man. – They was ridin with you. – Let me just say about the ACT test bro, like literally this is no lies told, me and like our coach at Whitney Young, you know Whitney Young was a magnet school all that education driven. So Coach Stanton, like
you know a lot of kids wait until they senior year
to start taking the tests, and they not use to taking
the tests and all that. So Coach Stanton deal with us, he had all of us start taking
the test as sophomores. You know what I’m saying, like
sign up we taking the test. Bro I took the test and got
like an 18 as a Sophomore. Now mind you, this shows you
that this test ain’t really, you know it’s to me it’s flawed, because I didn’t really take the test, I was just like man I’m
about to fill this junk out. – Right
– I didn’t really I ain’t got take to this for two years. – A, B, C
– You just trying to get up out of there. – I’m just trying to put, fill out, and then take me a quick nap, you feel me. – [Darius] Wait for the next one. – Bro got an 18 , bro. I said I’m never taking the test again. – Not again, never again. – I’m never taking, you need
a 17 and a 2.5, it’s done. Like you feel me. Even if it was like, like you said, some people like, you
know what I’m saying, I’ve seen different things about like, some people just get
nervous at taking tests, and it’s not that they,
you know what I’m saying, not smart or whatever, or
some people have problems taking like a three
hour test and it’s just you know what I’m saying
people minds work different. It’s like an unfair. And I’m talking about like I
had friends at Whitney Young you know that was like
honor student that was like not doing well on these
tests, on ACT’s, SAT’s. – They put so much pressure on themselves. – Because it was pressure
and stuff like that. So it was like those tests are not like. – Because you know you need
it to go to that next level. Like I need this test.
– Exactly. – I got to pass this test. It just become too much. – [Darius] I was taking
that joint every weekend. – Bro. – Like we wasting our time. (all laugh) – Bro, and then like you know
they combine your scores, from the first test to the. They be like listen,
all you got to do is get a 17 on this one and a 7. I couldn’t get that. It was too many 15’s going on in my test. – Hey we in March Madness and you took Marquette to the tourney. Tell us about that, that experience. The school like Marquette that
probably hadn’t been to the tourney in a minute, you
know what I’m saying. But ya’ll took them to the
tourney and made some noise. Like. – A run? They went to the four. – Yeah that’s what I’m saying, like made some noise in the tourney. How big was that? – That was big bro. I mean obviously, you
know going to Marquette. When I went there young Brian
Water was now the Bradley. – B Wards.
– A head coach. – B Wards. – So Brian Water was the
man on the team at the time, and C Dell was still like C Dell, you know a hard head stubborn
C Dell, not buying in yet. – Light skin syndrome. – Yeah light skin syndrome. He wasn’t buying in yet,
you know what I’m saying. So they wasn’t good. – Hey Crean use to be on him. – I’ve never seen a coach
on a player as much as I as much as Coach Crean was on C Dell. – That was braided C Dell. – He going to break, he
ain’t going to make it. He was on him bro. But so, that team was terrible, right. You know from the stand
point of like talent wise it just didn’t have a lot of talent. It played hard, well coached, just didn’t have a lot of talent. So I remember I say out that whole year, and I got a chance to
practice with the guys and that’s when I knew I
could go to the next level. Because honestly I felt like
I was better than everybody. – [Darius] Killing it.
– Yeah I was. – C Dell would tell me bro, like I would, I would talk to C Dell like, you know I mean I was in the league. – No disrespect to my own
teammate but I was killing ya’ll. – They would play him on the scout team, one of the best players to ever play, C Dell would tell me
every other every time, you know how much I talk to C, every day, every week all that. C Dell would be like bra, bra, this dude D-Wade out of
here after next year. Like bro if he was playing this year like we would be so cold. He be like this dude be
murdering, everybody. Like we be playing,
like he could practice, he just can’t play. Like dawg, have you seen
this dude in practice? Like get me out of here. – Bro, so at that point now I’m like, oh I can go to the league, you know I don’t want to wait
– It’s your game. Every practice it’s your game time. – But like one thing
Coach Crean did to me to, like he would bring in like, so say Doc Rivers come in
town, they playing the Bucks. Doc Rivers would come in, he
would come to our practices, he would teach me something,
he would come and talk to me, like everybody who came
in Coach Crean made sure I got face time with them,
you know what I’m saying. I didn’t know he was molding
me for something bigger. So when I got a chance the
next year to finally take the court, you know obviously
I was just excited to play. But like right away, I’m 30 boss. Boom, boom, I’m like wait hold on. – Right. – Hold on, you know what I’m saying. – In college. – You know I mean college,
I’m 30 ball first game, first game 30. I’m like oh, you know what I’m saying. So like, but the summer before that man, we worked so hard dawg,
I’ll tell you anybody you ask at Marquette, Coach Crean
was a mad man that summer. After that team got invited to the NIT, he said no we’re not taking
the bid to go to NIT. We going to work. Bro he worked us so hard,
to the point where like before every workout your
heart it’s just beating real fast, you don’t know
what’s going to happen. You listening, you know we
had a little spiral staircase, you listening, you hear him going off. You like, dang he mad today. But he was building something in us, you know what I’m saying. From us to go from nothing to something, like we had to have this
toughness, this mental toughness, that was stronger than anything. And he was building something, I was like bro he worked us so hard that once I got in the game,
bro the game was a breeze. – [Darius] Right – You know like Chance,
this is a breeze big fella, you know what I’m saying. So we got out there man,
C Dell started to buy in, and he start hooping. My first year playing, C-Dell’s last year, he was hooping bro. Like he was, I was the most
talented player on our team, but C-Dell was the best
player on our team. – [Quentin] Yeah. – And we went to the
tournament that first year. Like we got ourselves in a
position where we were a fifth seed in the tournament,
you know what I’m saying. We feeling good, Marquette
ain’t been here in a while. Me and C-Dell from the crib,
we done and build something, we talking a lot of stuff. We get smacked first game. The 12-5 seed, they smack us. But we built something,
you know what I’m saying. – [Darius] Who was that? Who was that that smacked ya’ll? – Man who was that? I don’t even know, bro. They was a 12 seed, bro, we
didn’t even know who they was. We was focusing on the next
round, which was Kentucky. We like yo we going to play Kentucky. – Oh yeah. – We just thinking we got this. – Ya’ll acting like
ya’ll been there before. – Yeah we thought we been
there, you know what I’m saying. We got a rude awakening. – Madness of March. – So we had started building something. You know what I’m saying we got
to the tournament that year. And then the next year to come back, you know what I’m saying, like
obviously I’m coming back, we got a lot of incoming
freshman coming in. Diener came, like
Diener, like Steve Novak, like we got these good
young guys coming in, and like we just kept building man. To the point where you know, obviously we went to the Final Four. But like the work that we
put in behind the scenes was like, to build that
school to where it is today, it was tough bro.
– Yeah. – [Dwayne] You know what
I’m saying but like, it was worth it obviously. But you know what I’m
saying, just the same things, just like Richards, just like you know AU, like I always had to make my way. And people still didn’t
give me like my due, and that just kept driving
me, you know what I’m saying. I was like alright, you
know what I’m saying, they don’t give me my due,
Kentucky take this triple double. You know what I mean, what ya’ll want? What else can I do, you
know what I’m saying, to let you know that I’m for real? But yeah it was good dawg. – What was the, do you
remember that key moment where that season kind of turned? Where ya’ll made that run
to go to the Final Four. – Yeah, we got in the
conference tournament. We got first game, we the
number one seed, we got smacked. (Darius and Quentin laugh) Smacked, I had a terrible game bro, I had like ten turnovers. I had a triple double the wrong way. And boy when I tell you all
we had was practice time, and Coach Crean was on us dawg. He lit into us but we needed
that, you know what I’m saying. – Going into the tourney. – Yeah we needed that, cause like last time we was
in the tournament we went in with big head, you
know what I’m saying. We going we got this, this
time we went in nervous. – [Darius] Yeah. – You know what I’m saying,
we was a third seed going in, but we was nervous like what could happen. – Right, yeah – So, but that was the turning
point when we got to that conference tournament, we
got smacked by the last seed in the tournament, eighth
seed or whatever case may be. We got our mind right,
got our game together, went to that tournament and did work. – So talk about when you
got, after that obviously you had the great run then
you get drafted by Miami like. – [Darius] One of the best drafts ever. – Yeah, but wait lets
talk about before that. Lets talk about our
conversations that we had. – Right. – So, like I’m going
through that year right, and like of course I
want to go to the league, but still I’m like no one
is really talking about me like that right. So I’m on the phone with
Q and we just talking about the league and everything, I’m living through ya’ll,
you know what I’m saying. What ya’ll out there doing? I’m living through ya’ll,
you know what I mean. I want this, I want that action. But Q told me one day, he was like bro, I just went into the office and your name was on the draft board. – On the draft board. – I was like what.
– Yeah. – He was like, yeah bro you
like one of the top guards. I’m like for real? You think I can come out? You know what I’m saying, so we talk and we going back and forth. And that’s for me like outside of, I never talked about it with Coach Crean, like we never talked about the NBA, we was focused on college
but like on this other end I had a guy in the league,
so I’m like he giving me this confidence, that bro
you can play at this level. You can play at this league whatever. So I’m like cool, let me just
get through this tournament and then I’m out, you
know what I’m saying. But like before I even got to the point of entering the draft,
like it was big for me to be able to have somebody
that I was close to like to tell me like what
the NBA level was about. You know what I’m saying,
without Coach Crean knowing about it. – Right.
– Yeah. – He wasn’t playing that,
we was focused on Marquette. – You had your old agent Earl. – Earl, you got to let in sat track Earl. So then obviously I go
through that and we go to the Final Four, and I still haven’t had this
conversation with Coach Crean yet because like you know I
mean like he was like a father figure to me and I’m a
little nervous to tell him, like I’m out. – Yeah. – So we got to go to the Wooten awards, we got to go to the John Wooten awards. I’m one of the finalists, and it’s in LA. And I’m nervous cause like I
talked to my assistant coach, Duane Stevens who’s now assistant
coach at Michigan State, and I talked to him and he’s like, yo you got to have that
conversation with him D, you got to let him know you gone. I’m like alright, so
we sitting on the plane the whole ride together. I want to say it but I’m nervous. – I know your personality so I know you. – You know how quiet I was back then bro. You know what I’m saying,
that whole five hour flight I don’t want to say nothing to him bro. So we land in LA and like
before I went to my room he was like, yo come here let
me have a moment with you. And he like eased my mind he was like, we out here in LA I’m going
to do a little research. You know our goal was always
that you would be a lottery pick, and so if I hear you’re
going to be a lottery pick I’m gonna hold true to my word
and help you pack your bags. Cause he always told me, if
you going to be a lottery pick I’ll help you pack your bags son. Because the year before I
act like I wanted to leave the school, because they
was running us too hard. He was like son you not ready. – Right. – He was like you came
here to be a lottery pick, you ain’t come here to go
in the late first round. – Right. – So, we got to LA he told
me that, ease my mind. You know what I’m saying, I’m
out here at the Wooten Awards. I’m out there with TJ Ford,
David West, Nick Collison, Hollis Price. – Hollis Price. – That was our five finalists
or whatever you know what I’m saying. So I’m out there jacking with
them, you know what I mean, like we going to the league, you know I’m talking all that league talk, really I don’t really
know if I’m going yet. I’m still nervous to have
the real conversation. – Right. – But then we out there,
I wind up calling Q. – Yeah. – Ya’ll was gone, ya’ll was on the road. And Rio, he was like I’m going
to send Rio to pick you up, you know what I’m saying. So Rio come pick me up,
take me to TGIFridays, always been like the spot. – The one with Magic Johnson. Here in LA they know, they know. – He was like, yo he got you
so then we go there and we hang out in TGIFridays and then
we go back to Q crib, right. So we at Q crib, we chillin, we bowl, we do some bowling all that. Then we go back to Q crib
and like I get a chance to go in his closet, I go in Q closet, you know what I mean. – All those Jordan’s. – I right now but at the
time, you know what I mean, Q and them you guys is with Jordan. And I remember going in his closet bro, and I’m just sitting there like. – [Darius] Like the music came on. – So I’m talking to Q,
you know I might’ve hinted at something but you know I’m quiet I didn’t really say nothing. Q was like man go in there
and grab you something, you know on the phone he was like go grab me something man. Boy I was in that moment,
I was in that closet boy. – Like you was shopping. – And then like the thing was to like, Q he wore number three,
like I wore number three, so everything had my number on it too. All the sneakers had my number on it. – Yeah. – You know what I’m saying, so I took, I only had a certain
amount I could take back. So I packed a couple pair of
shoes, couple sweat suits, took them back to Marquette,
you know what I’m saying. So I get back to campus, I’m stuntin. I put on that Jordan
sweat suit right away. – They made these for me. – What.
– [Darius] You see my number – Look, I come back telling my teammate, yeah they want me. (all laugh) I’m like they want me. You know I’m walking on campus stuntin, it ain’t mine at all but they don’t know. I’m pointing at my show with
the three on it like, you see. (all laugh) – I pay to see that. – But like the thing what was
cool about before I got there, so we go through LA bro. I get like last in the Wooten
Awards, I’m like fifth. I was shocked honestly. (Darius and Quientin laugh) I was shocked that I was
fifth, I’m like fifth? I mean, I’m like dang
Hollis Price, okay alright. – Hey shout out to HP man,
you know he was on my team in Nike camp.
– He was nice. – Hollis Price from New
Orleans went to Oklahoma man. – Hollis was nice. – But me and Hollis were fourth fifth, we looking at each other
like man this is bullshit. You know what I’m saying but
like so we go through that bro and then we go back, I
go back to Milwaukee. Coach like we got to get
back, I got to go to class. Forget all this you got to go to class. So we get back and Coach
about to drop me off at my little apartment. Cause I had to move off
campus cause I had a son. Zaire was born when I was in school. So I’m about to get out
the car and I still ain’t really told him like Coach I’m out, I don’t care what but I’m out. And then like I’m about
to get out the car, and he was like yo wait hold on. And he put his hand out,
and he was like good luck. He was like I’ll be over
to help you pack your bags. – [Darius] That’s what’s up. – He’s like but you
going to finish school, you ain’t going to tell nobody. (all laugh) You know what I’m saying,
you going to class, you going to finish, you
ain’t going tell nobody. – Word. – You know what I’m saying,
so that was the process, the whole journey before I got
a chance to get to the draft and get to my workouts. And eventually get drafted by the Heat. – Straight up. Like you was one of the best drafts ever. Like with Melo, Lebron, and
you holded your own through your career. What you thought about
Miami picking you up? Like it was shuffle, you
knew there was all these superstar players in this. – Yeah. – In this draft.
– Yeah. – And this draft could be
one of the most specialist drafts ever but like
you say you wanted to, they was iffy on you, they
was like he maybe can be good. But he’s not Lebron and Melo. – Bro they were like D-Wade
can go from 4 to twenty. – Yeah. – I didn’t know. – They say you wasn’t Darko Milicic. – I ain’t Darko Milicic, I
wasn’t Melo, I wasn’t Lebron, so now outside of there you
can go from 4 to twenty. Even Chris like, I mean
I had heard about Chris, but I didn’t know how high
Chris was going to go. He was young, he was talented
but they didn’t really know. But all I know is they was
like D-Wade can go anywhere from 4 to twenty. So I’m at the draft like,
well I guess we going to see what’s going to happen. But I did think that I
was going to Chicago. – [Darius] Yeah. – You know what I’m saying,
Chicago had the 7th pick. And you know, I worked
out for the Bulls twice, there was a lot of chatter
about me going to the Bulls, they needed a guard. You know that was the summer after J-Will had the motorcycle accident. So they had just lost him as the PG, they needed a guard so I’m like, cool like I’m going to Chicago. So I’m actually kind
of sitting there like, I’m going 7 you know what I’m saying. So my agent, Henry Thomas,
he had Chris and me. Chris Bosh and me, so you
know Chris get draft 4th. So he go to Chris table,
Chris get draft 4th, and I’m sitting there and I’m like, yeah Chris boy, alright boy. – That’s how it was when
he got picked before me, except I had a longer wait then you had. – [Dwayne] Little longer.
– A little bit longer. – Dapping him up, like word. – My boy. – We going to shake up, get that. – Yeah you know what I’m saying. Man so I’m sitting there, I’m chilling, and then my agent Hank
come and he sit right here. But I’m waiting because man I’m going 7. I’m sitting there like okay
who’s next, Miami got 5. And you know he’s like yo D, what’s up? Miami about to take you at 5. I say, I lost, everything went numb. (all laugh) Everything went numb bro,
like you know I’m saying, like everything I been through, I’m like I’m about to be
the 5th pick in the draft. You know what I’m saying,
everything I been through at this point like now
I’m about to be picked 5th in the draft. – Yeah. – Like it was crazy bro. So, like I just remember like, I had never been to Miami before. Obviously like I worked out
here, but I came in real late at night and left out. – [Darius] Yeah you know
how the work outs be. – Yeah. – You leave right afterwards. – I leave right after. So I didn’t know nothing about Miami. – And we wasn’t one of them
dudes that coming out that was active, got people in the
city, going to take you out, it wasn’t like that. We in the hotel and back. – You in the hotel, you work out gone. You know what I’m saying,
so I didn’t know nothing about Miami bro. I get drafted by Miami, I go in the back, I talk to Pat and the
only thing I asked Pat was can I get number three? And he was like, no,
there’s a veteran got it. You got to get another number. That’s the only thing I remember and I was like alright,
you know what I’m saying. I didn’t really know what to say, I’m like this Pat Riley, I’m
like can I get number three? And so then the journey began bro. I came down here the next day and I remember flying in bro
and looking at the water, you know what I’m saying
like looking at the city, and I’m like what is this? I’m from Chicago, I just
left Milwaukee, what is this? You know what I’m saying I’m
walking out I get out and I see people got little dogs
walking with Louis Vutton bags and clothes on and I’m like what is this? You know what kind of city is this? So it was like, man it blew
my mind like being here was like, it was like a foreign country. It was bizarre to me. – Yeah. – You know what I’m saying,
like something you only hear about. – People speaking Spanish,
different languages and stuff. – Right. – Different types of
cultures, foods, everything. – Everything bro. – It was like you didn’t know the world. – [Dwayne] All I knew was soul
food you know what I’m saying – Right. – Point me you know what
I’m saying, the pork chops with the gravy. – Yeah. – Point me to the fried chicken. I don’t know nothing about all this. – [Darius] No seafood and all that stuff. – Nothing bro, so I came out
here it was a shell shock. You know what I’m saying so
the only thing I did was I just poured myself, I
just put my head down and went to work. – Yeah. – You know what I’m saying,
I ain’t even get involved in everything but I put my
head down and went to work, you know what I’m saying. But like as I sit here right now, I’m thinking back to the
first time that I came down here with you guys in the
zolsumagru, ya’ll remember that? – Yeah.
– Yes. – Zolsumagru was right after
my first, we had came from Orlando and we had did summer league. I twisted my ankle so I
couldn’t play in the zolsumagru. – [Darius] Yeah I remember that. – But I remember being here with ya’ll, I was on the bench and I was like. – With the 5XL polo. – You already know. I thought, hey, and I had like a little. – The hat. – No it was when everyone
was rocking head bands. – [Quentin] The head bands. – That’s when you was
rocking the head bands off the court now. – [Quentin] Off the court. – It was like a thing. (all laugh) – I remember sitting
here, that was my first, that was like my first
I’m in the league moment. – Yeah. – Like we sitting on the
bench, we had the summer gruel. I’m next to both of ya’ll, I’m like I’m next to my
guys, I’m missing my boy, I’m in the league like. I’m out there I’m looking at everybody, I’m like this is crazy,
you know what I’m saying. We go out that night, we go to Opium. – Opium, I remember that. – We go to Opium. Q got this big limo, you
know what I’m saying. I’m like yo this is real, like I’m here. Like ya’ll don’t understand
this was crazy to me bro. – No we understand, we did the same thing. He had the chicken pox but you know. – Yeah I missed. I missed the first round
but I caught the second. – You caught the danger. – I couldn’t wait until next year. – I just remember, I remember
bro we just going out, I remember having my beater. I remember Q, when Q go out
he take his shirt off quick. He want to show all his
muscles and everything. So we in the club Q got his beater on, so I take mine on, I got my beater on. We in there, I meet, that’s the first time I meet Eddie Jone, first time I met Zo, first time I met everybody,
you know what I’m saying. And I remember Q was
telling me, he was like yo, cause I wasn’t in to going out. I was in to the church thing. I had a family young, I was married. Q was like yo this yo city. – I couldn’t believe it – He was like yo every Sunday,
every Sunday in yo city, we’re going out, you know what I’m saying. I remember just being a
kid like eyes like bugged. – Like wow a whole nother world. – Whole another world bro. – You played with like
hall of famers and legends. Like you played from Lamar
Odom, Antoine Walker, Shaq, Zo, like you said Eddie Jones,
Lebron, GP, white chocolate, like Chris Bosh, Mike Miller,
like you can go on and on and on from all them minds that
you got something to take a piece of them off. You know you can rarely
get in the gym and get with somebody and kind of
get a piece of they IQ and kind of add it to your stuff. But you got the opportunity
to play with a lot of players. What is something that one
of them players that you got off of them, or two of them,
that you got from them that you like this stuck with me
longer then any other thing that stuck with me with any other player? – Probably the 3 individual
players would be Shaq, Zo, and Lebron was probably
the 3 I took the most from. Shaq, I took the way
that he, I was so quiet, I was an introvert like I
didn’t talk much I didn’t let my personality show. Shaq kind of opened me up,
you know what I’m saying. When he gave me the nickname flash and you know what I’m saying I
bought into the flash character. And like he started to open
me up so I started being more like you know, I started
speaking for myself. – Yeah. – I started saying what I
wanted, you know what I’m saying. Like I started being a little,
I had a little more pazaz. – Leader. – Yeah. So he kind of brought that side out of me. You know Alonzo brought
out the, ya’ll know Zo, he brought out the you
know you got to take care of your body, you need a chef,
you need this, you need that. You need a massage. So eventually once I started to listen, because at first I was young,
I was like I don’t need none of that. Once I started listen, I was
like okay Zo said I got to do this, I got to do that
because my body you know, this right here, this is everything. You know what I’m saying if
this don’t go right then, you know I can make that
investment because it’s going to help me make this,
you know what I’m saying. Like if I make an
investment of spending 500k on my body with all this
stuff it’s going to help me make millions of dollars later. – It’ll help you make you more money. – So Zo was important in my life. And then Lebron just being around him, I’ve never seen nobody
work as hard as he did. You know what I’m saying on
the stand point of his body. And then how like, how he
played in the games is how he practiced. – Yeah. – I never was a good practice player, I’m not going to lie to you. I was terrible. If they gave us contracts out
of being a practice player I would’ve been the lowest
paid person in the league. – Straight up. Coach Hammond, we just seen him, and he was like when I first seen you and I seen you practice, he was like, you was all out shape whatever. I was like he straight out
of high school he ain’t going to be shit. – [Dwayne] Right. – He said then we got to the
games, he said you always use to tap Av and Gentry
like hey, put D-Miles in. Put D-Miles in. – You was a gamer. – You know what I’m saying
so the practice I never could get with. The camps remember how I
use to come off camp and I use to see ya’ll and
I was like yeah I didn’t do nothing at camp. Everybody out there
gunning and I just don’t want to be involved in that. – Right. – You know what I’m saying so. – For me seeing that with
Bron was like up close and personal was like this is
it’s a different level. You know what I’m saying
then you normally see. So those three guys kind of
opened my mind up to something different then I actually
seen on a daily basis, you know every day every time,
so those probably the three. – You played, like your
first championship, you had Antoine Walker, Gary
Payton, White Chocolate, Shaq, Zo, like you had, like
you grew up watching them. – D-Right.
– D-Right. – Feel me, you feel me. – The legendary D-White, the
legendary D-White, my bad. But you grew up watching them, to be on, I mean Antoine Walker’s from Chicago. Shaquille O’Neal we watched Kazam. That’s not a shot Shaq, that’s not a shot. But we grew up watching
Blue Chips like you said and we grew seeing them
players, and your first championship to go through
that and win the championship with them players, what
did that mean to you? – That was unreal bro. You know I mean first of all to be. You know when coach, when
Riles made that move to bring everybody in like. Like my first year I was just having fun. I’m a kid in the NBA, I’m playing with LO, one of the coolest
dudes in the league bro. – I know that. – One of the coolest dudes in the world. – Ever. – You know what I’m
saying like I’m just happy to be here you know what I’m saying. – [Darius] Always happy. – Always happy, always putting on games, I had a little sitting
by him on the plane. He put me on so much scrip bro. – All the time. – And I played with Caron, my guy, CB. He taught me other things
away from the game about how to be a professional,
how to be this, you know. So I had like, I had guys
that was like you know cool and like dope and we was just having fun. We went from being a
terrible team to a good team at some point and I just
enjoyed being in the NBA making some noise. And then trade happens,
Shaq comes to Miami, everything changes. – [Darius] You remember AAU Caron? – Yeah. – [Darius] AAU Caron was a killer. – Bro I don’t know if you remember, bro. Larry and Butler, listen we
about to play Caron in AAU right. Larry Butler have a meeting
with team you know in the hotel before we go play em and he
starts telling us about Caron, and like he done went to jail
and all kind of stuff about and I’m nervous now. – Yeah. – And now I’m nervous a little bit – He shot 12 people. – He’s talking about
like he’s a real killer. Like he in jail because he
didn’t probably shank somebody like you know what I mean. So now we about to go play this man and then he had a deep
voice, you know what I mean. I went up to him and he’s
like, hey, and I’m like oh. You don’t say. – You know CB got that awkward look. – Your Caron, Racine Caron,
Racine, Wisconsin Caron, he was crazy. – He was boy. So like, so then I’m coming
to the league like I don’t really know, but then he was so cool man. So first day he took
me under his wing bro, right away which was dope. You know what I’m saying
to be able to play on like, to be able to go from
that to then the next year Shaq here it’s time to win a championship. I’m like wait what, I just got here. But you know how it go. You got to do what you got to do. – Pulled up in the big
truck and said what he said. – You want to bring a
championship to Miami? I got to put some work in. – Ya’ll added veteran pieces,
with you and D-Right being that babies on that team man like. I just thought that was an
amazing chance for you to win. – Derek Anderson, DA. – For you to win MVP for them
veteran players to be in the point of their career
to be excited for you, not to be selfish, and ya’ll
looked like a whole team. I remember an interview
you did and you was like, man they was looking at
us when Zo dunked and then hollard like, the game over we winning, and ya’ll was feeling like
ah no we fixing to win the championship now, like
we fixing to come back and we got em. – Hey look though I got a crazy story. Like during that run, do you
remember the Chicago series when ya’ll came to my crib
and ya’ll had a wanted look bros, true story. So, you know this is
when I had the big house out in Chicago out south. – [Dwayne] The big house. – [Darius] With the pool? – Yeah with the pool. – With the indoor pool,
let’s not get twisted, it was an indoor pool. – So look you know we out there. – Wait, when somebody start
a story with, you know, there about to be some shit. – [Darius] Yeah I know. – So we kicking it or whatever. So D-Wade and them like
yeah bro so what you doing? I’m like man bro, I told
them I’m having a little BBQ slash party. I’m like look bro I know
ya’ll play early tomorrow, he like oh no it’s cool we
was going to slide through for a minute and get
up out of there, right. Bro and mind you D-Right
wasn’t even playing, he wasn’t active, D-Right in a suit. But clearly D-Wade is part
of one half of the show. Bro long story short,
they didn’t leave the crib till daylight, literally daylight. So they get to the, I’m
sitting there the next day. I pull up, I’m like I’m going
watch the game and see what. Dawg, they got blasted,
he played horrible, D-Right couldn’t even sit on the bench. – No he was in the back. – He was throwing up.
– He didn’t come out. He didn’t even get to
come out to the bench and sit on the bench
in the suit or nothing. – [Darius] You did them like that. – I did not do em. How many times throughout
the night was I saying, hey you gonna get going. – He kept telling us. – No we good we good.
– Having so much fun. – I’m like bro, I think
ya’ll should go right now. Ya’ll got to get up
early, ya’ll got a early. Nah, nah, nah, we good, we good, like. I’m like, they like
it’s the Bull’s we good. Bro, laced em, I was sitting
there like they looking at me like bro this our fault. – Yeah bro, we stayed we had a good time, hey we got great stories. We ain’t never experienced
nothing like that bro, me and D-Right was like na
na we just going to stay a little longer. A little longer turned into
bro it’s like five bro. Bro we got to go we
got a one o’clock game. We had a good time. – You just passed Michael
Jordan, for the blocks. I want to know, what is it
like 1,200 and something? I can’t remember. – [Quentin] 1,052. – 52 alright. So you just passed Michael Jordan up. Out of the 1,052 you passed
up, how many of them is get that shit out of here after the block? Because I remember I
played ya’ll and I went to the hole and I heard a
get that shit out of here. I couldn’t wait to come
back and get your shit. Remember what I said in the back seat? Get that shit, ya’ll
was kicking our ass too. – That was my thing, if I’m getting some, I’m get that shit out of here. – So out of the 1,000 how
many came behind that block is a get that shit out of here? – I’d say about 1,050. Two of them I probably
didn’t say it cause you know I probably lucked up and got it. – You say that in your mind. – Yeah, but you know every
time I blocked something, especially someone bigger than me, if you was bigger than me,
get that shit out of here was coming right away, right. So but ya’ll know I take
pride in that because you know I’m 6’4 on a good day, with the right orthotics
and the right sneakers on. – With the right orthotics. – With the right orthotics,
the right sneakers, and two pairs of socks. – The heel lifts in the back. – So I take pride in that
you know what I’m saying, like I’ve always taken pride in it. You know from all the way back to my dad, when my dad was my coach
telling me to be more than just, you know, a
one dimensional player. You know what I mean I always
try to bring multiple things to the team. And you know for me like,
and you know this because you played with me before,
I haven’t always like. People ask me, how can you
take a back seat to this guy or how can you come off
the bench at this point? I haven’t always been a star player. – [Darius] Yeah. – You know what I’m saying
like I’ve always had to figure out a way to be on the court. – [Darius] You worked
for everything you got. – You know what I’m saying
alright D-Miles the star player, he going to get
the ball, how can I figure out a way to still make
it and do something, you know what I’m saying. And that’s kind of how
I’ve been my whole life. Now I became that guy
that got all the shots, that got the ball all
the time but that wasn’t always my role. So I’ve always tried to master
whatever role I’ve been in. So for me to be able to do
multiple things on the floor dawg and to be able to have
that record of the most blocks overall, that’s big for me. – I think what you said
just speaks exactly to what people could like, I mean I
don’t think people talk about it enough or acknowledge it
enough, what you did in allowing Lebron to come here. When he came and ya’ll formed
the big three and all that. Like that was unbelievable and all that, but like people don’t
understand the sacrifice that you had to make. Like this was, you know what I’m saying, absolutely Wade County,
your team, your franchise, your everything and you
opened the doors knowing that this Lebron, at some point
he’s going to be the bigger entity. Like for you to be able to do
that like that take a level of being humble. Like you said, like then when
you say it like you said, I wasn’t always the guy, that
makes it kind of like okay, that makes it a little more equal. But even still like people
still who weren’t the guy or whatever when they get that,
I’m not about to relinquish it, you know what I’m
saying, if I have a choice to say no to it or whatever
like you had that choice. So like just talk about like
how you was able to do that and what made you be able
to make that decision? Cause like you know how I
did, dudes would be like no I don’t want him to come
over and take up my shine, like this my shine, you know what I mean. Like you did that as like
graceful as anybody and like you know what I’m saying
I think he acknowledges it and knows what it was
but I think that doesn’t get shinned on enough to me in my opinion. Cause like that made
everything be able to happen. If you don’t say, hey yeah it can happen, Pat can still bring him in
but it’s going to be just head bumping the whole time. But like with you, the way you took it, it made everything possible. – You know what, like I’ve
always been secure in who I am. Like you know what I’m saying,
like in the space that I walk in and live in I’m secure in
my manhood, in who I am bro. I know who I am and, you
know what I mean, I don’t try to be nobody else, I’m me at all times. So I’m secure in that
you know what I’m saying. So with Bron coming down
here like, I wasn’t worried about necessary him taking my
shine or taking this and that. Like I’m like there is only one D-Wade, you know what I’m saying like. And not saying from the
stand point of like, oh from a basketball stand point
just from overall you know. So I was comfortable in that. Ultimately for me man what it
came down to was me sitting back and I won a championship
in 2006 and I could rode off in the sunset and
won that one championship and just tried to get as much
statistical things I could get. – Right. – But ultimately bro,
I just wanted to win. In this league it was getting challenging, it was getting tougher. Once KG and Ray Allen and
Paul Pierce and Rondo, once they linked up,
bro the league changed. – Oh you know we got put out together. – The league changed bro. You wasn’t competing, you
wasn’t winning with just one star player no more. The league had changed and I knew it. – When we seen it happen
that summer everybody know shit just got real. – It got real and listen I
said after we lost to them, after they beat us. – I said I ain’t going out like this. – I said this will be the last time I get put out in the first round man, I’m not doing this no more. – Because it was Kobe,
Kobe and them was loaded up with Gasol and Bynum and Lamar. – [Dwayne] Both of them won
two championships in a row. – Then you had KG and
them loaded up with Paul and Ray Allen. – So think about it how I’m think now, you know what I’m saying. – Then Rondo came out of no
where and started to be special, it really got ugly. – So now you know how this league go. Years go fast. – [Darius] Yeah. – You know what I’m saying
you go from this young superstar, this young pup
and next thing you know now you 27 28 30 is
right around the corner and it wasn’t like it is today when now 30 is like whatever. 30 back then was like
oh you on your way out. – [Darius] Yeah. – So for me, I was like man
this move got to be made. I got to do something
now before I’m in my 30s and I haven’t experienced it again. Cause once, I know everybody
like, if you never won it like you want to win it but once
you have won it you know what that feeling is like
and you don’t get that again, bro it’s worse. – Yeah. – You know what I’m saying
so like for me I was like you know what bro, for me
it’s all about winning. I play a team sport,
individually I’m secure in who I am I know what I
can do I know what I bring, but I play a team sport
I want team success. And it so happened that
Lebron, myself, Chris Bosh, and a lot of others was free
agents at the same time. – Yeah. – Alright, I’ll sit here with
you guys and I’ll promise right hand up if there’s a
bible here I put it there. I never thought me and
Lebron would play together. – [Darius] Yeah. – I never thought it was possible. People think we had this thing. – This whole plan.
– Planned out. This wasn’t no plan. – Da Vinci Code. – Bro they thought this started in 2003. Hey in 2010 we going to play together. Like we, you don’t know that. – Yeah ya’ll was Illuminati
for about two years bro. Both of ya’ll was Illuminati
for about two years bro, ya’ll having them secret meetings. I’m like what they talking for? – [Dwayne] All these conversations. But it wasn’t, even tough
man it was never about that. And then we got a chance
to sit down and be like, I think we both reached on our own, like yo I want more out
of this career then what I’m experiencing now. Like yeah I got a scoring title, yeah I got a Finals MVP, yeah
I got this I got that bra, I got MVPs, he got scoring titles. And then it’s kind of
like that’s not enough. – Yeah. – Like you want more. – Yeah. – So, you know what I
mean, I remember the call. I remember going to my agent
office and he was like, yo you know Lebron and Leon
at the time as his agent, they want to get on the call with us. I’m like okay. I remember getting on the
call and I remember you know them acting like, I
remember talking to Bron and he’s like yo where your head at? I’m like my head is in
winning, where your head at? He was like same thing. And I was like okay, so what that mean? You know what I’m saying
and then the conversation went from there to us saying like, you cool with it, I’m cool with it. Lets rock together. – Yeah. – I’m like cool, lets do it. – [Darius] Let me ask you this, could it have been another team? – Yeah. – Oh so it could’ve been another team. – It could’ve been. – It wasn’t just Miami that
this could’ve worked in. – Miami was the only, well
I don’t know but I know at the time when we was
trying to make a decision of what city we wanted to
play in or what we wanted to be like we had to keep our
options open to these other. Chicago was on the top
of both of our lists. – Yeah. – So it was pretty much Chicago. Miami was on the top but
like you know we took, we looked at New York, the possibility. Because if we going to
ride together, if we going to play together, lets see
what these other cities got to offer. So Chicago at the time, they had to offer, they had two max contracts
and they had a young D-Rose. Before the MVP Rose, the season before. They had a Luol Deng, they
had Noah, they had you know what I’m saying, they
had all these pieces. So I’m like, in the city, in
Chicago, in one of the biggest markets. – [Darius] That would’ve been crazy. – But then it was like,
me, you, and D-Rose. That’s a lot, just one
ball, we all need it. – Yeah. – That may be too much
you know what I’m saying. – But ya’ll play defense though. – Yeah but we thought
about it, listen we thought about it. But then it was like, then
Miami to there credit, they did it to where they
had enough money to get three max players. They messed the game up. – They flushed the house. – Yeah, so it was like wait
we can get somebody else too. – Tax free Florida. – Flush the toilet start all over. – Start all over. So it was like cool. So then like we just try to
sit and decide, like once it came down to like
okay who else would we love to play with? Once it came down, we could
love to play with like CB. Like cause we sit around
and thought about this. What player can match our, who matches us? – Yeah. – You know what I’m saying,
Amari, man Amari good but we all alphas, that
ain’t going to work. – [Darius] Right. – You know what I’m saying
like egos may get in the way, who knows? So we had to sit down and think about this and when it came down to
it Miami was the only team that had enough money
to get all three of us. Every other team could of
did two and but like once it got to the point when
CB is the perfect match. – Perfect. – Miami was a no brainer from there. – He was perfect. I couldn’t see too many other
people feeding that void with you and Lebron. That can kind of fit in,
take the shots that everybody going to donate. – That’s all they were doing,
they were taking shots at him. And other guys couldn’t take that. – Toronto Raptors Chris Bosh. – Monster. – You hear me. – Yo if ya’ll hear any
interference it’s because we live on location at
D-Wade, at the Wade manor here in Miami. So you know it might be
boats might be passing by, yachts and stuff like that. – So if ya’ll see me
sweating on this camera, ya’ll know cause I’m outside. – Yeah we got choppers
and planes and everything. – We been asking a few
people that have this, like you got a dope nickname. Don’t nobody got counties
named after them. – You hit me with that one right there. – Nobody have Wade, a
county named after them. They got dope nicknames and
stuff and you got a dope name, I like the flash. I like the flash. – Don’t nobody get the kind
of people that get a street named after them. – Wade county, what do you
feel about when, how felt about the first time you heard
that and what do you, do you like it and what
do you feel about it? – You know what’s crazy bro
like, how did that work out like that? You know what I’m saying
like okay I get drafted Miami Dade county all you got
to do is change one letter and then it’s Wade county,
like how does that work out that way you know what I’m saying? – It was in the scripture. – So like when I first
heard it like I thought it was cool, I’m like oh
that’s cool right there. But then once I start seeing billboards, once I start seeing street. Like they got little things,
like in certain places, like you’re entering like
welcome to wade county. Like I start seeing all
this stuff I’m like, oh this is next level. – About the people, you the people champ. People like this Wade county. – And like they made like Wade
county day for like a week out here, it was just like
a lot of stuff they did. And I was just like, what
that showed me man was that this city just they embraced me bro. Like every part of this
city has embraced me, you know what I’m saying. To the point where like you
can’t say nothing about me in this city. – Not at all. – No where you go, I’m there
you know what I’m saying. – Zo’s going to be after you. – Talk to em. You know what I’m saying
so like for me like that was like love bro. Like this city embrace me
there way and they made it my home you know what I’m saying. They embraced my family, they covered me, you know when I was going through stuff, they covered me bro. So like that’s definitely one
thing I’m proud of to walk away, like I talk about it more now. I’ll hashtag Wade county a
little more now as I’m getting to the end. – So with that being said,
talk about do you ever have to check little Z? And let him know that
when they say Wade county they not talking about him. – I had to check him recently about that. (all laugh) – I mean but technically he
could take claim to that, his name is Wade so I mean. – Technically he could
get some ownership of it. You know what I’m saying
he get a little percentage of it. – You let him borrow about five percent. – But I had to check him
recently about it because he’s like you know Dad
this is Wade county, like this is my city. I’m like what you mean this is your city? What you do? What you do? – [Quentin] Young DNA baby. – Young DNA. – Gatorade commercials they
always had classic commercials. The one that you and
your wife have now is one of my favorite Gatorade
commercials of all time, it’s like dope that ya’ll did that. And your wife use to sit court
side, they said she use to talk a lot of trash, so
we had a question like. – Used to? – Or is she still do? Who talk the most trash
you, your wife, or the brand new baby? – Hey. – Well definitely from the
trash talking my wife kills me, she is the worst and
the best at the same time when it come to that. But my daughter, the
looks my daughter give. – She running, she running it. – She running it. Bro the looks she give,
she don’t mess around. Bro I am in for like
a long life coming up, she don’t mess around
and she ain’t said a word yet, she ain’t said a
peep, she just look at you, and you know what it is. Yeah like, I don’t want that bottle, what you giving me that bottle for? It ain’t time yet, I don’t
like the angle you’re trying to give me the bottle at,
that’s how her looks get me. I’m oh let me get right, let me get tight. – You’ve been with a lot of shoe companies and this new shoe and this
new company that you got in, like one thing I like this shoe, I think the shoe is real dope. – [Dwayne] It’s raining. – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah Miami baby. – We got action. – Yeah. – The shoe, I think the shoe is real dope. – Thanks brother. – But the colors that
you have is crazy to me. Like the color schemes that you have. All the stuff that I’ve
been seeing, I’m like man he got the cotton candy,
he got this color. – Fing Wade’s. – Yeah yeah. – Tell me about that company
and how much you love that shoe cause it seem like you
like that shoe a whole lot, especially going into it and
is you going to have somebody else wear that shoe? Since you a hall of famer
you got to have somebody else keep the legacy going in this league. And if you was who would it be? – Well, so, I was with
Converse for six years. – [Darius] Yeah. – Amazing, amazing
relationship I had with them. They helped take me to a level. That was my only endorsement
partnership for a long time. – I remember Converse
them shits was ugly bro. – Ya’lls with the Jordan
brand at the time. So ya’ll wasn’t looking at nothing else. – Na but we understand that. – But then I got a chance to
be with Jordan brand for three years. – Yes, yeah. – You know a kid from Chicago
that was a big moment for me. You know what I’m saying
to be with Jordan and like Jordan wanted me to be over there. – [Darius] You looked good in that too. – It felt good, it felt good. But then I had to look at like
I had to look at everything. I think I was turning 30
you know what I’m saying, when my contract was up. And you know they would brought
me back on a lesser years you know what I’m saying,
money was good but less years. And I just had to think about
like where I was trying to go. Like what I’m trying to do
you know with this brand or wherever I’m trying to do
like how I’m trying to do it. – [Darius] It’s your brand, you big now. – You know what I’m saying so
for me it was like what Jordan has done, the blueprint that
he has laid is incredible and it’s amazing. And I’m thankful for it because
I’m able to take a little bit of that and go do my own thing. So that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to China,
which was an unbelievable market, it was a global market. And I wanted to build something of my own. I wanted to use the blueprint
that Jordan set for us and I wanted to build something my own. So I been with the brand
now seven years man and like to this point I think
I got like 12 Wade stores in China, you know what I’m saying. Like my brand is obviously
growing and we building, so I’m proud of it you
know what I’m saying. I’m proud of what it stand for. I’m proud of being a young
man from inner city Chicago and taking and having enough
confidence to take myself globally and not worry about
the cool factor in the US and understand that it’s
bigger than that and really try to build something. So like, I love, obviously
I’m on my seventh shoe. This is my last shoe that I
will ever wear on the NBA court. And I’m trying to come with
everything, I got some more stuff planned for this
season with four games left. I’m trying to give them everything man. But what I love is they’ve
allowed me to just be me. They’ve allowed me to just be like free. Be like doing, doing coming
up with ideas as like can I do this? They like we don’t know but lets try it. – Right, that’s dope. – You know what I’m saying like
I’m the Chief Brand Officer of my brand so I have a
lot of say so in the mess. So it’s real cool man. I’m proud of my younger self
for making that decision and you know I just signed
a lifetime deal with them this summer. So for me it’s like I got
so much more time to help build this brand and like
it’s a forever thing for me. So you know I’m happy about that. – I’d like to give a special
shout out to Hargrove Junior and East St. Lois coaching
staff they won state this year. And another special shout
out to Little Brazil and his family and EJ Ledell. One of the questions I wanted
to ask you or your opinion on, is this kid called, named
EJ Ledell, he won back to back state titles, he won Mr.
Basketball back to back years in Illinois which you know
the history of Illinois and all the killers and shooters
that came out of Illinois that was real real good. And for him to win it back
to back in Illinois and. – [Dwayne] Say something. – He didn’t get the opportunity
to make the McDonald’s game. I know how important them
opportunities get when you get chance to showcase yourself
when people haven’t seen you. They just heard your name a
lot, so what’s your thoughts on that, him not making it
being back to back on one of the best states in basketball history. – I mean obviously that makes no sense. You know what I’m saying,
I can’t even compute that. – [Darius] Yeah. – It really makes no sense. You know, but you talking to
somebody who didn’t get to go to anything. – Yeah. – You know what I’m saying
and I tell my son this all the time it’s like, yes
you want that honor, yes you want those things. I mean in life we all of us want it. We always want to be
recognizing for what we’ve done but man just continue to use that. Use that as more motivation. You got enough motivation
being from Chicago and how you know what I’m
saying, how we grow up in Chicago and what the city goes through. That’s enough motivation but
to continue to get motivation, like okay they don’t
believe, make them believe, you know what I’m saying. And it’s unfortunate, I wish
the kid got opportunity. I know you said he in the
Iverson game which is great. Thank you Iverson for doing that. – Iverson a brother man. – But use that for motivation young man and you know what I’m
saying make sure they know, like they going to know
your name at some point. – Yeah. I wanted to say like we
gotta stop holding like games like that as like the
pedestal of the success rate. Like Allen Iverson, a hall
of famer, is doing a game. And he have real players
and stuff come to the game and Allen Iverson being
there with these kids is like bigger. – It’s dope. – It’s just on the same
level as a McDonald’s game. I don’t want these kids to think like, oh just cause you didn’t
make the McDonald. I know it’s a lot of greats. – That’s played in it. – That’s played in it but
that’s a lot of greats too that haven’t played in it. – Right. – So I just want them kids
to, you know, don’t hold that as the biggest bar. – [Dwayne] Right. – [Quentin] Na. – And him being from Illinois. – Like D-Wade said, it’s tons of like, you looking at a hall of famer
who ain’t set foot in the, you know what I’m saying
the McDonald’s game. So that go your example. He’s reached the pinnacle. He’s you know what I’m
saying made as much money as you can make. He’s won a championship,
been an MVP, Allstars, all of those things,
he’s got his own shoes, he’s got his own fashion
stuff, all of that and he ain’t play in no McDonald’s game. So you know you could do
whatever you still need to do just keep going. That’s dope man. You know we want to rap
it up, but like you know as far as like me and bro. We been knowing you since forever man, we stupid proud of everything. Like I say in my book
it’s MJ, Kobe, and you. And you already know what that is. That’s like, coming
from where you came from and doing what you did. And not only on the
court bro, philanthropy, how you give back to the community, how you put in the churches,
how you family give back. From your mom, everybody
like we support you, proud of you brother. – Appreciate that man. I appreciate that. You know all I try to do
is make my guys proud man you know what I’m saying. Ya’ll led the way. Appreciate ya’ll for
leading the way brother and I just try to come
through and make ya’ll proud. And you know lead the way
for the next generation. – Hear that bro. – Word up.
– Respect.

100 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Joins Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles | The Players’ Tribune

  1. We need to make this "pop" on major networks so people can hear real basketball talk. Those other guys like Stephen A Smith are arrogant, loud and wrong most of the time. This show is about the truth of basketball. Those other guys have a gimick not knowledge. They are not players just show hosts and get paid a lot of πŸ’° money, millions to talk about something they don't understand.

    These are real players with real knowledge and real experience who know what they are talking about.

    If I hit the lottery I would fund this to be bigger. The players in the league should put their money together and make this bigger than their fake shows on ESPN who like to trash people.

  2. Much respect for d wade showing his loyalty to these guys who paved the way for him! Me being from the chicago area! I watched these guys grow up playing high school ball. Especially D Wade and Q!

  3. Damn if only Miami got that ping pong ball in 2009….

    PG – Rose
    SG – Wade
    SF – LeBron
    PF – Bosh
    C – I don't know, Bogut or some shit! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. The Superstar ALLStar BasketbaLL PLayer NBA PLayer Dwayne Wade The 3 Time NBA Champion im Guessing 3 Time He Might Be Retired Now

  5. I love these guys, big fan…but it trip me out how CPS works. Hoopers got to pass classes just everybody wanted them to make it to college just to play ball.

  6. Nothing but love and respect between these guys, really cool to hear how they've been friends since high school/college. Was even better hearing the amount of respect they have for one another at the end there

  7. This interview brought a smile to face bro said got back to campus and put that Jordan suit right away πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Respeck to wade top 3 or 4 SG of all tymes.

  8. I use too hate D wade I’m a C’s fan .. although I really respect his game and most important the person that he is .. it most be be Midwest in me love indeed .

  9. Get
    Tim Hardaway
    Jr Rider
    Latrell Sprewell
    Jamal Mashburn
    Paul Pierce
    Rasheed Wallace
    Tony Allen
    Daron Williams
    Mark Aguirre
    Jerry Stackhouse
    Jermaine O'neal

  10. Get that SHIT outta here!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 I swear that's Chicago shit 🏌

  11. This a great concept – wish they would have hit on Wade breaking Kobe nose in the allstar game, I been beefing since lol. But got salute a great

  12. Growing up watching nash and Q kill teams with the 3 I was tryna shoot the lights out at every gym every park thank u Q we still got hella love for you in Phoenix

  13. I'm from Chicago and I grew up in Q and D Miles era I remember watching Q in in high school when I went to Julian and play against my guy Lance Willliams and followed Q when you guys became teammates at DePaul and D Miles was always dope I love this podcast keep up the great work fellas the hottest sports podcast out right now espn or fox and TNT hire these guys they are unique

  14. You notice how they never mentioned any women LOL. Thats bro code, but name a time when you link up with your boys and women arent being discussed. Yeah right, You know females were getting slayed hahaha

  15. Fuck this Blade straight Buster his legacy is over to me he broke my heart allowing his baby boy to be involved with the fuckery they trying to feed us SMH😞-KAHJMAN"..

  16. Amazing interview, I have only seen 2 interviews so far this one and the Kobe one. This one was better for the simple fact they had personal relationships with Wade so they had other stories to reference. Really impressed with both guys interview styles so much discovered in this interview, Wade's story and journey to the league is incredible. A lot more respect was gained after hearing this story.

  17. I love how QRich is Wade's boy and still puts Kobe ahead of him. They been boys for YEARS, however he still recognizes greatness. Yet you have talking heads that never played a lick talking about LeBron is better than Kobe and Jordan.

  18. Curious whatever happened with Corey Maggette, wonder if they still keep in touch. I thought that Clippers squad was going to tear the league apart.

  19. DMyles is πŸ’―% correct about the McDonalds game! Young black athletes need to stop looking for validation from white establishments! We need to have more pride and determine what tournaments are valuable and worth our presence.

    Also, more top black athletes should be playing at HBCUs!!

  20. You mean to tell me that two former nba players have this simple ass setup of a basketball podcast and all of their interviews have been more lit than those multi million {(maybe billion) dollar funded shows on ESPN? Me to cable: Iight imma head out bruh!

  21. I love watching this podcast but QRICH be talking about a whole bunch of nothing he’ll say the same thing five times before he stop talking

  22. My first college game was DePaul vs Marquette and i seen D Wade play. I ain’t know who he was but he killed DePaul ass!! Did a reverse ally oop and hurt his hand and left the game, he already had bout 35 πŸ’ͺ🏾

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