Dude Shaves Eyebrows | Overtime 7 | Dude Perfect

Dude Shaves Eyebrows | Overtime 7 | Dude Perfect

[DRUMSET SOUND EFFECTS] Welcome to Overtime 7! Wait, hold on. We’re actually going right now? Yes, we’re actually
going right now, Codes. You’re going to wear
that sweatshirt? This is my favorite
sweatshirt right now. I didn’t know you
were going to wear it. Hey folks, we’re going to
head to the intro song. Ty, you’re going to
take the sweatshirt off, because that thing’s ridiculous. I agree with Cody. Here we go! [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Dude Perfect’s in Overtime. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Now we’re headed onto Overtime. Thank you, Ty. Wow. Can’t believe you guys
made me take that off. Dude, that’s a weird shirt. All right, well, if we look
a little nervous up here, it’s because we’re kicking
this thing off with a banger. OK, we felt bad, we
took it out last time. But we’re going to start off
with some Wheel Unfortunate. But first, what do you guys say
we do giveaway time right now? Oh! Now? OK. This giveaway is simple. We will be choosing 10 of you
guys to send you Cody’s hat. Wow! There it is. All you have to do to enter
is text “DUDE” to 888111. And we will select
10 of you guys, send you a brand new DP hat. Text message data
rates may apply. Will they? I just, I’ve always
wanted to do that. Got it. OK! It is time for
Wheel Un- fortunate! I love when I hate it. I know. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, there she is. Is anybody feeling
particularly lucky like, I want to pick the name? I still do not believe
that all five of our names are actually in the hat,
so I would like to pick. Just so you know,
you’ve already picked. And he’s picked himself
before, so this doesn’t really help him. There are multiple
names in there. Can we just do this? Yes. Stop looking. Stop. Ready! Set! I have the name. It’s me. Cory, show the viewers! Ready, set! I’m so happy! Oh, my. He’s got to stop doing that. He’s got to stop
picking himself. I really thought 2019 was
going to be different. Nope. It’s not! Tell him what he needs
to go do right now. You need to go spin
that wheel, big boy. Cory, go spin that wheel, baby! Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Wheel Unfortunate! I am your host, Ned
Forrester, and I’m in a particularly
good mood today. I don’t know what it is. It may be that it’s a new year. It may be that it’s
a contract year, and old Ned just cashed out. Or it may be the fact that
we’ve got some new consequences on the board. Why don’t we take a look
at some of the new ones we’ve got for you guys. We’ve got waxed pits. We’ve got get French toasted,
one of my personal favorites. Can’t wait for you
guys to see that one. And then my personal
favorite, milk a cow straight into your mouth. I believe we have our
contestant ready to join us. Believe it or not,
we got Cory Cotton! Wow! Cory, some might call
you the Coby Cotton of Wheel Unfortunate! What’s the deal? I wouldn’t have believed
if I did not personally check the hat. You drew yourself. It’s my second time
to draw myself. Hold the mic, please. All right, what you
might need, Cor. A little bit of a pick-me-up. Old Ned likes to make it rain! 400 fake dollars. Thank you, Ned. Whoa. Don’t look at those too close. All right, Cor. Go ahead and spin that wheel! Oh it’s a good spin. Please have to milk
a cow in your mouth! That’s all I want! No way, no way, no way. Please take it away. I’m not doing that. Yes, you are, Cor. Oh, I’m going to be
honest, I could not be more excited right now. Cor, I think there’s only
one thing left to do, my man. And that is say,
that’s unfortunate! All right. We’ll see you next time, Cor. Hey, maybe we should rename
the show, Corey’s Unfortunate All the Time. That wouldn’t be a good– We’ll see. Well, Cor, you’ve
been here before? A couple of times? I mean, not in this chair, but
you’ve been wheel unfortunate. How you feeling? This is by far the worst
penalty that we will ever have. Are you feeling unfortunate? Obviously. How long is this supposed to
take before they grow back? I see anywhere between
four weeks and 16 weeks. Yes. Oh, man! That’s four months. For our sake, I hope
it’s the 16 week mark. OK. You got your apron on. We got our barber. It’s go time. I just can’t wait to see this. I really thought it
was going to be me. His wife is so upset. It’s amazing. I hate this game show. If you guys don’t know,
I got a nerve issue from a car accident. Oh, my. Oh, yeah. That’s what we’re looking for. Oh, wow. Oh, that’s smooth. Oh, my gosh. Hey everyone at
home, say it with me. That’s unfortunate. Good job, Cor. Wow, take one for the team. That’s hard to look at. It’s the worst game
show in the world. Can we please move
to another segment? We can, we can. But first, in case
anybody’s ever feeling down throughout the
episode, all you gotta do– Oh, lift your spirits. Every time. Well, it is time to head into
a relatively new segment. Let’s head to Taste Test. Nice! OK, so last time
in Taste Test, we learned that Gar
is the coffee guy. And I would say he
did pretty well, OK? Today, I want to establish
that I am Burger Ty. OK? Oh, nice! I would say that I am
the king of the burgers. There was a time in my
life where I would have upwards of two burgers a day. Two burgs a day? Let’s show them a
picture of that. You looked like a burger. OK. Thank you, Gar. You know– It was 98% patty. It looked like you were
smuggling burgers in his shirt. Burger stuffed in the– That was good. So Coby went out and bought
five plain cheeseburgers from five of the more
popular burger establishments in the US. OK? We’ve got Burger King. We’ve got In-N-Out, McDonald’s,
Wendy’s, and Whataburger. No favorites, obviously. Cody will feed me. I will take a bite. I will know immediately,
obviously, what it is. He will put it on the plate. And he will then proceed to
ask for the leftover shavings from the burger. OK, here we go. Burger number one. All right, there you go. Take a bite. That’s all you need. OK? Talk to us. What kind of flavors
are you experiencing? He has literally no idea! He doesn’t know. I’m going to be honest,
that’s pretty plain. I’m going to say it’s either
a Burger King or a Wendy’s. Let’s place it on the
Burger King plate for now. That’s my guess. Totally fine. That’s where I want to start. Let’s go burger number two. OK, burger number two. Take a bite. That was a cheesy bite. Yeah, it was a cheesy bite. That’s got to be– He changed his mind! That’s a– It’s like as he
swallowed, he goes, nope, that’s not what it was. That’s a Wendy’s. That’s a Wendy’s burger. He’s confident. That’s a Wendy’s burger. I can taste it. We are placing it where you say. 3, 2, 1. I’m going to be honest,
they all taste exactly. All right, there’s my
beloved Whataburger. OK! I can taste it. Cool. Taste it 100%. Ty, open. Quality cheese on that. Oh! He gets another bite. It’s affecting his past
decisions, I think. Whoa! He is starting to
question the whole day. Burger King. That’s a Burger King burger. OK. So I need to make a move. Yeah. If I’m wrong on that,
each of you get $100.00. Us, or the fans? No, not the fans! I don’t know, that’s a lot. Please place the
burger that I just tasted on the Burger
King plate, and let me re-taste that burger. So crunchy. You made a mess. We’re good, we’re good. Honest, that’s got
to be an In-N-Out. That’s just tongue-palate
awareness right there. Place that on the
In-N-Out, please. Got it. Crushed that. OK, last. I am feeling really good
about where we’re at. I am fully expecting Mic’s. Mickey D’s. Put it down. Bang. Burger him! Folks, for the final burger. Give me the whole thing. It’s not the first
time he’s said that. We knew that was coming. OK, here we go. I just want out
of that situation. Oh, and I’m done, no more. Well, unfortunately, we
don’t have a burger to place. Oh, my gosh, he’s right! Spit it out, spit it out. Here’s a little piece. Don’t do that! Just a little piece. It needs to represent something. Tyler, stop. No, I forgot. That’s on me. I got– I got
burger happy and I– Yeah, that’s McDonald’s, 100%. That’s a Happy Meal. I’ve had about a
million of them. All right, Ty, I’m
removing the blindfold. And I would like to announce
that you and Garrett both tied. You went three for five. Not bad! Good stuff! Nicely done! You switched Wendy’s
and In-N-Out. Switched Wendy’s, In-N-Out. OK. I feel like I’m on
a burger kick again. No, we need salad
king, we need– Salad king status next OT. We got a great new
segment coming up. A little game show, actually. Game we like to call
Guess the Guest. Here’s how it’s going to work. Cody has 20 questions to
guess the mystery guest. So easy. OK. He’s got two lifelines. Cody is going to be on
one side of the wall, the guest will be on the other. So they cannot see each other. You guys ready? Let’s dive in. Good to be here. I think I want to go with
a nice little handshake. OK, nice. You’re trying to play it dainty. Man, this is
exciting, all right. So I guess I just
start asking questions. All right, Guest. Are you a female? OK, it’s a dude. We just eliminated half
the world’s population. All right, Guest. Are you a professional
sports player? No? Wow! That’s– That’s good. I will say, that did not
eliminate that many people. No, no it did not. Do you reside in the city
of Dallas-Fort Worth? Oh, OK! That’s exciting. Would you consider yourself
an A-list celebrity? All right. No, it’s not a bad deal. That’s like 20 people, OK? What is the list of A-listers? OK, hold on. Real quick, just
for the DP guys, it’s not like Travis
Labheart is it? Is that a question? Is that one of your questions? No, no, no, no, no. I’m just– I think the guest needs
to hit the red button, because that was
essentially a question. No! I didn’t– You’ve got to be very
careful with the words that come out of your mouth. So you can now
invoke a lifeline, if you choose to do so. I would like to view the shoe. Good choice. That’s good stuff right there. OK, I hear a shoe. Oh, there she is. You can learn a lot
about a shoe, OK? Really? How does it smell, Cody? Honestly, like fresh laundry. Here we go. Returning the shoe. OK, what did we
learn there, Codes? That was so helpful. Were you at any one point in
your life a professional sports player? OK, that was big. Were you a Texas Ranger? Too bad. He’s lost. Guest, did you play
professional basketball? Professional football? Oh, my gosh. Were you a Dallas star at
any point in your career? Oh my gosh. It’s over, folks. And we have successfully
blown through 10 questions that tell us absolutely
nothing about our guest. And Cody, I’d like
to remind you there is one more lifeline remaining. Folks, I don’t know
where the button is to say I want a lifeline,
but I want to push it. Cody has chosen to invoke
the feel the face lifeline. The guest will stand up, place
their face in the latex circle. Cody will have approximately
10 seconds to feel the face. Timer starts now. Well, that’s a good face. Decent forehead, good hairline. Good brows. OK! All right, nice. On a scale of 1 to 10,
how beneficial was that? About the same as the shoe. I bet he wishes he
could start over. That was good. Oh, I’d love to. Guest, have you
and I met before? Great question! Good! First good question that
he has asked so far! All right, I’ve met him. Do I follow you on Instagram? Do you want me to verify? I just– if I’ve seen him in
my news feed, then that helps. Cody, we’re going to check. OK, I just want to know if I’m
seeing this person in my news feed. No? I do not follow them. That’s– I apologize. Oh wow! The guest clearly has
something to say about that. I apologize for
not following you. Can you commit to the guest that
that will change after this? Yes, absolutely! OK! This got personal quick. Have you ever played pickup
basketball at the office? OK. Whoa! And all of a sudden– The room got smaller! It feels attainable. Guest, did you play
professional Frisbee? Wow. That’s got to narrow it
down at least somewhat. I think, folks, I am
ready to guess the guest. Cody, what is your
official guess? Is our guest Brodie Smith 21? I’m going to follow
you back on Instagram! Some of your questions
were not great. No, they were horrible. Special thanks to our
guest, Brodie Smith. If by chance, like Cody,
you don’t follow Brodie, make sure you do on all
of his social platforms. The info is in the
description below. You took the long way
around, but in the end he did get there. OK. To be fair, Frisbee,
professional sport? OK. Once again, I apologize, Brodie
and all the other professional Frisbee players out there. Let’s go to Mail Time. So you guys may remember,
the only rule for Mail Time is that Chad and Tim have to
come up with a creative way to deliver our mail to us. So far, it’s been
delivered in a balloon, and we had a mail goat. Chad and Tim, what do
you guys have for us? No way! Wait a minute, how long
have you been up there? It’s mail time, baby! Oh, well done! Wow! Mail time. Well done. Oh, yeah. Oh, this is sick. Oh, wow! Look at the detail! Is that the office? This is a very good
representation. Where are we right now? We are right here filming OT. Who’s this one from? Thomas. Thomas, big shout out. Well done. What are you
wearing there, Gary? Cheese head. Yeah. I’m pretty sure it was for Cory,
because he didn’t get to keep his when he flew to Wisconsin. Actual– Cut like little
consequences on the wheel. Look at the description of me! He is weird and funny. Individual playing cards. Each guy has their own thing. Has a beard, has a
lot of battle wins. Cody’s tall, loud, and
that’s pretty much it. Cory is very unlucky, because
he’s been on Wheel Unfortunate three times. No, that’s incorrect. Four! This is from
Lorenzo, who actually drew a pretty sick panda. That’s legit. Let me see that. Like exploding out
of a brush fire. All right, well, we will get
to opening the rest of this a little bit later. If you guys want to send
us some more fan mail, the address will be down below. Cody says, the
heavier, the better. I don’t know what
that means, but– You guys are really
stepping up your game. This is good stuff. Great stuff here. I think now it is
time to head to a lot of people’s favorite
segment, Cool Not Cool. Yes! That was my best
attempt to match it. Feel like that was
actually pretty good. Garrett will be starting us off. I love kicking it off, you
know, being a salesman. Don’t really have to sell
this product, though. Everyone likes a cookie
and a glass of milk. 100%. Sometimes though, you get the
cookie, you go to your couch, and you forget the cup of milk. I hate when that happens. And you need a robot
dog to go get your milk. Robot dog! Yes! No, I found a way that you’ll
never forget your milk ever again. Because these are
cookie glasses. No! Dang! I’m going to pass
these out to you guys. Are you serious? I’m a whole milk guy, so sorry. Love the whole milk! Thank you, Gar. Enjoy that. Apart from the fact
that you handled my– Oh, it is leaking so bad! Is this tested? Go! Go! Go! Fill me up. Hurry and drink it! I like the shot there. I don’t like milk,
so just a little bit. Oh yeah, I forgot. Cody, lactose
intolerant right here. Oh are you that guy? Do you do that in your family? I’m going to be honest,
least favorite food liquid of all time is milk. But somehow I enjoyed
milk for the first time because of your invention. I’m going green. Thank you, my man. Garrett, this is
absolutely brilliant! Cory? There is nothing in the entire
world I like more than a warm chocolate chip cookie
and an ice cold glass of milk. This managed to mess
up both of them. Oh, wow. Look at how evil he is
with his eyebrowless face. I’ve kind of zoned him out. All right, boys. I’ll go next. I need each of you guys to
put on some safety glasses. I would love to put on glasses! Give me the ones that
cover my eyebrows. Cory thought they
covered his eyebrows. They’re the only
ones that don’t! Today the miniature crossbow! Brought with me this handy
dandy sugar glass bottle. If I could please
get a drum roll as I cock back the crossbow. I’m going to go ahead and
start this off with a– because you have to have
a better salesman tactic. I mean, you take forever. Shoot the thing! Ladies and gentlemen,
drum roll, please. Oh! Wow! I mean, it did– Oh, it went clean through. First one. That’s cool. That was cool. I mean, I have
not been impressed with our miniature items so far. All right, in keeping with
the theme of breaking things, you know how it is. You’re sitting there drinking
coffee, and all of a sudden, you slip, you fall– Oh! And your mug breaks. You slip, you fall,
and you throw your mug? That wasn’t even sugar glass! We should have had the
glasses on for that! What you’re thinking is,
man that was unfortunate. I’m thinking Cody has
lost his ever-loving mind! My solution is going to keep you
from having to go to the store and buy a new mug. This right here. Oh, what’s that? I think it’s ready! A brand new mug! I just finished 3D printing
a brand new coffee mug. I have a hunch that I
could go to the store and buy one faster than he
could 3D print a second. Tyler, have a flute. No. Way. Garrett, look at the timing! A working wrench. That’s pretty sweet. I’ve got frogs. That’s incredible! The detail on this frog. That’s impressive. That really is. And now, for the test. And see if I’m Cool or Not Cool. Tyler, please slip and fall. Didn’t break! I’m telling you. It’s good. No way! Yes, yes, yes. You got a green from me, Codes. Well done. It feels so good! I’m going to wear these, I
think, the remainder of Cool Not Cool. If you guys are good with that. BRB. Oh! Part one of my item for the day. And without further ado,
can I get a hot tub? OK! Six-person self-heating
portable hot tub. I’m not sure five of
us could fit in there. Maybe three. I like hot tubs. But I don’t like Cory
without eyebrows. I’m sorry, dude. I just can’t take you seriously. I’m having a hard time
overcoming the budget issue. I mean, I thought there
were rules in this company, and they have gone
completely out the window. I mean, what you want
me to bring next time? A personal jet? Uh, no. At this point, it’s
strictly eyebrow-related. Hold on, hold on. I spent a ton of my
own money on this. No! All right, I’ll
give you one cool. A sympathy green. I think it’s a good
time for me to go. Let’s say you’re out skiing. It’s chilly. It’s 20 degrees outside. What’s the first part of your
body that feels that cold? Gar? My toes. OK. Cor? Eyebrows. Eyes. Bad example, bad example. Cobes. My fingers and toes. Well, I just thought
out of all of us, I would’ve got the
answer I was looking for. And I could have just
played right off that and brought out my– Nose! Boom! Wow! My nose. It’s definitely still my toes. Let me pitch it to you guys, OK? You’re out there, you got your
gogs, you got your neck warmer, your nose is freezing. Not anymore. You have a nose sock. That’s essentially what it is. It’s a nose warmer. You look like the biggest dummy. That’s amazing! Obviously, I’ll start
us off on the voting process on a positive note. He saves the company some money. I’m going to go cool. There it is. That was incredibly
generous of you Garrett. OK, I got it. Let’s move on. You know what? There we go. There it is. We’ve had enough Cool Not Cool. I think it’s time to
head to the outro. Thanks for watching, guys. If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new videos. If you want to see the last
Overtime, click over here. If you want some awesome
DP merch, click down here. Signing off for now,
where the mics are fake, and we’ve got millions
of shards of porcelain from Cody’s coffee
mug behind us. Sorry about that, boys. Hey, Codes. I can’t look at it
any longer, man. And Cory has no eyebrows!

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