Dropping Acid at the Mermaid Parade – Tales from the Trip

Dropping Acid at the Mermaid Parade – Tales from the Trip

– These women
dressed as mermaids became very distorted
and terrifying, and I felt like an old
seaman on the high seas fighting off demons and ogres. (upbeat music) My Name’s Casey James Salengo and this is the time I
did acid at Coney Island. Now this was Mother’s Day eve, so when I was going there, later in the day I
was gonna be traveling home on a bus. So I had a basket
of decorative soaps that I was bringing
my mother as a gift. So I was going to meet
my friends on the beach with all my earthly belongings. And I got there and they
were getting started. And I popped it in. We started playing
with the sand. I felt the sand
going over my body. The coarseness rubbing
against my soft, tender, boy-like skin. I felt the waves
crashing (laughing) on my large tender feet. And I watched the
seagulls flying through the sky leaving
trails behind them. There was a mermaid
parade happening that day. If you don’t know what
the mermaid parade is, it’s mostly middle-aged women with pasties on their
breasts getting hammered. We had to go up to get
a soda from Nathan’s, the beautiful,
famous hot dog place. But to get there, as soon as I got up
and I started walking towards the Nathan’s I realized, oh no, this is
really taking affect. So everything’s wobbly. I can barely feel my legs. To get to the Nathan’s, we had to cross
through the main strip of the mermaid parade. So these creatures, these women dressed as mermaids, having a lot of fun, became very distorted
and terrifying, and I felt like an old
seaman on the high seas fighting off demons and ogres. And it was terrifying. So I had to cross
the mermaid parade to get to Nathan’s. It probably took seven minutes. It felt like it
took three hours. And before I knew it,
my friends are like, alright, see ya,
and they were gone. I find my way to the train
and I’m sitting there and I’m noticing
people staring at me. I’m like, no, no, it’s fine. You’re just on drugs,
you’re in your head, nobody’s really staring at you. And I just kept telling myself there’s nothing going
on, everything’s fine. It was about an hour trip to get to Port Authority, which if you don’t
know Port Authority, it is the most disgusting
place in New York City. Every horrible
thing you’ve heard about New York
City is happening. There’s men masturbating
left and right. There’s people throwing
up on themselves. There’s people throwing
up and masturbating at the same time. It is a hell skate. I go to get in line, I’m like, let me go to the
bathroom real quick. I look in the mirror
and what I see when I look in the
mirror is the single most terrifying
thing I’d ever seen, because I forgot that I
was at the beach all day, and I was in the hot sun, and there were three
globs on my face of where I had tried
to put sunscreen, but had failed to rub it in. So I had the worst
sunburn ever seen by modern man. I was red and I had to
drag all my belongings onto the bus and I
had sit on this bus while people still staring at me for five hours, in pure terror
thinking that I was an evil hell spawn. And I finally, I get home, she answers the door,
excited to see her son, and sees this
sunburned hell monster, with a giant basket of soap. She’s like, what
is wrong with you? Why are you so burned? I’m like, eh, it was a
rough day at the beach. And to this day, every
day I go visit her, I see that half of
that basket of soaps hasn’t been used. And I just wanna say, do you know the hell
I had to go through to get you those damn soaps? Woman, get in that
bathtub and wash yourself. Okay Mom? Scrub yourself up good. Get in that bathtub
and scrub yourself. (laughing) And that’s the end. – [Announcer] Tales
From The Trip.

62 thoughts on “Dropping Acid at the Mermaid Parade – Tales from the Trip

  1. Acid at parades is incredible. I tripped at a small town 4th of July parade once and that was wild.

  2. Idk if it's just me but these stories are so fucking boring and so uninteresting like man these psychedelic have the power to open up the mind and yet ppl just fuck around and do it just to get "high"

  3. I wish I could tell my trip stories, I’m 18 and have Atleast 5 or 6 trip stories and the last one I ate an entire ounce of mushrooms and 3 tabs of acid

  4. I'd like to try psychedelics but what I seem to get from people talking about bad trips is that they can't think and rationalise their way out of the panic attack.
    Is that a thing

  5. this dude got something scrambled alright: mother's day is always mid to late may. the mermaid parade is always late june.

  6. That’s why you be the master of your self experience as well as the master of your own pain and therefore you control your life we all hallucinate our own reality here on earth learn to master for you are responsible for yourself… ya LSD is like rubbing your own face in your own dog shit cause past reality is kicking in

  7. Isn't there some bullshit rule on youtube that you can't make any video that is not anti drugs? I enjoy these videos as they are very entertaining but am surprised that they are allowed to remain up on the youtube site.

  8. To get to Nathan's. Please proceed to cross the mermaid and demon's. I've had 7mins of waiting to get to my train it was horrible 😭😂😂😂

  9. are they really dne acid because iv never had trips what they had id had beatiful experiences mystical and music sound orgasmic and emotional but nothing like theas are speaking

  10. After watching these videos I’m curious and drugs sounds fun I’ve tried weed before but these other drugs sounds fun

  11. If you want to skip 90% of those hallucinations, learn to breathe deeply (pranayamas). Breathing deeply will help clear those hallucinations, wake you up and balance your energies. Hallucinations are energy distortions. You've got lots to learn young Sky Walker. Good luck… with your next adventures.

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