Drake’s Dad Speaks Up!

Drake’s Dad Speaks Up!

Live from New York City. It’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Ooo, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on and mean it ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering) (laughing) ♪ How you doing ♪ Thank you. (audience cheers) Thank you for watching our show. Say hello to my co-host, the studio audience. How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay. Let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheering) I guess. Oh God. (Wendy laughs) Every day’s a hustle. Sometimes you forget the last little things. You know what I mean? Forgot to moisturize. I shake a lot of hands, I like them to be soft. (audience laughing) Well, so, you know what happened yesterday on the show? And no one told me until today? Okay, you never know who’s gonna be in the Wendy audience. We were graced with the presence of Ron Artest Senior. (audience gasps) Yeah, Metta World Peace’s dad was here. (audience gasps) Uh-huh. Well, no, that’s Ron, Metta World Peace Junior, Ron Artest, but his dad was here. Now, when I asked you about this Norman, you said, “Do we need a picture?” and you got a picture quick, but I was talking about a picture, a screen shot.
Yeah, of Ron senior. Of senior in the audience.
Right. Like, where was he sitting?
I have no clue. Was he wearing glitter?
I don’t know! (laughing) I don’t know! And a boa (laughing) like everyone else? Right, like Ciara. Yeah, like I wonder whether he received me nicely or whether he was giving me the bristle face. Right. All I know is that when the show was over, you know, when the show was over, I found… Like, thank you Mr. Artest for leaving me that really wonderful bag of basketball memorabilia and things like that. Honestly, really nice. Thank you so much. But if I knew that you were here… (audience claps) If I knew that you were here, I would’ve highlighted your experience here. I feel like we lost the chance I know.
Audience department, heads will roll.
(Norman laughs) Like you’re supposed to tell me who’s here, where they’re sitting, and why I should be there. Anyway, but okay. Speaking of dads… Drake’s dad is calling him a liar. (audience gasping)
What? Well no, no, no, no, no… I don’t even know why this is a story, cause we’re not even talking about Drake, we’re talking about his dad. But okay, so Drake has said many, many times before that his father, Dennis, was an absentee father who left him and his mother alone. And if you listen to Drake’s lyrics, you’ve heard this before, but Dennis was on the Nick Cannon podcast. The radio show?
Yeah, I think so. A podcast is a radio show Isn’t it?
Yeah, sure. Yeah. (crowd laughs) (Norman laughs) He was on the Nick Cannon radio show and Drake… Anyway just take a look and then we’ll talk. I have always been around Drake. I talked to him, if not everyday, every other day. Wow! And we really got into a deep conversation about that. I said, “Drake, why are you saying all this different stuff “about me man, like this is not cool.” He goes, “Dad, it sells records.” (laughing) I said, “Okay, well cool.” (audience gasps) I don’t know what to believe. I’m still trying to figure out why there’s a big star like Nick Cannon had Drake’s dad on the show. I mean, you know like… It’d be like having my mom on a show. You know, it’s the parents of. They’re not showbiz parents. They’re just regular people trying to get some shine. Mommy you know what you do. (audience laughs) You know what you do and you know you do it too, but that’s why I block you. (audience laughs) No, from doing stuff like that. (audience clapping) Like people try to get my mom and dad to do stuff cause they’re my mom and dad. I’m like, “Oh no you won’t. “Oh, no you won’t. “All money is not good, no you won’t.” Just relax, be old, and chill with the fruits of your labor. Now Drake’s dad clearly wants to be noticed. What do I believe? I believe that Drake has said many times that his… (audience laughing) Yeah! He looks like a pimp named Sweet Back, right? (audience laughs) But here’s the thing. I do feel like Drake has said it enough in his songs. Some of the lyrics, I can’t even think of the lyrics. Norman, hit it. Like 0 to 100, I think he wrote something about his dad.
Real quick? What he say? Something about his dad wasn’t around and, he never used to pick him up, and left him alone, and word. I don’t know. (everyone laughing) Anyway, I don’t care. Can we move on? Can we move on? I don’t care, you know. (audience clapping) My thought is is that Drake did live this experience, and that he’s making money off his experience. So for him to say to his father, something like, “Dad be quiet. “This makes money.” Because you were an absentee father, and my real life stories do make money. People can relate to that. He’s not the only one who’s had an absentee dad. All right, anyway, I’m exhausted. (audience laughs) I wish Mr. Artester would’ve raised his hand or clapped out loud or Suzanne why didn’t you know? What?! Like he really did come in here. Look there’s always people coming by! I know, but we always know them. Yeah, I know, I know
You know what I mean? We missed an opportunity. Sorry Wendy. Like when the Oak Ridge Boys were here They were really
we saw them. Yeah but, they were really obvious. With all the hair! (both laughing) Marco why didn’t you know? I’m sorry Wendy. (audience laughing) I don’t know what… No, don’t give him a mic. Put the mic back. (audience laughing) Okay, so the rumors are swirling that Lindsey Lohan won’t V.S. back at The Mask Singer in Australia. Now I just told you, she just got this job. But Lindsey’s telling a different story. According to an Australian magazine that’s called “New Idea,” producers of the show were sick and tired of her long list of demands. Well now here we go with these demands. (audience gasps) You know, yesterday was Jlo and the cookies and the milk, and I told you that I like the Tropicana with no pulp. (everyone laughs) Just cause you have to say something. Okay, chicken wings fried hard. (audience laughing) Jolly ranchers, lots of toothpicks, and don’t forget the red hot sauce. (audience clapping) And disposable Tupperware so I can take what I don’t eat with me. Just saying. As long as you’re gonna, ask I’ll tell ya. But, they were saying, you know, that she took these long breaks interrupting production, like 45 minute cigarette breaks and, you know, what not. I could believe that Lindsey smokes and, you know, she might be outside stressed out on the phone. It’s not like a big deal, but Lindsey went on The Kyle and Jackie O Show. (everyone giggles) In Australia, and she denied being a diva. I want you to take a look. Just watch how present she is. Like, I’m team Lindsey on this, and I’ve got a suggestion afterwards, go ahead. People want to find the negative for no reason and there was only positive and that makes people angry. You’re right, I see
Then people find You know, there’s nothing negative about it, so just be happy. And we had a great time
We did. and it was a really cool experience. (crowd murmurs) Here’s my thought. My thought is, I think that Lindsey has gathered herself, but we’re just not ready, well, you’re, I am. I’m a forgiving person. A lot of people aren’t ready to forgive her, and because she’s dug such a crusty hole for herself, that’s all that people will remember. And for a lot of people, that’s all they want to see. Cause a crusty hole is more interesting. (everyone laughing) What I’m saying is a problematic life is more interesting than seeing somebody who finally gets themselves together. Once people get themselves together, all of sudden a lot of people are done with them because, you know, togetherness is boring, whereas a mess is fun. (audience cheering and clapping) If you know what I mean, and I’ve learned you do. (audience softly laughing) Anyway, you know what? I would love to see her do the U.S version of The Masked Singer. Unfortunately, I like all the judges, and I don’t want another judge on that show. I was just trying to figure out who they should fire. Nobody! Robin Thicke is really good on this show. Well first of all, clap if you watch this show. (audience clapping) Okay, enough people. I like Robin Thicke on the show, plus I like his voice, you know what I mean? And, you know, you might not like him, sexually speaking, but there’s something about him, you know? Jenny Mccarthy is the bee’s knees. I love Jen. I listen to her podcast. Now she’s got something on… I think she’s on Sirius. She’s on the Sirius.
Yeah. Isn’t that a podcast?
No, that’s a radio show. All right, well I listen to that. (Norman laughs and claps)
I listen to Jenny and her comic stylings. I like Jenny on this show. Of course there’s no replacing Nick, who will soon be a day-time talk show host. (audience cheers) And then… I like Nicole Scherzingberger. I like her a lot and Ken Jeong, I like him a whole… He’s got big personality! So, you know, right now there’s no room for Lindsey in the U.S one, this Masked Singer Show, but I beg of you everyone, give Lindsey a chance. Like, give her a chance, you know. We’ll always remember her as being a mess, but she’s growing up right before our eyes. Oh, you laugh. (audience clapping) Okay… so speaking of Jennie Mccarthy. (Wendy and audience hmm’s and hums) She says that she’s done with New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. (audience gasps) Now, I don’t know what you do on New Year’s Eve or where you are. I don’t watch like the countdown until about 15 minutes before midnight, you know what I mean? That’s when you make sure your snacks are good and warm, or cold and thirsty. And then you get in front of that t.v cause you wanna be there for that last 15 minutes of the New Year. And then you count down. And I don’t know what you watch. Like I love Anderson Cooper and I love Kathy Griffin. Kathy will be here as a matter of fact on the show soon, but that’s not the one watch cause that’s not what I grew up on. It’s kind of like tradition. Like if you’re in the house on New Year’s Eve, don’t you kind of do like the same thing all the time? YES! I don’t party on New Year’s Eve because I feel as though New Year’s Eve parties for amateurs. (audience laugh) You know what I’m saying? (laughs) People who want to do the most, get out of my party way. I’m a pro at this. I’ll go out tomorrow night, not tonight.
(audience laughs) But I turn on the New Year’s the Rockin’ Eve, the Dick Clark one. YEAH! (audience claps) And that’s the one that Ryan took over, you know. So Ryan Seacrest is now in for Dick Clark, and Jennie Mccarthy is his foil. And she’s there with him, but she says, “She’s done, she’s quitting.” And you know why? In the name of being a good mom, you know what she says? She says, “Her 17 year old son asked her please stay home this year, New Year’s Eve with me”. (audience clapping) Well first of all, I know that’s a good check. It’s also a good look. Now you listen here son. Who’s paying these bills, okay! I’m a single woman out here in these streets. New Year’s Eve is happening. Look, you sit in the green room then. We can be together. I’ll side eye you, while I pull the lever on 2000, what year? 20
20. Oh, in 2020. Well now who’s gonna co-host with Ryan, cause Ryan cannot do it by himself. Ryan I love you, but not by yourself. You! (audience cheers and claps frantically) Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy I would love to
Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy
(audience cheers and claps) Now look, look at here New Year’s Eve committee, over at the Ryan Seacrest Show. I’m not begging for anything, all’s I’m saying is you already have my Brendan as one of your people. Brendan you do that every year. I have 15 years.
15 years you’ve been out there.
(audience claps) I’ve never been to Times Square on New Year’s Eve. I could not imagine. Like, I would have to be in a popemobile though, you know what I’m saying. Like, something glassine.
(audience cheering) All the people, you can’t bring a hand bag, where do I put my lipstick, then I’m talking to Ryan in between. I only met him once and that was at the E! News, and it was kind of awkward. He’s all short and it just, it was like weird, you know with that smile of his plastered on his face. Ryan, you know I like you, but you do need somebody else with you and if it’s not going to be Jennie, then you better pick a good one. Otherwise I’m watching Anderson and Kathy. Andy Cohen. Then I’m watching Andy Cohen, and that’s it. (audience clapping) Quite frankly, I’ve been asleep like the past few New Year’s Eve. You know what I’m saying. It’s like five, four, three, two, (snorts) That’s it. So do you know this show Insecure, do you watch that? Clap if you do. (audience claps ecstatically) Well then you’ll be very interested to know that Amanda Seales is one of the stars, you know that already, and she’s very upset with her co-stars and their currently filming the show. It’s got to be awkward on the set. (audience gasps) Well Amanda says that she was blocked from getting into an Emmy’s after party, thrown by Issa Rae’s publicist. Now, Issa Rae is the creator, director, and producer of the show, plus she stars in the show. Do you understand what I’m saying? Yes! Okay, Issa Rae’s publicist, this beautiful woman down here with the slinky hair in her eye. She had a party to celebrate the cast and they blocked Amanda from getting in. Well, this is the second year they did this to her. (audience gasps) Okay, no. Follow me with this, okay. Last year, around this time, another party was thrown for the cast and Issa Rae was blocked from going in at that time. She showed up with the guy with the blue eyes that a lot of people don’t like, cause his… Jill Scott (Wendy mumbles) All right, okay, thanks. The first year, which is last year, okay. Issa showed up at the party with Jill Scott, and so they’re standing at the door to get in to Issa Rae’s cast’s own party. Jill’s not in the cast. Jill was just the cut buddy. The security told Jill, “Come on in.” They told Issa Rae (screams) I mean Amanda.
They told Amanda. Oh, they told Amanda. I’m sorry, Amanda. I’ve got to watch the show, I’ve never seen the show.
It’s so good. It is?
Uh-huh. Amanda’s good in it. Is she? I gotta see the show.
Yeah. She might not be in it for too long. (laughing) Right.
Okay, Look. So here’s what happened, all right. So the first year, then Amanda went last year, went with Jill Scott. Jill’s not even in the show, Amanda is. They told Amanda, “Stay at the curb. “You’re not allowed in. “Jill Scott go in and have a great time.” Okay, that was last year. This year, fast forward, Amanda shows up with Jesse Williams, the guy from Grey’s Anatomy, who’s wife can’t get over the fact that he ran on (laughing) and is divorcing her. This is layered Hot Topics, come on now. Anyway, she showed up with him, all right. They gave them a hard time to come in. Eventually, she was escorted in and she gets to the table, all of her castmates are sitting there, but they’re like… (audience gasp) Yup, they’re not vouching for her, they’re not saying what’s up girl, nobody’s giving hugs, nobody’s doing anything. People are looking with a squinty eye like, huh? Security suddenly comes over to Amanda in this year’s party, that just happened the other day, and escorted her out. (audience gasps) Now I don’t know what it is that she does behind the scenes. Like, I have to catch up with the show. I know nothing about this particular situation, but Amanda talked about it on her podcast. Now see, this is why she might be out of a job in 32 seconds. (audience laughing) Just listen. So there’s a table for the show that I am an actual series regular and a star of, but I am not allowed into the party, so much so that a security guard has now been dispatched to escort me out of the party. I’m like, “you know what, I’m out!” Because now I’m also seeing people see this happen, and they’re doing nothing. If I saw this happening to someone else, I would have been all up in that. And for the record, nobody made a ruckus for me. Nobody. (audience gasps) Well in the work force sometimes it comes down to every man for himself, number one. Number two, maybe they didn’t make a ruckus cause they know more about it than we do out here. We don’t know your behavior behind the scenes. Do you show up on time? Are you, you know, testy with your co-stars? Do you forget your lines? Are you making the workday more hellish than it normally is? I don’t know whether it was wrong that people didn’t help her, but that’s shady boots, because this show, and by the way Amanda, you didn’t help your case by complaining on your podcast. What you’re supposed to do when people shade you like that, you’re supposed to do better, to show ’em later.
Yes. Exactly how it’s done. (audience claps) I gotta tell you something. Let me tell you something. And this is a real story and it will be played out in my lifetime biography which comes out February. (audience cheers enthusiastically) But, no, no. I’m gonna tell you something. Once upon a time there was a music mogul who sent his all girl group to beat my ass in front of the radio station. (audience gasps) Fact, fact! And I finished my air. Oh god it’s… Anyway, I finished my shift, round up my headphones, put my bag in the crook of my arm, and see everybody lined up at the window looking down on the sidewalk, and I just work. You know, I have co-workers that weren’t friends. You know how I tell you all, “you better be careful “of your co-workers cause when you work before, “nobody’s paying your bills but you, right?” So, I’m wrapping up my headphones, and I’m going downstairs, my new boyfriend at the time, the bad Kevin, he was picking me up. (audience laughs) But no, this is when he was the good Kevin, right? So, I’m walking in the elevator with my intern at the time, Skeletor. But look, I’m like, “why is everybody “looking down at the sidewalk.” I mean noses were pressed to the glass and I get downstairs and find this girl group jump out of a gypsy cab, No! to come after me. To kick my ass. And I’m like, “For what?” You know what I said was true, you all are broke and you were living in the projects, and that was that. (audience claps) But, the point I’m making is, you know, Amanda you shouldn’t have… I didn’t get back on the radio and talk about it. What I did was desire to do better, so I can have purple chair and talk about it right now, and then have the whole scene play out in the lifetime movie.
(audience cheers) So, Amanda I’m sorry what happened to you. I need to know more of the story, but we’ve got more of this today. (audience cheering) More great show everybody! Up next, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is here. So, grab a snack and come on back! (upbeat runway music) ♪Feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it, woo! ♪

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