100 thoughts on “Drake – God’s Plan

  1. hijoeputa se me han roto los cascos literalmente por tu puta basura a ver si haces ya una puta cancion bien. Un saludo

  2. That kid sitting in the car at 4:50 chokes me up every time. Damn. I think it's because I've been there. Great video.

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  4. Respect from Ivory Coast and Italy

  5. the othe 7 billion people who havent watched this ye are dum asses but to be fair some people are poor and cant listen to this song

  6. Красавчик по больше таких не знаю постанова или нет но когда у тебя много денег главное оставаться человеком и помогать другим

  7. I'm on my way to school today: she said do you love me i tell her only partly (I did not know what the song is called) five minutes ago: ohh, that's the name of this Song

  8. This one of the hottest songs of 2019. Hands down!!

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