Dr. Pillai’s Holiday Message: Full Webcast: How To Improve Finances, Health & Relationship

God Bless. Happy Holidays. I promised I would do a special message for
you. And I am here in front of the camera, and
I’m going to give you the Holiday Message. Holidays are a very special time for everyone,
including the business people for whom it’s a million dollar industry or a multi-billion
dollar industry. And not all people are able to enjoy the Holidays
because of constraints, and those who are able to have a very good Holiday and God Bless. And we share their happiness. But this webcast focuses only, primarily,
on people who are sad. I want to divide the session into three main
areas of gift giving, sickness and loneliness. Gift giving is a great thing and that’s
how you express your love to the other people. You want to share the good things that you
have with you. But what if you don’t have the resources
to share? Or you don’t have the money even to visit
your loved ones because the airplanes, the air tickets are very expensive these days. So you feel really sad. You want to give, but there’s not enough
to give because you are making very little money. So, I thought that I would focus on this,
not only for the people, who have been studying with me, but this is a message for people
all over the world who have constraints that they want to do things for themselves and
for others, but then they don’t have the financial resources. This is a very familiar problem for most people
of the world, including people living in the United States, which is considered to be the
most affluent country in the whole world. But still, here people are suffering without
money especially during the Holiday Season because their credit card has maxed out, and
then there’s no way that they can go and get money. So what are you going to do? What can you do? So there was this King that I have already,
many times, have spoken about — Vishwamitra, who wanted to bless everyone with enough financial
resources so that they don’t have pain coming from lack of money. Because, if you have solved the money problems,
you know, then you have solved most problems. So he meditated. And then he came up with a spiritual solution. He gave the sound, “Brzee.” And I added the word “Shreem.” And this [Shreem Brzee] will make, create
miracles because these sounds are the primordial sounds that create matter, particularly money. Now the quantum physics says that everything
comes out of sound waves. The String Theory, which is the latest theory
in physics, which talks about how energy becomes matter, and what is the primordial matter. The primordial matter is just vibrations,
sound vibrations, strings. That’s why it’s called, “The String
Theory.” This “Shreem Brzee” is a String Theory,
you know, a string sound, if you will, a sound that belongs to that. It was given to me a long time ago. And I was skeptical, as many of you would
be now. But now I have no doubt in my mind that this
is going to solve the financial problem on an individual level, but also it will help
for countries who are suffering. So it will change the economy of the countries
too. So Shreem Brzee, that’s why I put them out
on the Facebook, so you can go there. More and more things are getting revealed
to me about Brzee sounds and how it has to be used in many different, more profound ways. So I will share [that knowledge] with you
down the road. You know, I’m meditating on them,on those
two sounds, and how to enhance the effects of these sounds, and also make sure you get
the results. So that’s one thing. When you have the money, gift giving is not
a problem. So this is my Holiday Message as far as the
finances of people are concerned. Then I want to address sickness, leading to
death in some cases. People are experiencing this reality too. So this is a time that you really have to
work on sickness. Is it possible to stop sickness? For instance, you are witnessing that you
are aging. And you are witnessing also people whom you
have loved, your parents, and your grandparents. They are being, you know, not functional,
losing their mind, and living a very difficult life; and that leads to death. So, what is there that you can do now? I have spoken about a saint by name of Jnana
Sambanar — who, at the age of 16, turned his body into light, and left. And how was he able to do that? – Because he reflected on sickness and death,
even at the age of 6 or 7, “One day I’m going to lose my teeth. One day I am going to lose my eyesight. One day I am going to lose my hearing. One day I am going to lose even my ability
to walk, even the ability to eat my food. And these things are guaranteed for me and
for all of the human beings. And I don’t want to wait until I get to
that level.” So he came up with several techniques to get
beyond sickness, aging and death. So I would recommend you to go revisit my
programs on Time Line Jumping. And also in the same program, I talk about
being in the moment. If you remain in the moment, the Past will
not intrude into your Present and will not carry on into the Future. You have to stop the Past — “Yes, I was
sick yesterday. And this moment is very new. And I am going to stop it.” This seems to be like, you know, an impossible
task, but try it. Try it. The two moments are not connected. And when you get into that level, then you
will be able to get into… This technique is good for everything, not
only to deal with sickness or lack of money or lack of job. You did not have a job only yesterday. And today, it doesn’t mean you should continue
that.This is a teaching that is applicable for all kinds of situations in life, even
loneliness, which I am going to talk about in a moment. So “being in the moment” is very, very
important. And I am not only going to theorize this concept. You have books written on “How to be in
The Now.” But what I want to give you, you know, this
is my Holiday Gift for you. How can you live in the moment? You have to get out of the Mind, because Time
is Mind. I am going to give you a technique that can
help you. You can do it as I am explaining this to you. Put your attention in the two Nostrils. And then Say, “Itch.” “Itch.” And then focus on your Brain. “Itch.” Momentarily you will suffocate. Hold the breath and then leave it. “Itch” “Itch.” I give you permission to use this technique
and then make it popular. Because this will certainly, like an aspirin
that helps everyone with pain, put you out of the Mind. Then you will be in the Moment. And what it does is — It will help you to
deal with sickness, aging and also, the financial problems. And the next topic, which I am going to talk
about is loneliness. So it will also help with loneliness. Now, in order to understand loneliness, you
have to understand two things — One is aloneness. And loneliness. Aloneness is very beautiful. And I want to give that as an option to people. When you are alone, you are not lonely. What is this aloneness? Aloneness is being yourself where you don’t
need the other person to fill a gap within you. And this is a very evolved level of Consciousness. And I just want to talk about this to people
who are wanting no relationship, who have said that, “I am done with my relationship. I want to be just by myself.” Then, practice aloneness. In the aloneness there is a relationship too,
and that relationship is not with another human person necessarily, but with your own
Self — your own Self is God. And that’s a very beautiful experience. And then, you can enhance that experience
when you chant “Om.” You can begin to chant like, Ommmm, Ommmm,
Ommmm. Chant it for 5 minutes, 10 minutes. You’ll feel that you are one with God. Then what about people who are wanting relationship? I have a new revelation. I have introduced this sound, Kleem — to
attract relationship. There are
so many people out there who have been benefited. They have put their own You Tubes on Kleem,
but this time I want to use Kleem in a different way — just to see the letter Kleem in Sanskrit. What it does, is it helps you to get out of
the mind into another dimension. By looking at this, a form, or how Kleem is
being written in Sanskrit, you will be transported into a different realm. That’s one. And also, a heart shape like we use during,
like a Valentine’s Heart or the Sacred Heart. Just keep on staring at it while you are chanting,
Kleem, Kleem, Kleem, Kleem. You will certainly attract relationship. This is a new teaching. And I am very happy to share it during this
Holiday Season. When you are lonely, you just look at this
Valentine’s Heart or Sacred Heart or the Kleem script, as it is written in Sanskrit,
because it brings the male and the female energy — the Yin and Yang. You can really recreate your destiny or rewrite
your destiny. There is a destiny for everyone. And you won’t be able to rewrite it unless
you know certain things. First of all, you should know what you want
to do. I asked yesterday, “What do you want to
do in life?” “I don’t know.” And that’s the reason with many people. If you don’t know what you want, and adhere
to the goal that you have, and then come up with game plans to actualize and create that,
then you will be running the karmic path dictated by your destiny, or Karma. If you don’t do anything and spend life
unconsciously, which is the case with most people, about 99% of the people, or even more,
99.99% of the people, run a Karmic life. It’s not only about reflecting on Karma. It is also reflecting on how to create, how
to create a new Destiny, how to create a calendar for you, month by month by month. “What is going to happen to me?” You have to make a commitment to yourself. Human evolution is a very important project
for me. And that’s the only thing that makes my
life worthwhile for myself. God Bless.

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