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  1. Half a cup of oats and 100 grams of oats are not the same I have a scale I was just wondering which one's better to follow the imperial or the metric measurements.

  2. Dr. Greger's guidelines finally put it all together. I love the Daily Dozen and use it for our whole family. Thank you for all the info and making healthy eating a fun and fulfilling experience.

  3. hello, im stuck on what to do for the best to help my dad who appears to be dying. he has a severe spinal infection which developed into sepsis. he had 3 months of flucoxacilin x4 500mg 4 times a day. we thought the infection had gone, he was released home, but 3 months later the hospital phoned us yesterday and said he needs to come in now due to results of his blood test. he got there (and this is england nhs by the way), and they said something about his white blood cells and protine and plasma being very high. but sent him home till monday for a full body M.R.I scan and another blood test. they wont tell us anything. i am determined to save my dads life. does anyone know how i can help him with diet for severe infection please? i can not accept that a simple infection could take my dads life. the doctors dont tell us anything. and 3 days ago told us the infection is completely gone, only for another doctor to phone us the very next day and tell him he needs to go in to hospital right now as infection still there? AHHHHH! infuriating. thing is, i dont want to do anything dietary that could harm him as he is skeletal and cant eat as in so much agony. he is about 5 stone in weight, which is around 120LBS. can anyone please help i am trying so hard i just dont want to let him go he is my dad and best friend. thank you xoxo

  4. Awesome ideas! I do some bodybuilding so I don't think I'd be able to get enough calories if I ate a lot more greens, so I end up having more lentils and other calorie dense foods, but making sure to get all my nutrients 🙂

  5. Caffeine is a toxin. Simply as that. Will be come round to that . I sincerely wonder how he could miss this. It's as bad for your entire system as anything else he eliminated.

    if you find the buddha kill the buddha.

  6. I'm really clueless how to eat healthy, I mean dosages.. but I don't have to worry anymore if I get enough for the day! I love you and ur channel! 😊💕

  7. I like to start my day with a big bowl of warming soup in the fall and winter months. Today my miso vegetable soup had 1/3 cup tempeh cut into 1/8"x14" pieces, black rice, red lentils, yams, squash, carrots, finely sliced ginger (1 1/2 tablespoons full – I live in Vancouver a cold damp climate) and this time, a potato which I rarely eat. I added a teaspoon of ginger marmalade to sweeten it up this morning as the soup needed a bit more flavour. A full T of miso was added to the soup after mixing the miso with warm water. Do not put miso into boiling water, let it cool down first. I LOVE eating soup/stews and always have a pot going for about 3 days. I vary each bowl with a spice or an added vegetable. It takes time to make a big pot, but its great, only one big clean up and I don't have to think what I'm going to make for dinner every night. YAY! SOUP! especially in our damp chilly winter climate. To get in the serving of nuts, I'll have a slice or two of toasted brown rice toast with almond butter on it. Its also time to go to our fabulous Persian stores in North Vancouver and pick up a pound or two of fresh walnuts!

  8. Yayyyyy! I recently decided to go strictly vegan and looks like I am quite easily doing the 'daily dozen' (including exercise!).
    You Rock Doc!
    Tip: doing peanut butter powder eliminates most of the very high Omega 6 content of PB.
    Nearly all my fat now comes from flaxseed, Chia seed and hulled hemp seed which altogether gives a very nice Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio.

  9. Awesome – a big thank you! I kind of feel like the illustrator in the Movie "The man who invented Christmas" 'A jolly ghost, what does that even look like?!? I don't understand. I can't draw what I can't imagine!' except I think 'A complete vegan diet?!? I can't imagine what that even looks like – I can't shop for, prepare, and eat what I can't understand and imagine. This Daily Dozen list rocks! That I can do and will try to see if it works for me. Thank you so much for making this available for free. Oh, and by the way, we bought your book in 2016 and never read it. Oops. Will try to find it and read it now. =]

  10. I cannot recommend the whole grains especially for those overweight; and especially wheat has not much nutrient value and some questionable hybridized chemical makeup ; non gluten grains also not a good source of phytonutrients and higher caloric values make them not needed; eating them takes away places of better nutrient foods

  11. On the website, he recommends (synthetic) cyanobalamin over (authentic) methylbalamin as your b12 source. That nonsense I cannot abide. Our bodies were not made for synthetic vitamins. Also, with all the omega-6 in the nuts, beans, and grains he's recommending, you need more than one tablespoon of flaxseeds to balance. Eat some fatty, wild-caught fish to knock out both of these problems. Oh wait, that wouldn't be "plant-based", would it? Bunch of vegan propaganda wrapped up in a shiny, new package.

  12. I'm a little confused…….I changed. Wasn't hungry atall but worked out was eating way less calories (Almost half of my recommend)…….No energy,lost a period & gained weight………..WTF!!. Also am pretty active but a couple of injuries put me out for 8mnts
    What's your thoughts Mr Dr.Gregor✌💖

  13. But there's no need to be eating substances to "detox" the liver. You're a physician and you know that this is true.

  14. I noticed potatoes aren't on the list at all… Yams or sweet potatoes are but not regular potatoes. Any reason for that?

  15. Ok, now this makes Sense.
    Although, I am no longer vegan as of 7 months ago because of all the Negative symptoms that I had.
    Too much STARCH. 👎

  16. “The food we eat and how we produce it determines the health of people and the planet, and we are currently getting this seriously wrong,” said Tim Lang, a professor at Britain’s University of London who co-led the research.

    Feeding a growing population of 10 billion people by 2050 with a healthy, sustainable diet will be impossible without transforming eating habits, improving food production and reducing food waste, he said. “We need a significant overhaul, changing the global food system on a scale not seen before.”

  17. My diet is very similar. The only difference is that I eat berries in summer and cruciferous veggies in winter. And also because flaxseeds need to be ground to be useful (and I don't have patience for that), I season with cold and raw flaxseed oil.

  18. I found you through Markus Rothkranz. I'm so happy and excited to see your research and love your nutritional education. Thank you, Dr. G!

  19. I use fresh hummus in place of sandwich spreads/mayo, etc… with all the great flavors that can be had by seasoning it, I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.

  20. How do I contribute to translating "Dr Greger's Daily Dozen" app to other language (my native language Lithuanian)? That would spread the message for sure!

  21. My pal feeds her child a low carb diet coz he has type1 diabetes ☹️😩 I feel sick when she tells me she gave him a ham sandwich & cheese for lunch, please send her a message here Dr Greger she has your book & then ask me how do u get ur protein on a vegan diet 😡arrrrrrrr she may have ur book but she obviously hasn't read it, I worry about her child so much but she read1 crap book that said low carb is best😡😩😱arrrrrrrr & she is a closed mind person !!

  22. your body needs salt to absorb water into the cells, turmeric absorption is aided with black pepper. flax seeds need to be ground up or youll just pass them through your body

  23. Thanks so much for your Daily Dozen list! I've been vegan for many years, but the list is still a great help to expand the variety of my food pool. It also helps me to keep my diet balanced. I love the app too! It's so easy to use!

  24. Love your delivery and enthusiasm Dr G – You are amazing as is your message, so thank you so much!! I've been PB since Jan 2019 and absolutely loving it – Genuinely so excited to eat now, so much choice than I could have imagined and its all so delicious. I also feel so much better about animal welfare and sustainability issues… C-:

  25. Your checklist ist fantastic!! Helps me a lot by creating healthy tasty meals. Thank you, dr. Greger! Greetings from switzerland.

  26. Dr Greger,
    I would like to know what best diet for kids with ADD or ADHD? Wife and I on plant based diet Vegan for a few years she longer and speaking for myself best thing I’ve done for health and energy. My son almost vegan occasionally going off. On medication that he nor we agree is good. When he doesn’t have his medication he eats regular but on it, he doesn’t eat at all.

  27. Plz help me with the use of daily dozen app…
    I don't understand the checklist method… What does it indicate?? Does it indicate any specific amount??…
    Plz guide me….

  28. Thanks so much for providing your app for free; so helpful, so generous. I actually paused this video so I could download it on my phone!

  29. Wow you forgot to mention in the abderhalden,ewold,fodor and rose 1915 potato experiment that the test subjects were also eating 120 or 150 grams aka 1000 calories of butter and/or pork fat per day on their "potato diet". Not surprised, considering you are an quack who doesn't even have board certification.

  30. All plants are indeed “created equal”…plants are created by putting a seed in the ground (or at least into something that will allow for its growth)…you meant to say not all plants are equal

  31. should we take omega 3 supplements, because of the bad conversion in our bodies of ALA omega 3, found in plant based foods?

  32. Dr Greger, I don't understand why you hardly mention the damaging effects of smoking. If people stopped smoking, then half their health problems would disappear. No matter how much healthy food one eats, if one smokes they will continue to have health problems in the long term. Food is not going to solve those problems.

  33. It was previously thought that TMAO blood plasma levels — and heart disease risk — rise after the consumption of red meat and eggs. However, "it seems that a fish-rich and vegetarian diet, which is beneficial or at least neutral for cardiovascular risk, is associated with a significantly higher plasma TMAO than red meat- and egg-rich diets, which are considered to increase the cardiovascular risk," researchers from the Medical University of Warsaw in Poland and the Polish Academy of Sciences wrote.


  34. I am 128 lb and went vegan for a week but I watched my self dying! I feel my blood is thick and I can’t think clearly! Why?! Veganism is not for me I will go vegetarian!

  35. Yo I eat so much and never get fat I love being vegan! Lmfao I eat like 4 times a day and I smoke a lot of weed and do labor work I’m a painter! So I need a lot of antioxidants to get rid off the paint!

  36. You mentioned mushrooms give us something that other foods don't. Then you didn't really push them on your checklist, except for dried mushrooms. Do you feel fresh mushrooms of any variety are useful for our body? or just dried shiitakes or some such dried mushroom? . . . Thank you for your very informative videos, podcasts and website!

  37. Any advice on how to eat flax seeds? The milled flaxseeds are corroding my stomach and making me ill. The seeds make me feel great though as they seem to clear the system! So I want desperately to eat them but fear being ill so please help.

  38. I LOVE THE APP!!! It really helps me to not feel overwhelmed of what I need to eat everyday and inspires me to do it because I actually really enjoy checking off the boxes! Thank You for creating it to you and all of those That helped. And thank you for making it available for free with no ads for both android and iPhone! I use it everyday! You deserve Nobel peace prize!!! Your work is very much appreciated!!! 👍😉

  39. Oh my gosh this app just made my life so much easier 🙂 I've been vegan since 2014 on again off again. I originally started because I kept getting sick when eating meat and missing grad school classes, because I was throwing up LOL. This just made things so much easier and I realize I need to eat a lot more than I have been. I did much better when I was raw vegan I ate a whole lot oh, I did that for a year and 4 months. But living in New York changes things you got cold in the winter that's all I can say and you need some soup :-). But this just made things so much easier! It's already 4 p.m. and I've only eaten maybe half of what I need or should get in. I realize I don't have any beans in the house dot-dot. I'm headed to the supermarket for some legumes, and I'm just about out of almond butter. I couldn't be more thankful for this simple simple simple app that's also free!

  40. Cannot eat this amount unless some of it is in a smoothy but the other experts say that smoothies only count as one as there is not much fiber, Any thoughts or advice ?

  41. I need to switch from ground chia seeds to ground flax seeds. I hate mushrooms. But everything else I already eat daily.

  42. I have tried to eat as healthily as possible for several years but only recently started my transition to whole-foods plant-based. I only recently discovered you, Dr. Greger. Your lectures are awesome, and I love this video! I downloaded your app for my iPhone about a week ago but have to confess haven’t used it every day, but I’m not obsessing – just trying to incorporate as many of the daily dozen as possible. My problem is my hubby. He’s pretty long-suffering and will eat what I serve up for him but he’s frequently out at lunch time and I have no control over what he eats then – I can’t always manage to send him out with something because he’s an ad-hoc kinda guy who says “I’m going to be out for lunch today” at short notice|! He is overweight and diabetes runs in his family (so far he’s clear since the doctor advised omitting all added sugar) but he’s not really engaged with his health or diet. He was in a very bad way indeed when I married him over 30 yrs ago. I’ve been trying to persuade him to watch “Forks Over Knives” with me but so far he’s shown NO enthusiasm! How to get him enthused without putting him off?

    Also, what on earth do I do with all that meat in the freezer?!!!

    I am a permanent ileostomate and so far all this fibre isn’t causing me any problems at all – I just produce more output. I have fermented foods every day (kefir, kombucha) and make up my own rehydration drink that includes kombucha, and coconut water and Himalayan pink salt for electrolytes. Do you have any specific advice for ileostomates on a whole-foods plant-based diet?

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