Downloading Games | PS4

Downloading Games | PS4

In this video you’ll learn about downloading PlayStation Store content on a PlayStation 4 system it’s easy to download content from the PlayStation Store using the [Download] button that displays after a purchase or after you’ve redeemed a code If you’re asked to choose
the single player or multiplayer portion of the game select the one you want to play first you’ll get the complete game either way but the content you choose
will be accessible first your game will be added to the home screen along with a progress bar download progress can also
be monitored in [Notifications] select a download and press X to pause or resume this may be useful if you want to pause one download to allow another download to proceed more quickly when the game is fully installed the progress bar will be replaced with a [Start] button you
can use to begin playing To download content after the initial purchase simply visit the Library select [Purchased] on the left to browse all of your games and apps including ones that
aren’t currently installed choose one and then select the [Download] button on the next screen scroll down to [PlayStation Store] to see what Add-Ons are available for the game choose [Your Add-Ons] to see the ones you already own select the arrow icon beside an Add-On to start downloading it that’s how you can download content from the PlayStation Store on a PS4 system

100 thoughts on “Downloading Games | PS4

  1. Why can’t we download all PSP and Vita games on the PS4? It would be playable in 1080p and I’m sure make so much money off the PlayStation store.

  2. Ok, so I bought a game on the PS app on my phone right? And then my name in the ps app and online Id is my name right, but my online Id in my ps4 console is different from my online Id in my phone, so what now?

  3. Sony coming in clutch. Now that i watched the tutorial, i can finally download games on a system that i bought in 2013.

  4. Should this been about Ps4 Downloads to the new PS5 coming soon..
    How Soon? When?
    they wont or dont want ruin christmas sales

  5. Ok but can you do an unboxing tutorial before posting other tutorials. How am I supposed to download games if the ps4 is still in the box

  6. IF you want to download a bunch of games get a bigger hard drive. Need a video and how to install a larger hard drive..

  7. I mean, all this stuff is obvious so of course I had this figured out already but how did this recommendation-notification pop up on my screen right after I start downloading The Last of Us Remastered 🤔

  8. bold of you to assume I know to use a Dualshock 4 controller, you gotta do a tutorial for that, but before that a tutorial for
    Plug In your PS4
    Turn On your PS4
    Turn on your Dualshock 4
    How to use a Dualshock 4

  9. Would of been nice if you explained why it takes twice to three times as long to copy? That, that is what really grinds my gears.

  10. Adding a credit card to this has made me go crazy. The address always comes up as wrong. Is there any other way to add it?

  11. ive had my PS4 for 6 years and i didnt know how to download any games, so it was just sitting in my dust. U GUYS ARE THE BEST FOR RELEASING THIS VIDEO I AM SO HAPPY THAT I KNOW HOW TO DOWNLOAD!!! MUCK APRECIATED!!!

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