Downloading and Installing OBS Studio | Tutorial 3/13

Downloading and Installing OBS Studio | Tutorial 3/13

In this video we’re going to download, install,
and set up some profiles in OBS Studio. Let’s get right into it. To get started, let’s
go to – on the left we’ll see options for OBS classic, on the right
we’ll see options for OBS studio – which is the new version we’re going to download
and install. If you’re using Mac or Linux, then select the appropriate version here.
However, if you’re using Windows, let’s actually go ahead and click “Download”
at the top. We’re doing this because we want to grab the version of OBS studio with
the Browser Source built into it, meaning we can basically open web pages through OBS. Make sure that Windows is selected for your
Operating system and the version is set to Studio. Next, just click the OBS + Browser
Source button to begin your download. After the download is complete then just double
click it and install it like any other program. Let’s go ahead and launch the application
and set a few things up really quickly. First, click Profile and go to Rename. Enter in your
Twitch name here and hit okay. A profile is a collection of all your settings. So, let’s
say two different people use this computer for streaming, or you might want to make a
profile with some different video settings, you can create a new profile here and switch
between them very easily. Next, let’s do the same thing for Scene
Collection. A scene collection will store all of your different scenes and sources that
we will set up later in later videos. Setting up scene collections can be extremely useful
for those that stream different games frequently. Now with that, we’ve got OBS set up and
we can move onto our next video which is going to be about General Settings in OBS Studio.
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41 thoughts on “Downloading and Installing OBS Studio | Tutorial 3/13

  1. Forgive my ignorance, but why even download OBS Classic when I can download OBS Studio. I assume studios probably needs more power, but assuming my rig can handle it, what other reason would I want Classic over Studio?

  2. Lmfao this vid caught me off guard since I'm use to your somewhat longer videos haha. Just remember you were trying to make them more bit sized. I'm like wah!? So sooon! xP

  3. You didn't add the annotations to the ending sequence. Just thought you should know! Also it's good to link the next/previous video in the description for mobile users

  4. I downloaded the OBS studio software but how did you get to the screen where you can edit your videos and stuff like that?

  5. I got this to record on minecraft (PC version) and i think when i downloaded it that gray screen that i need to get to had popped up, but i accidently closed out of it. what software would I need or would you reccomend

  6. Love the series! Great information! I've already installed OBS Studio but not sure if it was with the browser source. is there a way to verify??

  7. hello , i am new to all this and just downloaded OBS like you said . then trying to open the program i get an error right from the start , it says " Failed to initialize video : Unspecified error " did i do something wrong ? thanks for the help .

  8. It shows my camera when i go to add it, but then i when i preview it still shows a blank screen… for the life of my i can't this figured out and I am a reasonably sharp guy LMFAO

  9. Looking for the OBS + Browser source plugin button on the official updated site and it seems to have been removed :/ help plz? It may be that it is just the default version now but if not I cant seem to find it.

  10. Hello NerdOrDie, I'am the owner of youtube channel queMala!, I'am from Brazil and sorry for my english. QUESTION: the version I downloaded is OSB Studio v17. I'm using it in Windows Pro x64. During the installation the option to choose 2 plugins: Browser and Realsense appears. Can you explain better what these two plugins do? Thank you very much in advance.

  11. Hi – The "Scenes" and "Source" controls are missing when I open the program, there are no "plus" and "minus" signs in either pane to configure with. Can you tell me what could be the problem? I reinstalled a few times, I used the latest version and the older version.

  12. The problem for me is that the installer DOESN'T DOWNLOAD

    it downloads for a bit then stays stuck 5.6/99.0 or even half way at 30.0/99.0 or so.
    And then says "Network error"

  13. on the setup when I click install it says I need to download stuff that says it is required to get for OBS to work and I click OK. Next, It takes me to a page by OBS and I download it. After that, I click run and It is installing and after a few seconds, it says "error: does not exist. So, I can not use OBS…..


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