Download Wistia Video In Under A Minute (No Software Required)

Download Wistia Video In Under A Minute (No Software Required)

Here is exactly how to download Wistia video
in under a minute with no software required. I am going to be using Google Chrome to complete
this task. Here is a webpage where the Wistia video that I want to download is.
The first step is to view the source code of this page. To do that, in front of the
web address, write view-source: and hit enter. If this code does not make sense to you do
not worry, it does not need to. We now need to find the Wistia video and to do that hit
command F on a Mac or control F on a PC, type Wistia in the search bar and you are looking
for this iframe source link. Go ahead and click it. This now opens your Wistia video
in a new page and again we need to find the source code so again write view-source: in
front of the web address and hit enter. We now just need to find our file and download
it, so hit command F on a Mac or control F on a PC. Type .mp4 into the search bar and
then you should be able to find the video file. Simply right-click on the video file,
click save link as, and you can go ahead and download your file. My file is now downloaded
and I can go ahead and play it on my computer. And that is exactly how you download a Wistia
video in under a minute, absolutely no software required.

17 thoughts on “Download Wistia Video In Under A Minute (No Software Required)

  1. Hey man, its not working for this weblink

    you have to first regsiter ( its free man, please do register and try downloading, if it works, can you please let me know, how it works.. because i did exactly what you asked me to do in the video, but it didnot work for me…

    please help

  2. Thanks a lot!
    In my case the only link functionally have the tag "Originalfile":

    window['wistiajsonp-/embed/medias/6ybu9mb24y.jsonp'] = {"media":{"assets":[{"type":"original","slug":"original","display_name":"Original file","width":1280,"height":720,"ext":"mp4","size":471217492,"bitrate":2103,"public":true,"status":2,"progress":1.0,"url":"","created_at":1494405333},

    So I've taken the link and saved it like mp4! AWESOME! Thank's a lot!!!

  3. This simply does not work any longer, assuming it ever did. There is no such iframe source link to click on. I am guessing that wistia has found away to prevent this from working by coding their videos differently. Still looking for a solution.

  4. Hi there. They don't work as it anymore. I found this is how it works now

  5. STEPS: Find wistia, copy the link ended with .jsonp, open the link on other tab, find the link for mp4 on 'url' field. Copy the link and open on the other tab, save as what you want.

  6. These exact steps didn't work for me, but based on others' comments, I got it to work. If you have one that does NOT have an iframe link, but has a link like "", you will need to go to replace "medias" with "iframe" and remove the "jsonp". So you will need to go to

  7. Trying to download ths video. Its embedded in CF I can get the iframe but can't find the mp4.

  8. looks like they have changed the .mp4 extension in some cases. I discovered they had changed it to .bin in my case, and simply downloading the .bin, and renaming the extension to .mp4 worked.
    On his last step before downloading, search, instead of .mp4, for .bin
    Hope that helps someone..

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