Download Facebook Video on Your iPhone and iPad (How to?)

Download Facebook Video on Your iPhone and iPad (How to?)

while browsing through Facebook I often
come across some of the really great funny or emotional or some really great
videos that I would like to share with my friends doing sure I am able to catch
up with those really great clips of like having go through my convenient time and
my own time that without internet I just make sure to save them so in order to
save them what I do is that I download them from Facebook and I save it to my
camera roll through that I’m able to access those videos without the internet
too and anytime whatever I want to access them also I can share it with my
friends and all that’s really easy but the process of downloading videos on
iPhone is way too complex but thanks to the application known as browser and
file manager for documents this made the process way too easy so you guys might
be thinking how to use this application and what all to go through so worry not
guys this video is all about how to go you can go ahead and download facebook
videos on your iPhone and your iPad welcome back guys this Punit Khatri
back another video of iGeeksBlog so let’s get started okay so guys in order
to get started you need to download this application from the App Store that
would be down right there in the description browser and file manager for
documents so yeah it’s a free application like it’s actually a paid
application but if you have a free version to see you for this video you
can just download the free version and after that if you like that you can just
go ahead and buy the application so once you’ve downloaded this application tap
open and launch the application once you launch the application guys what you
need to do is there would be a link down in the description
that’s just go ahead and open that link in the browser
section of the application we’ll see there so let me just inform you this is
for extra like this not related to this video but you can download these many
sources of videos from this website so that’s like something really good you
can do but focusing on this video is topic thats related to downloading
Facebook videos so just go ahead and tap on Facebook so once you tap on the
Facebook link you would come all like it would show you the screen that says
online facebook video downloaded and it would show you this empty space or input
position that says enter the video link now that’s what you need to do is go
back to Facebook and if you have some video up right there which ever you want
to Lord to select that video alright and
here you have this option that says share tap on that and the last option
that you have over here that’s copy link just tap on copy link and the link will
be copied to your clipboard go back to the application over here just enter
this link paste and hit the download it just had done and hit the download I can
apply to you let it fetch the download links and let it do its work
so guys once it’s done processing or your video you would have that option
that says your video is ready for download you scroll all the way down and
you would get this option that says download mp4 in the blue icon or the
purple whatever you call this they step on this button that says download mp4
and of course you would get this option I sort of down like the player bar and
then you would get a pop-up say it’s download file mp4 and the name of the
file just hit download and that’s it now you need to just pause this video go
into the download section over here that’s the second section and you you
can now see the video is being downloaded so guys I’d get back to you
later after the video is being downloaded ok so guys once the video is
being downloaded up right here just right side of the video you would see
three dots just tap on those three dots and the very first option that pops up
is open in tap on open in and your again you would get a full-fledged menu to
share the video or just to save the video or like save it to the file
section but you will just for this video tutorial we are talking about saving the
video in the camera roll so I’ll just recommend you to go ahead and tap on
save video it would like to add two photos just hit OK hit close and that’s
it guys the video has been saved to your photos let me just show you once you go
into photos you can see that this video is already there it’s been downloaded so
that’s about it for this video now I’d like to wrap this video up guys I hope
you enjoyed this was a quick video tutorial that helped you guys to go
through and download those Facebook videos of like download those videos
from Facebook and save it to your camera roll that tough and a complex process
has been converted into a simpler and a easy one if you enjoy this video guys
feel free to give a thumbs up to this video make sure to subscribe to I
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and if you have any questions feel free to comment down below I would like to
hear from you guys that’s about it for this video guys and
I’ll get back to you guys later in my next video
peace out

17 thoughts on “Download Facebook Video on Your iPhone and iPad (How to?)

  1. I think you can simply download the video by copying & pasting the video link (from FB) to the 'Browser' (App) URL. You just need to click on play and the download popup will appear automatically.

  2. This doesn’t work. After downloading the app and tried to download the video it said it is prohibited from Facebook!

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