Download and Install STATA Crack Version [Urdu/English] || by #ITin5minutes

Download and Install STATA Crack Version [Urdu/English] || by #ITin5minutes

LOGO MUSIC Hellow friends my name is Muahammad Umer Welcome to my channel IT in 5 minutes this is my second video for economics students today our topic is how to download and install STATA But first you have to subscribe my channel and pls like and share my videos to support me so i will make new and interesting videos for you related to your subjects and on softwares u required in your studies so pls keep supporting me i will give u software setup link in description so you download it from there otherwise follow my steps to download the software now lets move on to our task so guys simply open your web browser then type website name get into pc and press enter click on first link get into pc download your desire app go to search bar and type stata and click on go button there you find different versions of stata i will select stata 13 bcz most of the students use this version of version scroll down click on download full setup w8 for some seconds see here the download dialogue appear i have already download it i wouldnt download it again now our main task is how to install it so lets do it so you have to extract the setup you download right click on setup folder and click extract here option now you will see the extracted folder here with same name now open it see there is stata setup double click on it one most important thing turn off your net to avoid problems during installation of setup click on next accept next next 64 bit mp next again next next now see installation starts one more thing go to search and turn of your antivirus m using window defender so i will deactivate it during softaware insatallation m deactivate my window defender i already off it so you also have to off your antivirus whatever antivirus you use off it so it will not create any issue while cracking the sofware i will give you download link in description so you download directly download it from there and you can also type the site name get into pc on google as i type in this video now click on finish button open the crack folder press controll plus A keys together to select all these files in the folder then copy them now go to search from the start type stata see stata13 64bit right click on it and then click open file location then again click on stata and open file location option again now here paste the files you copy from the folder replace the files in the destination do for all click on continue now see the files copied there successfully now simply restart your computer and then run your stata software go to search type stata and then select pin to taskbar now see stata icon appear in the bottom takbar now double click on it and open it see the stata is successfully open and now it is fully cracked so friends we successfully completed our task so if you like my video pls subscribe my channel and keep supporting me and share it to other economics students so they also get benefit from it i will also make economics software related videos for you for the time bye bye take care

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  1. iam indonesian bro, i couldt understand what you said on the video, but i followed every step you showed. it's really helpful for me, thank you god bless you!

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