Donald Trump says Kurds ‘didn’t help us with Normandy’

Donald Trump says Kurds ‘didn’t help us with Normandy’

Now the Kurds are fighting
for their land, just so you understand. They’re fighting
for their land and as somebody wrote
in a very, very powerful article today, they didn’t help us
in the Second World War, they didn’t help us
with Normandy as an example.
They mentioned names of different battles… But they’re there to help us with their land, and that’s a different thing. In addition to that, we– we have spent tremendous
amounts of money on helping the Kurds
in terms of ammunition, in terms of weapons,
in terms of money in terms of pay
with all of that being said, we like the Kurds. They’ve been, again,
fighting for so long they’ve been fighting
for so many— these are– This is like Israel
and the Palestinians, okay? There’s only
one difference maybe their hatred
is even greater, is that possible?
Maybe not. But it’s a–
This is a very, very serious hatred
that’s come over many years. I campaigned on
ending the endless wars we’re all over the world
fighting wars half the places,
nobody even knows what they’re doing
over there. And I feel that
we are doing the right thing and I think
the country feels that too, we’ve had tremendous
support outside of the Washington,
litte Washington area, and even in Washington,
people are saying “You’re doing
the right thing”.

100 thoughts on “Donald Trump says Kurds ‘didn’t help us with Normandy’

  1. With his twisted logic and "mastery" of historical knowledge, I can agree. He makes the Gordian knot look easy…

  2. Well done Trump helping get western soldiers out of the Middle East. There are millions of Kurds. They can look after their own. They don’t need baby sitting.

  3. Russia and China are going to increase their influence in the region for sure. I'll be rooting for Russia. Indian's old friend and help in times of our greatest need.

  4. I just feel sorry for the innocent Kurds that are going to die. And my family are from turkey. I feel very sad to see turkey behaving like this. Erdogan is a bully and an awful person

  5. Trump Towers Istanbul. Trump Towers Istanbul are two conjoined towers in Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey. One of the towers is an office tower, and the other a residential tower, consisting of over 200 residences.

  6. You are a soldout Mr. Trump.
    A disgrace to the Founding Fathers and to your nation.
    History will be remember you with the grimmest colours.

  7. Yeah, Kurds did not help you, completely forgottin' 'bout the Levi army which where Kurds and Assyrians.
    This guy is DUMB

  8. He means Turkey aided dozens of USA and NATO operations. Turkey fought in Korea and many other countries there is a huge list. There is also a priceless base of incirlik in Turkey. Nato and USA bases. It was very useful for USA strategy so long. Now Turkey is bad boy because they want to send syrians back?

  9. I just had fabolous dinner at Trump Towers istanbul and paid 1300$ bill. Trump just barks but loves the money and slave of money . He only betrays to weaks . Turkey love Trump🇹🇷❤ Looking forward to his visit

  10. I can't believe that this malevolent, incompetent fool is actually the president. He must go before the damage is irreversible.

  11. Am from England and even as non kurd I can see injustices done by all four government to the Kurdish ( turkey .Iraq.iran.syria) this is a special land where Babylonian sat, where the garden of Eden described to be an also where is Noahs ark supposedly have crashed ; it is really odd that this the largest ethnic group in the world whitout country!!?
    They all deserve autonomy and the right to practice their own language and culture . Midian empire 800 B.C

  12. What a [email protected]
    How TF could they have helped in ww2?! We have the stupidest president in the history of the world, I am ASHAMED of this country allowing this clown to stay in power, Putin could do and IS DOING a better job then this jerkwad 🤦‍♂️

  13. Trump probably thinks Normandy is a new Fox show following the exploits of Norm and Mandy in which Norman Schwarzkopf talks Mandy Moore through military conflicts of the 20th century

  14. That’s easy for Trump to say , the only battle he has ever had is with his hair, ego and bankruptcy.A disgusting sad decision. To betray those that potentially have saved so many. Absolutely flabbergasted. I will Certainly change my attitude towards Trump now. I love America but I dislike Trump.

  15. I’m Kurd and l don’t care if Trump pull out USA solider out of Syria, but Trump has no right to give Turkey green light to attack the Kurdish for what the Kurdish have fighting for! We
    Kurdish just fight for justice, human rights and freedom. The problem is with USA presidents is? That they have always played the BIG DADDY for the world.All the USA presidents love to be a rule of the world and they are. So, Trumps words for the world is first and last words. The world listens, because USA
    since the world war 1 have taking a responsible for all of the world. So, whatTrump does now, is wrong. Would you like if MEXICO took over the USA and told all the American that you can’t speak English anymore,just Spanish or you die or you don’t have an American flag, just Mexico flag or you die. you can’t have an American name just Mexican names or you die. Youdon’t have right to say you are American or you die. if you say USA, you die. You have no right to Celebrate America Parade or you die.
    That’s how WE KURDISH suffer in all our time specially the Turkish against us Kurdish people. And now Turkeydon’t like us Kurdish people have that FREEDOM. So, all thanks to Trump that he
    gives they turkey attack us Kurdish for our FREEDOM.
    If you want to know about the Kurdishhistory! ASK ME before you say things about the Kurdish. We have not only fight beside the USA. We fight beside British against the Ottoman Empire in world war 1 but the British sold us Kurdish out and split up us Kurdish to Turkey, Iran,Syria and Iraq in year 1921. Since then we Kurdish have suffer and we have fight and being martyr for our justice and human rights. And fight for our freedom, justice and human rights they CALL US or the PKK for terrorist. How justice is that? Would you call yourself terrorist if you fight for just you say you’re are an American and not a RUSSIAN for example if RUSSIA take your country from you?? Just think and then write.

  16. indoctus41 "Once again Trump finds something on a bathroom wall that gives him an idea."
    – Most 'things' end up on the wall when Trump goes to the bathroom.

  17. Trump is right, where were they and where were they at Gettysburg and I want to know where they were when I had a fight with Darren Clark and his brother at school when I was 9 years old.  If stupidity ever becomes valuable we could make a fortune mining his head.He will go down as the most corrupt and stupid president ever, the name Trump will become infamous and his grandchildren will suffer, while his children will just write books about how bad a father he was.

  18. I know now why French dude president Macron said a few months ago they have to think of their own European army because the world is changing and you can't always count on your allies…..get exactly what he means…..

  19. He will be in jail soon, so justice will eventually be done. The USA is the joke of the planet right now. Sadly it is an incredibly dangerous joke that is resulting in the support of ethnic cleansing as we speak,

  20. I hate politics 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m Kurdish and I couldn’t care less about his opinions because people with common sense know when something is stupid and wrong, but the old white Americans at his rally are airheads like himself

  21. The Mexican American .war Vietnam Korea .civil war .Japan Germany Italy Cold War France war .. He's right kurds didn't fight any of this war with America

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