100 thoughts on “Does This Go Wrong? (GAME)

  1. Helium isn’t flammable, those balloons were probably filled with hydrogen.

    My dad corrected me one time so now I feel the need to make a psa whenever possible 😂

  2. I really just wanna know what the cactus man's plan was. Did he think could jump over it or was he trying to learn how painful cactus spines are?

  3. My dad was born on Friday the 13th the year of 69 my dad is now 50 he gets too funny things in the time he was born also I didn't like that they said Friday the 13th was a bad day it was a day that my dad was born

  4. Rhett helium is non-reactive which means it doesn't explode come on man you of all people should know this you went to engineering school lmao

  5. "since there's helium in them, they burst into a small but impressive explosion" …helium isn't flammable, it doesn't explode. The balloons would have made a fire no matter whats in them. Hydrogen, however, would have made a huge explosion

  6. *Flying Car Fail*

    Rhett: Wait, pull up! Pull up! Pull up!

    *Flying car crashes into the building*

    Someone: *Shoots water at Rhett*

    Me: LOL XD

  7. I can tell the kayaker would be ok because he was using a Snapdragon. That’s the good stuff. He knows what he’s doing.

  8. Link: it could be your best friend who knows a deep dark secret about you
    Link: stares at Rhett
    Rhett hesitantly turns around
    Rhett: stares into Link’s soul
    Link: oR iT cOuLd Be NoThiNG aT aLL

  9. i have a hunch that rhett has seen the balloon and the kayak ones, those two went crazy viral and they were the two he instantly knew the right answer to

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