100 thoughts on “Do You Have OCD?

  1. I was obsessing over the class tables being straight, so I kept making it straight. My Friend then said “Do you have OCD?” I was like “no. I’m just a perfectionist. Over tables being straight.”

  2. When I go on my bike I always look behind me all the time and I always check if my phone is in my bag like 12 times

  3. Geez, I dont know if I have ocd but I literally adjust the angle of the bottles I drink when I drink soda, It faces only one direction, and I just arrange my marshmallows acc. to colors

  4. the dude on the right needs to stfu….he doesn't contribute to the conversation and takes focus away from what the man on the left is actually useful information he is portraying.

  5. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive gotta make things riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

  6. Link: "Start with 'compulsive' and just really screw with people's minds".

    You have a very sick, twisted, diabolical mentality.

    We should talk.

  7. I have OCD and I am not self diagnosed.

    I have OCD and I am not self diagnosed.

    I have OCD and I am not self diagnosed.

    I have to repeat things three times. Sorry

    I have to repeat things three times. Sorry

    I have to repeat things three times. Sorry

  8. I have ocd but I don’t at the same time like if I hit my wrist twice on a cold chair I have to bump every other part of my wrist

  9. I am not exactly diagnosed with OCD yet but in the process of being diagnosed. I have many obsessions and compulsions. Its so crazy. And causes lots of pain and fear….

  10. my sister has ocd her sock needs to be perfect if her ponytail is in the side..she gets mad she thinks it HAS to stay in the middle and the middle only

  11. OCD is the most devastating anxiety disorder in the DSM-5. It can cause severe depression and keep people trapped inside their homes. I’ve struggled with it since young childhood. I remember my parents holding me at night while I cried myself to sleep from panic attacks at 7.

  12. when i leave the house i check 10 times if i have my keys. even if i have it in my hands i am afraid of forgetting them xD

  13. My mother has OCD, we got her a shirt which reads, I have CDO. Its like OCD only the letters are in the right order, like they should be.

  14. I have a little OCD about locked doors. I literally have to walk back to my car and check again to make sure my doors are locked when I go anywhere even when I checked it twice before walking away from it. If I think about it I have to go check my locks. It is hard to ignore the feeling of having to go check

  15. as someone who has lived with OCD for most of my life (i am 46 now), i would like to say THANK YOU for this, and for your music video!! OCD is, indeed, a bona fide and very serious condition, that can severely impact the lives of sufferers! i am fortunate that i have had an amazing support system, and part of my coping mechanisms can include being able to sometimes see the humorous side of the condition (because sometimes, from certain perspectives, the results are, indeed, funny!)…and i, for one, found your video to be so very cathartic ("Can I come back tomorrow?" omg, I LOVE IT!!)…
    i already have an immense amount of respect for you guys, and this has just kicked it up a notch…thank you!! <3

  16. I have OCD too and people think it’s all about being perfect and it’s not. It basically changes how approach things like germs

  17. So many people are in the comments saying that they have OCD, but if it isn’t clinically diagnosed it isn’t true OCD, I don’t have it but my cousin has it, and it really hurts they way she can live her life, and it restricts what she can do, and it makes me so mad people are trying to get likes from saying they have OCD like really?!?!

  18. Yeah, I have ocd but it’s not a tidyness thing. I have contamination-ocd but I also get intrusive thoughts that can be incredibly distressing. But what you said about it being like a superstition almost is so accurate for me.

  19. I have a funny short story for ya
    So me and my friend was talking about games (usual gamer talk) and one of my friend I kid you not he said "HeY dO yOU knOw OCd mEanS OvEr ConfIdENT DiaPer?" and me and my friend is just staring at him, thinking what the fk is happening through his mind 😂😂😂

  20. As someone who has been clinically diagnosed with OCD, I'm truly grateful that you guys took the time to research it properly and explain it to others because I can honestly say that I'm not fond of the fact that people use the term so lightly when it has caused real-life struggles for me and many others like myself who have been diagnosed. I really really appreciate the effort you guys made in educating your audience!!! Thank you 😊😁👏❤

  21. Why do I always feel like when people have some disorders like… ADHD.. or OCD.. they are making it seem like they are better than us.. aka people who don't any disorders but in my opinion… It's the opposite… I would not want OCD.. it's probably not fun

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