Do We Have a Ghost?

Do We Have a Ghost?

(Link) Today we officially investigate
whether we have a ghost. (Rhett) I am Groot. ♪ (theme music) ♪ (Link) Good Mythical Morning. (Rhett) I am Groot. (Link) Happy Halloween. Tonight is the night that
you get your candy on! You bought some candy!
(makes “pew” noises) – (Rhett) I am Groot.
– (Link) I can’t see anything right now. Here we go. (Rhett) WE are Groot. (Link) And then you grow roots and… that’s when you grow the roots. – Boy, it’s sweaty in there!
– Whoo! Whoo! – You would not believe it!
– You guys, you got to sweat a little bit
if you want that candy. Whoo! Okay, Happy Halloween. – Check this out.
– Very special episode. We’re not gonna keep our masks on, because when my mask
is on, all I can say is, “I am Groot.” Or, “We are Groot.” ‘Cause you got to stay in character? It’s not a special episode
just because we’re dressing up. But it was brought
to our attention recently by a fan of Good Mythical Morning
called GhostHunter1983– Who is obviously a ghost hunter, because– Since 1983. – Or something like that.
– We was probably born in 1983. Anyway, he’s a fan of the show. And while watching the show,
he noticed something. He’s a paranormal investigator.
That’s what he does. But he noticed something, an anomaly. Let’s just let him tell you what he saw, and you can see it for yourself. Rhett, who’s sitting on
the left of your screen– just take a look over his right shoulder. Most people say this is not photoshopped. It’s just an unusual dude who wore some stuff
that could be misinterpreted. What you can see there
is a bit of wispiness. I’m not too sure what it is. I wonder if the camera’s got a bit
of glass on the front of it, because of air. It could possibly
be a reflection of something. But if there’s no glass on the floor,
then where is that coming from? But if we actually zoom in on it and take a look at this part here,
we can see that the wispiness actually overlaps the wooden bit
of that cabinet there. So what could that be? What could that be? Guys, were you aware of this?
Did you know that was there? So he saw some weird wispiness
like over here, behind you. And I will say, I didn’t have a wisp coming out of my shoulder
that day that I remember. And we do not have
an explanation for this. – And he did not say what it was.
– No. – But he didn’t speculate.
– So instead of us speculating, we’re taking things to the next level.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are bringing on a professional
paranormal investigator. His name is Erik Vanlier. He’s from Valley Investigators
of the Paranormal, – and he’s gonna come on the show today…
– Right now. – …to help us find this ghost.
– Come on out, Erik. Welcome to the show, Erik. – Pull up a chair.
– (Rhett) Take a seat there in the middle. – Hey, man.
– Hey, how are you doing? – Great.
– (Rhett) I left some Groot on that seat. – Oh, wow.
– Oh, really? (Rhett) Yeah, well, that’s–
I don’t know– my– Go ahead and belly up to the desk here.
Thanks for coming today. Yeah, thanks for inviting me.
I understand you’re having some – paranormal activities going on.
– Whoa, what’s that? – Is that a walkie-talkie?
– No, that’s just a spirit box. – Spirit box.
– Yeah, it scans through the frequencies, and the theory is that the voices
come in between the stations. – It says RadioShack on it.
– Yeah, this is modified. – It’s called a hack-a-shack, actually.
– Awesome. Well, thanks for coming here,
because we are in no way qualified. I know nothing about ghosts. Well, there’s different types
of entities, if you will. There’s demons. There’s
poltergeists, succubus, incubus. So does a ghost have to be a dead person? Does a ghost have to be a dead person? – Yeah, that’s usually the way it works.
– Oh. – (crew laughs)
– Okay. Okay, so you’ve seen the video.
I know you’re here to do some next-level stuff
with the RadioShack thing. But you looked at the video.
And seeing the video, what was your– you’re like,
“Oh, yep, there’s the wisp. This is a classic wisp.
This means there’s a ghost.” You know, it doesn’t look
like an anomaly to me as far as something
malfunctioning with the camera. It looks more like an anomaly, like something that can’t be explained. Do I know if it’s paranormal?
It’s hard to tell. There needs to be other evidence
to support that typically. But it does look like
something is going on. – It probably just wanted to be on camera.
– (Rhett) Oh. – So…
– Camera hog ghost. …what is your recommended
course of action? I know you have now two more
things out here on the table to ascertain whether we actually
have a Good Mythical ghost. Well, you might want
to take one of these– this is just a digital recorder– and try to do some EVP sessions
and communicate with it. – Let’s do that.
– Okay, we can actually do that right now. What does EVP stand for? EVP stands for electronic voice phenomena. And it’s like a dog whistle.
You can’t hear it, but at a different frequency,
this picks up on. So it’s a sound that we can’t hear.
So that’s pretty convenient. Well, if you hear
a spirit talking audibly, it’s called a disembodied voice. Otherwise, it comes out on recorder,
and it’s called an EVP. Let’s talk to it, because, I mean, I think
I should talk to it and address it, – ’cause it hung out on my side.
– I’m fine with that. EVP session one. This is Burbank studios. Okay, just start talking–
asking it questions or– Hey, buddy. I’m assuming that
you wanted to be on the show, because you showed up
over my shoulder, and that’s cool. Anytime you want to be
on the show, it’s cool. I should probably ask it a question. Yeah, just ask it what’s its name
and then pause a second – so it has a chance to answer.
– What’s its what? Who are you? Why are you in this building? So he could be answering,
or she could be answering right now. – We just wouldn’t hear it.
– Exactly, yeah. – (Rhett) Now we play it back?
– (Link) But that thing is. Now we play it back. Exactly. (Erik in recording) EVP session one.
This is Burbank studios. – (rustling sound)
– That’s you. – That’s me, yes.
– Not a ghost. (recorder beeps) Something just jammed the record– – Oh, is that bad?
– Something jammed the recorder. – What?
– It’s not– It’s playing, but it’s not
rewinding or fast-forwarding. – Is that normal?
– So are you saying that– – (Erik) No, that’s–
– Or is that paranormal? (Erik) I don’t know why
it would malfunction like that. – The thing is completely stuck.
– (Link) What he’s saying is that – the ghost has discredited the device.
– (recording playing) It malfunctionized the device. (Rhett in recording) I’m assuming that you wanted to be on the show, because you showed up over
my shoulder, and that’s cool. Anytime you want to be
on the show is cool. – (subtle noise)
– It just said “okay.” Do you hear that laughing? – Yeah, that was Stevie.
– Oh, okay. (chuckles) – (restarts playback)
– So did you hear that “okay”? It sounded like there was a voice
that said “okay,” actually. (Link) What? (Rhett in recording) Anytime you want
to be on the show is cool. – (subtle noise)
– “Okay,” right there. Did you hear that? – Did you hear an “okay”?
– Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I did totally hear an “okay,” man. – It was like, “m’kay.” So it’s cool.
– By the ghost. So the ghost is like, “I’m gonna
be on the show, and it’s cool.” Should we walk around with the– I see that’s labeled “ghost meter.” Yeah, this will pick up EMF fluctuations,
electromagnetic fields. And this is, like I said, a hack-a-shack. And what you do with this
is you turn it on. – ♪ (radio music) ♪
– And you scan through the channels. – (scanning radio stations)
– That’s the radio. So ask it questions again. Hey, ghost. What’s–
are you angry about something? (intermittent radio stations) – Are you angry?
– (silence) – Are you a friendly ghost?
– (scanning resumes) – Demon.
– What? You asked if it was a friendly ghost
and it said “demon.” I don’t know if it’s playing around. – (scanning channels)
– (man) Talk to me. (Erik and Link) Talk to me. – Did you hear that?
– Yes! (Rhett and Link chuckling) – (Rhett) Uh-oh.
– Okay, okay. I’m gonna talk to you, buddy. (scanning channels, woman speaks Spanish) – It’s Spanish.
– It’s a Spanish ghost. Spanish demon, we are friendly. Let’s eat empanadas together. Can you tell us what your name is, please? (scanning channels,
man speaks indistinctly) – Nartu?
– Nartu. He’s an alien. It’s an alien ghost.
(as alien) Nartu. Welcome. (scanning channels,
woman sings indistinctly) (Rhett and Link) Fody. – Nartu Fody.
– (as alien) Nar-Nartu Fody. Nartu Fody wants to chill
on camera with us. Nartu Fody, welcome to
Good Mythical Morning. – You are welcome here.
– Are we doing this right? – Yeah.
– Really? Its name is Nartu Fody? (scanning channels) Is your name Nartu Fody? (scanning channels,
man speaks indistinctly) (Rhett) No. He said no. Can you please tell us your real name? – (man speaks indistinctly)
– No, sir. – ♪ (scanning through music) ♪
– He’s polite. – (scanning continues)
– (man) It’s our sin. It’s our sin? See they talk
in riddles sometimes. Yeah. They talk in a radio. Yeah, pull that closer to it
and see if it gets a reading. Yeah, let’s do some readings. Can you turn on this meter, please?
if you come close to it, it will be able to turn red.
This light turns red. And that way we’ll know that
you’re definitely here with us. (scanning channels) Natu Forthy, can you come
to this device, please? I think you got to say
his name right. Nartu Fody. Nartu Fordy. – (Rhett and Link) Fody.
– Fody. – Nartu Fody.
– Nartu Fody. (snickering) Can you come over
to this device, please? (scanning channels) Can you speak one at a time, please? – How many of them are there?
– There could be multiple, like one, twenty, five… Well, we don’t have
a very large room here. Maybe if we walk around with the meter. Yeah, let’s walk around with the meter. (static, spooky laugh) (Rhett) Should I put my mask back on? (Erik) Yeah, that might… – (Link) Do nothing.
– (Erik laughs) (Rhett) Nartu Fody, we’re here.
I’m back where you were. You were in this area. I’m just gonna sit down… and say, “welcome.” (Link) Can’t see a lot in here, Erik.
Is the meter jumping? (Erik) It’s not doing anything right now. That doesn’t mean anything though.
That just means that there’s no electromagnetic fields
to be picked up on. (Link) Walk around
a little bit. Let’s see if… This is where he was before. (Erik) Are you still here? – (Link) Yeah, right here.
– (Erik snickers) (Rhett) I am Groot. (Erik) Can you come sit
next to Groot, please? (Rhett) I am Groot. (Erik) I was thinking the ghost, but– You can sit on– well,
it could’ve sat on your lap. Who knows? That would’ve been interesting. – That’s on a timer, I assume.
– (lights click off) (Link) Oh, crap. Oh, crap. (Erik) What just happened? (Jen) Why did all the lights turn off? – (Link) Who’s that?
– (Rhett) What just happened? – (Erik) Is that normal?
– (Rhett and Link) No. Hit the– oh. – (Eddie) The strip blew out–
– (Link) Go back, go back. – (Rhett) Really?
– (Eddie) Yeah. – That is crazy.
– (crew snickers) (Rhett) The light went out on its own? That’s never happened on the show. – (Link sighs)
– (Erik) Here, you want to hold this? – (Link) No.
– (crew laughs) (static, spooky laugh) – Okay.
– Erik, how does this rate compared to your other
haunting investigations? Well, I heard the voice on the radio and on the hack-a-shack
and on the digital recorder, so I think there was
something definitely here. We all heard something. Well, I didn’t hear it. – I did.
– What was it? M’kay. M’kay. – M’kay?
– M’kay. We’ll play it back.
I’ll have to look at that in post. – I’m a skeptic.
– Thanks for watching. – And the video.
– Thank you to GhostHunter1983 for submitting that video and
getting us started down this track that we were able
to complete with Erik today. And Nartu Fody, thank you for showing up – every day that you want to.
– See, they have the– – The lights just flickered.
– Oh, wow. That was him saying… goodbye? When I said thank you
to Nartu Fody, the lights flickered. – Twice.
– (Link whispers) What? (Eddie) Yeah, the AC was already
on too, so it wasn’t the AC. (laughs) We’ll keep
communicating with Nartu Fody in Good Mythical Morning. Meanwhile, thanks for liking
and commenting on this episode. You know what time it is. (both) Hi! – I’m Melissa.
– And I’m Emily. And we’re from DeKalb, Illinois. And these are our Halloween costumes. (both) And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! Thanks again to Erik. You can check him out at–
what’s your website? It’s It’s a short address.,
not .org. Also, click through to Good Mythical More, where we continue to
investigate and pick his brain about all that he knows about ghosts and learn some more about Deepak–
what’s his name? Fody? – (Stevie) Nartu.
– (Rhett and Link) Nartu. – Deepak Fody.
– (laughing) Deepak Fody. Nartu Fody. “Rhett is a horrible
kindergarten teacher.” I am Groot. Um, what’s our assignment today? I am… Groot. Uh… when do we get our report cards? I am Groot! – What about–
– I am Groot. What about him? – We are Groot.
– We are Groot. [Captioned by Sebastian:
GMM Captioning Team]

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