Do These Sounds Make You Angry? (EXPERIMENT)

Do These Sounds Make You Angry? (EXPERIMENT)

– Can Link’s mouth sounds drive me crazy?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Today we’re going be doing an experiment getting scientific.
But first, a little back ground. My wife recently sent me an article about
Misophonia. – Uh huh.
– Which literally means the hatred of sound.
People who suffer from Misophonia get so angry at body noises that come from
other people, like eating noises, snorting noises,
wheezing noises, these kinds of things, that they can literally break down and
have a fight or flight response. – It’s a serious disorder.
– Hm. Now the reason my wife sent it to me is
she actually thought that I had the disorder, but she knows that I can
relate to the disorder because of – my friend Link here who is renowned from
– Uh huh. his mouth sounds, which I’ve lived with
for many years because we eat a lot of meals together and we share a work space
together. – I know I have a chewing problem.
– Yeah, so just so you can understand – what my world is like from time to time–
– (chewing sounds) I don’t know how that sounds to you at home,
but there are a number of layers in this sound. There is chewing sounds.
There’s something about the cheeks that really push out the sound and reverberates
around the room, and then there’s multiple pops that are
happening on both sides of the jaws. I think you have some sort of disorder
that you might need to have looked at. The dentist thinks I’m okay, but, yeah,
I know that I have a chewing problem. – And I gotta say–
– I get a lot of stares. I don’t let this affect our relationship,
but I will say that these sounds are very annoying so I can relate to the hatred of
the sound, I don’t hate you, I really dislike that sound. – I know that.
– And I don’t think i have the disorder but I feel your pain if you
do have Misophonia. I have devised this experiment in order to
help put things in perspective. So that the sounds that I make in this
experiment will then make you think that the sounds I make in normal life are just
to be appreciated. Okay. This is like somebody who’s facing
their fear of heights by bungee jumping – or something like that.
– Yes so, first of all I’m gonna hand him this sign which has a spectrum of
anger on it so that you can indicate how angry you are getting as I
give you a few sounds. – A lot of levels. Very colorful.
– You also have to put on headphones And I’m bringing a special mouth sound
microphone which I’m going to put right here. And I have
developed these sounds, these – are proprietary mouth sounds
– Whoa, you’re really loud in there. for the most part. I’m gonna be doing the
sounds and they’re more mouth sounds they’re not like me speaking
at the top of my lungs. – I’ll back this up a little bit.
– So if you’re wearing headphones as you – watch this, you’re going to be hearing
– Perfect! exactly what I hear, okay. And if you’re not wearing headphones pause
the video and get some headphones because this is going to be– well, it might be a
little gross but you’re going to learn something and you can
have your own anger scale. If you actually have misophonia you
should probably stop watching now. So, are you ready for the first sound?
You’re going to process it, tell me on the scale how angry it makes you. – Okay.
– And as a base line, let’s just say how angry does it make you when I just do my
normal chewing like with the Trail Mix? (both) Level seven. Feeling like I’m at the DMV. Okay, this first mouth sound
I’m gonna give you– I don’t like it but sometimes
you gotta do it. This first mouth sound I’m calling
“the Gandalf smoke ring”. You know how he can blow smoke
and then it turns into a ship? Here it goes.
(blowing air into microphone with drip sound) Your guzzle is really going for it.
There’s a lot of guzzle action. (giggles)
Gandalf does that, too. – (continues making sound)
– (Rhett) I gotta say that– Uh– This is– I don’t know that–
This is kind of soothing in one– It’s annoying a little bit,
but– If it went on forever?
I do it in my kids’ ears all the time and – they don’t like it.
– I’m gonna go with level– This is mild, I’m going to go with level two:
Feeling like the line for the ride I’m waiting for isn’t too long,
but it’s still long enough to have to wait – a little bit.
– (laughs) – It’s a very specific emotion.
– Right. – You know how that is.
– Yeah, yeah. – I’m willing to do this.
– Okay, I– (coughs) – Oh, excuse me I still got some trail mix.
– Don’t hurt yourself over there. Um– I call this next one,
“I swallowed a live baby pig.” – Oh. Okay.
– Which I’ve never actually done, – I don’t recommend that.
– just to clarify. Are you ready?
(makes pigs sounds) This one’s not–
This is not pleasant. – (both laugh)
– (continues making pig sounds) I would not want to be around you if
you’re making that. I’m gonna say this is a level four:
Feeling like I just chose the shortest line at the Wal-Mart,
but then the old lady in front of me asked for a price check on the king-sized tube
of BenGay. – (Link and crew laughs)
– Yeah you’re that– You’re that angry. – You know?
– (makes pig sounds) (Rhett) I got in the shortest line
and she was like, – “Um, how much is this?”
– Okay– (stutters) Let me go into a weirder place, here.
I call this one “Alien Ship Landing.” (vibrato humming)
(breathes in) – (vibrato humming continues)
– (Rhett) Again, I– Uh– I wouldn’t want you to make this sound
around me… Often. – (higher pitched vibrato humming)
– But it’s not– – (sounds like an alarm)
– It’s not that bad, I mean it’s like I’m watching a sci-fi
movie. I’m gonna say I’m bothered a little bit.
Level three: Feeling like a cat getting it’s
belly rubbed– – You’re bothering me.
– (laughs) Because cats do not like to have their
bellies rubbed as much as people don’t – want to believe that.
– (Link) Okay, so I actually brought you – back down.
– You’ve kept me in the green and the blue – so far, I mean, I’ve got lots of levels.
– Hm. – Okay, so–
– I’m anticipating. Okay, so I’m not accomplishing my goal yet.
Now, this next one– I’ve done since childhood.
I developed this one in grade school. – Okay.
– You may have heard it before. I call this one “The dying baby duck.”
(weak quacking sound) – (crew) Woah.
– (weak quacking continues) You want two dying baby ducks at once?
(weak quacking doubles) I’m going to level six:
Feeling like I ordered a cheeseburger, drove away, got in the interstate,
and realize they forgot the cheese. – I hate it when that happens.
– That makes me mad. I’m legitimately upset at that noise.
I don’t want you to do that anymore. – But a baby duck dying.
– I don’t like baby ducks dying either. – So it’s a combination of those two.
– Who wants that? – Can you do this one?
– Uh-uh. I don’t–
I don’t want to participate. (giggles) Okay.
I call this next one “The slurpee.” It involves getting some of this liquid.
I’m gonna get some of this Good Mythical Coffee in my mouth.
(makes slurping sounds) Ugh.
Oh– This is moving into the yellow zone,
level eight: Feeling like I asked for a tattoo of a
“Skull and Crossbones,” and instead got a tattoo of a
“Seagull and Cellphones.” – (makes slurping sounds)
– That would be unfortunate, – and it doesn’t make any sense at all.
– (crew laughs) – What are you trying to say?
-Um– Well I though a seagull and cellphone
tattoo might be cool, so– Yeah. I don’t that that would be cool.
That’s why I’m putting it at level eight. – With the right artist.
– In the yellow. That’s kind of like the tube that dentists
put in your mouth to, like, – suck out your–
– Yeah, I don’t wanna hear that. (Link) Your saliva.
I can do that one too. What else you got?
So I’m definitely feel that I’m a little angry. I’m a little annoyed,
but I don’t feel like I’ve been cured yet. You look a little angry.
Are you angry at home? I’m sorry. This is good for everybody.
I call this next one “The busted geyser.” – (loud spitting sound)
– Does looking at your face count – You can–
– because I really don’t enjoy the face. – Yeah you can look at the face.
– It’s like– Well I just want it to be the sound
though. – (makes sound again)
– (Rhett) I don’t enjoy the sound either. – (Rhett) I’m going to, like–
– I feel like the mic is getting a little– I’m going to level ten:
Feeling like I could punch a hole in – the wall at home.
– (laughs) – Which I have done before.
– You had done it? Yes. Not in recent years.
As a teenager I punched a hole in the wall. – I was very upset about something.
– Was that– – I couldn’t tell you.
– Okay. That made me feel–
That took me back to that moment. You can tell me in Good Mythical More.
Alright, this next one I call the “Spazzmatic horse.”
It involves taking off the glasses so they don’t get flung across the room.
You ready? – Yes.
– (slapping cheeks along with growling) – (laughs)
– (crew laughs) (Rhett) Woah.
There’s a lot of cheek action. I’m not happy about it.
It’s kind of amusing though. (Rhett) I fee–
I’m angry , but I’m a little bit– – There’s a lot of spit coming out.
– Oh really? Yeah. A lot. I saw like,
large drops that were very detectable. I’m going to level nine on this:
Feeling like my DVR accidentally didn’t record The Walking Dead,
but instead recored 16 and Pregnant. That would be disappointing to me.
That would make me angry. – Right.
– But I still feel like– – That’s the point.
– I still feel like you can out do that. Okay.
How’s my hair? Alright,
I call this next one– It takes a little re-centering,
“The dying witch.” I call this one “The dying witch.”
(strong inhale with wheezing) – (laughs)
– (strong inhale with wheezing contunues) Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Level 11: Feeling like I could punch a hole in the
wall at a hotel. – (laughs) That’s somebody else’s property.
– Yeah. Property damage. – Yeah, see?
– I could be charged for that. – Okay. Okay.
– How did– – What did she die of?
– Asphyxiation, I guess. I don’t know. (laughs)
Alright, the last one I like to call – “Total loss of mouth control.”
– I can anticipate where this is going – to be.
– (rapid slapping tongue and lips) (laughs) I hate this.
I don’t hate you, – I hate what you’re doing.
– Can’t control my mouth. – I hate the sound you’re making.
– (rapid slapping tongue and lips continues) That does it. Level 12:
Feeling like my anger level is Over 9000. – So now when we go back–
– Now can you get back to the base line of – trail mix.
– (chewing) – Still very unpleasant.
– (Link) Hm. But, I’ll give you the benefit
of the doubt. I’m gonna say– – You’re moving it down?
– I’m gonna go– This is gonna be a level five baseline:
Feeling like I can’t find the remote. Well, thanks for enduring that.
Thank you for enduring that, and for liking and commenting on this
video. – You know what time it is.
– My name is Eric. – And I’m Jason.
– And we’re from Winter haven, Florida. – And it’s time to–
– (loud drums) – (both) Spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
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Today’s challenge– If you win it you can get five different
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Click through to Good Mythical More. Rhett’s going to flip the tables on me,
or spin the tables? What’s it called? Turn the tables and do the sounds
in my ear holes. I’ll spin the table if you want me to.
Rhett is spying on Link, and Link is spying on Rhett. (crew laughs) – Hey!
– What’cha got there? What’cha got?!
What is that? – All–
– All I see is eyes! – All I see is eyes!
– Well I’ve got– – I’ve got hand binoculars.
– (crew laughs) – But I’m not looking at you!
– Yeah! – I’m looking beside you!
– Yeah! – (crew laughs)
– Yeah! [Captioned by: Hayleigh
GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. Rhett : I feel your pain if you have missaphonia (Donโ€™t know how to spell it)

    Me : No you donโ€™t, butttt your Rhett so I will agree because youโ€™re awesome

    Also Rhett : If you actually have misaphonia you should probably stop watching now

    Also me : Ehhhhhh nahhhhhh

    Link : Spasmatic horse

    Me : Can I please break my phone

  2. i'm 16 and my misophonia is very severe. i'm going to see a specialist next week. i hope it helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have misophonia and was surprised to see an episode on it by u guys! Not just bodily noises though๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. 2:02 minutes in: anger has subsided somewhat but he smacks just when he's taking too. I fear this has ruined good mythical morning for me possibly.

  7. why am I watching this? I'm Deaf! (my brother, who isn't deaf, has misphonia. He refuses to be around people eating because it "makes [him] feel like bashing their heads in")

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