Do I spend too much money?  #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 003

Do I spend too much money? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 003

Okay it’s episode 3 of tightwad dad podcast. With me Neil and Joe. So hi thanks for joining us – Joe you were
just saying these podcasts are very short. Yes. But Mummy read that micro-podcasts are gonna
be the thing, so maybe this is a good thing. Yeah. And I did want to mention – you didn’t want
to talk about it. Sorry, I’ve got your headphone lead wrapped
round. I’ve got a cold. You’ve got a cold, so that’s why you sound
a bit… Yeah. Runny. I can’t remember what my next question was. Do you want to blow your nose while I look
up the next question? Oh yeah I know the question: do you think
I spend too much money? I think you spend a decent amount money
Just the right amount? yeah not too much not too less
If I feel like we haven’t got enough money, it’s either because I’m not earning enough. Or because we’re spending too much. Or maybe you should not spend anything and
be proud of what you’ve already got That’s a good idea. Cos some people don’t have anything. That’s a really really good idea. Oh the making money thing in Episode two I
whispered looking under the… and another way I know this would look weird but I have
earned about fifty pounds by doing it altogether by looking under vending machines or coin
machines anything that would involve coins which have
a gap underneath they are coins like coin stars, look under claw machines especially
in arcades you get quite a bit Don’t you remember
No! Ugh, bad memory. It’s cause I’m getting old. What I thought you were gonna say… You’re not old…
…was looking under sofa cushions, oh yeah in the cracks
because when like heavy people sit down if they’ve got a lot of change in their pocket
it would just fall out into the cracks yeah I found – remember in that Southsea I found
like two pounds 50 in different couches or sofas
So that’s the end of – is this episode 3? yes
Thanks for watching. Can’t remember… You’ve got a bad memory… If you’ve got this far into the video we’d
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it would be nice It’d really help us. yeah
Because when we hit 1000 subscribers, we start getting money from youtube. Hey, that could be our next podcast. What, how to get money from youtube? Yeah. Okay. Make thousand gaming channels I think I’ve
said too much Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribers
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