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  1. One time I was looking out at the stars and I saw a really strange thing. Maybe someone else has thoughts on what it could be? I don't know it was a UFO or what but at first glance it looked like it was just a star and then when I kept staring at it I noticed that that there seemed to be another 'star' going around it. The star in the middle was not moving tho just the one on the outside of it. It would sort of blink in and out every time it went around. There were no colors to it or anything and way too far out in the sky to be a plane and definitely not the international space station which I've seen before. I asked my astronomy teacher and she didn't even know what it was lol I'd be interested to know what other people think of this.

  2. Dark matter and dark energy are an unsolved topic in physics. Those don't interact with light matter and light energy. Aliens might be amongst us, or at least within like a lightyear of us, but there's just no way to "sense" each other, since they are made from "different building blocks" that are not perceivable by "our building blocks".
    But that's where I have to take my tinfoil hat out again.

  3. There are stranger things in heaven and earth than can be explained by mortal men. I think Will the Shake said that.
    In my best Carl Sagen voice…… Billions and billions of stars.
    Then again when the man was invited to a neighbor's house for a dinner with the everyone else in the circle, he sent a bill for $3,000
    for a speaking engagement!

  4. I think if there are other beings in the universe (what I'm sure of), we are aliens for them too. People are too weird to be discovered

  5. I'm still kinda waiting for them to pick me up and take me back to the planet I'm really from. 👽🖖💙

  6. yo, wtf @ intro
    Do you freestyle your videos or have idea and points organized a bit, maybe even on paper, before filming?

  7. FJ, I feel like you and I need to sit down and have a Battlestar Galactica marathon together! From one geeky INFJ to another. 🙂

  8. As a 20 year old UFOlogist and aspiring astronomer/astrobiologist, I've spent my entire life obsessively researching this topic–and hope to continue to do so until the day I die. The search for aliens is the cause to which I have wholeheartedly dedicated myself. So I think there's many important things that people overlook about the Fermi Paradox. I'll break it all down right here. Strap yourself in and grab a cold beer–this is gonna be a wild ride.
    1. Why haven't we found them "out there" in the milky way galaxy/broader universe?
    When we examine the actual searches that have been done to date, the entire basis for this question becomes absurd. The SETI search for alien radio signals has only surveyed a laughably small volume of the total stars in the milky way. To put it into perspective, SETI has only surveyed the equivalent of your bathtub…as compared to all the water in every ocean on Earth combined! That is NOT an arbitrary analogy, by the way–it comes out of an actual computer model/calculation by Penn State astronomer Jason Wright. So ask yourself this: if you looked into that bathtub for fish and didn't find any, would you then say "we should have found fish by now?" No. Of course not. And also, signals lose their strength as a function of distance. Yes, it's true that all our TV and radio signals are leaking out into space–but if you were to put the most sensitive radio telescope IN THE WORLD just one light year out from the Earth, it would hear nothing but static, indistinguishable from the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background, or the energy left over from the big bang). In order for any signal to last over interstellar distances, it must be beamed with sufficient power intentionally in our direction–otherwise it'll just lose strength until its' undetectable. The Earth must also be in the line of sight, in other words its orbit must align perfectly with the path of the signal. The radio telescope must be scanning the right range of frequencies and be oriented to the right spot on the sky as the signal comes in–at the exact instant that the signal is coming in. It must be tuned to the right bandpass as well, so as to not accidentally filter the signal out as noise. And all of this when we can only guess which frequencies/bandpass the aliens are transmitting in!!! And we've only been (inconsistently) looking for signals since Project Ozma in 1960–59 years as compared to a galaxy which is 10 BILLION years old. Patience is a virtue, folks! No reason to ask why we haven't found something when we've barely looked for it in the first place!
    Regarding the Rare Earth hypothesis–its' simply not credible anymore. The Kepler Telescope keeps finding exoplanets orbiting in the habitable zone of their parent stars–current estimates say that as many as 20% of all stars in OUR GALAXY ALONE have planets capable of having liquid water on their surfaces. That's 20% of 200 billion stars in our galaxy, or a staggering 40 BILLION possible repositories for life. Yes, there are more factors than just orbiting in the right zone–but to say we're one of 40 billion? Ridiculous! And also, the Rare Earth hypothesis basically looks for any idiosyncrasies about the Earth, and then says those idiosyncrasies make earth uniquely suited for life. But there's a gaping hole in that logic–it assumes that the evolutionary path of life on Earth is the only possible way intelligent life…but there could be an infinite number of alternative circumstances which ALSO lead to intelligent life. To take the rare earth hypothesis at face value, you must assume that life on Earth is somehow a standard model for all life in the universe…and there's absolutely no scientific basis for that kind of thinking. As you point out in the video, there could be life so utterly foreign in character that we wouldn't even recognize it as life at all.

    Also, life on Earth is made from the six most common elements in the universe (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Sulfur)–we've even found the molecular building blocks of DNA forming in clouds of interstellar dust–so not only are there plenty of possible kitchens, but the ingredients are everywhere!
    Regarding the "Great Filter/Species Wide Suicide" hypothesis–it's a massive leap of faith into a vat of unwarranted pessimism. The second any species begins to spread out into its solar system, the probability of self destruction drops exponentially. .As an illustration of this, think about our own colonization of Mars. Once the human population is spread between two planets, two population centers would have to be wiped out independently of each other for humanity to go extinct (say, Earth and Mars), as opposed to just one (say Earth). And once the human population is spread between three planets, three population centers must be independently wiped out…and so on. The more spread out a species becomes, the less likely it is to go extinct, because more extinction level disasters have to happen independently of each other. Therefore, for the great filter to be true, no species could ever get to the spacefaring/multiplanet level. Given the enormous strides humanity has already made in its cosmically infantile age, this is a ludicrous assumption to make.

    2. Why haven't we found them right here? Why aren't they on Earth?
    Now this is the much more interesting question!! If our galaxy is 10 billion years old, and the Earth only 4.5 billion years old, then we humans are the new kids on a very old block. Simulations have been done on how long it would take to fully colonize and spread across the galaxy. If you were to send out a single spacecraft at just a fraction of the speed of light, and then at every stop the spacecraft consumes resources and builds daughter ships and sends those out, mathematical simulations demonstrate you'd be able to cover all 100,000 light years of the galaxy in only a few million years–and considering that we're talking BILLION year timescales here, that's hardly a blink of an eye. In fact, practically every simulation of colonizing the galaxy demonstrates that it would take less time than the total age of the galaxy itself! In other words, they've had all the time to get here and should have passed through our solar system by now. This is a much more compelling paradox, and in my honest opinion there's a pretty straightforward solution:

    They ARE already here! Regarding the UFO phenomenon, some of these cases have multi-witness corroboration among highly trained observers, detection on camera or on multiple radar systems, and sometimes even physical traces in the ground at alleged landing sights. If UFOs are a mass delusion/psychosis, then I have to ask: can hallucinations really bounce radar waves off themselves and show up on tracking systems? Can they really land affect soil and emit radiation that gets picked up on Geiger counters? And yes of course, unidentified doesn't necessarily mean aliens. But its' also a reasonable hypothesis considering that we have credible cases of objects which appear to be manufactured, under intelligent control/capable of responding to pilot maneuvers in real time, and capable of maneuvers which put our most advanced aerial platforms to shame. How are these things making 90 degree turns at speeds that would turn anything piloting them into red jello? How do they run circles around fighter jets? Yes, it could be secret technology. It could also be extra-dimensional rather than extra terrestrial, or they could be time travelers from our own future. Regardless of what UFOs are, I do think the phenomenon needs to be studied, and the question of alien visitors should stay open. We can't rule anything out at this stage. The recent Department of Defense releases are probably the tip of a much larger iceberg. If that stayed classified for so long, what else don't we know?

    The more I've researched aliens, the more I've realized how little I (or anyone else) actually knows. So stay curious, keep watching the skies, and never stop asking questions. Thank you so much for reading, whoever and wherever you are.

  9. Cool background.

    If they are aware of us and keeping their distance I wish they would stop. I'd like to believe that a civilization advanced enough to figure out intergalactic travel would also be advanced enough to help us solve all our medical, environmental, social and financial problems as well.

  10. Reasonable chance of life in the oceans of Jupiter’s Europa and Ganymede. As for interference , Violating the Prime Directive never worked out for Kirk and crew.

  11. Well…..NASA lies about everything, they want us to think that we're so small, an accident and we do not matter, but we are so freaking powerful ..so we have no idea where we are, who we are and who created us… it's crazy I know, but look it up… they haven't been to "space" ever… 👽

  12. Got an ad for the apparent 2019 international UFO congress convention coming to my city. I guess I will report back in a few months with further knowledge/exposure to also childhood fear

  13. Chopped my ass good in tha beginning there man 😂 I fucking die during your commercial breaks and random shit 😭 Too good.

  14. Maybe they're waiting for us to make ww3 happen and they'll be like "OK you got 3 strikes buddy time to eliminate you from existence"

  15. I was in a lecture this morning and one of my friends just came up to me and randomly asked if I actually believed that aliens are real, which is something he rarely does. And then I see this video. Asdfghjkl

  16. I think it's short sighted and limiting in terms of our understanding to think of "aliens" as traditional three dimensional beings. There's a growing understanding that there's a connection between consciousness, our dimensional existence as well as other dimensions. I believe alien's exist in other dimensions (with other paranormal entities) but have the ability to become visible to us when we are are receptive to them… this is communicated through consciousness. Initially I was unaware of my receptiveness and "things" would happen or sometimes appear before me. Later I learned that I could actively reach out and summon a response. I think the I, N, F, aspects of our personalities allow us to be more receptive than most. I'd be interested to hear if any other INFJs have experienced alien or other paranormal phenomena.

  17. There are tons of aliens, and some of them live on earth and inside the earth. There are also Secret Space Programs into which most of Earth’s money is funneled. Look up David Wilcock, Corey Goode, ECETI, and Destroying the Illusion.

  18. Well, you know how we see things because of the receptors in our eyes that receives light which allows us to see things and colours etc, well, light takes time to travel from one place to another. What if they did look into a telescope on their planet, but since time is different and light travels and takes a while to get from one part of the universe to another, when they see our planet, all they see are the massive dinosaurs that roamed the planet and just thought "nah, fuck Dat planet. Let's go find another one."

  19. There's an "alien" out there who made a YouTube equivalent video about this very subject, asking why we haven't contacted them.

  20. Of course we are not alone in the universe. Aliens are a lot smarter than us because they abandoned us here a long time ago. I think they left us behind like an unproven Science Experiment, perhaps they think we are The Aliens with strange faces.

  21. Imagine conducting an experiment and they make/watch videos on your existence on a (relatively) terribly slow connecting network they made.

  22. Guys, if you're really interested in this topic and want more answers on it, read Dolores Cannon's books. She was a hypnotherapist and she got into contact with ETs. That woman was a very curious type, so you can make sure she got enough information from them. Enjoy.

  23. Well, if an advance spiecies 230 millions lightyears away looking at earth right now, they would see dinosaurs. Therefore they might just ignore our planet.

  24. the existence of aliens dont terrify me, rather fascinates me. i want to learn about their world. i want to learn about how their bodies work. i want to learn everything about another intelligent civilization. i dont want to believe that earth is the only planet that hosts life. that’s just plain boring

  25. I want to go to Area 51🤔🤔… They said there might be an alien there.. hmm or nuclear weapon?? Lasers??? ..

  26. “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C. Clarke


  27. to think that we are the only intelligent species, on the only habitable planet, in a universe so full of planets…….. we do not have a number to count them.

  28. I used to be terrified by alien movies as a kid too, especially Independence Day! And Mars Attacks for some reason…

    I'm new to your channel and have binge watched quite a lot in the last week. As an INTJ I can relate to whenever you talk about dominant Ni and inferior Se. I just love MBTI stuff and look it up in my free time!

    Keep up the awesome videos 🙂

  29. ….no we isolated ourselves from those tribes in Brazil, or where evee, that r untouched by modern civilization so that They dont die from all of Our diseases that they dont have any immunity too.
    We re trying to be nice & protect them & not completely obliterate their culture.
    ( like when the Spanish 1st came to the Americans & diseases killed almost half the populations by it self, doing all the work in making taking over & colonizing in the name of God Gloy & Gold a shit load easier)

  30. Look dude…who do you think you are kidding? Disclosure will come in your generation. We live in no less than 10 unseen dimensions at once. Reference Mass Institute of Technology. Aliens are waiting for us to wake up. Accept your multidimensional self and ascend.

  31. I can shed some light on this, I was once another form of intelligent life(human like) that lived on another very far away planet, in a very different very comparatively advanced society.
    Near the end of my extended natural life there, I knew I would die, and reincarnate as something else. It was common knowledge there that there is life after death, that there is change and growth after death. So on my death bed some beings not from my planet came to me, and asked me to reincarnate on Earth, to help Humanity and I agreed.
    After I died, I came to Earth as a spirit, and I met with the beings again(they can perceive spirits, but they have bodies). They asked me to reincarnate as a Human alien hybrid, instead of a Human like they originally asked. They said that with the current circumstances that would be better for helping Humanity. I wanted to help in this life, and learn about Earth and Humans, so I agreed, and reincarnated.
    Now I am here, as a Hybrid, and I will continue to help to the best of my ability, while learning and growing. And I want Humanity to know, because some of us out there want the best for you, even if it's hard to interact with you, or dangerous. In this life I have the infj personality type, and this channel helped me come to terms and understand my own mind better in this form.

  32. Why are they not neighborly? Because they don’t want to catch out disease. I would’ve touch us with a ten foot pole.

  33. But we don’t have the cure for cancer- do we? Very soon we will look back on the barbarism of chemotherapy and (statins, for that matter), in horror. “Primitive” tribes might be way better off than we are just by virtue of eating whole, unprocessed foods.

  34. We are limited in what we can perceive with our five senses; can't wait to experience so much more one day. I loved the scene in the movie Contact when other life forms communicated with a human by using the image of her father, a life form to which she could relate. Perhaps reminiscent of God communicating with us in the form of Jesus?

  35. Yes "aliens" exist. I was fortunate enough to see something while in the Peruvian Amazon that convinced me. (I wasn't looking for any type of experience, the situation just unfolded.) Humans are pretty low level compared to life in other galaxies/dimensions. It's kinda like we're in Pre-school or Kindergarten…but there's other reasons we are cut off from the rest of the universe as well…too much to write here in a comment. I won't attempt to convince you, but ask yourself this question – Given what you know about humans, do you believe that humans are the highest life form in the galaxy? And two follow up questions – 1. Don't you think there would be higher life forms out there who wouldn't murder their own species or let their own species starve to death? 2. Would it make sense that there are life forms where they work to ensure the good of their entire species? Just a few things to think about…

  36. i agree and understand with all hypothesis. Something i have issue with is all the signs, pivtures and writings found in hukan history f.e sumerian and/or the idea of gods and tgings that were recorded in writing describing anazing beings that to us dokt exist or are legends. F.E have you seen a god, vampire, zonbie, alien, mermaid, donosaur or dragon? a lot of people would say we know Dinosaurs existed because of bones as physiccal proof, but people might say god/gods or prophets because of text, or aliens because of a ufo or area 51. but ultimately i have never seen with my two eyes any if that dtuff and that bring me to the point how i havent been in space or to the moon so ultimately if seeing is beliving and i havent seen earth from outersapce than how do i ultinately know earth isnt flat? lol im not saying i think thst im just saying think about it

  37. Hey Frank, here’s another hypothesis: Aliens are us from the future! When you think about it, it explains why they wouldn’t interfere. 🤯

  38. It's …'alien consciousness'. That's the distinction which needs to be discerned in the social life, Frank. You're reading one right here. There are different species of consciousness here ruling and following on this earth, I can't easily quantify the unseen for you. That's on you and your insight capacity.

  39. The natural cycle of civilization might explain the Fermi paradox. Our civilization is already in the downward trajectory of this natural cycle intelligence begins to drop once technological sophistication has increased to a certain extent because it removes environmental pressures.👽

  40. We just found your channel and you are a delight. 🙂 There are many reasons why humans are not aware of the non-human presence including humans do not see what sits in plain sight. Many cultures are well aware that humans have never been alone. The cure for every disease already exists. Those in control just do not reveal those cures because it does not benefit their agenda.

  41. Pfft Independence Day is child's play compared to watching Fire in the Sky at the age of 9, lol. I'm still traumatized by that film… 👽🛸👾

  42. Aliens are living here and in other words.
    I know it-don't know how I know it. A feeling?
    Too many "experiences " with plants?
    I see oceanic life as aliens
    And plants
    And yeah.
    I got no proof-i don't need it.
    I like your videos😊

  43. Once you discover and understand the boundaries of human progress/capabilities for creating and using propulsion systems, you’ll end up spiraling in thought asking yourself how and why it’s possible for these UFO’s to move the way they do. I want to believe Bob Lazar’s story because he gives me a genuinely honest vibe of trustworthiness, but upon doing so, my mind goes haywire after hypothesizing countless how, why, where, when, and what type of questions.. I really need a distraction to get off the subject. I’ve discovered your videos today after trying to understand why I feel so different/distant than others and I feel much better knowing that they way I think and feel isn’t a mental defect. Thank you.

  44. At 11:12 I felt one with all humans on earth omg I teard up the feeling is profound! .. like we are humans thats it without categories , we are one tribe one race .. its interesting how the idea of aliens make us all together agreeing against one thing , like we are all in one thing together, I wish humans can feel that for once I think we would stop killing each other Im glad I watched this video cause it gave me an insight I’ve never had before thank you FJ .. the binge watching continues ✌️

  45. I think what people think are aliens are actually the nephlilm. They brought knowledge and technology. They sped up our advancement. I believe if they existed in the past, there could be a chance they still exist in secret. We see them as foreign or alien, because they don't reveal themselves, if only by accident.

  46. Or the universe is a hologram or simulation and it's not actually that big we just think it is because physics are programmed to give us those answers.

  47. Nature has no boundaries, no laws or rules to follow. The term " supernatural ", only means, " nature at a level not understood ". If aliens don't exist then how do I explain myself?

  48. I don't believe in aliens, but seriously hearing you talk through all of the theories our brains work identically hahahaha!!! Also I tell everyone I meet that I'm pretty sure I'm an alien. – INFJ

  49. Going by that law of time, basically ‘History Repeats Itself’, eventually another intelligent life form will be created. I favor the hypothesis of civilizations eventually destroying themselves. If we’re able to survive long enough to see the repetition in the timeline then the other life form will be considered aliens. I highly doubt humans will survive that long though lol.

    But also who knows if physics or time are the same in other galaxies. There could be intelligent life forms there that even sprout much faster than in our galaxy.

  50. They are here already. They are multi dimensional beings. Some call them angels and demons. Some call them ETs. I have to say check out edge of wanders channels you will learn real quick.

  51. I’ve watched this video and your hopeless romantic video after you popping up on my feed and I’ve been trying to find your email address traipsing around YouTube like a hopeless romantic myself 😂 so I can send you an email 📧 I promise I don’t normally post on peoples asking for their email addresses… but I’m too shy to post on here 🤭 [email protected] 🥰

  52. I have another theory that we are an experiment gone wrong and there trying to get rid of us with supposed natural phenomenons.

  53. Or.. another theory from my religious (islamic) perspective: There are another lifeforms out there, they just don't live in the same plane of existence as us. They live in another dimension. And they are prohibited by Allah to come to ours, but some disobeys Him. And then there is God, Who does not only exist in the highest plane but also see time in a non-linear way. The angel Gabriel ask God "Why would you create some creatures who will only make destructions and spill blood on earth?" just after God told them about His plan to create human (the first man Adam hasn't even been created). And because God sees time non-linearly, He said something like "you'll see, I know this will be a good thing."
    So some kind of existence that similar to humanity did/does exist. Per islamic view, the apocalypse would not only be an end to humanity, but to all beings (the angels and djinns, the devil) in all existence except God. And then comes the judgement day.

  54. You're Grandpa must have been a colleague of Dolores Cannon. She was a hypnotherapist who discovered (via testimonies of her patients [under hypnosis]) that We have lived past lives and that we are The Aliens. 😊🤔https://www.dolorescannon.com/

  55. I think the universe and the dimensions are teaming with life. We are not unique or alone. Many other human-like beings and infinite kinds of life-consciousness. Aliens interact with us, but cautiously, subtlety and minimally unless there is a reason to be more involved.

  56. Yep, would you really need water and O2 to be an intelligent form of life ?
    Unlike the Sentinelese people, i don't think that Amazon's tribes are left uncontacted by "modern civilization". You should check the Sentinelese tribe's statute for answering your ethical question (9:05) because they are protected from being approached by international laws and there might be anthropological works on them…

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