njguirhfuhfuehfuheuhuehduehduehduhuehduhudhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhffhfhfhffffffHello there I’m Nathalie and what on earth is water slime, let’s look it up. Together, we’re gonna put to the test the new viral Haha, no pun intended slime. What is water slime? Water slime is slime created with water and no glue or borax What? Speaking of viral I’m launching my first project outside of YouTube! hashtag viral Hosted by yours truly Natalie Alzate! aka Natalie’s outlet This is a must listen for anyone that wants to be a successful youtuber digital entrepreneur or an aspiring creator And I’m gonna be chatting with your favorite creators We talk about their successes, failures, and secrets to get to where they are and how you can, too And the first guest on hashtag viral is Alicia Marie! It’s YouTube you know, so that was an eye-opener the first collab I did really made me, it showed me how much I was trying to be someone I wasn’t and I should just be relaxed and I should just be myself and that’s when my channel started growing was when I left in bloopers and didn’t redo a whole video and try to be perfect. The first episode drops Friday April sixth on Apple podcast and anywhere else where podcasts are available. Click the link down below in the description and go subscribe before Alicia’s episode airs so that you don’t miss out. Comment below who else you’d like to see on the podcast and I’ll make it happen. hold up! I’m doing a huge giveaway where I’m giving one lucky subscriber a YouTube starter pack, which includes the best camera, a mini tripod and microphone to say thank you so much for being a part of the family. I wanna give a huge shout out to Tephany! Thank you so much for watching my video. So if you are a shout out in my next video all you have to do is become a part of the natafication squad. So how do you? Easy! All you have to do is subscribe to Natalie’s outlet right here by clicking on that button And make sure you have post notifications turned on by clicking on that little bell right here, And once you do those two things comment below hashtag notification squad, and that’s it that easy. I challenge you guys to get this video to 300,000 thumbs up! you got this! go right now smack that thumbs up. I dare you to charge this to this by clicking below and giving it that thumbs up. Let’s get on into this video. So this one we’re going to test out is super simple it only requires three different ingredients Which is clear shampoo, water and then something called a loom which we actually found in what section of the grocery store? The spices! The spices is what Dennis says. Just so you know it’s a little tricky to find but it’s in the spices. Supposedly this makes some clear water slime. We’re gonna start off by pouring in a little bit of our shampoo. Mmm smells so good Wooooohoo Some slime up in here! I feel bad waisting this much shampoo Not Dennis : That’s enough. Natalie: That’s a lot of it? Oh shoot! is that too much?did I mess up already? Guys, I messed up. I’m gonna pour half of this in here. Beatiful! Now I’m gonna pour some water into this. I would say about half of this. Great. I’m gonna kind of eyeball it a little bit of half of this. Yeah that looks good. Yeah, I’m not the slime Queen, but here we go. I am going to mix it all up It starts to… something something’s happening here with this h2o. Honestly, nothing. Not yet. Okay, so now that that’s nice and mixed . We’re gonna put some of this With this you’re just going to pour a little bit by a little bit. A little bit, a little bit more. It’s not so good… So now, that it looks a little something like this, it has a little bit of a hold to it, but it still falls. It’s not slimy yet. Just a little bit more just in case. Now here’s the part of this slime That truly ain’t nobody got time for that you’re supposed to let the water evaporate Which means leaving this out or storing it for a day or two. Ain’t nobody got time for that! We’re gonna try out a hack! It’s gonnoing to be quite simple. So I looked up on handy-dandy Google on how we can evaporate water quicker, faster, stronger and Basically surface what? and the answer is surface area, so if you don’t know what that means like I didn’t either Dennis the scientist over here thinks everybody knows what surface area means. So, by increasing its surface area it will evaporate faster Ohh, look at that, look at that. But, there is a second component to this too. what we’re gonna be using is some heat. This is honestly just labor-intensive. We have to heat this up until all of the water evaporates. Here we go. We’re currently heating up some slime! if you guys aren’t subscribed to the Natalie and Dennis show, make sure you go and subscribe. This is literally block section you guys will see yourselves. Ohhhh So clearly the heating thing The the what? Dennis : SURFACE AREA!! Natalie : I forget that! So, unfortunately, the blow-dryer and the surface area did not work. We’re gonna have to put this in the fridge for a day. Hopefully not two and get back to you. This is a boat water slime We’re gonna be creating some really colorful Glittery nice a bubblegum smelling really all you need is our few ingredients we start off with a shampoo a two-in-one Bus while cake or a little bit of this I? Am going to add a pretty color. I love these little neon color ones. They just make it so much more freaky What color should we do pink Oh pink and blue then add some of this pink in here? We’re gonna mix it up those purple Purpley do you see bubbles? Oh my god? This is like magic. Oh so cute. They’re tight So now I’m gonna add some bubblegum flavor Now we’re gonna add some heat, I’m gonna add some pink glitter Okay, we need more. Let’s just dump the whole thing in Barb just honey gorgeous I’m gonna add a little bit of water Now we’re gonna mix it up honey magic breakfast look this cute and Then we are going to add a little bit of salt a lot of it is all Based on some comments that I’ve seen when people are testing this salt is actually the make or break We’re gonna see with this their works. Some say yes, some say no, honey, so now after we’ve done this We are gonna pop this in the fridge for a day or two and I shall see you bears Look for this type of water slime we’re to be using a lot more ingredients But it will be like a tasteful dessert and ready for this. It’s gonna get sprinkles We’re gonna start off with some bow Tamiya food thief Mmm. It’s got on the air shampoo And I’m also gonna be using some Herbal Essence supposably both of them together work better Smells amazing so we’re gonna mix both really well Now were going to add aloe vera We’re gonna mix it but it’s still nice and clear and translucent This is what I’m going to use… ugg I’m gonna go for the pink one Straight up real good. Please that red What whatever we went for a red one then this is – camera making faces? so now that this is nice and mixed we’re gonna add in this starch next now you want to add about a teaspoon of It’s like snow on Christmas Day a lot of mixing in this one for sure It smells like shampoo next we’re gonna add a little bit of baking soda that Looks like melted gum next we’re gonna add some flavoring so I want to add some pumpkin spice make this a fall scented slime up in here little goes a long way across Mmm Go big or go home Oh now. I smell the fall so after this we’re gonna add some water now Don’t add too too much for this mixture And now we’re just gonna stir it together Now that we got that we’re gonna add a bit of salt for this one you’re gonna add three teaspoons of salt Now for the icing on the cake we’re gonna add sprinkles My only fear with this is that the sprinkles are gonna start coloring because of the water oh Snap, I’m gonna add all types We have flour sprinkle straight sprinkles heart sprinkles circle sprinkles all types of sprinkles yeah, yeah Those definitely makes it a lot thicker the colors aren’t separating they’re kind of like just drowning down how it looks like soggy cereal Oh Dennis is advising me to add more salts go him. He says that it really needs that consistency. Oh there it is I’m feeling like the thickness of it. This is definitely one of those slimes. That’s very heavy It has a lot of salt a lot of shampoo lots of water lots of Ingredients and so now all we have to do is pop it in the fridge for a day or two I will be back right Now it’s been two days already waiting for these beautiful slimes and all I want to do is play with slime I just wanted to mention and say thank you so much. We were number one today on Apple podcast. Thank you to everyone That’s subscribed and left a review even before the teaser was out my sister Rosalina spill the beans in the last video if you guys haven’t checked it out Do you want the note a secret you know my news Again thank you guys so much if you haven’t subscribed the first episode goes live this Friday, which means two more days And if you want to follow more updates on hashtag viral all the instagrams right here So this is the clear water sign right off the bat It has a little bit of a jiggle.Dennis, and I thought more about this DIY the more we were like Interesting so if you’re supposed to wait for the water to evaporate then pretty much. You don’t need water. Oh, it’s also good But it’s not slimy fail what on earth all right the next one is this beautiful one Oh the glitter one. Oh my god. It smells amazing. This is the Bubblegum Sparkle? beautiful Some areas are slimy already some are not you definitely can’t play with this without getting messy. That’s good Don’t let oh gosh. That looks nasty. Okay. This was supposed to be like the birthday cake one this is what it looks like now it is it moldy ah yuck!!!!!!!! yuck!!!!!!! This is depressing Okay, since these were all poop. We are gonna be adding salt after further investigation we realized that if you just add salt It’ll fix the problem. We shall see and if you don’t then it’s even worse though fail. We’re gonna gradually add and mix Work this doesn’t work, this is a lie. This is a lie people It’ll be the sprinkles on the cake so no one will tell it’s moldy So after two to three days of literally waiting for this slime none of this worked I’m not an expert when it comes to creating slime, but I think that’s the benefit of these types of videos It’s like don’t Believe everything you see out there to not leave you guys know feeling sad because I’m feeling kind of sad we’re gonna do two Ingredients lime right now. We’re going to do clear shampoo with salt all right so based on the internet gods. This is a postal Lets add some salttttt! Okay, okay So happens to be pretty stinky so what the internet suggest is to stick this in the freezer for about two hours But ain’t nobody got time for that so I just add a little bit more of this Okay, so it actually made it worse so I think I might have added too much salt, so I’m gonna add more shampoo So hard yeah, you have to go to slimey school to make slime No All right guys we are not leaving this video until we make slime without glue without borax without none of that stuff So we’re gonna do the exact same thing. I literally just did but when it gets too sticky We’re gonna start adding the tapioca starch, so let’s do this fast-forward. Let’s go So we’re gonna start a little by little I’m just scared it is getting better, but it still needs a little bit more of the starch oh My god we need you to work Meme this the Internet is a lie Guys I’m so sorry. I promise you guys I’m gonna bring you an amazing epic slime video next time and I’ll invite Rosalina because surprisingly that girl knows how to make slime I hope that works. I love you guys Hope you enjoyed today’s video if you did make sure you add a huge thumbs up and check out my last video right over here By clicking on it and subscribe right over here by clicking on my face I post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday make sure you have post notifications turn on by clicking on that little bell Or wish you an amazing day. Don’t forget to live weird or die normal. Bye

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  2. It’s not a lie because if you add to much salt it will melt your slime you have to add pinch by pinch and then once it starts pulling off of the side you have to let it sit out for a couple of days

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  4. The other two didn’t work because adding too much salt makes in water back down again. The last two ingredient slime WAS a slime, and it works, but it’s the poke-y type slime. You can poke it but if you try to pick it up, it sticks

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