Digital Media and Podcasting News from Podcast Movement

Digital Media and Podcasting News from Podcast Movement

welcome welcome welcome welcome to the
morning talk show start your day with Ms. would miss Ileane grab yourself a cup of java sit
back relax and enjoy the stream thank you so much for joining me today my name
is Ileane Smith and I’m your digital media tour guide and today I’m going to
tour you through the latest digital media news and happenings for August
2018 so thank you so much for joining me and let’s start to diving into the news
if you’re following me on Facebook or on Instagram or even Twitter you’ll know
that I attended the largest event for podcasters podcast movement first let me
give a shout out to Jared Easley gary leland and dan franks for putting on
such a fantastic event and for bringing it to my very own hometown Philadelphia
the City of Brotherly Love and sisterly effectiveness and shout out to Blondell
Reynolds brown the Councilwoman for that little tagline so let’s get into some of
the news that came out during podcast movement so the first thing I want to
talk about is because I know you guys are getting a lot of the breakdowns and
the news on what happened during podcast movement so my take is going to be a
little different because you know we all have our own perspectives on this so for
me I was very keen to find out what was going to be
said at the anchor because anchor did a presentation Mike Mignamo from anchor
did a presentation and some people thought that it was not that great but
for me it was totally awesome because I really
wanted to know about the mindset behind anchor and I wanted to hear it from the
founder and my friend Ant Capone speaking of anchor Ant Capone is in the
house one of the most prolific podcasters on anchor and so I’m so glad
that I was able to meet him there and that he’s able to join on the stream
because the anchor news is coming up first well one of the things that
happened was anchor announced that they are having a what they’re calling the
anchor podcast lab and let’s see if we can bring that up really quickly ah
let’s see I’m just bringing it up on my phone this is a physical location in New
York City at the anchor headquarters where you can go and record your podcast
it’s you know 100% free now for all those other podcast hosts or people that
have been around in the podcasting space for a very long time this is my first
time seeing a studio being offered for free and as you know anchor is a free
podcast host and some may worry or concern about that but I say get in
there especially if you’re in a New York City area get in there and get your
podcasts recorded and get started you can always expand your reach and
expand your podcasting savvy later on because anchors really for the everyday
podcaster is maybe for someone who’s just at the entry level and I
of how Michael was so inspirational and he was not talking about what all the
other people are talking about how to grow your show how to promote your show
how to make a show show bit sometimes you just want to have a show that’s for
a specific group and like for example with myself I like to have a podcast for
my patrons on patreon now patreon gives me the facility to do
that in terms of uploading but I could use the app on anchor to record that
show so it’s not always about building a show and goodness knows I’ve been into
podcasting space since 2009 I think I’ve heard every tip and trick in the book
when it comes to growing your show and if you’re still interested in that just
check out some of my past videos so it was a refreshing breath of fresh air for
me to hear from Mike about how it doesn’t have to be always a big show it
could be a small show it could be just for your friends your family or just it
could be a big show as well because anchor distributes your podcast on
multiple platforms without you needing to worry about logging into this one and
logging into that one is setting up an account
I’m already on several platforms including spotify and google podcasts
and so we’ve got more news about google podcasts coming in one minute because i
want to tell you one more thing about anchor before we move on to the next
topic the other thing that i was so glad that i was in the room when michael
announced actually it came in during the QA someone asked my friend Karen asked a
question Karen kyoka and I’ll try to get her podcast link and put that in the
description here for this video and she asked was anchor planning on having
their own podcasts so that they could communicate to users and anybody else
who’s concerned about using the platform and Mike said yes they will be docked
meaning their journey he and his co-founder near have already recorded a
few episodes were a soon-to-be-released podcast where they’re going to be
talking about being cofounders of a start-up and all of ups and downs that
come along with that and I think it’s okay for me to say it’s gonna be called
co-founders now I don’t know if he’s got to change that name or not cuz I don’t
know if somebody else has already taken that we shall see
so nithya is so good to have you here my dear thank you so much what a lovely
young lady you are and if let’s move on to the next topic Oh before we do that I
must admit that I did take the stage at podcast movement and I know a lot of
people didn’t realize that I had taken the stage there and let me just share
that with you really quickly if I can get that going here I think I have to do
it this way yes so you can see me here on the stage and I just loved that stage
that they had set up and I mean this little Fisk around the microphone it
really popped out I mean it was three-dimensional you can tell there and
just in case you were wondering no I did not speak at the event I just took the
stage we’re like it’s too early for you to be in here I was like oh just taking
some selfies so I had a lot of fun with that and I didn’t even submit a
presentation and I knew that I really wanted to just be able to relax and just
do it pop in and out and do whatever I wanted to do during this conference and
so I have recapped the conference as I said a recap the conference on my
Facebook page I’ve done I did a 10-day countdown to podcast movement over on
Facebook and I went live every morning of the conference and also over on
Instagram if you’re not following me on Instagram would you because I just have
fun on my Instagram account I’m not pushing anything I just want to talk to
you guys have fun with you and tell you what I’m what I’m up to
it’s not always as interesting as it was last week but I try to make it fun even
if it’s not all that exciting okay so let’s move on to the next thing that
happened here all right okay I’m gonna move around a little bit I’m gonna I
started talking about Google podcasts so let’s go into that so Google podcasts
gave us what’s called a tool kit a tool kit and it’s really just basically a
fact sheet about Google podcasts now if you guys don’t know about Google
podcasts are mine’s got a little beat up from you know being in my bag during the
conference and this was one of the things they stuck in all of our bags and
we can I’m also gonna share with you in a minute a link where you can go and
find out all this information and Google podcasts why is this so important if
you’re a podcaster you may notice that a lot of times things related to
podcasting are very Apple podcast centric they’re centered around iPhone
users and so forth and there’s not really a dedicated app on your Android
phone for podcasts well now there is it’s Google podcasts it doesn’t come
pre-installed with your Android phone yet but what they did was they what –
they have this goal to double the podcast consumption okay now let’s just
clarify something really quickly the beauty of
is that you can create your podcast there alright they give you recording
tools this google podcast is a way for people to find your podcast in Google
search okay so that that’s really important that they find it in Google
search because as we know goal was the number one search engine let’s face it I
mean you know there’s other search engines out there but you really want
your show to be found on Google right so once people find your show as long as
you have the valid RSS feed they can play it right there in the search
results and they can subscribe to it right there in the search results and
Zach who is the head of google podcasts he has put up put together this cheat
sheet and I just held it up but I’m also going to share the link with you and he
actually tweeted this out so I will show this right now and so you and let you
know what his Twitter handle is that’s probably the quickest way to get to it
okay and it’s Zach Zach Reno we would Dean which is why you don’t hear me say
his name too often cuz I’m not sure I’m pronouncing it correctly but if you go
to at Zach our W on Twitter scroll down just a bit and you’ll see this document
here that tells you how to generate a pack google podcast link for your feed
link users to your website and my friend Gord has just come in and said hi hey
Gord how are you thank you for joining okay so you also can if you have
feedback about google podcasts you can also tweet Zach because that is very
keen to get our feedback one the Google podcast
so yay for podcasters it is so amazing how podcasting has really gone into the
mainstream and it’s just incredible and I’m just so glad that I’ve been
podcasting for so long that I know a lot of these folks my friend Dave Jackson
was inducted into the podcasting Hall of Fame that’s Dave Jackson from the school
of podcasting dot-com and I highly recommend that for anyone who wants to
you know you’ve had a taste of podcasting or if you want to really be
super professional with your show then you want to get in touch with Dave
Jackson but no pressure it’s okay to be casual with your show your show can
still blow up explode and reach the audience that you want it to reach does
not have to be award-winning like Dave Jackson okay you know I I just look at
myself like I said been podcasting for a very long time but I’ve always had a
very niche audience and when I started on anchor I found a whole nother group
of people that were interested and my content and I always say I’m a digital
media tour guide right so I’m not just talking about marketing it’s just the
use of digital media and how powerful it could be for you to spread your message
for you to make an impact on others and also to improve your life yourself
personal development okay I can’t see that dock on Zach’s Twitter can you
share a link please all right I sure will
okay thanks for letting me know that all right hopefully that link will come
through a five because I just entered it in ECAM all right
let’s see if we get the date of it if you go back to July the 23rd you can
find it that way as well if anybody else is looking for it okay all right so now
let’s move on to the next topic here we’re gonna cover and thanks again Gord
appreciate you so much for letting me know that Oh more about Google podcast
before I got talked about the toolkit they also have given us a way to
download the app but of course only if you’re an Android so let me just show
that there’s a Google podcast app I’ll have links for all this in the
description after the video because if you know if you’re not one Android
that’s not gonna do you any good right now okay so but I predict that it won’t
be long maybe even toward the end of the year that that google podcast app is
gonna be available inside of iOS that’s just my prediction nobody said that that
podcast movement not that I know of anyway
alright next from Google podcast news is the tool to generate your link now this
is important if you’re not on anchor you may not know if your podcast is in
Google podcasts or if you have the relevant code in search results so here
is what this will look like it’s just a really a boring bland looking page but
what you need to do is enter your podcast RSS feed now remember if you’re
an anchor you don’t have to worry it’s all done for you and also here is to
search to see what your show will find out will look like and I had the
opportunity to because I was meeting so many people right I wasn’t just
connecting with all my old podcasting pals I met a bunch of folks in fact
shout out to young lady that I met the very first day her name is Melanie and
she is the podcast didn’t launch yet but she’s the
preacher so she teaches math she’s a stem teacher in our high schools here in
Philadelphia and she’s also a preacher so it was a delight to meet her and she
actually rescued me one day because the very first day of podcast movement my
car got stuck in a little bit of a barricade because we had a visit from
one of our high ranking officials I’m not even gonna say their name but they
blocked off the streets because of security and that was where my car was
parked and luckily I just so happened to have been pounding around with Melanie
all day so big shout out to Melanie because she actually gave me a lift home
so whoa that was good City of Brotherly Love and sisterly effectiveness I told
y’all that already didn’t happen all right so now let’s move away from the
podcasting news because I want to move into this one is gonna be really quick I
just want to talk about Facebook just real quick don’t turn off don’t go away
Facebook has launched watch party and I don’t even really have a link for this
but I just and actually YouTube launched something similar and I don’t know that
it’s making that many waves we used to use a site called rabbit for that and
it’s kind of like you tell all of your followers
hey at 6 o’clock I’m just picking a random time right I’m gonna be not live
but I have this video special video and I want us all to watch together I’m
gonna be in the chat okay my videos not gonna be live it’s a pre-recorded video
I kind of see this working more for big brands than I do
for creators like you and I but I would love to be proved wrong we shall see a
lot of other platforms have this feature I heard in fact we’re going to segue
into our next piece which is twitch twitch has already had this premiers
they call it twitch but it’s the same as watch party I don’t personally see that
much buzz about it over on Twitch I don’t mean just from my channel I mean
for all the Twitter’s that I’m following even some of the ones that are you know
very well known over there on Twitch I don’t see them using that feature that
much or maybe I’m just hanging out in the wrong communities over there but I
would love to know as a matter of fact I’ll do a little poll here on YouTube
tell me if you think that you will be hosting a watch party because I know
most of your content creators will you be hosting a watch party on Facebook a
Facebook watch party yes or no and I’ll have the link to that poll right over
here somewhere okay I’d love to hear what you think about it and you know you
can also leave a comment on this video to let me know if you think it’s a good
idea or not so let’s segue over into twitch and what twitch is doing I think
it’s absolutely fantastic you know even though I am someone who loves to do
tutorials and teach people how to use these platforms I also love it when
these platforms step up to the plate themselves and twitch has done this and
created a creator camp twitch creator camp do what you do best even better and
here was the announcement over on Twitch and in fact was probably more impactful
is for me to link over here to the Creator camp and it takes you through
learning the basics and let me just make this window a little wider so you can
see a little bit more of it okay your personal branding you know it’s
twitch 101 all these different tutorials here on
your path to partnership so now let me take it a step back for a second for
those of you don’t know on twitch you have different levels of achievement
okay when you first start off on Twitch you would just be a streamer alright
because twitch is primarily live-streaming you can as I said earlier
upload a pre-recorded video but you’re not gonna get much traction especially
when you’re first starting off you want to go live the more you go live the more
traction you’re going to get and that’s how you make achievements on Twitch
because once you’ve streamed for a certain amount of hours and a certain
amount of days and you get a certain amount of folks following you then you
can become an affiliate now this is what house which is different than YouTube
this is when you can monetize you can monetize and the barrier to entry is low
compared to YouTube because on YouTube you have to have a thousand subscribers
but on Twitch you only need 50 followers but like I said you have to have so many
hours of streaming and you have to have continuous at least three people
watching your streams so it’s a totally different set of guidelines and
requirements to get into the affiliate program and the affiliate will let you
get bits people can subscribe to your channel or subscribes subscriptions cost
five dollars a month or there’s other tiers as well but just really quickly
the next level that’s more like the YouTube Partner Program is called a
twitch partner all of those details rather than me going into them all you
can learn now on the twitch creator camp and I’m so glad they put that together I
learned all this stuff the hard way but even I’m sure there’s a ton more stuff
that I need to learn in this creator camp and you guys let me know if you
have any questions about the twitch creator camp because I will definitely
try my best to follow along with the camp and keep you guys up to date when
I’m sure they’re going to be making updates to the platform because one of
the things you know that all of these networks are clamoring for our content
guys yeah believe it or not we are commodity hey Patricia a Marie is in the
house okay so we as content creators are a hot commodity and all of these
platforms are clamoring for our attention so they want to do things to
make creators happy because we’re the ones who bring in the traffic to their
platforms so remember that don’t ever forget your value always know that the
creator’s want you so since patricia amery is here and beauty bubble is here
hey there patricia from durham skywriter and the beauty bubble and here on
youtube she is beauty bubble hey hey hey and just to do a quick recap i’ll just
tell you guys what I’ve already talked about I already talked about anchor and
anchors creator lab where you can go in and record your podcast in a
professional studio or professional equipment for free if you’re in a New
York City area and then I also talked about anchor launching their own podcast
the two co-founders of anchor near and michael i talked about google podcasts
and i talked about twitch creator camp i also briefly touched on facebook watch
and how I don’t mmm I don’t have much promise I don’t see much promise in it
but there is a poll that I will leave in YouTube card for you to tell me if
you’re using the Facebook watch and what you think about it okay
we’re almost at the end here and so now is the time
for us to talk about YouTube oh my gosh a Yankees is here a long time no see my
friend how are you thank you so much for joining Yankees Yankees outdoor
adventures hello so here’s the scoop with the YouTube hashtags oh I think
watch party has huge potential good okay great i I I’m comparing what’s going on
with twitch premieres and I don’t see it taking off as much as I suspect that
twitch wanted it to so personally I’m not watching a watch party on Facebook
because I kind of like watching my pre-recorded videos on YouTube now
YouTube is also introduced premier so let’s segue over into YouTube YouTube
has also introduced premieres but as YouTube has been known to do of late
they are only releasing some of these huge features to people with bigger
channels and the wet and excess web radio hey miss Elaine has just jumped in
your thoughts on upcoming anchor monetization for you I hear that from
dr. Dan I you know good question so I’m going to stop even though I was going to
go into YouTube I think this is important because I didn’t mention
anchor at the top of the show anchor has said that their monetization is going to
be something that has never been seen before in podcast so if I were that
creative that I could figure out what it is then I probably would have launched
anchor myself I’m not that creative I am depending on anchor to come through on
their promise that is not going to be just advertising like we hear or we’re
interrupted on our TVs and on on the web and you know commercials from the way I
understand it it’s a completely different monetization but they did not
Michael was not ready to announce what that monetization is so I can’t give you
any kind of feedback about what I think about it cuz it didn’t happen yet all I
know is it’s coming he didn’t say when it’s coming I think he said he may have
said soon or shortly but you know that’s all relative my soon would be Monday
tomorrow but his soon might be before the end of the year I don’t know so it’s
I just know that I want Ankur to win and I didn’t say this
earlier but this reminds me of the feeling that I had that you know when
you have someone who comes into the space and tries to be innovative and
then all of the other folks that are already in the space a I don’t know what
they’re doing they don’t know what they’re talking about because they’re
trying to make change and maybe they don’t know what they’re talking about
this has never been done before nobody knows what they’re talking about
it’s know so let’s just hope and pray that anchor wins because that doesn’t
mean that it’s gonna disrupt the whole space and everybody’s gonna stop running
ads that’s not gonna happen okay it just means that it gives people other
alternatives look at patreon take patreon for example now everybody is
trying to steal patreon business model look at snapchat they introduce stories
and Facebook literally stole stories they even admit that they they couldn’t
buy snapchat so they stole stories from snapchat okay
so let’s all hope that anchor can come up with some other monetization schedule
that change can be good but most people fear it yes they are afraid and hey
guess what quick story glad you said that because
that reminded me even miss Eileen is afraid yes we all of course we all have
fears right I intentionally stepped out of my comfort zone
first of all yes no I like to go to bed early that’s why I have the morning talk
show with Miss Eileen because I always get up it way before the crack of dawn
I’m usually up at 3 or 4 a.m. and my comfort zone is underneath my covers
here by like 7:00 p.m. right so for me to go out hang out with some podcasters
we went to a studio in a section of the city that I never go in but I went
because I wanted to go out of my comfort zone I’m telling you guys this I didn’t
even tell anybody who I went with I didn’t even tell I need to tell my
daughter this you guys are getting it from me we went to sounds like soma
studio in a section of the city that I just like cuz I’m like I say I’m in my
little comfort zone I don’t get out much I don’t travel around I go from here to
West Kashi and come home and I’m happy if I stop it to Jim I had a good day but
sometimes you just gotta go out your comfort zone and I made some friends and
I was one of the few women that went to this because this was all podcast
engineers hosted by my friend Chris Caron from the podcast engineering
school I wanted to stop with the big dogs okay and I did it so this is why I
want anchor to win because they’re stepping out and they’re asking
podcasters to step out of their comfort zone and let’s hope let’s just hope that
it sparks this community and makes some kind of change cuz that’s
what it’s all about right we’re not just podcasting just to hear ourselves talk
like for me I’m not just creating content just to hear myself talk even
though obviously I do like hearing myself talk right no I want to see you
guys succeed right I’m giving away free content I have hundreds of videos here
on YouTube hundreds of podcasts I’ve been doing daily live streams because I
want to see you succeed okay I enjoy this and I hope that you guys
also enjoy my content as well okay and it’s okay for us to agree to disagree
like Beauty says she thinks that watch party has huge potential it may have
potential but I don’t think it’s going anywhere
I could be wrong and that’s fine I’ve been wrong before
and I’m sure I’ll be wrong again okay beauties are saying and guys podcasting
is so fun yes it is and I hate that sometimes people take the fun out of
podcast because they’re always like grow your show make it bigger
be the expert and your fish sometimes it’s not even about being an expert it’s
just about expressing yourself it’s a form of self-expression and personal
development because you can sit down and have that conversation with the mic
here’s my my ATR 2100 by the way and you can work out some stuff okay you can
work out some stuff it you might be in the room by yourself okay a great story
we need to step out of our comfort zone to experience life in general
yes thank you so much Yankees and say you’re an adventurer so I know you feel
what I’m talking about I’m not venturing I would usually like I
said I like to stay at my cocoon but we gotta break out and be that
butterfly and bust out of our shell you never know we might sprout some wings
all right so I want podcasting to sprout some wings and hopefully anchor is going
to be one of the first to lead the charge and I am rooting for them and I
don’t care who doesn’t like it it’s a good thing about podcasting makes you
feel empowered you don’t have to sit there and listen to all the big bigwigs
right you can have your own thoughts your own feelings your own opinions and
you can voice them as long as you do it respectfully okay all right so we’re
gonna ignore the nightbot no we’re not gonna ignore the nightbot in fact we
have some more things here that we want to have posted here I’m using my Elgato
stream deck all although rather awkwardly I will admit who coming in for landing y’all coming
in for landing okay so if anybody wants to see that Elgato stream deck go to my
video from last weekend all right so I think I oh no I got to get into this
YouTube thing YouTube I love you YouTube but dear YouTube I’m gonna I’m gonna
have a mini semi rant about a week and a half ago you guys came out with a video
and you said that we creators are placing too much attention and we think
that tags on YouTube are way more important than what they actually are
okay that was like iOpener for a lot of people because a lot of people use tags
and you know we got all these different tools that we can go into let’s see what
Yankee said here you’re awesome keep doing what you’re
doing thank you for all you do Thank You Yankee
okay so YouTube alright so everybody’s got in line everybody’s like alright I’m
not gonna worry about tag I’m only gonna put two three tags oh I might even use
tags no more what the heck they’re not even that important and then within the
very same week they had a blog post to tell us about using hashtags what what
wait wait wait wait wait wait YouTube what’s the difference between
tags and hashtags if a tag is not important just because we put that
little pal sign in front of it that makes it important so what what what
you’re trying to say I’m confused and if they’re not that important why are we
getting a new feature relevant tax here we go guys I just you know bear
with me cuz I’m a little frustrated I don’t know if you are as well but I find
that to be confusing but here’s YouTube’s support document about
hashtags I’ll put that link over here and the chat for you in case you want to
follow along I’m not gonna go into a word-for-word but use hashtags for video
search use hashtags to find videos well what was wrong with just using tags to
find videos where we need to hash tag for is it just me why is anybody else
care about this I don’t see y’all saying anything add hashtags to your videos
alright this is important too so let’s go into this hashtags and the title and
description will be hyperlinked beauty bubbles said yeah I mean where are your
hashtags my hashtags are in the description of this video I didn’t put
them in the title because I know the conversation may change and so rather
than put them in there ahead of time in this particular video let me just show
you let me come back on campus so you don’t see this funky transition between
one thing to the next oh yeah you know sometimes I think when and I need to
talk to my friends at he cam live about this I think I’m having a little problem
getting my video description so I’m glad you mentioned that beauty because I’m
just gonna see on the fly if I can update this description on this video
let me see I have it already copied him and pasted into a a thingy no info on settings
yep it does it does let me do it hopefully it doesn’t in the video okay
we shall see all right hang well let me go back to and see if that those updates
took all right it says live now and no it didn’t take my video I mean my update
that I made but that’s okay I will read it to you the description of this video
okay alright digital media news covering hashtag podcasting hashtag
live-streaming hashtag YouTube including those are my hashtags podcasting
live-streaming and YouTube and then it says including anchor fm YouTube
Facebook Twitter cast movement and google podcasts okay
so when this video is over I will update the oh I’m not sure why it’s not
updating right now and like I said I have to talk to my friends that he can
but you know no I’m not complaining about nothing that goes over he cam live
cuz it’s in beta this is the software that I use and I absolutely love it and
it’s letting me do things like this see how I just put that little comment there
and let’s see what Patricia said I like to use tags with my youtube videos
because that means that after the video is over a bunch of my shows will show up
for suggested videos on screen that’s what we’ve all been told that’s what we
think and this is what reason why I’ve always recommended to buddy and also
tools like morning fame who help you with finding your tags even vid IQ can
do that a little but the head of YouTube search and I forget the guys name so
sorry for that said that tags are not as important as we think they are didn’t
say they weren’t important at all he said they’re not as important as we
think they are and then days later they came out with all the stuff about
hashtags and they’re showing hashtags underneath the video like why why can’t
you just show my tags underneath the video they started hiding the tags three
four years ago because they said people were you know trying to beat the system
I don’t want to use the word scam I don’t think the word of a scam but
Beauty said I have been using them early on in the title and recently just in the
description there are some branding opportunities we think with using the
hashtags and I’m not complaining about them with hashtag all I’m saying is why
say tags are not important and then make hashtags important to me that’s kind of
dumb maybe somebody else doesn’t agree with me because you know hey these
people that run YouTube are really smart but everything starts to blend together
if we use your hashtags it’s then people are gonna start losing the same hashtags
they use on Instagram cuz you know Instagram and Twitter are the two
hashtag platforms and now you know this is not the first time YouTube’s start
talking about hashtags this is not the first in fact I believe this is the
third time they started to implementation of focusing on hashtags
and the previous two didn’t do so well so I’m rooting for YouTube as well even
though they are they are the big kahuna in the room right I love YouTube I’ve
been using this since 2009 so I ain’t mad at them
I’m just all I’m saying is ya confusing me why do I have to use a pound sign in
front of my words both the audio and video are good today Oh Thank You
Patricia yes that was just a demonstration of
what can be done with the elgato stream deck it put that little thing there and
then here’s another one the elgato stream deck right over to you
guys if I push that button hard enough that
time what would you like your viewers slash listeners I’m sorry followers
slash listeners slash viewers using a hashtag that helps your content I don’t
know I don’t know what will help my content yeah if you mean here on YouTube
this is my first video that I’ve done since they made this announcement so
we’ll see if any of these videos are held any of these hashtags that I have
podcasting live-streaming and YouTube are helpful to me I think the YouTube
hashtag is not gonna be helpful but I put that in there and stuff and I
started to use the podcast movement hashtag and I may go in and air and
change it to PM 18 which is the podcast movement hashtag since I did talk about
podcast movement and I know if beauty and Pat were here when I stepped on the
stage at podcast movement but here you go this is when I took the stage of
course I didn’t speak on the stage I just took the stage cuz I had
opportunity to walk up on the stage and I was like let me get up here and take
some selfies real quick oh yeah oh gosh so I think there’s been some other
updates with YouTube and if anybody has any information about any other updates
with YouTube that you want to discuss go ahead and type that into the comments
and what I will do here at this point is I’m just going to say this has been the
digital media news and I would love if you would subscribe and also
connect with me on all the different social medias for example I keep talking
about Instagram because Instagram is one of my favorites and I’ve also done lots
of tutorials here on YouTube and I’m just gonna put up this in screen really
quickly I’m not gonna end the video though for those of you who are here
live so go ahead and connect with me and watch some of my previous videos and
subscribe to me here on YouTube if you’re not already subscribed and so
that’s at the 47 minute mark so that’s this where I’m going to and the video
when I’m trim it down okay guys so that’s just an experiment we’ll see how
that goes and so yeah so it has anybody else
experimented with the hashtags and get not see the the thing is and this is the
same way with Google podcasts this is where we have to step back and say okay
how does this tool help me alright so having a hashtag that nobody is
looking for like for example on Instagram I use the hashtag Eileen
Graham right we’re doing all this talking about hashtags and Tisha’s in
here today okay but Eileen Graham that’s my hashtag nobody else is gonna use it
cuz the way I spell my name io e ane right but it’s not bringing me
any there’s nobody searching for Eileen Graham that’s just my hashtag I like
using it cuz I like it alright cuz it’s all it’s close to
Instagram so it’s Eileen Graham am I going to try to use that hashtag here on
YouTube no that’s always sad because YouTube is only gonna count
three up how about two fingers three of your hashtags I don’t know why they pick
three they just picked the numbers it’s like pick a number and you know let’s
say three I don’t know they could have said four they could have said two but
they said three okay sounds reasonable all right but if people aren’t finding
you when they search like I use podcasting now because this video is
live maybe for the next half an hour or so after I end the video cuz you know I
gotta go in here and edit because you saw that it wasn’t working right my
descriptions didn’t get filled in for some reason I’m not gonna stress about
it but maybe for half an hour or an hour or even 12 hours when you search
podcasting you might find my video maybe six months from now there’s gonna be so
many podcasting videos out ahead of mine even my own some of my own videos might
be ahead of mine so what good did that do me
well for some my old videos it does to me yeah but if they don’t you know like
say PET film puts out a whole bunch of videos and and the folks from Lipson put
out a bunch of videos and if folks from blueberry put out a bunch of videos they
have a little bit more weight in that area of podcasting I’m just using them
as example I don’t know because I’m not searching for it right now
hello Bertram j.7 hi Bertram how are you not sure with j7 means but howdy and you
know so the key is not just to have a hashtag but to have a hashtag that
people are actually searching for that you can serve up to them the results
that they’re looking for because you know watch time is still important so if
they if your hash tagging something and people come to your video and you’re
like i watching that and they leave that’s only gonna hurt
you so and I’m not just talking about YouTube I’m just saying that for any
anything that’s being searched if I searched on Google or YouTube it’s it’s
kind of going to hurt you if people don’t find what they’re looking for when
they come across your content so even on Instagram your hash tagging you know
like years ago when hashtags first became popular or an Instagram they used
to say use these hashtags actually Beauty your name is be hashtag beauty
hashtag love hash you know and it’s like well everybody was using those hashtags
everybody people that weren’t even talking about beauty was using you and
love because it was popular and and to the point where Instagram literally
banned hashtags like you can’t hash tag Instagram they stop that from working because everybody was hash tagging
Instagram so you have to have you have to be strategic now my daughter is doing
Philly real estate that might be great hashtag for her because the people that
are searching for Philly real estate or people who really want Philly real
estate they’re gonna get exactly what they want and it’s a really targeted
hashtag you see what I’m saying so I’m using podcasting I’ve got a lot of
videos on podcasting and may do well with that
I’ve also got a lot of videos on live streaming most people think about gamers
and so forth when they think about life streaming so that may or may not do well
for me I will have to see and my friend mr. I’m sorry fryer fryer wait in the
house I like hashed I guess tags are okay too I don’t know
the difference yet exactly this is what I’m on my soapbox for um I’m actually on
my soapbox right now fryer way what’s the day going difference why would you
two come out and tell us that tags are not that important and then in the next
within the same week come out and say start using hashtags three hashtags will
show why what’s what is the difference why can’t y’all just understand it from
my tag without the pounce on being in front of it so I you know I I’m not that
excited about hashtags because like I said years ago everybody could see each
other’s tags on their videos and then YouTube figured out that people were
stuffing sort of keyword stuffing their videos with irrelevant tags this when I
say back in the day we’re talking maybe four or five years ago maybe four years
ago okay so they hid the tags now they’re taking hash tags and saying
we’re going to put them right up at the top of your video so I don’t know what’s
changed in my head nothing really has changed I don’t if I never thought they
should have hid tags I mean the same people that tried to beat the system
back four years ago unless their accounts are going are going to be the
same people or the same type of people or the same mindset of person that was
trying to beat the system with irrelevant tags before is going to try
to beat the system with irrelevant tags now now maybe YouTube has gotten more
sophisticated and they’re better at figuring out who’s using the wrong kind
of hashtags I don’t know that remains to be seen but
I predict that is gonna go bad before it gets good only because people always
like abusing that kind of stuff and you know and if they find if they if
people think that oh my god I can get more views on YouTube by saying hashtag
love boy a hashtag whatever is the trending topic of the day I don’t know
it could be I’m not gonna say these words because I don’t want anybody think
that this is what I’m talking about so I’m not even going to say the words
okay but whatever is trending let’s just go over to YouTube’s trending tab let’s
just see what’s trending here and let’s just see and if I forgot to give you the
link to this information about hashtags there’s that link again because I’m
going to come off of that tab right now so I’m gonna make sure I post that link
at a chat before I go away all right so I’m gonna go over to the trending tab
we’ll see what’s trending instead of me just making up crazy scenarios let’s go
over here and see if anything on this trending tab I like to get things set up
before I share the screen I right off the top of right off the top I don’t see
any hashtags on the trending tab but maybe when I scroll down I will here we
go so DJ Cali came out with a video of
course that’s gonna be up at the top here let’s just scroll down to something
okay something about scary horror stories okay if you’re really doing a
horror story that’s gonna be good to maybe to use that hashtag horror I don’t
know this person doesn’t seem to be using the hashtag let’s just quickly see
what Beauty says Here I am still doing a trial with it both the hashtag and the
keywords – yeah we’re all gonna be doing trials yes because you know there’s no
guidance from YouTube of course you can see people’s tags if you have to buddy
right that’s why I – that’s why it’s important to have to buddy because you
can see people’s tags why YouTube hid the tags and now they’re making them
underneath your title that’s what I’m confused about Pat
I’m amazed to see words like to be and is being used as tags obviously more
people need to learn how to use them yeah well you know this is why it makes
sense that they are not that important because most people don’t know how to
use them but YouTube is saying hey we’re going to show you tags now all right I’m
just going to scroll down until we start seeing some hashtags because right now I
haven’t seen any and I don’t know for if I don’t see them when I’m in the search
and I have to literally click on the video let’s click on a video that I
think may have tags mm-hmm I don’t see any all right let’s do it this way I’m
gonna search for podcasting the podcasting hashtag this is the one that
I would definitely like to see myself ranking for here now I don’t see it even
with my vid IQ tool I don’t see that here’s my friend ray Ortega I don’t see
that he’s using hashtags that’s right hashtag Pat wait I got too
many things on the screen here that’s right oh fryer you’re just going hashtag
happy at the end we do have trending sdcc sdcc 2018 and
Comic Con oh great beauty I missed that so how about this how about I put in the
podcast movement hashtag ah it even pre-fills probably because YouTube knows
up in searching for that okay and don’t see that these people are using that
hashtag oh is this the one where I was under no this is another one this is
what I was talking about Chris Karen my friend from the podcast engineer
engineering school remember I said I went out of my comfort zone I’m
to hang out with Chris Karen and it was the same night the see this is oh here
it is the meetup in the studio yeah fantastic that this video and you’re
gonna see me in here right I’m kind of yeah I’m kind of getting off topic here
just love the fact that I am showing up for a podcast movement even if it is in
someone else’s video if you can see me here in the back crack it’s my friend
and this is me do I look like I’m stepping out of the comfort zone on this
video wait Here I am no I don’t look like I’m
stepping out of my comfort zone to I and oh shout out to my friend Alfredo tickle
Oh Alfredo was the only person to come into the chat and Chris was streaming to
multiple platforms using restreamed I oh he was streaming on twitch and YouTube
and mixer and some other oh he streamed on everything that you can stream on
from restreamed io except Facebook uh so he was streaming on our bunch of
platforms and we have one person coming to the chat and that was my friend
Alfredo tickle also shout-out to Alfredo tickle oh that made me feel good that it
was like my friend who came into the chat alright so beauty said oh I don’t know
how the burger show got that hyperlink hmm I missed the burger show sorry oh I
guess that’s a hyperlink that you were talking about the one that you mentioned
earlier and you can’t use the hashtags and a title and be hyperlinked where
they want you to well you know this is it’s confusing like I said because
clearly it says on this page use hashtags for video search and it says
that you can you can use them in the title use hash add hashtags to your
videos find the steps to upload a video ok no forget that you
uh-uh tat tags in the title and description will be hyperlinked this is
coming from YouTube I you know I’m not I haven’t tested this guys and I probably
won’t okay and here’s examples they have hash tag and a hash tag example now why
they use that I don’t know cuz they don’t really want anybody to put that in
their title why didn’t they use example and I guess there’s probably somebody
right now on YouTube searching for a hash tag example Oh so there’s oh okay be sure guys that you
actually read their policies okay and let’s do that now let’s do our due
diligence cuz I don’t want anybody walking away I Lisa told me to use that
thing no I’m not telling you to use hash tags I’m saying this is what they’re
talking about here no spaces hash tags don’t contain any spaces if you want to
have two words in a hash tag you join them together two words and two words so
of course they’re also case they’re not case sensitive over tagging don’t add
too many tags in a single video the more tags you add to a video the less
relevant they become for users who are searching if a video has more than 15
tags will ignore all hash tags on that video now see I heard three so I now I’m
like how did it get up to 15 I don’t know and I gotta be honest with you guys
I don’t plan on using hat a hashtag strategy until ok today is July the 29th
let’s give it the month of August before I’m not saying that I won’t use the
podcasting hash tag and I’ll probably use the podcast movement 18 p.m. 18 hash
tag on this particular video but for me to like sit down and try to formulate a
strategy for hash tags let’s wait until the dust settles
cuz it’s not clear it’s not clear I mean if tags aren’t important wire
hashtags important I’m suing him ACTU that so let’s see the fryer way says Oh
what was anchor doing that prompted you to give them some props I missed that
part okay anchor has announced a let me
scroll back up in my notes here they have introduced the anchor podcast lab
that’s number one and the anchor podcast lab is a place where you can go a
physical recording space in New York City for anyone to make a podcast anyone
don’t have to be hosted on anchor professional microphones of the sound
it’s a professional studio and all you have to do is get to New York I mean
they’re not gonna you know pay for you to come out there but if you happen to
be in New York I guess you need to make reservations I don’t know how that’s
working okay but you can use anchors professional recording studio to record
an episode of your podcasts and I guess if you’re in New York you can use it to
record more than one episode you know and I depending upon demand and all that
I guess they’ll have a schedule I’m not sure right they they haven’t got to that
point yet they had just announced it of the day before of this talk Michael gave
his talk at pod casts movement and I give them credit one of the beautiful
things that I love about this frier wait is that I’ll see anybody else
doing it I don’t see none of it I don’t see lips and darkness I don’t see
blueberry doing this I don’t see by being doing this I don’t see Spreaker
doing it and I would love love love for any of them to prove me wrong step up to
the plate and prove me wrong so meanwhile this is the guy Michael
McMahon oh who said to me something else that I have not heard many people say or
many people in a podcasting space and two simple words thank you yes Michael
said thank you goes a long way and he also said that if it wasn’t for as he
said it’s podcasters like you that make us what we are and yes I got a little
waterworks there when he said that cuz I said to myself now none of these other
folks I said that to me ran through my head and maybe somebody else has thanked
me but for some reason it touched me when he said that and I felt like no one
else has ever said that to me for all I do in the pan we’re not saying I don’t
mean you guys you guys always think of me yeah it was cool it was really cool
Pat and you know they’re gonna be releasing their own podcast it’s gonna
be the two founders of anchor Michael and near are gonna have a podcast called
co-founders and hence in other words they set the studio up so they could
record their podcast and then it dawned on them duh why should we just hauled
the studio for ourselves like I said I don’t see nobody else
doing it anybody else doing it let me know cuz I could be wrong I mean I can’t
catch everything that goes on right hey fry ray sorry for the late response i’m
working on my community paper while listening how dare you multitask i
should have your undivided attention pat you know i’m just kidding
girl you work on that paper honey and beauty set anchor has a simple tight
form to apply for the lab yeah and i don’t think it’s an application i think
it’s just for you to get your slot your time slot it’s not
like they’re gonna say oh no you can’t do it they just want to have it all
scheduled yeah mm-hmm type 4 yes yes yes uh-huh they’re also
last but not least there’s a lot of stuff that they did but last but not
least they will be releasing their monetization a schedule their
monetization plan their business model that everybody in a podcasting space is
so down on them about soon like for example I heard one of the very popular
podcasting hosts who I follow and I have a lot of respect for say that anchor
speech was a pitch fest well hat if anchor or if Michael at one point said
you should be podcasting on anchor I would agree but he never said that he
gave examples of people who are podcasting on anchor and guess what in
case y’all forgot anchor Shree yeah it’s free so as to me it’s kind of hard to be
a pitch fest for a free platform I I don’t know maybe I’m missing it you know
I was if I was in my warm and fuzzy mood and like I said I want to see anchor
when so anybody who wants to set me straight go ahead set me straight I love
it I love the conversation to anchor change their policy about owning all the
content they did not change their policy they clarified their policy and there
was a lot of discussion around it and this is where people said it was a train
wreck no was not a train wreck Michael clarified their Terms of Service
they’ve updated their Terms of Service with the line just to make sure in case
any of the lingo or the legal mumbo-jumbo
or jargon get you confused the the thing that they add it was your content belongs to you
anchor does not own your content and you know what I’m gonna be exact because I’m
gonna go to the anchor TOS they added one specific line in there but he also
clarified why there’s other things in there so you can find this at anchor dot
F M slash TOS I’ll give you the link okay and we’ll take a look at it and
I’ll show you exactly what I mean okay we’re gonna scroll down to the part that
he added in here license grant okay license grant let’s make sure we’re only
looking at the anchors Terms of Service here and we’re gonna zoom in cuz I think
this is important and I’m so glad you brought it up and in fact he said the
same thing when Karen it was a very popular podcaster asked the question
about Terms of Service cuz he actually covered it in his talk but then the
question came up and so he repeated what he had already says license grant you
retain all of your ownership rights in your User Content okay now there’s more
to it and at some point they talk about derivative works and I don’t know where
that is and that’s why I’m not just green sharing that anymore
somewhere in this talks about anchor being able to create derivative works so
here’s what that means you know you can create an anchor video you know how you
can make a video from your podcast that’s why it says derivative works
that’s one of the derivative works the other derivative work is let me see what
Patricia said cuz I know she has something good to say people get mad
when they’re not on the one up there on stage
nevermind well in this case the folks that were a
little mad are other presenters and other podcasts hoes no I think they’re a
little mad because anchors free and they’re not yeah that’s well I think
they’re mad about that’s just my opinion cuz I can’t speak for nobody else I can
only speak for miss Eileen speaks that’s why this YouTube channel is called miss
Eileen speaks cuz I’m speaking I don’t know who’s gonna be listening I know
y’all listen to notepad is here and beauty is here and fryer waiters here I
don’t know if ankle pole might be still here anybody else is here go ahead and
say hi in the chat even if you’re listening and multitasking Yankees he
was here earlier I’m scrolling back in X s web radio is here the nightbot is here
and this Rosales my hashtag Thank You Tish for being here my love everybody say hi to Tish okay here we go
yay yay yay Tisha’s here yay yay yay alright so the other reason why Ankur
talks about derivative works and about other users being able to reproduce your
content it’s because as anyone who uses the platform would know there’s a thing
called messaging they used to call it call ins
but now it’s called messages so within the app I don’t have to send people to
my speak pipe I don’t have to send people to a phone number they can leave
me messages within the app and then I can add those messages onto my podcast
and I would not be able to do that if I wasn’t granted the license to do that so
if anyone ever calls in to another show or leaves a message for another show
you have granted them the right to air your message on their podcast and this
is why anchors terms are different than other podcasts because other podcasts
hosts all have that feature and this is one of the reasons why I liked anchor
from very beginning when they started using podcasting back in anchor 2.0
we’re up to anchor 3.0 now but in anchor 2.0 is when they started letting us call
into each other stations and this is what I like because you guys know I have
an unusual schedule I’m not one of those people that say can we have an interview
Tuesday at 2 o’clock Hecky no cuz I’m at work oh what’s a
good time for you 3:00 a.m. and nobody’s going to go for that right okay hey so
this is why I liked anchor this is why I used to love blab alright because any
time when it’s convenient for me I could go on have conversation or somebody can
leave me a message one anchor and whenever I can whenever it’s convenient
for miss Eileen speaks I can go in there and degrade that into my podcast which I
cannot do with any of these other platforms I mean it is what it is
you’re up at 3 a.m. I know Tish yep so so guys you know that’s just do a quick
recap of everything that I cover here and you’ll see it actually on the the
banner oh you tube thumbnail Facebook YouTube
anchor twitch and Google podcasts are what I cover today
and you know I talked about anchor and the stuff that we just talked about so
I’m not gonna go over that again I guess I need to get anchoring yeah yeah fry
wait get on over there and get to anchoring twitch I talked about the
creator camp most of you guys know that but you’ll make sure to watch your
replay okay I talked about the twitch creator camp which i think is absolutely
amazing that they are now work concerning themselves with educating
people because they know they’ve made so many changes and this is what happens
you know these platforms like even though twitch we might think oh twitch
has been around for years but yeah but they’ve been sort of experimenting with
what really works with audiences and so forth so now that they’ve made so many
changes to the platform and it’s matured so to speak now they’re ready to teach
people how to use it because they know they’re not gonna be making changes
every five minutes and my boy reg is in the house the coffee black show can I
have an interview on anchor at 2:00 p.m. I’m gonna give you a spanking yes you
can have an interview at 2:00 p.m. um I’m not gonna say what day though on
February the 31st no but reg we can’t get together and do I record with
friends on anchor but we can talk or Twitter or something to work out a
schedule we can do that sure no problem okay so then anchor twitch okay google
podcast I gave you guys all the details about google podcasts and how you can
find your google podcasts toolkit all right I gave you the link to that and
all the ways to make sure now of course if you’re an anchor you don’t have to
worry about it you know you’re already all straight with Google podcasts and
now reg wants to laugh about his silly comment about the 2:00 p.m. interview
then we also talked about Facebook watch party which i think is a dud but you
know i love for them to prove prove me wrong and we talked about the youtube
confusion over tags aka hashtags AKA what that act before we leave let’s go
back over here and see if we find some hashtags because we never did see any
hashtags in action for real for real let’s see if even though I said okay
here’s somebody with some hashtags okay so yeah
those look a little different and I’m not sure who’s showing me these hashtags
alright so I assess search for p.m. one eight which is the podcast movement
official hashtag right and then I ran into this video here which is irrelevant
I just want y’all to know that I don’t know why p.m. 18 or maybe they used p.m.
18 for something totally different which doesn’t make sense because this video is
from two years ago and has 14 views and it you know they can’t possibly be
talking about podcast movement because as you can see it’s a hockey video so
you know that but like I mentioned earlier for those of you just got here
late there was some podcast movement things that came up in addition to my
friend Chris Karen from the podcast engineering show and if anybody wants to
get an idea of all the vendors that were a podcast mover oh and by the way any of
my patrons who are in the room this morning I did a patron only video
describing or sharing with you some coupons that they gave out to us okay
one of those coupons expires on Tuesday so be sure to watch that video I don’t
want any of those coupons to expire for you if it was one that you
they were interested in so I gave away some free freebie coupons and I gave
away some coupons for things that are related to podcasting as well as others
that are also related to other things and really quickly let me just share
with everyone even though you know my my patrons get special treatment treatment
treatment huh I’m gonna go over to Twitter and find this contest which I
already posts it over to some of my Facebook friends but I think it will
benefit all those guys of you who are here because my live stream Watchers get
their special treatment too and let’s find that coop I mean contest actually I
probably need to go over to Facebook to find that contest so sorry
I see somebody messaged me on Facebook Twitter hope it wasn’t one of you guys
trying to tell me something about the stream cuz okay a chance to win some
recording gear and this is sponsored by as well as my friends over one
pod being a bleep ha being that’s the one yeah you come when you come in
transcriptions hours of transcriptions from you can win pie bean
hosting you can win some time with my friend chris current at the podcast
engineering school resonate recordings i forget what they give you I think maybe
they give you some background music I’m not sure Samsung which is microphone
company let’s scroll down and see what this resonate recording oh I’m sorry I
didn’t I’m not screen sharing let me do that real quick okay I put that link in
the chat here Facebook a lot I’m sorry rev PI bean podcast engineering school
resonate recording Samsung and social media rescue so resonate recordings
gives you Oh cover art these guys are intro and outro music
and post-production for one episode and a teaser trailer ok so you have 15 days
to answer that contest ladies and gents alright so I gave some goodies I gave
special goodies for my patrons I’ve shared this one over and working focus and guess what I didn’t run out yet I
have more stuff that I will be revealing in future videos or on Twitter or on
Instagram so you just got stay tuned you just got to keep following me cuz I got
the goods for y’all and with that said ladies and gents if
there’s no more questions I don’t see any questions there and but
you guys know you can always reach me via email at eileen darlink slash
contact one more time Eileen dot link slash contact that I leon1974 in case you’re not on anchor with that
I’m going to bid you adieu and tell you to have a wonderful week ahead you’re
welcome my dear Patricia and I hope that you’re having your show today
or very soon because we love to hear Patricia show and for anybody who is not
following Durham skywriter especially if you’re in the raleigh-durham area of
North Carolina you definitely want to follow Patricia
Amerie and if you’re interested in Bitcoin you want to follow the beauty
bubble if you need some inspiration you’re gonna follow frier way if you
want to know what’s happening in the world of taste testings and all
these different beverages they have out here you’re gonna want to follow my ball
red 1167 also known as coffee black and you can find him on Twitter under so
many different handles I can’t remember them all but one of them is the coffee
black show okay guys and gals peace I love you for free

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  1. We already have a free podcast studio in NYC, so Anchor will be joining what's already available; and as you probably know, we could always use more.

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