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We had some interesting mates audition and one of them How do I say this help me like As opposed to talking about it from a current stance let’s talk about what happened at the end of the day Danny came up to me when she said hey Micah, I’m reading the medes today and I need To your two thoughts on the made from today. I have a problem. I was mmm, and I said She was definitely a pirate and a former life 100% hands down not open to any questions on it She was a pirate number two and this is the important one. She is going to kill every single person a hundred percent guaranteed We’re all fucking dead. If we hire sleepy I woke up and Mike told me that how much surely this can’t be that bad So I go up and I wave at her I’m like, hey, I’m Logan by the way. She’s like hi. Oh my god, and I was like Under Stan and then she turned around and what at one point and bent over I saw just a just a Riley read tramp stamp going up a Russian prison dance damn. I mean by the way sweet lady sweet lady out of conversation with that Do you know what her paypal was that we paid her with? Who’s on say the numbers just the yeah, it was dark soul Dark soul like one two three. Yeah, that’s Dark Soul My my question is is when in the application process did someone invite this person in? Didn’t immediately think this lady’s gonna make us all walk the plank Dark Soul 666 at gmail.com. Come on by like we’ll see you soon. Just need you to sign the end She was good on face them. It happens. It’s a classic catfish. This is out that fish Yeah. Yeah, but easy if you get captain can you once you FaceTime someone doesn’t that you generally break the cat like usually if you’re trying to hook up with like a Chick that you found online if it’s like big dick Nick four five six at gmail.com Like you kind of you might pump the brakes a little bit Nick Nick Foles Eagles winning quarterback, let’s bring out our guests. Here we go. Ladies and gentlemen. We have a Disney Channel legend in the house today He played Corey Baxter on that So Raven and spin-off Corey in the house He’s a musician a voice actor an owner of an electric bike company, Kyle Massey Yeah, so good to see you by the way Let’s go behind the scenes before you came on the show. You were testing the mic a little bit You’re like, yeah, I like the way I sound I love the way I sound like some people are scared of the way they sound but like, you know, I always talking mics I always like, you know write raps and stuff. So I just love the way I sound you smelled just Walked in smile don’t know how to say You ever get like a like an initial Vibe from the guests like right off the bat they come in and like some like a lot of times for me I’m just like my how this might be this or my this dude just gives me all the good Violence smells go all about good vibes but like straight up like I think I saw them like puff daddy’s Instagram or something and it was like From here on out like good vibes are only like, you know what? I mean like it like I’m like, you know what? That’s what I’m gonna give like everywhere. I go question I love that and I try to do the same what happens when you’re receiving bad vibes if you’re if you’re somehow Your did did you did you use? People get out of there I agree but some people say that’s rude Sometimes it’s hard to just like cares of this room for a person with bad vibes or sometimes you got a plain dog Oh, yeah, then athlean That’s like a sticky situation ya know you probably got like some kid next you something, you know, I mean like all right So then you guys might have to parachute devise or give some headphones in that stream I’ll have him on the far on the far opposite end of the spectrum the other day I was flying pride back from New York and I got sat next to a service dog who had his own seat Let me tell you I was I got sat next to my and the lady was she was like a French-speaking lady who’s sitting next to him the handler and I was like ma’am. I love your dog Can I pet him and she was like, please go? Home you’re hanging out do normally like they’d be like not not so yeah, you know So that’s just but I mean if he’s chilling on the plane like come on, it’s like not a big deal He would always just look at it Are you good? What kind of dog was it? It was like a it was like a mixed breed but it definitely was like he was doing his service by looking at her. I Was at the airport the other day I saw a little wiener dog with the vest on it said he said it’s a nut detection dog. Have you seen this nut? She must have a severe peanut allergy like like Suvi all the way like a couple EpiPen In the femur. Yeah, so nut detection. Yeah. See I’d be like super alert like homie, bro. You got not sprout this dog No, that’s good. That’s crazy. Y’all have a random question for y’all. You ought to be honest. Yeah, yeah Oh, you got like this. All right Cuz I mean y’all can ask me I would be honest, too When was the last time you really pissed yourself? I was I was me personally hit I was a burning man burn how long like a Year and a half ago. I’m not proud No, two years would have been two years today. Yes Burning Man it’s happening right now Pissing yourself right now really could be it by the way, by the way, I didn’t end it just it just piss dude. I Threw up on myself. Somehow some moron gave me a challenge of caca milk That’s where that ended up on myself. I Got a great page story the last time I vividly remember I was fishing with my dad In a remote lake in Canada you had to fly into this lake on a boat plane. There was no rose Yeah, we stayed on an island with a couple cabins. We were the only ones there We’re on this boat Okay, little little little dinghy craft and we’re skirting around the lake can’t find a fish can’t find any fish We’re looking for walleye, right? I’ve come across just we start hitting We start hitting like some of the biggest walleye you have literally ever. Oh You guys know I’ll pull up a picture in our walleyes the type of fish I actually caught a fish Ohio fish wall line thirty one and a half inches these motherfuckers Yeah, they’re a bit bony, but they’re good. Yeah, okay. So so that’s the law. Yeah, so we were here okay, we’re living large and I’m like, I really have to pee I Just have to pee and my dad’s like no we’re hitting right now. I don’t like you can’t get pee in the water Yeah and scared. Oh, yeah, he’s like you can’t pee I Mean We were here. Okay, and we cuz I could you around marijuana plants sometimes to keep deer away Yeah, it really weren’t human piss. Actually. I gotta send us a video So long story short I get things, you know I get like probably like an hour past this moment where I really have to piss and I’m like, I’m like dad I Have to piss and he’s pissed at this point that I have to piss and so he’s like he’s like no like you’re not And so I’m like fucking dude. What’s Boz proud? I just lit my pants up just fully pants Oh like like You were like, you know Yeah It was a spiked piss and then when I hopped off on the dock I step up and he sees that I pissed myself and he was so disappointed. I Was young cuz then he deal with that shit Yeah, and he said I would rather him just pissed off the side of the boat. Yeah, piss off the wall I versus in his pants. That’s true. So I so so quickly. Wait. I just want to say Bob seems like the type of dad who like didn’t plan on being a dad he kind of Kind of had to neigh I didn’t kid. No That was for my sister. The sister was older. It was an accident. I was no more. What about you Mike? I’m pretty sure everyone on the set and in this garage is aware that I don’t piss myself. I lies. No No, I he is wet dreams. No, he poops poop myself. Ok. Sure say ok I can’t remember that costs way more money than piss new socks cuz you can wash out the piss But you have to throw away then you gotta be there so that the infamous story obviously is my sister’s wedding My younger sister’s wedding. Everyone knows that story. I pooped in my tuxedo. I Pooped in my rented tuxedo and it was rented. So I’d like to give the pants back shout out We went in to get our tuxes for the super real Jake paulandhannah wedding and he was in He was in Men’s Wearhouse and was nervous that they were in black I Had a bad Cuban sandwich the night before it a gas station in fucking Annapolis assumption guy and so that but that wasn’t the last time There was his tie. This is friendly Franken. I got a late-breaking one This is the only other time yeah, it doesn’t have this that was six years going. Here’s one that helped gas station foods Never a good idea. Everyone’s gonna discover. Here’s one that happened in the past I hate to fucking say this what happened in the past say that she has six Wait six weeks. How’s that a juice cleanse? Oh I was on a juice cleanse and I went to shoot an episode of menial tasks with banks and we were in a supermarket Juice cleanses can be that whoops. That’s what it was this wasn’t uncontrollable booze cleanses and I had just taken the fifth drink of the day, which was a beet juice and I got to aisle three and Yeah, I think banks like made me laugh or some shit and some shit happen. Never trust a fart on a juice cleanse Yes, I learned. Yeah, you know if you drink a lot of water don’t trust a fart You gotta like Kyle the fact that you asked us. This question makes me thank you like this happened today No, okay, like here’s that’s what’s so crazy. So I had a bro like have you ever had like a really crazy dream and I’m talking about like it’s so yeah real like you legit think like of Course you’re in this dream until you wake up, right bro. I had a dream I was pissing. Oh Yes woke up Half like pissed on and like but I woke up like before I finished my you know what I mean? Like yeah mid P like but I woke up like I hadn’t had a literally a dream a wet dream, but with piss Golden dream It’s just like yo, and that happened like two days ago And I was all of you Exactly. My birthday is on the 28th. I’ll be 2008 Where’s your girl in bed with you? Yes, she does she doesn’t know that I can honestly and proudly say that I’d you know, like I caught it it was a Dream, you know it wasn’t midstream. If you’re midstream. It’s like impossible stop is if you’re mid straight stuff It was I skilled You know I’m saying so I caught it like right before it got out of hand who you know It was just like a little leakage, but it wasn’t like it I don’t know. If yo, that’s you know, I’m saying sounds close to an actual wet dream It kind of it because you’re wet technically but I call it there’s wet dreams and that’s like sex But then there’s my dreams but at night that’s actually called an R Kelly He was not in my dream I Was about the last door you read that night was that he didn’t show up for his trial that day you went to bed with Our Kelly undermined mistress. No, I definitely was not the reason bro. It was me at the toilet I had a dream that I I don’t know. Anyways, you know that dude. I’ve uh, I’d know a couple like girlfriends of mine friends that are females that when they get drunk it’s like a ritual to Piss the bed. Yeah, it’s it’s me. Swear to god. It’s it’s a thing and all all of her friends It’s one girl all of her friends. Like we can’t like we can’t let her go to sleep on that couch Don’t let her go to sleep Yeah, I actually just realized I’ve I’ve I don’t know if this counts but during my last Ironman I pissed myself four times I totally forgot because you didn’t stop you can’t stop. No, you don’t admit what you think. There’s an asterisk for sporting events, of course More times. Yeah, four times dude, you’re going for 112 miles And you’re drinking water. The whole time is everyone just pissed music. Yeah, bro. All right there. Wait a second I pissed myself on the marathon. He was talking about iron man. Like when he was Yeah, I had to time it because I didn’t want to hit anybody when I was on the bike And like the wind just takes it right about so when you’re cycling, you’re pissing all over the place. Yeah, all those poor fans I think is sweat Yeah Well, no no, I mean you’re wearing just like what you get out of the water you wear on the bike You literally hop out of water sprint to your bike. Get on your bike and go for it It’s just piss everywhere piss in the water piss on the bucket Quickly because I’m sure this has got to be almost done with the piss and poo right close The one thing I was going on is you spoke about the one girl that you have friends with We had the other one. Do you remember the one time it happened to me here at the house? That’s what I’m saying Yeah, and I and I felt like some shuffling in the bed and I looked next to me and there was a Motherfucking laser beam of urine shooting all over and I go yo Freaked out freaked out. I was like The street it was getting closer to me those get closer He was going all over the place and eventually I ran out of the room a little later. I’m like y’all Think I don’t want to tell you this but you just pissed Everywhere and I don’t know what to do about I saw her in the next morning. She is. She’s from Rhode Island I know that’s what she does like Logan I did a bad thing She has a Providence accent I did I’m really Sorry to hear You are severely distraught for like three four days I Listen so you eat what you own a Electric Light Company? Yeah, bro. Zahle scooter bike Can we talk you know fair. Oh, yeah Okay, this is this is crazy what this is crazy, okay because I got to talk about this because they’re at once again There’s a group of people watch the show that respects like the business and then that side of things I want to get into this What the fuck went wrong Was it the vision was it the not understanding the market where that you like? You guys didn’t say ride sharing is the next wave because yeah, literally you did did it before? Everybody and then I wanted fucking lime lime honored and then wheel We are wise but you know what? Here’s the thing like that Waldo at the time and still is sort of our vision for the company was not to speak for everyone but my particular vision for the company was to have the the bikes like Be amenities in you know, upper-class hotels, you know Like when you go to hotels like in Hawaii and you buy sweet it comes with two bicycles So it wasn’t it wasn’t I don’t I didn’t want our product to be sitting literally on the fiery street and getting damaged behind on And pissed on not to go back But you know what I’m saying? I just didn’t want that I wanted our bikes to be in nice places getting treated well written, you know like that So it just like, you know, everybody wasn’t on board with that They wanted to go that route, but they were we got beat to it dick, bro Because I remember and I don’t by the way, I don’t think it was anybody being wrong or like not enough forward thinking the only thing I thought in my mind was It was like you guys we’re adding a winning scratch on Fucking wheels game they just they just closed a 600 no I think it’s a multi hundred million dollars a year by selling wag which was the site that they all worked on before it Oh, really? Yes. So the guys that started Dog walking website went and started wheels is when I look at in I see and I’m like, this is a fucking solid bike We’re literally these dudes now have the next billion dollar There’s no I’ve always been saying I think that like all these limes and all these Bikes everywhere like this one They’re not safe nor the drivers or the path the riders of the bub yo when I ride those things First off. It’s impossible to ride them without smiling for me. I have so much fun when I’m just scooting on a bird I’m like its Stockholm Sweden It was the only way we got around in caress even even Milton my boxing coach my 60 plus year old boxing coach Just scooting around. It’s so on. It’s crazy. It is dangerous though Dangerous, but I was just saying like ready locate like but my idea for the company was when you go to Sweden instead of you Finding on the street one the hotel Has already purchased some from us and that they keep and that belonged to the hotel and they and when they give them to you That’s cool. Oh, that’s oh that’s go. It’s like that way. You don’t have to look for yours Yours says, you know, you know, I mean, yeah, that ours is for you It’s not like something that you just pick up on the street. Are you like are you? anti Scooter electric scooter. No, I’m not anti electric scooter I just think they need to make them a little safer for everyone how I don’t I don’t have the answers Like the drones that have like the guards around the propellers maybe we should put those on the scooters like or ball. Yeah What if you wear a normal? Oh, yo, but you know in all honesty, I mean sitting around with a bunch of influencers influential people I mean someone near and dear to our community extremely lost their mother Roman out It’s my mom was killed in a in a very tragic scooter accident She’s and by the way trans by the way I believe another influencer just died in a scooter accident as well another another smaller You know and like that’s why I was just sailing let’s make them safer Like, you know, like make them like tour their amenities where you go to vacations and the hotel already has heart past thirty five-year-old emily hartridge died in a scooter accident Yeah Cuz like if I’m driving up sunset like I see so many people that I almost hit and it’s like I’m a responsible driver So I see them but you know, everybody doesn’t drive that well I think I think it’s only a matter of time before like I know I was actually just driving down in Venice and The whole boardwalk is you can’t ride down there? Yeah. Well you can’t park Oh, yeah, so I think it’s gonna start to happen where like it’ll just shut off in certain areas That’s what I predict it from the beginning Wait, what does this and let’s not do it does not do that Well, if you rush to get it out, you know, yes, you could probably make a lot of money But you could also get a fat fine Cuz yeah, I know wait all your you when you sign up for once you sell it You stop no you sign away When you saw we provide all the liability out the window, but the thing is is like it’s on the company You know the liabilities on you as you sign up for the app and agree the way you’ve you’ve signed it I got it, but the question is How do you make it safer because by blocking certain areas? My Prediction I don’t I think they’re all gonna be banned in a year. That’s what I was I don’t see well, I mean how many of them this to it? It happened with? Uh Hoverboards. Yeah, remember hoverboards were like this new sensors like the newest because they’re like blowing up. No No, they got they could no longer ride them on the sidewalk. Yeah and gross scooters. It’s a Wild West like ice especially The the people walking on the sidewalk hate you the people driving on the street. Hey, everyone It’s so weird how like that industry of scootering has so many weird stories Like it brings me back to the story about the guy who started segways And I like that that boom a Most ironic do you think that should have been a moment where we all realized all these electric vehicles? They’re just not meant to be maybe we’re supposed to I don’t know. It’s like Tesla. Yeah His name was Dean Kaman He he he didn’t start. He was the CEO right see regardless Product oh and he wrote it off. It’s like it’s like it’s like Segway company owner rides scooter off cliff That’s terrible. No boy. No. It’s like Riley read like somehow funny way to die with her fleshlight. 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Visit blue shoe calm and get your first order free when you use the promo code Logan it’s actually my name logn Logan you just pay five dollars shipping that’s beat lue to calm from a code Logan yep also hashtag your next boner Yeah, shaggy thrown the boner Episode III so hey, you know, it’s you know, it’s you know It’s good to see Kyle was good to see you still got a good head on your shoulders. Yeah Lot of people like no joke. Alright, they tell me that I look the exact same as I did on the Disney Channel I don’t I personally don’t see it. Like when I look in the mirror like I’ve had like looks with myself in the mirror No It’s exactly pretty freakin similar to me the same hair no, like look at that like I’m sorry Helping my point at all, but yes, I don’t like though yeah, those are newer like those are newer like what I mean Those are new I can’t tell Years ago that yesterday like what? No, but you you you did go through the Disney machine man. I’m not not just one show We had a few shows on Disney. So why are you crazy or killing people drop like what’s? Ukraine, um I’m from Atlanta. So, you know, I go back and forth to Atlanta all the time, but you know I know a lot of crazy-ass people that was on For sure. Yeah, but I’m not crazy because I got to grow up and watch them go crazy Oh, you got the warning like I had a front-row seat to crazy Everybody else going crazy, but I guess we had a front-row ticket I’m like, oh so this is what crazy Crazy look, like let’s try normal one time interesting I mean, it’s got to be so easy to be sucked in because it is like a machine, right? Like how old were you on? Uh, uh, that’s a raven. I was eight or necessary. I’ll be 28 in Like five days and so yeah, that’s almost 20 years That’s and are they do they still own like part of your arm or some shit? Like, how does that work? No, like right now I work from Nickelodeon Cartoon network got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon. I played Jeremy and on Cartoon Network, we’ve got mighty magic sword Soldier just flip into the north. Yeah, like you you really? Because if you look on Nickelodeon like you see a lot of these new commercials, you know Like like it’s like they’re starting to become more. Oh really, you know you imagine that conglomerate like that that merger? crazy Season, you know I’m saying imagine the spongebob ride at Disneyland That’s my Favorite show ever I changed my life Disney would kill it. How’s the Raven doing? Yeah baby’s doing good Yeah, she’s actually flying with me to Texas in a few days. I’m for my birthday Birthday season. Oh, you know but yeah, so Raven shout-out Raven. I just saw her she came to my performance I see waving all the time. What’s going in, Texas for the bday? I’m going on a fashion show Um, I don’t even know yet. That’s the funny thing a fashion in Texas. They got fashion everywhere you Know I was like damn they stepping it up. I hope it’s in Austin, dude. I love ya Austin is dope too. I think Dallas. I like Dallas just because everything in Dallas is like right there ya know I mean we went to San Antone Recently – that was odd it was They call like the conference center Conference and by the way Who’s in it up with how many restaurants we go? No, there’s a bunch of conference people 1:00 p.m. Getting black Well, I asked I asked our waiter once I was like hey, like what do you guys do for fun? He’s like most people just get drunk I’ve been to many business companies. The only reason you go to a business conference is to get play What March’s wrote that’s the best place to get blasted Cuz then you can wake up with something dope is puffy. You can get blasted and wake up you like what I got a LA Times Beverly Hills mountain honey spelled That was a billion dollars and sold for $100,000 Wait-wait-wait doing that was running the auctions black the hell it sold it for a little less than a check this out the mountain in Beverly Hills once listed for 1 billion dollars sold for $100,000. I’ll give him a hundred and fifty right now Spencer’s piss is Illuminati This dude 100k. That’s 400 K. That’s Bhutan’s woody board. By the way. I know I know the whole story. There’s a whole story They’re gonna build a laser iron control the minds of em, give you the 5 second cuz I got I got bored I’ve tried to run give me the 5 second the the the the guy who bought it One guy he he the original sale He sold it it put him somehow 200 million in debt And so when he what that he was going to get back But by buying it for a hundred thousand, he got he let the other lien holder off the hook So now he’s down two hundred million on it. Plus the hundred thousand So he still got he still got a great by the way. He’s still got a great deal, but he’s Already got the worst deal at nob because that parcel dude when you build 40 units on that and the fucking mountain overlooking Beverly Hills he’s gonna clean up. It’s just he was the one person I was like Oh 200 milk. Yeah. I got that Whatever. Nobody else was wrong. That’s really what you what caused the water crisis is this property? Look at that grass like great fairway like the sprinkler bill on that sucker is a hundred thousand guys You know some of the old owners it’s a little bit further down the article, but it’s like fucking Merv Griffin I think look look where the auction I’m trying I’m trying to invest in some property. This is hard by How is there not a crib they had us to twine it down on the crib there’s definitely a crib there It’s literally just Sam. It was a lot of overseas people have been buying it for years the the Royal Wing my daughters of Iran owned that the only yeah they put its Maqam you turn how much money do you think would warrant like a like the crib that needs to be on a mountain like that? like I think you need to put a Probably at least a four hundred million dollar Yeah, for sure. Sure. Absolutely. Because by the way, there’s homes in LA right now that are the biggest la real estate sale I think is a 105 if you look it up you can 400 That’s pretty The most in LA most is 275 right now. No, no the biggest sale. That was that’s a listing that’s never gonna sell ever Yeah, I have to be limit. So but but what I’m saying is you’re probably right because the one that went at 105 105 million it was a tiny little lock and Betty like that’s a fucking amount. Yeah, that’s a mountain was this That’ll probably be the most expensive home to this one is drop to one knife, by the way It’s not gonna sell that’s not gonna sell it goes down like a buck forty That’s why they cut the price fifty million. They were just like take fifty off you live in a house So you got an apartment. It’s like We have a condo out here in LA, but we’re about to get a house tight. All right. No. Yeah. I was literate No joke, as I was driving up here. I was like yo, yeah, this is a vibe. We turned in as a 500 Him Austin Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa in diesel Bindis like on the street and and you want to know you got to get them on the podcast VIN yeah, yes. Yes, you know who started the transit outside of his house everyday, like you’re the one that goes up the hill Hey VIN, I got a podcast It’s number one I will kill you Think he’s gonna be okay with us talking about him living in our neighborhood and it’s like exact house location to probably not know It’s like South Park bro. We’re not talking about the real Because you moved you a couple years ago now everybody’s Encino, yeah seems like you started Off a bomb for the violence all Right because where else you can even find a segue for yeah, so what are what yeah go So you’ve been sitting on the Logan I go first off I just got a preface that I didn’t I have never laughed as hard as I laughed when I found this How do you wanna how do you want to do? So we get fan mail sometimes sometimes fans Why this happened? It’s quick. Sure Everyone knows about my life away vapors are a lot of people. Do you bought them for me? Because I want to show a jeopardy. He said you send me on vacation so on off white papers I wore the shoes for a while banks got so tired of the red tag on the off way vapors which by the way made Him that he cut it off with a butter knife the other night. I put it on my Instagram story and People it’s just a liability the tag everyone knows it so yeah that’s reported along. So, thanks Thanks cut it off and we get fan mail sometimes and one of these fans Sent us a nice a nice letter here, but it came in an all white box and I said and it said from off-white the address and I said This will be the first piece of fan mail. I gave if my fans bought me off way is amazing and I thought they did Congratulations. Hey Mike, we realized how much you liked your off-white vapour Max’s Unfortunately notice they were tampered with so we wanted to gift you a fresh pair of kicks. They are extra hype We hope you like them sincerely at young breed. Oh and then at the bottom here, they put Mike X off meds because he got off his a amazing and before and before so Amazing the branding you have done young great. Oh is mind blowing? Yeah, this man legit when I saw him the reason why this became so great for me He knew that he just received a pair off whites Knew it how so exciting to see these let me see these off why it’s row and these are the off-white So Just just so you y’all not only like when I left word when I see off whites This is what I see. It just like this doesn’t make any fucking sense. Those tags are too big My mom saw the off-white tag was like what like why did you leave the tag? No Let me ask you a question first. That is so funny, bro. They are my size Thirteen’s and they’re in their air Hurricanes, which is also a pretty dope shoot right now this it’s not a complete L. I’m just confused How young braids? Oh did this and and How he was so creative with it Cuz we we did look him up on Instagram and this kid just doesn’t look like he’s got it in him Doesn’t look like he’s the 11 year old Logan Paul Himself on the bottom of the shoes, too Instagram tags on the bottom of the shoe, but pull that sheet up one more time I gotta say I don’t know how old you are kid. You look 9 He off his soccer tournament Even in this bio. Sorry for the realness So first of all Shout out on the stock of this paper. Yeah, this is no bullshit This is dwell shock paper. Yeah, he’s got the quotations around Congratulations. Yeah, like some real Virgil shit still in school We could clearly see that and obviously the best thing is the mic which is Nike times off meds. Yeah, this is this is True this is makes me Got so funny envious of your troll. Yeah. Yeah. This is this is as professional troll top-level kudos Young breed. Oh, sorry for the realness. Yeah It was just so it was so beautifully tragic to just open that box I’m gonna take him young bright Alma giving to one of my cousins Print the same thing with Ravens name on good god, and I feel like we just opened up a can So You guys about control? I love this show though, man. This show is really dope I love how you got the logo in the middle. I like how the lighting Let’s see if if we can cue the lighting. Let’s see. Okay. All right Cue lighting. Oh Shit. What the fuck? Is that shining? Why did you do that? I just wanted to see like what you guys Watched oh gosh tells more I mean talked about the design upset, but Is this your dog she yeah, her name is ginger. She’s wearing a diaper currently because she’s on her period to know about that I have not yet emailed dogs if they’re not fixed How free it’s not once a month, is it I heard it was what I think it’s once a year. Yeah Two to four weeks. Whoa sometimes soils are diaper Yeah Do you like dude? I looked it up once I don’t know if you’ve ever looked this up how much it costs to just have a pet. Yeah, it costs so much. Oh So much bro, my homie spin like six grand on his dog it Was like There’s a wait I Heard it’s like literally owning a dog in its lifetime will cost like 40 K And that’s not including buying the dog some dogs cost 40k $40 for its whole life Bob Barker fires whole Life at the end of price and prices right to get people to spay and neuter their pets And don’t forget guys get your pet spayed and neutered at the end every fucking episode and and furthermore You look up Bob Barker Adam Sandler Bob Barker, Adam Sandler, Bob Barker, bro price is wrong, bitch Go to youtube go to youtube Mike. Come on are and I’m saying there’s Bob Barker Next one no, no, you got it. Oh you had it? Okay. Yeah, the price is wrong, babe Babe, I got served with an ADD video. We’ll play after add don’t worry looks like some sort of that’s why Your abs and just put my face on it and just blink I’ve done that Yeah serve your ads on other YouTube youtubers videos only on my haters I need in this room I’ll lose my Keep going Oh shit, oh It’s still going What a legend Clara just that just brings me right back yeah Some people say that’s me that was just a fight with Bob Barker. Yeah it is. Oh Hey, it’s me Logan I’m here to sell you something we have a sponsor from our friends over there Jade black You guys know J black J Black was started out of frustration of being unable to find any high-quality fashionable frames at affordable prices You guys know this most polarized sunglasses normally cost over 150 dollars and they set out to change that at Jade black It’s summertime. It’s almost coming to an end, but it’s still summer So you still have a chance to look? sexy We do they’re doing a massive giveaway where everyone that buys a pair of sunglasses gets entered to win a free trip to Cancun I’ve been there. I’ve been there Yeah, I got pickpocketed there, but it’s great. Okay, who’s great? Anyways, Jade black uses Italian acetate from the same manufacturers brands like Gucci Ray Ban YSL, etc And like I said, they’re polarized and the frames cost even less with my code. So go to jay black co-ceo and use the code impulsive – 10 Don’t forget the – for 10% off and a chance to win a free trip to Cancun this summer Just don’t don’t leave your resort because that’s what I mean. That’s what I got pickpocketed. They warned me It was a girl wasn’t like violence. She was like dancing on me, and she pickpocketed me Anyways back to the episode Hey, yo So I couldn’t help but notice when I was entering this podcast that you got a full boxing ring in The back of your house in real life. Yeah. So like I use shadow boxing like are you Like are you? Like in your house away are you like dividing people to fight like mobbed in like are you like I do just like be like wake up like You know, I want to fight one of the homies on the phone today like pull up to the crib you Know have you ever seen an arena filled with people? That’s what I’m saying like but do you like kick your homies asses here though? No homies, cuz I like them, okay Strangers and sparring partners. Yeah, so you just you go like fine like random sparring partners or my coach does Oh coach does. Yeah Yeah, and I have this rule that uh, I can’t I can’t be friends with them. Like I can’t know them Yeah, and he’s I can’t Talk to my sparring partners cuz like if they’re like hey like by the way Did you have a good day and we start talking we start rehearsing and forming a friendship. I can’t you Know well, yeah, do we have a boxing gym, that’s about boxing in the backyard and we train we train hard. What are you? Imagine if there was a second one bro, I Imagine there has to be one. What do you mean? Is there any news on that? Yeah. It’s happening beer We have a date tomorrow I’m a professional fighter wait Hey, thanks do you like take pictures like this with your fists up now? Yeah, we do Possessive and by the way, they’re fire. I’m gonna download actually I’m gonna die. Yeah all the boxers they all do this in like pictures You’re actually yeah, you’re gonna look like a man compared to the last fight photos, you know, you look like a greased up lubed like 18 year old Paul. Well, it was a combination of The hair. Do you wanna know what he looks like these ones? Yeah Reese top Lube Quite literally, why what you’ll say with a beard. Oh, no. Yeah. Yeah, he’s got what he has on say. Yeah, hold up I look like a stud in these phone Well, I would but the we transfers taking seven minutes to download I get planning on showing these But I also just say like I look fucking good good. So how did it feel like King like winning a fight bro, so well No, it’s just like crazy because I’ve never won a Performance, but my record is oh and oh don’t read like me for that like My record is also oh no and 1 wait what it was a fucking time and It was a tie I do I troll level a thousand No, no. Wait. No no, I Honestly jingle down. I really didn’t realize that until you just said it was a draw Do you guys think you’ll do like but is there a loss no crap, which saves you a little bit technically Yeah, but it is a window. No, but if there’s no loss we still have such Yeah, there was nice it was championship merch yeah she wore You’re betting on option like in like buy in the draw is is that like So, so if you if you draw the odds are significantly higher our fight was 16 to 1 odds. I Bet I’ve been betting on sports a lot recently I like football heard like people have been in pregame, yeah for sure I’ve never won a single sports. But yeah every single one – Why is that? well I can’t why can’t I get anything I might have something to do with the fact that you don’t know anything about sports and so when you at all and so you bet on them like Literally, we’re gonna have a conversation today about the XFL Dillon try to inspire and I said Do you know what we’d have to do to Logan to get them to talk about the XFL in logos? What’s the XL? This is what a draw looks like yeah, can you zoom it on your face two winners is what it is, so I’m right Ah, ah, okay technically are like I got my hand raised. That’s like gesture. That’s two winners Because if there was two losers their hands will be down two people that there’s got your channels hacked at the same time That’s the face guys. Look at their faces like What was yoked I meant by the way I’ll be the I’ll be there again I’m gonna be a little beefier this time I Mean, I can’t I can’t say too much. Oh Come on By the time this podcast come out comes out There be some announcements no Stella – but two days after this podcast what? Stall case you have a date for the announcement. Yes. Can you say that in a straight Center? Oh, no, no the date for anything. I can’t say anything My hands are tied to even say that now I am contract really contraction So we can’t make any announcements about the announcement – the announcement date or that it’s two days after the spot I say Yes, I’m saying y’all are speculating I can’t so there might not even be an announcement yeah be control You guys didn’t roll. This could be a troll, right? No I’m the king of that the king of troll and what we get is troll announcement if if there’s going to be an announcement about the announcement, I Don’t know. I lost you at the first I saw these pictures these pics are downloading Kyle. I got a question while we wait on these pictures to download What were some of the bores are the best moments that you had on the show on? Um, which show? Corian house, I’m Cory in the house. Um Cory in the house man, it was was dope. I just got to you know, everyone thought I lived in the White House I’m gonna say you didn’t Know Disney can’t afford that but um We had a really expensive, you know set I got invited to the White House by President Bush and I you know got to meet President Bush and like go to the White House and then like they gave me this really cool tour and Then like the one of the tour guide stopped me and was like yo, oh my god like all the little kids that come on the White House Tour like ask about everyday, like you know, I you know, but she said that she used to give White House tours and kids used to ask like yo, like, you know, that’s what I thought you lived there. Yeah He was – bro, I will not tell you he is one of the most chill people I’ve ever met my entire life But that was after his presidency yes, I mean he’s His favorite thing I told you that’s his favorite thing to do was meeting Cory One I think favorite thing to do in the whole world is to clear brush He loves to drive round his ranch and clear brush. It’s a favorite thing to do my favorite thing pull up on some brush that’s overrun a roadway and away, yep, ohto, Levin rake Did he by chance do it with a scythe? Have you seen this? Is this novices painting? Has anyone seen anyone use a scythe already clear brush? Yeah, even if you have four pictures up here and one of those a scythe you can say I couldn’t even Grim Reaper, dude. Oh God don’t you just kind of like this. I mean, this is crazy. It’s like a little cross stick Okay, is that what you said Bush loves to do? Yeah, this is what this is what the President does when he’s not being president. Wait Can you turn the sound off so I can make the sounds for it? This dude aside just a man in his sights maybe He’s not even good at it I saw it dude Even all that good. If not now I feel obligated to show you guys like a dude who’s actually really good at it I swear God some of these dues. Yeah Here we go, look at this motherfucker bro, he’s killing me get it Oh for arms Could imagine clearing a whole field like this. This is how they make crop circles the aliens come down. Oh Oh, I think they don’t they use flat flat bread. I didn’t maybe they from Olive Garden they flattened them I would really hope the aliens have more hi-tech size than that. Oh, yeah, they use lasers Question how the fuck do we get talking about sites? Well, I just in my fault George Bush. Oh, it was George Bush’s fault What I was gonna say is have you guys ever seen George Bush’s paintings? Are they talking you guys have never seen? Oh that he does. Yeah Never seen this George Bush. George is a Accurate his mind is like oh My god, it’s literally exact Maybe is great. That’s That’s it Just happens to have a I from predator this just feels like one of those things that is rock I mean, this is just this stuff is great, dude. No, it’s nothing you do know There’s this one there’s just one painting of like somebody in a shower and when that way it live It just kind of like it was a little concern. What are we doing? dude This is that thing you do after you retire cuz you’re bored like my baby, I’ve said it before woodworking. I’m gonna make bull Yeah, but dude, this is your thing. Those bowls are going to be pricey. No matter how shitty they are because you made it Yeah, that’s the thing You know someone’s art that’s gonna be real pricey because is actually pretty good as Jim Carrey’s Anas cuz who he is Jim Carrey. Have you seen Jim Carrey’s art? Never know I have it’s actually done. You know what I have my after retirement thing planned out. What do you know? I’m gonna build the boats in the bottles where you stick the Thing in my grandpa did that and I and so did mine and that’s what inspired me and I’ll also say on that point quickly There’s no shot. I’ll ever do that And here’s why because I can’t sit anywhere for more than five seconds at a time And yet alone build a boat in a ball Do you know how long you’re gonna sit there with a little a little tinkering thing, dude? have you ever seen NCIS, you know like Gibbs like for like 12 seasons he was built in about Remember that Patience man. I don’t have the patience my skill how many bowls though how many bowls all day long shellac wood Oh, I’m Tony. You’re gonna be up in the mountain somewhere meditating. Just make it some moles. I Hope you could help I have my honey with me though. Oh, yeah, I like running around. Okay Timepiece. No debris, you’re gonna it’s gonna be good I see it’ll be a good life is gonna be food-related actually in real life living off the land. Yeah I want to be a chef, but you said you have a plan. Yeah, he’s like your ideal like hobby side hobby Um, so really like I just like set up like advance. I just partner with this app Bender, which is like streams like live music performances So basically like, you know, I just know a lot of artists and influencers, you know musicians in general So I’m just gonna like help facilitate getting them and you know, like we just did migos or just a juice world so business Yeah, you know and just transition it into different businesses as well as just you know Just having fun and I’m gonna do a podcast and start a major. What’s go let’s go. What’s it called? You guys have inspired me. Let’s go, you know So yeah cast industry is a billion-dollar industry now, I didn’t even know that that bro secure that bread get in there She call it You should call it in course of all in course if I was thinking it could be like like Cory in people’s houses Like I just like pull up. Let’s pull up on Logan Paul That’s dope go through his house just he shows it’s like cribs, but with me like I’m in your house Have a second like you know, I mean like I like that That’s like something interesting on people like that segment Because because you went in your house you went in your room and you’re like welcome to the Maverick room Welcome to my room. It’s the shittiest room with an Africa and like every other youtubers like I just did my makeover Bro, I literally to my crib I have a couch. You can’t sit on it though, because it’s only really for my laundry I put my laundry on it. You can’t sit on it like you literally went through I’m like, it’s the worst house at room in the house. It smells bad. It’s a little just weird. Yeah you guys Self-deprecation is hot It’s so odd How boy something hot boy summer which is summer over what I think about author of female rappers that are cut off just a lot of female rappers coming out there is That’s that’s it’s that’s cool to me man. That’s so dope. You know, how like, is it RZA RZA? Yeah is dope. Yeah What about rash? Throwback but she still a legend. No, like you don’t know me like she still be dropping his cardies like the Queen Yeah card is the queen like sweetie is dope City girls are on fire right now Like, you know, they had a whole season a year now. Yeah, I Got some these pictures I think that’s what we’ve been really way Mean here’s a good one I’m looking me. Here’s another bro Bro, this isn’t this ain’t nothing. Here’s another one just in case that’s like your face when you get another draw I mean you got your own boxing gloves. Yeah. Yeah, bro. I’m gonna ask you on the show What’s up with some merch? I want some maverick. I can hook it up But you see this that’s sexy. Do you think I’m like Like a lubed up 18 year old come on your body’s like are young and spry I miss and I misspoke Yes, that’s hot, you know getting Rocky vibes. You know, I fired. Yeah, but I got you I got you on the merch I hit up. We got a merge room that has been turned into a better of room on four Overpopulated in the house. That’s why I tried to you know depopulate I never remember that member hood the days by the day. You were like You know, I am gonna be moving out I was like perfect We’re overpopulated away. I was just like dude, it’s just overwhelming. That’s great We both kind of just realize That’s why when I moved out it wasn’t an announcement. You know, it’s like yeah, it’s not a big deal to me It’s just like, you know, I’m just moving on up it does suck though, because there was no like there’s no period where I was like Oh, like what I was able to come to terms with it. I came home and another vegan had already moved. Yeah Literally replayed it’s my neighbor like it’s my room And like I come back and I’m so used to Spencer’s like quiet vibes. He plays like Enya at 11:00 p.m In job and Jana like loud as long and hard He’s got a he’s got a like you had like cool paintings of all of us. Here’s a moss wall Yeah, you definitely couldn’t cope with that that period but now there’s a dog in the house that’s having its period okay So hey, were you the runner-up on Dancing with the Stars? Yeah, man. It was rigged. I mean what’s good with that? No, what’s it gonna be so mad. I’m just kidding. It’s not right Is it no it’s not rape stop asking me that I’m ridiculous No, I lost man like, you know I came in second place You know, it’s all good. I really should have won though. Like if I didn’t make any mistakes I Just never got a ten from Lin which is one of the judges this season now, that’s real. Yeah I think it’s happening Oh God, I mean what in the fuck is going on? How do you know that I just saw Up in the top. What did you think that I know? We’re gonna talk about that No, no You don’t care that your man is just dancing with some other star You’re not still pissed about I was a Star Tom like knows who she is. Look at that pic of him. Just talking mad smack to all the contestants He’s like, I want to start off today by saying fuck all You came in to fight this is what I lost – Oh Jennifer Grey Wow, bro. She’s funnyer Nancy. It’s funny. That that’s her name sings how her whole bottom half is great It’s like she has no leg. Oh, but his cheating because she was on Dirty Dancing That’s like someone like from high school musical winning Dancing with the Stars. Look at that chick in the match He’s the one who rigged that he’s just thinking She is the reason in place and that Trump won the presidency Yeah, I got Putin online too right now Look at her dude. What is she hot lady? If you’re seeing this shit, you gotta reach out to us What is good to reach out is a good chance. She watches the show Dylan held up the sign six times Sean Spicer Sean Spicer what’s going on? He has been pulled out Sean Spicer. And in the fight is is this really happen. Look this up right now I know that Ray Lewis is going now. That’s ray. Lewis is one thing where Louis Jo all he does I’m not gonna say but Sean Spicer Is press Guy for Trump and he is a show. Oh, you gotta see this. He’s not Red states love Dancing with the Stars this guy. Yeah, but even red states didn’t look we want Spicer, bro he he was that press secretary that would come out and be like Everything’s wrong would dump some insane mind he would back a lot Look, what do you see what he meant by see you you press that’s the problem with you press Hey, so you wanna know if the show is rigged if he fucking wins? Israel make six big years for Dancing with the Stars Can you pull up SNL Sean Spicer really quick, you know or type it in and then make a decision based on it So you can get an idea of who he is This is the one of the best fucking things, oh, wow, I got hit with another ad Time in my life. I should get you to premium. I don’t want to do Google preferred fine. Just please hook it up with YouTube premium. Hey, come on Solis y’all. How much is it dude? That’s a lot What did that guy’s got a husband sub? That’s to not have commercials. Yeah, boy House briefing with press secretary. Sean Spicer. Oh My god, this is so accurate There’s the part where she wheels around on the podium into the crowd yo, you know this Could you dance All the right right astray now I wonder if we’ll get to a point where it’ll just become so much about entertainment in politics that we just don’t take it seriously At all, I’m sorry like we just I’m sorry. Are you? Serious right now. Are you not have you not been around for the past two, you know? I’m saying like what to the point where it like literally is like the Queen of England. She doesn’t do anything. It’s just Yeah, cuz this entertainer are you sure the Queen hang on that’s no pop she has no power she’s a figure she’s ya know But it’s not like government like she’s making law so she doesn’t make No decisions She can but she can influence the Parliament, I’m sure yeah she can have some Money like I think it’s more of like a it’s like a I don’t I don’t want to offend people so I actually don’t know but like I think it’s more of like a you know It’s tradition like it’s not really I think they have some type of but what do you have anything cause my I don’t know They they write asked to remain strictly neutral respect to political matters unable to vote or stand for election however, Majesty does have important ceremonial and for Formal roles in relation. I think she does have the ability still to declare war That’s pretty good she’s a sips tea in practice therefore The power to declare war is exercised by the crown ie government rather than the Parliament however The UK has however the you guys not declared war since World War two shell it their children that sags with the beatings companies yes, but they’re like She just pulls war yeah, like if somebody comes in because rump it’s taste like ass Having the power to declare war all by the way British the British fuckin dudes Like I know we talk about a lot about seals and Rangers that say ass dude. Those dudes are suppose. It’s a top Supposedly the SAS our place better than seals and Rangers on the list. Really? It’s interesting interesting yes sure. I know that um, whatever double-oh-seven is, what is it? My six I got like some elite people to Shout out double-oh-seven like that movie has been around for a million years. I think he’s gonna keep going forever. Yeah, I think so There’s a go. There’s a couple franchises like that. Why hasn’t there been another? Loop no, no, no Houdini shark don’t Don’t have a big Copperfield. No Who’s the guy who’s the guy who’s like explores tombs and shit? Or Chris Pratt, those are two different two different things You had a crazy brother don’t running away from the Giant Damn dance that Harrison Ford is still alive as a miracle. Why because he’s like crashes plane like mom Yeah Harrison Ford flies his own plane. Yeah and crashed onto a golf course and survived it By the way by the way side note I will never unless I have a parachute on get in one of those small Cessna Yo, every reason like once a week on Twitter plane Like what’s a week on Twitter blah blah blah passes away small plane crash in night. I’m crazy Like a big boy playing Taylor and her yeah, I could go down. Yeah like they learned our item in the trash No, darling or juniors plane. Oh, did he do? I die? No, no, no, no. No, I was hurt But it just feels like a jeast like a big prey like a new plane What is a jet and it crashed my favorite thing crash on unlike a runway or where yeah Since when is Harrison Ford a Japanese Siberia He was like a Mustang looks like from fucking crash bomb the Titanic crash marks, he was only going To crash a plane no to butter down a plane and survived it Yeah by heat but where is he coming a pilot was his co-pilot. It’s two seats in there I the crazy ass probably before he flew it. They’re like yo you realize the last time this was flown was a hundred years ago This was fixed after being crashed in Pearl Harbor Look up John Travolta’s planes. This motherfuckers planes are the are the crazy side. What do you mean? He got planes roll bro. He had an airport. He beta has turned his crib in there airliners massive Fuck that. Look at that plate That’s his house. His house is the airport. It’s a terminal why that’s why whenever like that’s why when where is the no I don’t know. Where does he take off? He fly he forgot alone. Oh Brother, look at that point dude. That’s why whatever celebrity start to flex their like I got this new Patek Phillipe I’m like broke. John Travolta has a fucking 7th riddle. He’s got one of the cestas though Look, he’s got he’s got one of the fucking the tiny little Cessnas bro. It’s not good. That’s all bad. Yeah You know dangerous Okay, so okay so I remember we talked about on the last episode Dwayne Johnson and earning 90 million dollars, okay He was paid last year what about John Travolta much money was this guy making that he can afford these like that that that’s a that’s a forty to fifty million dollar plane and and the one to the left the bigger one the medium-sized ones probably like Ten to fifteen and the other ones probably three to eight Yeah, so how could how can he as an actor have a compound like this? I’ll tell you because he’s got more movies than that He’s getting 25 million He’s got So many planes he’s probably making 1020 million offer royalties like every year About when they were tired by their retirement probably and they’re big they’re good. They’re good movies 170 million Yeah, that’s all you need to do all that. I mean listen to what you just called out you call that like 20 million in Planes and probably like and the API guy. He’s probably a million You can probably get hookups on planes too. If you’re wealthy like that. Yeah, if you got cash. Oh dude, I’ll put your plane on my story Yost like Five million. Yeah Drake got his plane for free. Yeah. So what? Yeah. What what’s up? What was that? I don’t know He well, he’s the thing is mailing. He’s Drake Yeah, is that like literally? I mean the whole conversations? I he’s Drake. Who who is the area? Who does that I Think the hell like I’m actually I think they had an extra bit 747 laying around What was the story where the to does he acts is it actually his play now I where’s that noise? Is it like a lease a free lease? 767-300 F jet that cost over 220 million dollars. Yes. You were way out here on those ballparks for Travolta’s no, no No, because that wasn’t a 707 This is a car. Yeah, that’s a big drop in FedEx package. Yeah It’s like used the bike and he decorated as like a 1980s casino, I don’t I don’t want to bring this up again My god, I’d posed the question How many how many just do you think the Beatles had a new meaning to their money, but the thing is more Yeah Back then I don’t know you could buy jets not Bromley James Brown had a jet with the names of his songs written I in the look bro, all that. I said Chris Brown. No He has like the names of his hits like oh the first African-american did yeah to ever own a dead? Yeah. It was James Brown, bro He was doing it like big wow back when like nobody was doing big, bro He had a jet with the names of his songs written on the side of is a jet the ultimate flex Back, then it was up there like but you can see like if you look at it Yeah, he has like the song among his other J Like James Brown for action. He’s like Yeah, I think it is Spence I think I don’t know if there’s a Because at the moment where like when you see this this time in the world that was a yacht a yacht Might be a bigger flex cuz you stay on a yacht for an extended period of time. Yeah Well, yeah, it doesn’t go as many places Well, it also depends on what size yacht cuz like that Russian oligarch dude, his yachts are what like three four hundred million Yeah, they’re third there. I think he has a billion. I think you might have a close to a billion dollar Yeah, bro, you know how much it costs to gas up those boats bro. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah That that’s more expensive than the plane. Yeah, like yeah – gasps those giant yachts That’s so expensive so expensive Whoa, you’re probably spending $100,000 and then you have to move it out of the way for hurricane season You have to no note or no choice. Yeah, dude. Look at his numbers, bro You have to move it five hundred and sixty million by the Saudi Arabian. Yeah 594 Geffen That’s ridiculous. David. Geffen has a five hundred ninety million dollar Yahoo’s David Geffen the owner of Geffen Records. Where’s my invite? Is that serious there’s nobody away Geffen Records and what is that Ridiculous You need this picture Universal Yes, wait, hold on. This is an ugly. Yeah, this is an ugly Come on guys, no, but but listen, I mean it wouldn’t be the first one I copped if I had my own for sure, but it’s not it It’s not the worst one another thing it oh, sorry, go ahead. My I was just gonna do some math Can you imagine that that yah wouldn’t even be big enough to be a dingy on the yacht I was talking about earlier of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich one point nine billion dollar American US yacht They always US dollars one point nine billion dollars. Oh, yeah, that’s Russian this in there It’s called the super yacht Eclipse it is it is the name like that. It’s got whole this thing off You could literally feed the world for like three months with that money. Oh my god, that’s like a real cruise liner That’s a cruise ship. Oh My god, you can’t even pull that thing all the way in the regular. Yeah. There’s a helipad on the front I’ve yes straight up I’ve read about like the defense’s this thing has cuz in Russia you just cruise around the Siberian, you know Or whatever the Black Sea I could shoot down a hundred percent Oh Important person. Oh my god. It’s one of the richest people in the world This reminds me of Sacha Baron Cohen when he did he when he played the yacht guy in his new so good Have you seen that one where he sells the yacht to like? Yeah, that was incredible The best. Hey, listen, let’s uh, let’s let’s wrap this up and do audio only Yeah, it’s like this but it’s audio only hook your Kyle, bro. Thank you for coming on the show for reals. Thank you, man Thank you for having me man. Okay gang My joining today Kyle Massey on everything make sense and my YouTube is dropping soon Stand the look up for that until then subscribe to this channel See you next time audio only right now Spotify on iTunes. Take it easy Britney Spears who Who’s there You just robbed my


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