Designrr Review [eBook In Two Minutes???]

Designrr Review [eBook In Two Minutes???]

Hi it’s Doug Prentice from The Marketing
Generator and today I’d like to talk to you about Designrr.
If you use lead magnets I think you’re going to like this…. What is Designrr and why would you want it? First let’s deal with the why and then we’ll
come back to the what is Do you use lead magnets such as ebooks? How would you like to be able repurpose your
blog posts, Facebook posts, pdfs and boost your traffic and leads by reaching new audiences? Well this is exactly what Designrr can do
for you. What is Designrr? Designrr allows you to create eBooks, Blog
Posts in 2 minutes with zero design skills. The cloud based system allows you to easily
make, store and download all your creations And it all happens in 5 easy steps Step 1 Choose Your Source
Import written content from Blogs and websites or
Social content from Facebook Pages or PDF ebooks, word documents or plain text Step 2 Review Your Draft
Revise your draft content in the editor. Customize your transcript, video screenshots,
blockquotes and highlights. Save your draft for later or for export. Step 3 Choose a template
Add images from the copyright free image search or upload your own.
Change font styles, the cover, headers and footers and finally add your call to action. Step 4 Tweak and Tune
Finalize how you want your finished product to look by adding any additional images and
customizing any element in your document. You can change the cover, add page numbers
and create a 3D cover image Step 5 Publish
With one click you create a beautiful pdf, ebook or blog post out of the transcribed
file The pdf, ebook or blog post is also stored
in your account so you can access it anytime and download it to your machine.
Publish to any website, Kindle, ePub, PDF That’s all there is to it. Click the link below to see a full demo of
the product and grab the time limited special offer I did and that’s why I’m so confident
you’ll love Designrr as much as I do.

28 thoughts on “Designrr Review [eBook In Two Minutes???]

  1. Thanks for the review of this book. You cleared every aspects of the book. I have literally zero design skill. Can I be more efficient if I read the book. I mean will this book worth my time ??

  2. Great video straight forward and simple in its presentation. Thanks for sharing such an informative video. It is really useful to me.

  3. Absolutely an honest detailed informative review about Designrr..allows us to create eBooks, Blog Posts very quickly..Really Helpful..Thanks for sharing it..Keep up the good work.

  4. very nice video .good information about designer and step told are helpful and important.thank for this knowledgable video sharing.helpful video.after watching this video i got confident.thank you for sharing this informative video

  5. Hi,

    With Designrr is it possible to define Style (as in Word) and then:

    1) we can apply a style

    2) when we modify the style , all things that has been defined with this styel will chnage automatically?

    Thanks for your reply

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