Delete Apple Watch, Newsstand, Stocks or Tips app on iPhone? You can’t. But you can hide them!

Delete Apple Watch, Newsstand, Stocks or Tips app on iPhone? You can’t. But you can hide them!

You have an iPhone, and you probably noticed not all apps can be deleted. What can you do about it? And a quick shortcut when you don’t find that hiding app! Coming up on “You have an iPad” Press and hold any icon, they all start wobbling. Press the “X” and confirm: that app was deleted as expected. Fine! But, what about the apps shaking without an “X”? They are all part of the iOS. Maybe you don’t use all of them… You can not delete them but you can move them out of your sight! With every app still wobbling, drag one app over the other to create a Folder. You can change their order inside the group and even drag it back outside if you regret it. So, to keep your home screen only with the icons you use the most, I suggest you to group the apps you use less often… I will change the name of this one to ‘Apple’ because they are all Apple stuff. …and drag the folder icon near the edge of the screen and hold it there… I want mine all the way in the back, in a new home screen. And press the home button to finish. Now for that shortcut: When you need one of those apps, you don’t need to go all the screens back there… actually, sometimes I even forget in which group I placed an App… So, when you are on the home screen, beginning from the middle of the screen, Drag Down the “Spotlight Search”. I’ll do it again… and type the name of the App you want: Wea… see? You don’t need to type it all. Typing the first letters of an app’s name is way faster then trying to find where I buried some app! And that’s it! But don’t go away because I want to talk to you briefly about Jailbrake. Jailbraking allows you to delete even the Apps shipped with iOS, besides many other things. But I don’t recommend Jailbraking your device. If you do so, losing your iPhone’s warranty is the least you should worry about. Jailbrake deserves a whole video about it in the future; so don’t miss it: subscribe! I hope you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to give it a like and share it with someone you love! In the description I put the links for these other videos you are seeing here. I also put the links to our apps Do you know I make apps? Yeah! together with a dear friend of mine living far away from me. Big hug to you Fernando! So check the Apps and see you around in the next video!

19 thoughts on “Delete Apple Watch, Newsstand, Stocks or Tips app on iPhone? You can’t. But you can hide them!

  1. Great video bud 🙂 I subscribed, also I really enjoyed your blue yeti video! Thanks to you I am ordering all the parts you showed in the video

  2. Well that was a waste of time I hate these iPhone apps like stocks, watch, newsstand, music etc and they use up space on the HD no doubt. They should be able to be removed so annoying!

  3. The biggest lesson I learned from this particular video is: people DO kill the messenger. Making a video that confirms "you cannot do what you wanted" makes everybody really disappointed. Better leave people uninformed in this case. Sad, but true! 🙂

  4. Hi-How can I DELETE the Clock stock app from my IPad and IPhone? I dont want to us use Jailbreak—Please help. Thanks

  5. iOS 10 will allow you to Delete Built In Apps, uhu!!! (…) WAIT, WHAT??? Craig Federighi just explained that the built in apps WILL NOT be actually erased from the system when you 'delete them' – your associated user data will be erased and the icon will be removed – but the app itself will still be there and you can 'install it' again even without internet connection.

  6. I have tried to turn "show Apple Music" off probably 3-4 times now but I am assuming after updates, Apple switches it back on I am assuming. Apple probably doesn't care but I will never subscribe to Apple Music as long as; 1).They are so in your face about advertising it and insist I keep their app, even if I don't want it. 2). There are much better services with higher quality streaming/downloading.

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