Defense in Depth Wants Trending InfoSec Topics

– David Spark, I’m here with Allan Alford. We are the cohosts of Defense in Depth. And first let me just say, have you run into a few
fans here at Black Hat of Defense in Depth, Allan? – Yes we have. In fact, we’ve taken some
selfies with some folks. It’s bee really fun. – Yeah, so by the way for
those of you coming up and saying hello, you’re
fans of the podcast. I can’t begin to tell you
how much we appreciate hearing that. So thank you. Don’t hesitate to do
it again in the future. But we want to talk specifically about– we want contributions from
you for topics for the show. But a topic for the
show on Defense in Depth is all about finding a
discussion on a specific topic. So what makes a essentially
good discussion, one that is valid for
us to do an entire show on Defense in Depth, Allan? – So anything that’s thought provoking, anything that’s controversial, anything that really
causes the crowd to work into a dialog, right? Questions and comments that
cause others to participate. Anything you see online that’s like that, we can definitely use
and definitely leverage for the show. – Yeah so if you see a conversation, it could be on LinkedIn,
it could be on Twitter, it could be on Quora, anywhere. Where you see at least two
dozen valuable comments, that’s key. Because we use those comments to actually build the structure for the conversation of the show. And we desperately want them. Now I’ve been leaning on
this guy a lot because you have been very sort of engaged whenever Allan puts up a post
but he’s getting exhausted, right Allan? – Yeah I can’t write them all. (laughs) – And we know there are
other good conversations happening out there so I implore you, our listening audience, when you find a really good
conversation send it to me. You can send it via
LinkedIn or just email at [email protected] I will appreciate it. And the other thing is, I will give you credit
for sending it to me. But tell me if you want me
to give you credit or not. Thank you again for
listening, participating, and helping us build Defense in Depth.

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