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  1. Kids need to learn ecology and biology, researchers ūü§Ē science and understanding
    Teach them the story of our stupidity

  2. Hi, I would like to translate this performance into hungarian and to put on Youtube, after making hungarian text on video. Is it possible to get English text to make my "work" faster and easier? Via email or another way ([email protected]) THANKS

  3. Sorry, but for myself Toni's contribution was a "flowery nothing sermon" in the context of preparing practically to adapt to the inevitable crisis, and it detracted from the impact of Jem's own reality based message.

  4. A perfect Valentine's Day gift. Thank you, as always, for uploading this. It helped me feel less alone as I stare into the abyss.

  5. Jem is the British version of Dr. Guy McPherson. He's looking through the lens of the inability of biological/species adaptation in the face of an abrupt rise in global temperature leading to loss of habitat , i.e., the collapse of our civilization, which is based on the ability to grow grain at scale. I like his approach in examining the key human options in how to deal with the approaching catastrophic paradigm shift. Many Thanks for putting this on YT.

  6. Jem is just that! A priceless gift and missing bridge from our chromo decoy "business as usual" or sweet sustainabillity thinking to a clear awareness of our actual less than glamorous whereabouts. Unlike many academics he has a real heart that we can see, feel and hear in his voice. He is also relatively new to collapse thinking and so many folks coming out of our chuckle headed denial will relate and resonate with his journey and message. His kind, common sense approach takes people by the hand and we feel that we are waking and working together in kinship- even if it is into the dangerous and dark unknown. Thank you for the upload! Thank you Jem!!!


  8. I would yell "FIRE!' but our theater has no exit.  The positive feedback loops have started.  It is too late to do anything.  The Exxon scientist saw this during the 1980's.  If I was the CEO of Exxon at that time I would have done just what he did.  The best we can do is to maintain social stability as long as possible.
    The forces of nature are in place and beyond our control.  Just three too hot and or too wet or too dry springs and food for billions of people disappears.
    We humans have enjoyed @ 10,000 years of stable weather.  That window for agriculture is closing.
    Soon, world food production will fail.  When do we plant our corps?  Any culture is three days of hunger from disintegration.  
    There is no place to migrate to.  Where are you going to go?
    Scientist are not politicians, theologians, philosophers, or poets.  Their knowledge of or use of rhetoric to warn of our situation is at best poor.
    It is now clear that homo-hubris-sapiens are about to disappear.   Our society is just another about to disappear.  Nothing new here, this is quite natural.  We humans are just part of a natural cycle.  Any scientist can tell you this. But no politician will or can tell you the truth. Dictator or democrat; no politician can, will, or should tell us these obvious facts regarding our habitat.
    The human response to climate change seems like the human response on Easter Island as they were cutting down their last tree.
    They thought their gods were more important than their trees.  Then they learned that their god's could not create trees.
    We think that profit and financial growth are more important than the environment.  To the economist the  environment is extraneous to our economy.  We are about to learn that profit and financial growth can not create living organisms.  
    The gods of profit and financial growth have made us blind to the absurdity of cutting down the last trees on our island.
    I have passed through a morning period.  I am embracing my death.  I try to love all I see.  In my view it is too late to "do" anything.  Our day has passed.
    Just for the record, I have spent most of the last 25 years wandering about in the wildernesses of the Colorado Rockies, the highlands of Northern California, Maui, and my beloved Central California Coast.  I could do this because to get food all I had to do was go to town.   
    When there is plenty of wild life, living off the land is very difficult.  My hat is off to our ancestors. We are looking at the collapse of habitat for all manuals as well as fish, birds, and vegetation.  There will be no "living off the land."  I have been hungry in the wilderness.  Lethargy and weakness take over.  Every action takes great effort.  It appears to me to be a hard death.  But no more difficult a death than those who have gone before us.
    The specter of death has appeared at our party.  Everyone at the party sees it.  No one admits it at first.  A few whispers, that's about it.  A rumor of the specter begins to spread.  A rumor that everyone at the party can see and does see.  It is clear that death has not come for a particular person but has come for everyone at the party; including our pets.
    As the last grocery store closes I plan to be wandering up a unnamed stream.
    "And the band played on."  Is the attitude I am taking.  Acts of  beauty and kindness as we pass.  In an odd way it is a great honor and responsibility to be the last human actors on this stage.  How shall we finish this play?  Let's make our last days our best.  The most important thing I can do is to be true to myself.  This is our duty.
    Into the unknown I go as we all must.  

  9. I had a '98 Dodge van 8 MPG I had it crushed, and got a '99 Celica that gets 32 MPG on the road. That is 25% of the carbon I use to emit. I've decreased the huge amount of carbon generated by building a new car 3 yrs. I've stopped traveling. I've switched from grid to solar power. All else aside, MY carbon footprint has dropped by 80 to 85 percent. I know that my efforts will have no net effect on the big picture, but I did what I could. Have you?

  10. Thank you… I'm hoping to bring together some like-minded people to form a group discussion here on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, which has been inspired by my introduction to Jem Bendell and his paper 'Deep Adaptation'…

  11. Good news. Global human population growth has slowed down a bit in the last 20 years. Humans are beginning to not be able to afford feeding huge families. Less people are changing the color of their carpet and going back to hardwood floors. Bicycles are making a big comeback with DIY electric power kits.

  12. For some of us our shared mortality is coming into sharp focus and acute awareness so that our choices will become exclusively mature ones. To know as we do now that human = culture has brought us to this point we can throw our collective selves into the a beautiful funeral pyre of absolute dedication and service to the natural world of planet Earth ūüĆé.

  13. When I read Mike's post below I felt a wave of all those emotions Jem listed. So I am moved to say how disappointing Mike's criticism of Toni's beautiful reading. Mike's calling it a "nothing sermon" is appalling particularly in the context. I would ask Mike to engage his dignity and delete his post.

  14. In this latest presentation from Jem Bendell he discusses his July 2018 paper "Deep Adaptation" in the face of collapse. He doesn't just speak about the unfolding collapse but also the emotional responses to the knowledge and anticipatory grief.

    He mentions how he was deceived by the conservative position of the consensus driven IPCC and the predicament is much worse than they have been prepared to admit. He gives great examples of their refusal to accept 'Tipping Points' and Feedback Loops.

    Jem considers that the worst feedback of all is the loss of albedo from the diminishing sea ice.

    "We are on the edge of something dramatic".

    Importantly he makes the point with a survey of his audience, that talking about the severity of the crisis does not create paralysis but motivation and that by not accepting the severity of the crises we face we are losing time to prepare.

    This is an issue I have repeatedly brought up with James Shaw M.P. the co-leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa who to this day refuses to accept that we are in a climate emergency.

    I believe our governments should be stockpiling grains and our education system should be totally altered to recognise that this set of living arrangements is going away and much of the education curriculum is now irrelevant. "We must prepare for collapse and Extinction Rebellion should advocate for adaption".

    Jem will be our guest on Nature Bats Last in the May episode, it will be uploaded to the extensive archive at PRN.FM directly after broadcast. Next months episode will feature Professor Paul Ehrlich, author of "The Population Bomb".

    I've added this presentation to my blog post on Jem, Rupert Read and Paul Ehrlich's overlapping work.

  15. Peter Wadhams contends that, no, carbon capture technology is present. The problem is the political will to fund the massive scale needed. Mass mobilization is needed from everyone. Thanks for the much needed conversation about the possibilities!

  16. Bable Bable, the ecosystems decline is the cause of the 6th mass extinction we are experiencing. Everyone should be aware in his generation as I was in the 60's and 70's. Thus I created www.weAgree.life in 1978 to unite humanity to recover our planets life systems..

  17. I read Some of Jem's paper last summer, then the IPCC report was published, then my heart felt like it was breaking – what future for my children and grandchildren…? It reminded me of when my mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness…what to do? How could my rock break? How to give comfort? Keeping busy and denial just prolong the agony and depression, best just face it now and look to what useful skills we might have to pass on to the younger members of our family. I've joined the Rebellion too, not from naivety but to channel my frustration, to learn non-violent skills, to have someone to talk to who understands, to be an outlet, a pressure vent… I agree about the adaptation demands, they need to be up there on the list. Thank you Jem Bendell for pushing your cause and for being vulnerable like us but telling the truth.

  18. The one minute point made at 41:22 makes a lot of sense – we know what's most likely to happen, as things stand, and yet we struggle to let ourselves fully believe it.

  19. Bendell and McPherson aren't the only scientists speaking out about this. Peter Wadhams, David Orr, David Attenborough, James Hansen, to name a few in a list growing daily.

  20. Humans are not going top adapt. Everyone knows this even if the cannot admit it.
    So do yourself a favor and go outside and watch how many people still drive their gas guzzling cars.
    The fossil fuel industry just sells the gas. They are the dealers.
    Everyone else burns it. So stop pointing at the rich and powerful and blaming them. You don't have to buy their product.
    You think we are going to adapt but how many videos have you seen where people get into their cars and die in them during a flood? They do that because they are addicted to their living arrangements. They are addicted to their technology. They can't imagine a life without it.
    Global Warming is irreversible. That is not denial. That is fact.
    How are you intending to bring back all of the species that have gone extinct? Cloning? That is just pure fantasy. That is denial of a different sort. That is denial based on hope. It's like the person that keeps buying lottery tickets throughout their entire lives hoping that one day they will win. My parents did that and have never hit it big. It is a hope fueled delusion.
    People keep forgetting what is going to happen when the Arctic loses its ice.
    We are not talking about small changes anymore when that happens.
    We are going to see major changes to the weather, dramatic changes that has so far not been seen. This is not denial. It is fact based on scientific evidence.
    It amazes me that Stuart Scott would even post this garbage about adaptation. He is part of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group.
    There is going to be no adaptation.
    People want to eat their cake and have it too.
    You can't have both.
    Let us at least be honest right now. How many of you live in your natural habitat?
    Nobody is.
    We cheat.
    We wear clothing and build structures and fires that allows us to live in colder climates that would otherwise be impossible.
    We are the only species on this planet that does that. No other species does any of that.
    We don't live in our natural habitats and our cheats has caused Global Warming.

    We are in a real mess of our own making. We are not going to adapt because we are addicted to our cheats.

  21. The days after 911 we all sensed the weather had changed. Now we are close to natural caused destruction and unprecedented climate change events. We were extremely clever in our denial. Yes we have lost and the only smart thing to do now is accept. If we have a decade left, I consider that a blessing. Governments need to be ready for exponential change. Possibly as early as this summer. Short of some quantum miracle we've had a great run.

    I have shared your lecture and your paper, a geographer! As an undergrad I too studied climate change and I was in denial until 2003 when I read William Ruddiman, Climate Past and Future. Still remember being kicked out of academic offices.

    Thank you.

  22. Shocking, even though I always knew something about society was deeply flawed, still, I believed in our leaders and scientists ability to prevent this. At the same time, I can hope for at-least 15 years of preparation, with that time, used wisely, I believe humanity can survive. Not everyone, but the smart ones.

  23. Memetic protocols and imperatives dictate that we no longer have agency. This is an existential reality with no adaptation and no mutation. Briefly we have the prospect of psychological mitigation but really we have the certainty of extinction. Radical honesty is what we need, radical and brutal and unpleasant.

  24. By its nature we can't really prepare for collapse. Touchy feely reciprocating 'grateful' people will be spread on toast as hors d'oeuvres by the people who have perpetrated this emergency . But they won't have long either.

  25. Fossil fuels are our civilization's Great Filter. Without them, no Industrial Revolution but their unrestricted use put a hard limit on how far we could advance. No Star Trek for us.

  26. Be sure some Saudi or Russian or American billionaire will try geoengineering, probably injecting particulates into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight. They're planning it now. May be too late. But recycling won't do it. If geoengineering doesn't work, and there's no reason to think it will, I see no way out. Humans are too stupid to do what is required. Doomed by greed and religion.

  27. I've been feeling upset for a long time with how humans are, and how we are living. I've been uncomfortable with my place in this world, and I feel like I've been shaking off a role and views enforced upon me by this culture and society.

    Is hard to explain how the events of the last 2 years came about or why, harder still to explain what I experienced and the understanding I came to.

    I'm feeling like my journey is becoming easier and that my path is becoming clearer, my steps regaining their purpose.

    I'm feeling wierdly ready for this unknown and unpredictable future, but weirdly I am comfortable with it and feel I will be able to be at peace with it.

    The attached video resonated with me so strongly. I've been feeling so upset by my thoughts on this life, at a loss to know what to do, and how to move forward feeling the way I do about everything.

    I'm realising my feelings are justifiable and that it's probably right to be feeling like this.

  28. I agree with the gentleman who perceived the difference between knowing and believing – that our deeper Knowing Mind (Gnosis, the Kingdom Within, the Jewel in the Heart, our Higher Selves – whatever you want to call it) has no problem accepting Reality for what it is, and actually isn't scared, whereas our intellects and vaporous beliefs are fragile and fickle. Going forward those who rely on their beliefs, or are even stuck in their beliefs, will have a hard time doing the adapting that is required. Of course, they will need assistance, but who will provide it? Some of us need to stay strong amongst the turmoil. How will we build that strength, without a connection to our core inner resilience? I have found the 'Steps to Knowledge – book of Inner Knowing' (free online & self-study) to be invaluable in becoming stronger and beginning to make the necessary preparations to be a source of contribution as we go forward into these uncertain times.

  29. Oh my loves what magic we could make if we galvanised. A collective awakening. A fullness of voice.

  30. Some of Jen’s suggestions are terrifying. Relying on governments to control the production and ban uses of the production, government deciding who gets the production brings visions of Animal Farm to mind.
    There is no hope in authoritative governments controlling the future, the is only suffering, pain and ultimately death to the common man to the benefit of a few elites. Why would the future be any different than the present or the past. Big government accelerated the problem, big government will not be part of the solution.

  31. Co-operatives may be the answer, and for that reason I have been collecting links, guides and resources for people willing to ACT in the FIRST PERSON! http://planetcoop.info/ Register if you would be interested in being put in touch with others in your area willing to meet-up and expore the options listed there.

  32. Nobody officially talks about population growth, or the need of its restriction. So, nature has to, and will, do it for us. This will happen via starvation, usually or war, famine and civil unrest leading to breakdown of ordered society.

  33. Wiser and smarter men than me have gone before: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svante_Arrhenius and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_David_Keeling

  34. This is turning into an internet enabled mass-hysteria craze. Collapse will only occur if vacuum-heads like XR manage to topple governments. To manage a transition from a fossil fuel based world economy to some other economic model (as yet undecided) takes organisation and it takes society as a whole to change. The anarchy that XR pushes for is obviously going to make things worse not better.

    The doom-merchants in this video just drive ordinary folks into the arms of idiots like XR, that won't help anything.

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