December 5, 2016 State Allocation Board Meeting

Alright, good afternoon everyone. We have a quorum, so I will call to order the December fifth meeting of the State
Allocation Board. Please call the roll. Assemblymember Nazarian. Assemblymember Chavez. Here. Assemblymember O’Donnell. Here. Nick Schwyzer. Here. Cesar Diaz. Here. Jeffrey
McGuire. Here. Eraina Ortega. Here. We have a quorum. Thank you. Welcome, Assemblymember O’Donnell. Glad we got the formalities taken care of right away and welcome to
the committee. Our first item of business is the Minutes. We have Minutes from two meetings, May 25th and October 17th. Any corrections to the Minutes? Move approval of the Minutes. Moved by Mr. Chavez. Second. Second by Mr. Diaz. All in favor of adoption of the Minutes
please say aye (Ayes). Any abstentions — Okay. Then we will hold the roll open
until Mr. Nazarian joins us. The next item is the Consent Agenda. Lisa.
Ready for your approval. Okay. Any questions or comments on the Consent Agenda? Seeing none, is there any public comment on any of the items in the Consent Agenda? Alright, is there a motion? Motion to approve. Second. Diaz and Chavez that time. All in favor of adoption the
Consent Calendar, say aye (Ayes). Any abstentions or objections? I see none. We
will hold the roll open — — We will hold it open for Mr. Nazarian because we are expecting him and I’m sure he would
like to add on. So we won’t close that vote out just yet. Is there any public
comment on any items not on the agenda? All right. Any comment from any of the
members? I’d just like to make a comment to thank the staff of the State Allocation Board for working with the military families at Fort Camp Pendleton. Your effort will help many children whose parents are deployed overseas. So thank you. Thank you Mr. Chavez. Anything else? Alright. Well we will not adjourn until Mr. Nazarian joins us to add on to the Consent
Calendar, but you are free to go the rest of the members who have meetings to attend to and expected to be here for only a few minutes. Thank you, everyone. We’ll see
everyone in the New Year. We just make sure that we’re back on.
Okay. All right. Ms Jones, If you could call the two open items, the minutes. Yes.
Assemblymember Nazarian, how do you vote on the minutes? Yes. Thank you. and also for Consent Calendar? yes. Okay, great. Thank you. Motion carries on both. Okay.
Thank you, happy holidays. With that, the meeting is adjourned

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