Deadmau5 Takes a Fat Vape Hit On the H3 Podcast

Deadmau5 Takes a Fat Vape Hit On the H3 Podcast

You’re a smoker and and that’s you know I’m not here to try to like change you or anything I just think that there’s there are people say more organic, maybe healthier ways to smoke I don’t know. I’ll let you decide, but we have a we have a vape here I thought maybe you could try it and maybe it’s a good alternative. Maybe you want to try vaping. It’s like one of those little pens? Yeah, it’s a little pen, just a little pen. Dan, can you bring in the little pen? Let’s see if Joel, if we can convert him into a vaper, okay here we go So, this is our little vape pen. Oh shit! He’s fine, he’s fine. Okay, oh my god. Ok Yeah, you know it’s a little pen This is our entry-level vape. If you like it we can get you set up with something more serious -If you want to go grim -yep So go ahead show them how to use it, Dan Let it rip, baby! -How much? -You may die. -Like glycol poisoning? But it’ll be great so here you yeah push that and suck, yeah Yeah, that’s a fat rip Doesn’t that feel great? That’s a fat rip! I was holding back, cause I didn’t know what you put in this. It’s just vape, there’s no, there’s nothing. He’s going in for another rip, noooo! Is this a world record rip? You’re a vaper, man! That was special, that was powerful. -How did you enjoy that? -That was interesting. -It’s fun ripping fat clouds, innit? -Do you know, do you know there’s competitive vaping? -Yes, I love it. It’s entertaining yeah Well there’s different, um, there’s different competitions right? Like one is how far you can blow the clouds? -Yeah, yeah. -And then they have tricks, volume, I think your, that was impressive, man. That was impressive [outro]

100 thoughts on “Deadmau5 Takes a Fat Vape Hit On the H3 Podcast


    It's vaping. The only thing that's "phat" about it are the size of the cocks you take while vaping…

  2. You get the same amount like a smok 🤦‍♂️ people think the bigger the mod thing whatever tf it’s called they think s bigger cloud I never seen nobody compare a custom mod to a regular mod 🤦‍♂️ it’s just facts

  3. lol When it comes to smoking and vaping, wouldn't smoking be the one that's organic? Ya know, since the tobacco, paper, and cotton all come from plants?

  4. I'm i the only one who's worried about them using the same tube head that ton of people sucked on before??

  5. Omg right as deadmau5 exhaled the first vape my neighbour’s smoke alarm went off and I thought he triggered the studio’s smoke alarm😂

  6. I could only imagine how long it took to charge all those batteries even with chargers that charge multiple at once.

  7. I'm actually curious about that vape mod. What flavor ejuice is in it? How much nicotine? And is there any THC in that one?

  8. Why the fuck is this age restricted? Because they're vaping? YouTube you can go fuck yourself you piece of shit. Die youtube die


  10. "Im not here to change you or anything"
    A few moments later
    "Yo fat ass Joel, can you bring the vape over here, lets try to convert him"

  11. Im a bubble machine rippley from the vape shack… LMFAOSOHARDIMANHELSOFT DO IT UP FOR THE SLIP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP AWRG IT GOY STUVK WHY AMI WTONGRONGO ABOUT ITS EVERYTIME. TOLD YOU SO.. awr shit sorry fur screaming…

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